Results 6

1 – Love Analysis You like to analyze every detail and investigate the truth, and so you are the eternal doubter. When you are in love, you are highly sensitive and vulnerable. You are the victim of your imagination and you can be hurt so much that you actually lower your defenses. But you are […]

Results 5

1 – A light love for a carefree and unreasonably happy relationship You feel that you should let yourself be carried away by your feelings and savor the present moment without moderation. It will be a light relationship, built on a foundation of nothing and you will just feel happy with each other. You will […]

Results 4

1 – A daring love  This time, you will not be afraid to make big changes. You will throw yourself into the adventure of life without a second thought. You will take risks and it will be a great source of personal growth. Some people will be terrified by your bravery and will try to […]

Results 3

1 – Strange date via the Net Someone will ask you to become their friend through a social network on the internet. You receive a lot, of course, but this new request will be a little original. You will accept it. The theme of your discussions will revolve around sex, but the approach will be […]

Results 2

1 – It is after a failure that the greatest successes are often born Even though the memory of happiness is no longer happiness, and the memory of pain is still pain, sometimes it is very instructive to revisit the past. Something that you experienced intensely in the past could happen again. It will be […]