The 3 Stages Of Zodiac Signs: Its Meanings and Progression

Zodiac Signs Stages of Life

3 stages of zodiac signs

Our Zodiac sun signs are often good cliff notes when it comes to our general personality. However, we do change as people, and while our sun sign stays constant, it evolves. Usually, this evolution comes in 3 stages of zodiac signs. 


The Go-Getter

In the early stages, Aries are often headstrong and care only for what they want. They often look for gratification without taking into account the responsibilities and consequences of their actions.

The Caretaker

Eventually, Aries will find someone or something that they will want to care for. At this point, they start to empathize more. Despite not being the best at relationships, caretaker Aries are some of the most caring people around.

The Fully Realized Aries

At the last of the 3 stages of zodiac signs, Aries learn to internalize responsibility and accountability for their actions. Their love for those they care about runs deep, and their drive allows them to push through all obstacles.


The Shut-in

At this early stage, Taurus are loners, and they often isolate themselves excessively. They think their problems are their own and will usually shut other people down before they get close. 

The Open Book

Once they finally learn to open up, they reach this stage. It can be a confusing time for Taurus as they struggle to learn how to balance themselves. Sometimes they can be too closed off and other times they can be too open.

The Fully Realized Taurus

At this late stage, Taurus finally learn how to center themselves. They no longer lash out so severely as they used to. Also, their newfound calm allows their decisiveness to shine through.



The Self-Opposed

Early on, Geminis struggle with themselves a lot. They may not even understand why this is, but that doesn’t make their inner conflict any less real. Usually, they have trouble finding themselves, and this causes problems in life.

The Explorer

As they mature, Geminis start to look outward and explore who they are and the world around them. They love to experience new things and are always looking for what’s coming next. However, in their wanderlust, they do gain a penchant for being fickle.

The Fully Realized Gemini

At this late stage, Geminis will have settled down by now. While they still have a streak of curiosity and wonder about them, they have learned to temper these urges and commit. Also, they will have found a comfortable middle ground between who they truly are and who they want to show themselves as.


The Storm

Early on, Cancers can be incredibly frustrating to other people and themselves. They often feel off-balance in general. More than that, they easily fall prey to their own strong emotions. This frustration can manifest in Cancers lashing out at others.

The Doormat

At this point, they tend to run into a different problem. Where they once responded aggressively to stressors, Cancers can often be deferring and self-deprecating. Thankfully, they grow a lot in this stage as they finally hone in on healthy ways to cope.

The Fully Realized Cancer

At this final stage, Cancers know how to live with their intense emotions. They no longer allow other people to abuse them. And they do not default to lashing out to people who only mean well. Now, they can temper their feelings and use their unique perspective to guide them in life. 



The Neurotic

In this stage, Leos are often racked with nerves. While they are usually known for their confidence and wit, they wrestle with anxiety within themselves. At this point, they have yet to find their voice.

The Fiery

Once things finally click for them, Leos move on to the next stage. Here, they learn to own their confidence and use it in life. Since they aren’t used to it yet, they may go overboard and hurt feelings or otherwise retreat into themselves again. While turbulent, this is a stage of great growth.

The Fully Realized Leo

By this point, Leos should have mastered themselves and fully internalized their worth. They can now truly take the helm and speak up about their thoughts. Where they would once tentatively tolerate attention, they now thrive in it.


The Loner

Many Virgos start out being loners. They struggle with fitting in and often feel like they don’t belong. This feeling of isolation extends to family and friends. That being said, a little goes a long way for a Virgo to reach out.

The Clumsy

In the next stage, Virgos put themselves out there and risk being vulnerable to create connections with others. In this state of unease, they often make mistakes and trip over themselves. They have a lot of growing to do to get past their nerves.

The Fully Realized Virgo

In this last of the 3 stages of zodiac signs, the Virgo realizes what it is they want to do in life. They discover their concrete self-image and, as such, more easily sees where they fit in in this world. At this point, reaching out becomes a standard part of their life, and so they create healthy connections and open up properly.



The Unbalanced

Despite balance being a signature Libra trait, they rarely start out that way. In the early stages, Libras often end up being one-sided and stubborn in their opinions. It will take a lot of perspective and experience before they gain their balanced mindset.

The Confused

At this part of the 3 stages of zodiac signs, Libras tend to contend with their own cognitive dissonance. In their search for a balanced outlook on things, they often find contradicting information that puts them in a dilemma. More than that, they also struggle to see what they deserve.

The Fully Realized Libra

After everything has been said and done, Libras find balance in this stage. By this point, they figure out how to accept different perspectives without running away from issues. Furthermore, they know their worth and understand that they deserve love.


The Idealistic Lover

Early on, Scorpios are prone to having a heavily idealized view of the world. They often centralize their attention on people or things that they care about. Essentially, they just want an ideal love and an ideal life. But reality is rarely ever so perfect.

The Disillusioned

At a certain point, Scorpios feel a deep hurt that changes something inside them. Some of them may even lash out at the world in an attempt to justify the hurt they feel deep inside. All in all, they aren’t being overtly malicious but are just trying to protect themselves.

The Fully Realized Scorpio

Finally, at this stage, Scorpios learn when to give way and went to stand firm. They are no longer prisoners of the unreasonable ideals they once held. But they do appreciate the little things that make life worth living.



The Curious Wanderer

Early on in life, Sagittarius often want to wander around and chase adventure. They devote their lives to thrilling new experiences. At this stage, they focus more on exploring and seeing new things. As such, settling down doesn’t even register on their radar.

The Opportunist

At this stage, Sagittarius has already experienced quite a bit and has made several connections. But since they never stick around for too long, they often leave behind a lot of people without thinking of the consequences.

The Fully Realized Sagittarius

Thankfully, Sagittarius eventually becomes self-aware of their dismissive happy-go-lucky behavior. At this late stage, they learn the value of those around them. Also, they become more accountable and learn to make and stick to commitments. 


The Chaser

In this stage, Capricorns have a lot of energy and grit to set to whatever they put their mind to. The issue is that they often have no concrete idea of what it is they want to achieve. What happens then is that they make a large headway and suddenly change their mind.

The Stalled

Eventually, Capricorns will grow frustrated with their apparent lack of direction. They see themselves as fragmented and going nowhere fast. It is because they have contradictory traits that they must learn to reconcile before they can realize their potential.

The Fully Realized Capricorn

They do realize that potential at this stage. By now, Capricorns may have hit their stride and found clarity of purpose. They are able to exude their confidence and their decisiveness thanks to a foundation of groundedness borne of experience. 



The Facade

Young Aquarius tend to feel the need to put on a show. They hold their cards close to their chest and propagate an aura of mystery about them. However, trying to maintain this image may leave them with a lack of depth of personality.

The Storyteller

There comes a time when Aquarius decides to stop the act and look within. They get in touch with who they really are and start to reach out to others to share the real them. It’s never a smooth transition, and they battle their pride and anxiety all the while. It is all worth it in the end, though.

The Fully Realized Aquarius

During this portion of the 3 stages of zodiac signs, the Aquarius has amassed a powerful network of supportive friends and family. They have learned to be comfortable with themselves while putting their best foot forward. They are who they are and are secure in their identity.


The Absentminded Floater

In this first stage, Pisces are prone to simply going with the flow. They are perfectly satisfied with staying in their little bubble and watching the world go on around them. While safe and comforting, this behavior makes them apathetic to others and can be problematic.

The Keen Observer

In this part of the 3 stages of zodiac signs, Pisces gradually become more and more sensitive to the world around them. In stark contrast to their earlier stage, they tend to become quite intuitive and attentive to the energies of those around them.

The Fully Realized Pisces

When they reach their final stage, Pisces learn to live with their intuition. They then channel their emotions into productive and creative outlets. They can stand on their own and even provide emotional support to others.

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