Venus In Taurus: Love, Pet Peeves, and Everything In Between

venus in taurus

Are you eager to learn about the mysterious Venus in Taurus placement? Do you know what happens to these natives when Venus enters Taurus? Or have you mastered the art of dealing with them whenever they’re in one of their dark moods? Whether you’re someone who shares this placement or loves somebody who is, we will know everything about them and see if their excellent side far outweighs the bad. We’ll also touch base with the following aspects whenever Venus is in Taurus: 

  • How over-the-top is the Venus in Taurus woman?
  • Is she better or worse than the Venus in Taurus man?
  • What changes can be expected during the Venus in Taurus transit?
  • How long is Venus in Taurus before it transits?
  • Are there subtle indications during the Venus entering Taurus phase?

So let’s dive in and see what goes on when Venus is in Taurus!

When Venus Is In Taurus: An Overview

What does it mean to be a Venus in Taurus? It means the exact time a native was born the planet Venus was moving through the zodiac constellation of Taurus. So for 2023, it’s from March 16- April 10. Note that this is not the same as having your sun sign in Taurus. In this post, we will talk about some general traits of the placement, how they are in love and relationships, and finally, some empowering tips if you’re a Taurus Venus yourself.  

The Planet Venus In Astrology

Venus is known to be the planet of love, creativity, and the material realm. It rules over two zodiac signs: Taurus (an earth sign) and Libra (an air sign). You need to know Venus’s location on your natal chart to give you a more specific insight into the things you are drawn into, as well as what is drawn towards you. 

This planet is also commonly associated with fertility, not only in the biological sense. It also points to what you create in the physical world such as art or wealth. This says a lot about what you can manifest in life. But pay attention to whether or not Venus was in retrograde at the time of your birth, because if it is, a lot of the traits we will be discussing can manifest precisely the opposite for you. 

Venus In Taurus: General Traits

The zodiac Taurus is a fixed earth sign with Venus as its ruling planet and the bull as its symbol. This is the type of person who loves luxury and prioritizes the comfort and pampering of themselves and their loved ones as well. Venus governs material desires and comforts in life, thus, it is highly connected to the physical senses. 

The planet Venus is very much at home in Taurus because it is in a sign it rules over, which amplifies its energy even more. This planet’s energy is also connected to the goddess Aphrodite, so when it is in its home sign Taurus, what you get is peak goddess energy. We are talking about someone who craves and requires the finer things life brings. Whether in the form of their surroundings, material possessions, or even their relationships, this individual will naturally gravitate towards things and people oozing with the kind of quality deserving of their attention. 

Venus in Taurus people are careful to who they give their attention because of how they express their love. They are very thoughtful, and nurturing, and often carry grand gestures, gifts, or generous physical affection. You will only receive these from them if they know the feelings will be reciprocated. Only when they are sure that you are also committed, nurturing, and devoted will they give you the time of day. 

Rich and Prosperous


Not only do these people have a high capacity for intimate love and relationships, but they also have great potential to be rich and prosperous in life. This is due to the fact that both Venus and Taurus are connected with the second house in astrology, which is the house of possessions. So having Venus in the zodiac that naturally rules Taurus will only amplify its energy even more, which is what happens to the second house. 

Even if it doesn’t lead to immense wealth, natives with this placement will still lead a comfortable life and usually gives off the aura of someone who is classy, expensive, and of high quality. It is the kind of aura that attracts a lot of people. This doesn’t necessarily pertain to physical attractiveness, it’s just a great vibe you give off to other people. It could be a fun and eccentric personality, or someone who just knows how to get it together, which is very appealing to those watching. 

Guarantees Security

In situations such as coming up with important decisions or partnerships, they first consider how it will fit into their long-term goals or whether or not it will guarantee them security. Because Taurus is a fixed sign they tend to be more stubborn and long for stability. Being the devoted people that they are, they want to make sure that the individuals, things, and circumstances they invest their time, money, energy, and emotions to will be worth it. 

To gain a Taurus Venus partner, you must provide an environment with longevity, durability, and dependability. These folks proceed cautiously and are not afraid to take their time. If you’re in a hurry to be on the marriage bandwagon and don’t have the patience to wait, this placement may not be your best choice as a lifelong partner. The more you appear to be sporadic and impatient, the quicker they’re going to shut down and drift away. 

Connected to the Physical Senses

Because they are super connected to the physical senses, they are extremely indulgent in life’s physical and material pleasures. Taurus being an earth sign possesses a stronger connection to the tangible things in life and loves to build and create.  So when you have the sensual Venus within this aesthetic earth sign, a big chunk of their fulfillment comes from the primary physical senses. 

Think about your friends who love wearing the latest fragrances, or filling their homes with scented candles. These are the people who long for an environment that is calm, soothing, and pleasing to the eye. So not only do they want to find love in intimacy, and relationships, but also in their physical surroundings. 

Unfortunately, if they are not careful, this can lead to overindulgence, just like Venus in Leo. Imagine leaving a child in a gigantic toy store- you can’t! You will need a parent to step on the breaks for them. But good thing this is Taurus Venus, a grounded and slow-moving earth sign. They don’t have the impulsivity that other signs have like Leo. Just the same, self-awareness is key so as not to get carried away.  

They Work Hard and Play Hard


Even if some people misinterpret them as being shallow or materialistic for placing luxury and self-care on top of their priority list, this cannot be farther from the truth. They don’t go around asking family and friends for these things, they work their butts off and have persistence and an impressive work ethic to boot. Once they set their sights on something they charge on, full speed ahead. 

Things aren’t handed to them on a silver platter, they work hard for everything they have. They don’t rely on other people to have that sense of security and stability while enjoying all the luxuries that go with it because these things don’t simply fall off from the sky. 

Venus In Taurus (Man & Woman) In Love

These people need consistency and hate going around in circles. Sure, they will give you the time you need to fall in love, but once you do, don’t play hard to get or pretend you don’t like them enough, for they simply won’t have it. Don’t try to make them jealous by flirting with other people because they value loyalty and commitment. 

Yes, they love gifts and experiences, but this doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy simple pleasures as well. Nothing gives them immense pleasure than chilling out and cuddling up with the person they love. Date nights don’t always have to be expensive, cooking your favorite comfort meal and watching a good movie afterward will make them smile from ear to ear. 

If you’re with someone who has this placement, then you can thank your lucky stars! These folks are extremely passionate lovers, as they are super connected to their senses. They are not afraid to be sensual and expressive toward their partners. Nothing gives them more pleasure than knowing they can give you what you want in bed, without having to ask for it. Moreover, they are very generous and supportive partners who always have your back no matter what you do. 

Empowering Tips for Venus In Taurus

Here are some empowering tips if you or someone you care about have this placement. 

Don’t Obsess about the Physical

Stay wary of becoming too obsessive about the physical aspects of life. It’s alright to want nice things and look physically attractive, as long as this won’t develop into an unhealthy relationship with your self-esteem. Sometimes when we focus too much on the outside we can’t help but feel the constant need for change. And most importantly, never compare yourself with others, because this may lead you into a downward spiral. 

Accept that someone will always be richer, taller, smarter, more talented, and more good-looking than you. Someone will always be better than you, and trying to convince yourself otherwise will be a losing battle. So learn to be content and happy with who you are and what you have. 

Learn the Art of Letting Go

Taurus Venus may have a possessive nature because of its connection to the second house, the house of possessions. Sometimes you look at the world from a materialistic point of view, believing everything you have is something you have obtained, including your significant partners in life. Without realizing it, you may be looking at life through possessive eyes, which makes you more controlling. In turn, this stresses you out every time you feel something is out of your control or change is happening too much too soon. So you need to learn the art of letting go. Go with the flow and accept that certain things are beyond your control. 

Practice Mindfulness Daily


One of the best ways to combat stress and anxiety is through daily meditation and breathwork. It helps regulate your nervous system to keep you in a well-balanced state. The more you do this, the lesser your chances of falling into your old habits of overthinking and being controlling.

Final Thoughts On Venus and the Bull 

Taurus Venus is one of the most physical, exciting, and sensual placements to be. These are hardcore romantics who will do anything for love. But in turn, they want stability, security, and comfort. Love, affection, and giving and receiving gifts are an important part to maintain rapport with them. So don’t be afraid to spoil them lavishly because this won’t go unnoticed. 

They’re some of the most generous people on earth so you can be sure your efforts will always be reciprocated. But just like other placements, it also has its dark side and weaknesses. As long as you don’t push each other to the edge and maintain self-awareness in your relationship, you’ll be alright. 

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