Zodiac Personalities: Taurus Bad Traits to Look Out For

taurus bad traits

There is no perfect zodiac, almost all of them have bad personality traits that they cannot control. Moreover, the zodiac sign Taurus is not safe from those negative traits either. The bulls have a good reputation for being grounded, however, there are Taurus bad traits to look out for. 

The words stubborn and Lethargic are only some of the words that describe a Taurus. If you are at a get-to-know-each-other stage with someone whom you might think is a Taurus, this write-up is for you. Furthermore, this article will walk you through the different bad traits of the Taurus zodiac sign.

These are the different sections we will be discussing in this write-up: 

  • Who is considered Taurus?
  • General Traits of a Taurus
  • Some Taurus Bad Traits to keep an eye out for
  • How to deal with the negative traits
  • Cons of being in a relationship with a Taurus

Who is considered Taurus?

Before we proceed to Taurus bad traits, let us first find out who are the people considered Taurus. 

A person is a Taurus when he or she is born between April 20th to May 20th. Moreover, people who are born in Taurus are represented by the bull. Some may say they get their stubbornness from the bull that represents them.

A Taurus is an earth sign and it is the 12th astrological sign. If you are a Taurus, you have a good reputation for being grounded. However, along with positive traits are negative ones which we will further talk about as we continue. 

General Traits of a Taurus

Generally, A person whose zodiac sign is a Taurus is always grounded to reality. Moreover, Taurus people have other general qualities that people associate them with. 

#1 Classy

When it comes to Class, count a Taurus in. Bulls are sophisticated and have eyes for style. If you know a Taurus, best believe they will dress the best in events. Moreover, people with the Taurus zodiac sign tend to invest in clothing, even designer pieces.

In addition, they also have a knack for creating a well-appointed home space. Details are of importance for a Taurus. 

#2 Entertainers

Taurus are natural-born entertainers. If you ever go to a house owned by a Taurus, you will feel comfortable because they are great hosts. Best believe that a Taurus homeowner will whip up their best plates and cups just for you.

Moreover, because of their entertaining nature, they love compliments. Do not be shy to compliment them because once you do, they will surely take it to heart.

#3 Vocal

Bulls are vocal. They will not hesitate to speak up and say what is on their minds. Moreover, if you find yourself asking for their opinion on something, they will surely give you an honest opinion. Furthermore, if you want someone to properly criticise your work, go to a Taurus.

#4 Epitome of Beauty

Roman Goddess of love

Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus. Venus is famous for being the planet of love, akin to the Roman Goddess of love who goes by the same name. Moreover, Taurus has a great sense of charm and beauty. A Taurus is not only beautiful physically but they also put beauty into their works may it be food or even decor.

#5 Hardworking

Bulls always make sure to get things done. Moreover, they are known for their hardworking nature. In addition, they are also ambitious that which fuels their desire to work harder and finish a job well. 

#6 Honest

People with Taurus signs value honesty. They do not like deceiving and being deceived. Moreover, they can easily distinguish whether you are truthful or just showing a face. Furthermore, if they find out you lied to them, they will have a hard time forgiving you.

Most of these general traits are just the surface of a Taurus personality. Moreover, there is more to them than what meets the eye.

Taurus Bad Traits to Keep an Eye Out For

The general traits were usually good ones. Moreover, the list of general traits surely made you like Taurus people. However, just like other zodiacs, Taurus’ have negative traits too. More often than not, these bad traits make it hard for people to be around Taurus people. 

#1 Stubbornness 

Much like a real-life bull, Taurus is stubborn. Moreover, they tend to firmly fight for what they want. Their stubbornness is visible when making decisions. If a Taurus already made up their mind, it will take a lot of effort to get them to change their decision. It is important to remember that they will not budge unless given a good reason. 

Furthermore, they can also be stubborn when it comes to getting their work done. Their stubbornness can also make them lethargic. Lethargic in the sense that they will not move on to another task without finishing their first one. 

#2 They are not open to change

When it comes to change and big decisions, Taurus are more of a mouse rather than a bull. Like a mouse, they do not welcome big things and tend to stay in their safety zone. Moreover, Taurus tends to go over everything multiple times before investing and deciding.

#3 Taurus have Bad Temper

Taurus does not have a short temper, they only have a bad one. Bulls do not get angry easily, however, if you managed to push their buttons then best believe they will charge at you.

A person with a Taurus zodiac sign can find it hard to calm down after getting angry. That is why if you know a Taurus, do not push their buttons.

In addition, they can also have a bad temper when things do not go the way they expected them to. Taurus hates wasting energy, and when they feel that they exerted energy for nothing, they will be irritated.

#4 Prone to Addiction


Taurus often tends to overindulge. Since their ruling planet is Venus, they have a knack for letting themselves go. When a Taurus gets even the smallest taste of something and they like it, expect that they will indulge themselves.

Moreover, Taurus can also be addicted to drinking as well. Again, we are talking about indulgence, and in a bull’s case Overindulgence

#5 Vanity

With Venus as a ruling planet, Taurus can get a little bit Vain. Moreover, pampering themselves is their self-love language. People with the Taurus zodiac always see to it that they look good and value appearance.

In addition, some Taurus can take a long time to get ready, which contradicts their routine-based lifestyle.

While vanity does not seem like a bad thing, Taurus people do not have a filter when they drop luxury brand names. Sometimes, this can come off as arrogant and may look like they are trying to be better than other people.

#6 Taurus have a hard time resisting urges

When a Taurus has a hard time resisting urges, it is heavily influenced by their overindulgence. Moreover, they have a hard time resisting their bodily urges.

An example would be when they are doing work and are hungry. When they get hungry, they stop what they are doing and they eat. This becomes especially hard when trying to accomplish a task. Taurus get easily distracted because of their difficulty in resisting.

#7 Bulls always like to be right

Taurus people have an “I told you so” attitude. They always want to be right. Moreover, this can be annoying for some people.

Some of the bad traits mentioned are tolerable, but some of them can push other people’s buttons. However, the negative personalities do not fully define what a Taurus person is. Most often than not, the bad traits are flaws that can be dealt with. 

How to deal with the negative traits

Speaking of dealing with the bad traits of Taurus, here are some ways you can mediate the bull’s negative qualities.

#1 Deal with Stubbornness

When dealing with a Taurus’ stubbornness, it is important to find out what made them act that way. Moreover, it is important to validate their feelings. Sometimes, asking them to pour their hearts out and explain helps too. 

#2 Get your Bull moving

Bulls get stuck in a rut and are not open to change. You can counter this by getting them moving. We all know that exercise releases happy hormones and this is the same when pulling a Taurus out of their rut. 

In addition, Taurus is a physically active person after all. They love moving, that is why physical activities help them think.

#3 When a Bull Charges, steer clear from the path

When a Taurus is mad, do not fight fire with fire. Moreover, you have to be the better person, swallow your pride, and not engage with them. Always remember that when a Taurus is mad, they stay mad for a long time and can say harsh things. Furthermore, give them time to calm down on their own.

#4 Fight Overindulgence by Monitoring a Bull’s emotional state

Taurus people tend to commit overindulgence when they are emotionally not okay. Moreover, if you notice your Taurus friend bite off more than they can chew, check their emotional state. You’ll never know that they aren’t really hungry, they just need an escape tactic. 

#5 Vanity vs. Self-acceptance


You cannot get rid of a person’s vanity, especially a Taurus. However, you can encourage self-acceptance. Sometimes, Taurus give importance to their looks because some think it’s the only way for people to love them. 

You can counter that mindset by showing them that self-acceptance is the highest form of love anyone can get. Moreover, it won’t hurt to compliment them too.

#6 Accompany Taurus and their bodily urges

Why fight a Taurus bodily urges when you can join in on the fun? It may seem like you are consenting them to do as they please, however, it helps. Joining a Taurus on their eating marathon or party escapades can help cut the cost. 

Two is better than one when spending money, that is why if you accompany a Taurus when they give in to their bodily urges, you are helping them save more money by choosing something good for two.

#7 Swallow Your Pride

When Taurus forces that they are right, just swallow your pride and say “Yes, you are right”. It is a win-win situation for you and your Taurus friend. 

When you swallow your pride, a Taurus will eventually stop talking about how right they are and give you peace and quiet. Giving in also makes them feel better because you acknowledged that they were, indeed, right. 

When it comes to dealing with Taurus bad traits, sometimes the best way is to not deal with them at all. Simply letting them sort things out on their own is enough for them to deal with their bad traits. However, it does not mean that you should stop caring for them. By the end of the day, they still need someone to keep them grounded when emotions float up. 


Negative traits are part of a person’s personality. Again, there is no perfect person, even zodiacs. Moreover, it is important to remember that Taurus bad traits do not automatically make them bad people, it just means they have internal issues they have to resolve. 

Furthermore, do note that these bad traits are what make Taurus a person. A person whose zodiac is a Taurus is simply influenced by their star sign but this does not entirely define them. In addition, no matter how stubborn and vain a Taurus can get, it does not erase the fact that they are loving, dependable, and fun to be around.

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