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1 – Love Analysis

You like to analyze every detail and investigate the truth, and so you are the eternal doubter. When you are in love, you are highly sensitive and vulnerable. You are the victim of your imagination and you can be hurt so much that you actually lower your defenses. But you are so discreet that your friends can almost never notice it. It is true that you are now in a different phase of life, but the effect of a previous disappointment can still be felt. Therefore, the road to your own personal happiness will be more difficult since you are no longer as naive and stubborn. On the other hand, a mature person can really help you appreciate your mistakes.

2 – Building

The time will come when you will be called upon to build your own home. It is a project that you have been thinking about for a long time, but you have been postponing it for financial reasons. It is a lot more complicated, but the reward is also greater. You will no longer have to pay sky-high rents. You will also have all the comfort that you could want for the best price. Not to mention that you will feel very proud because everything will be your own work. Now, it is

3 – Hidden treasure

Find in a dream a treasure buried in the ground, and you will soon discover that wealth can be acquired in the most unexpected ways.

If you find money in a dream, you will soon come into unexpected wealth.

If you find treasure buried in your grounds in a dream, expect a sudden change for the better in your affairs.

If you find yourself searching for buried treasure, watch out for enemies.

If you dig treasure up in your dream, expect to meet a new love.

If you find treasure in your dream, you will soon come into wealth.

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