Ruling Planet Astrology Guide: What Planet Rules Your Zodiac?

ruling planet

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are the basic signs of the astrological horoscope. Everyone knows them and their own signs. However, each Zodiac sign also has a ruling planet that grants the sign its energy. 

A ruling planet serves as the heart and soul of astrological studies. To track and interpret planetary movements is what essentially defines astrology. Interpreting the planetary aspects they form on the way is just another part of it.

In that vein, knowing the ruling planet for your Zodiac sign is an important part of astrology. The search to find your ruling planet is equally significant. Understanding of your astrological energy flows much easier that way and brings it to a deeper level. Each of the ruling planets in astrology has their own personality and job working closely with a Zodiac sign.

For example, Venus’ energy shows in the way we value and love things with Taurus. Mars expresses fiery energy in chasing goals through the sign of Aries. A ruling planet is a sign or side of our own personalities.

Zodiacs and their Ruling Planets

Zodiac signs often function as energies through which planets can express themselves, like filters on a photo. Planetary energies through a ruling planet are constant and unchanging regardless of the sign or filter. However, they take on different vibes and expressions when you change the filter it transitions through. 

Because of this, certain planets are more at home with some signs than they are with others. Learning your sign’s home planet is equivalent to learning which planet rules your Zodiac sign. Each sign has a ruling planet through which it gets the job of expressing itself done much easier.

Such a planet is a “home” or “domicile” planet. Some may ask if there are cases of Zodiacs ruling planets; this doesn’t happen. It is always planets that rule Zodiac signs, never the other way around.

Any astrologer can tell you all about the signs and their ruling planets. An endeavor like that is fairly simple through the use of basic astrological charts and natal charts. Those contain the ruling planets of all Zodiac signs and thus tell you which planets express which signs best.

In the guide below, we simply and professionally take you through learning the ruling planet of each sign. Don’t be afraid; it’s really very simple and the personalities they express aren’t as complicated as one might think. Read on to learn all about the signs and their ruling planets!

Aries: Ruled by Mars

aries - ruled by mars

Red-hot and fiery Mars governs the equally feisty sign of Aries. Like its namesake, the Roman god of war embodies passion and ambition. When it is ruling over an Aries, the power and expression they share is a nigh unstoppable force.

People born under the sign of Aries are typically energetic and zealously good at leadership. Mars best channels their true warrior spirit and helps Aries charge forward. Competitive and argumentative spirit is also common among those ruled by Mars.

Taurus: Ruled by Venus

As a sign under the planet of love, Taurus often displays a focus on material things and sensory experience. Earthen signs like Taurus typically focus on things like that, and Venus helps them express this fully. While it is the planet of love, Venus is also a planet of luxury and value.

Venus is at its most opulent when it governs the earthen sign of Taurus. As a sign of the earth, Taurus is most often grounded in the material and things that it can see and experience. Hence, people born under this sign tend to value material things and trust in what they can see and feel.

Gemini: Ruled by Mercury

Mercury governs the chatty and intellectual sign of Gemini; the Twins. As the planet of communication and thinking, its personality is best expressed by its namesake. The Roman messenger god ferried messages back and forth between both gods and men most articulately.

Ever-curious and inquisitive, Gemini best represents Mercury’s personality to share information. Quick-thinking and articulate as Mercury himself, people born under Gemini carry the planet’s influence well. Through the planet’s influence, Gemini can think and articulate matters well to others.

Cancer: Ruled by the Moon

The Moon governs emotion and comforting feelings as it governs the water sign of Cancer. Cancer has a reputation as the most caring and emphatic sign in the Zodiac through which the Moon shines best. Lunar energy helps Cancer keep in touch with their emotions very well.

Cancer’s symbol is the tide-dwelling crab, hence its close association with the element of water. The Moon’s intuitive nature expresses itself best through Cancer’s gentle and sensitive energy. Keeping in touch with the emotions of others is also a thing that Cancer and the Moon do well together.

Leo: Ruled by the Sun

leo - ruled by the sun

Typical of the planet at the center of it all, the Sun governs the unofficial royalty known as Leo. Like their ruling planet, Leos love to be the center of attention and bring warmth to everything they touch. Radiant is their touch and creative is Leo’s spirit.

As boundless as the Sun’s energy, Leos have vitality in spades with energy to spare for anything. They are never short of confidence either as they charge headlong into things they’re passionate about. However, Leos can burn a little too bright and smile a little too confidently.

Virgo: Ruled by Mercury

Mercury was not just a messenger god; he was also a jack-of-all-trades. Fulfilling many different roles means that Mercury rules over the Zodiac sign of Virgo as well. Geminis take after Mercury’s skill in communication while Virgos take after his more analytical thinking side.

Mercury fits perfectly into Virgo’s part in the Zodiac as a planet of good timing. Virgos often keep their inboxes spam-free thanks in part to Mercury’s ability to keep Virgo practical. Detail-oriented Virgos benefit best from Mercury’s energy when things are well-organized.

Libra: Ruled by Venus

Romance and pleasure dominate the planet of Venus, so it isn’t surprising Venus has love to spare for another sign. Venus also rules Libra, the sign of balance and relationships. More akin to its namesake, Libra helps Venus’ love-drunk side come out and play.

Venusian influence is beyond love too; artistry and creativity are also part of what the planet imparts to Libras. People born under Libra have aesthetic eyes, thanks to Venus’ energy as a planet of great beauty.

Scorpio: Ruled by Pluto

Don’t underestimate the power that Pluto brings to Scorpio. Its namesake as the underworld god means that it can bring about great transformations not only to Scorpios but others. Scorpio energy is more about the darker aspects of existence like evolution. 

Pluto encourages intensity in transformation. That intensity naturally carries over to Scorpios in personality. Because of this, Scorpios are often mysterious and difficult to figure out. Hence, they carry a reputation as the dark horses of the Zodiac.

Sagittarius: Ruled by Jupiter

sagittarius_ ruled by jupiter

Good luck is always around for those under the happy planet of Jupiter. Happy-go-lucky Sagittarii are always under the watch of Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Jupiter loves travel and broadening their horizons, a thirst Sagittarius shares in its love for knowledge.

Jupiter encourages all Sagittarii to try new things and say yes to new travels like no other sign can. Their energy is always so optimistic and free-spirited. It would be as foolish to tie down a Sagittarius as it would be to get in an Aries’ way.

Capricorn: Ruled by Saturn

Saturn needs structure and the disciplined Capricorn is the only sign to satisfy that well enough. Strict and rule-oriented, Saturn’s personality is all about tough love and using structure to progress. Similarly, Capricorns represent this best through diligence and goal orientation.

Restrictive influence from Saturn is a common issue for many. However, Capricorn learns a lesson through that; never take the easy way if you haven’t laid a solid foundation. No shortcuts and all the hard work is the only thing that builds that foundation for Capricorn.

Aquarius: Ruled by Uranus

Sudden changes and status quo challenges mark the oddball personality of planet Uranus. Aquarius finds Uranus as its home sign and brings nothing short of revolutionary energy to the Zodiac. Traditional ideas fail to inspire Aquarius the way innovation does.

Through Uranus, Aquarius receives energy to really think outside the box. Rebellious streaks are common for Aquarii, especially those born under Uranus. Its energy has been the downfall of many storied traditions.

Pisces: Ruled by Neptune

Illusions and spirit realms are the domain of the dreaming Neptune. Pisces represents Neptune’s highly poetic and sensitive nature just right as a water sign. One could easily say that Pisces is the most spiritual of the Zodiac signs.

Neptune is easily responsible for this spirituality from Pisces. Dreams and artistic skill are what Neptune offers to growing Pisces, along with a fantasy world. Illusive veils fall over everything Neptune touches, so Pisces must take care to see what is real or illusory in their dreams.

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