Sun Sign Astrology: The Vedic Tradition

Everyone has a sun sign in astrology. No matter who you are and what you do, the stars will have their place for you.

The things that they say differ on the circumstances that the heavens have set for your birth. Your existence, after all, is incidental and not coincidental.

The Vedic astrological tradition is one of the means of discovering this heavenly will. Though it has many quirks that set it apart from the mainstream astrology that everyone knows, the wealth of wisdom that one can understand from their Vedic sun sign astrology is vast, and often one article isn’t enough.

What is Vedic sun sign astrology?

Sun Sign Astrology

Vedic sun sign astrology is an ancient art that explains the human person’s complexity through the dominant star placements when they were born. However, unlike the Western tradition that everyone is aware of, Vedic astrology concerns itself with accurate readings through precise and updated calculations. 

The Vedic tradition uses the sidereal calculations, leading to some discrepancies with that of its Western counterpart. Though using the updated 13 Zodiacs is becoming a common practice, many Vedic astrologers still choose to use the traditional twelve for ease in reading and conciseness.

For our purposes, we will be utilizing the usual twelve Zodiacs. There will be some differences in dates, descriptions, among others. Do note, though, that Vedic astrologers say that if your birth date falls within the first three days of the start and end of a signs’ period, you are a confluence of the sign that precedes/succeeds it.

What are the things that the Vedic sun sign astrology says about a person?

Zodiac Signs in Sun Sign Astrology

As said, what heavens speak about someone differs according to their placements. Each one is unique and tells us about a person’s identity according to what heaven wills for them.

Here is a rundown of the sun signs, their dates, and their meanings:

Mesha (Aries) – April 12 to May 12

Those born under this sign have the gift of creativity and leadership. They know their capabilities and are confident that they can change the world one step at a time.

Unfortunately, this talent can often ruin someone, especially when the sun has been afflicted. This means that the heavenly body is undergoing some drawbacks during its cosmic transits. 

This incident may end up turning a gifted person into someone who can potentially ruin others, and to an extent, even themselves.

Taurus (Vrishabha) – May 13 to June 13

Those born under this sign carry with them a noble aura, signifying their dignified and exalted status. Such a valuable gift also blesses them with family stability, wealth, and high regard for traditions which they make an effort to preserve for generations to come.

Yet, this divine gift may also prompt these individuals to be very selfish and materialistic. They tend to keep everything they want- both people and things- to themselves and refuse to budge once they have their minds set on something.

This trait may lead these people to cause unnecessary conflicts with the people whom they value. Over time, it may lead to them losing everything they worked hard for.

Gemini (Mithuna) – June 14 to July 14

Those born under this sign are characteristically friendly, pleasant, and well-liked by everyone. They see the world not through the lens of a very individualistic person but with an inclusive and compassionate perspective.

But they can be vulnerable to things that may seem liberal and free-thinking but can be oppressive towards others. These individuals may not know it, but they may become enablers of the suffering of people they were supposed to protect.

Such behavior may eventually lead to them becoming disillusioned with the causes that they believe in. This may also cause these people to enable chaos within their social groups and disrupt everything they once stood for.

Cancer (Karka) – July 15 to August 15

Those born under this sign tend to commit to their responsibility and work harder than most people. They hold positions of power and command authority, no matter the situation.

Unfortunately, this trait may prompt these individuals to have their less desirable side to come out; notably, their being harsh and unforgiving towards others. When they see their co-workers not performing the way they should, they lash out with no regard for others’ feelings.

Being this way may prevent these people from becoming influential leaders and co-workers. It may even cause irreversible harm to the professional relationships that they made.

Leo (Simha) – August 16 to September 16

a lion

Those born under this sign are notable for shining bright. They are confident with their capabilities and know that they will catch everyone’s attention with little to no effort.

Yet, behind this fun and popular facade lies these individuals’ tendency to manipulate others for their benefit. They find pleasure in causing chaos and using their position to aggravate others.

This behavior may eventually make others wary of these people. Indeed, while their spotlight shines brightly, it can also cause those around them to dim their lights of fear.

Virgo (Kanya) – September 17 to October 17

Those born under this sign are blessed to have all the resources they need to lie in wait for them. Because of this, they can perform their duty with near-perfect precision. 

However, this perfectionism may spell disaster as it may cause these individuals to find trouble with others’ work. When they find faults with others, it may disrupt their concentration flow and, eventually, their work output.

It may then lead them to never completing their work, especially when they feel unsatisfied. This behavior may lead to these people being unable to work with others, especially during high-stakes or high-pressure endeavors.

Libra (Tula) – October 18 to November 18

Those born under this sign are good in finding the resources that they need, anytime, anywhere. They have a nourishing side to themselves and are masters in the field of politics and business.

Unfortunately, this talent may lead these individuals into becoming selfish and materialistic. Whenever they find themselves gaining more, they would want twice of what they are receiving without any intention of sharing.

This mannerism may then lead these people to risk ruining personal relationships in exchange for monetary gains. When they find themselves consumed by their constant want, they forget the companionship they need.

Scorpio (Vrichika) – November 19 to December 14

Those born under this sign are promised abundance and will have the thrill of challenges coming their way. They are also caring and can become good healers.

However, these individuals also have this side to them that appeals to the darker arts. This puts the people around them at risk of being a victim of this volatile mystical aspect.

Such interests may then put them out of touch with reality and cause more harm than good. These people can then lose their ability to become a healing presence and instead become destructive towards themselves and others.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) – December 15 to January 13

Those born under this sign are intellectuals. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and are very opinionated.

But, this can go wrong if these individuals use their gift to advance wrong and unjust causes. Knowing their capabilities may spell disaster not just for themselves but for others as well.

This may then lead these people to be led astray, believing that they are still in the service of others. In reality, they no longer are and have become a cause of destruction themselves.

Capricorn (Makara) – January 14 to February 14

Those born under this sign are perseverant and determined to get what they want. They know the things they should do to acquire more power and rise to the top.

Yet being competitive leads these people into becoming ruthless and uncompromising to get what they want. Without knowing it, they may end up stepping on others on their quest to consolidate power.

Such behavior may have these individuals turn into power-grabbers. This can harm their relationships with the people they love and slowly turn them into something they were not.

Aquarius (Khumbha) February 15 to March 15

Those born under this sign have the natural gift of diplomacy. They know how to make people get along and are very creative when realizing their endeavors.

However, this seemingly neutral demeanor can turn into something sinister by these individuals’ innate want to enable chaos. They might even use their natural intellect to become the reason for conflict.

Eventually, this want for uncertainty will make others turn away from these people. From being the ones who must keep the peace, they have now become trouble itself.

Pisces (Mina) March 16 to April 11

Those born under this sign are idealistic and high-minded. They like to go along with the flows of life and allow things to go the way they should.

But this seemingly cool and calm demeanor can turn these people into compulsive gamblers, as it allows them to feel some kind of rush despite the uncertainty of it all. They can also get their whimsical side to get the best of themselves and inadvertently lead to disaster.

This behavior turns these people away from those that do nothing but the best for them. It may seem that they do not care for maturity and responsibility, making them less trustworthy than they should be.

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