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1 – It is after a failure that the greatest successes are often born

Even though the memory of happiness is no longer happiness, and the memory of pain is still pain, sometimes it is very instructive to revisit the past. Something that you experienced intensely in the past could happen again. It will be in the same circumstances, but with different actors having the same roles. Only you have to reconsider the situations differently and forget about all the negative sides. You have to stay positive and only look at the advantages or qualities of things or people. The greatest successes are often born from failures. And that will be the case again this time around. The victory that awaits you deserves that you make this effort of will. And you will get there as usual.

2 – A lucky child

You are about to witness an event that will mark a major turning point in the life of someone close to you. You are going to be the baptismal soul of a newborn baby. This choice will not be made at random, because in reality, it is already written somewhere. It only remained to realize it. Your fate will be tied in a rather special way to this baby. First, he (she) will be of the same astrological sign as you. It will be very significant. This child will never be far from you, either you will approach him or he will gravitate around you. This child will be your lucky charm and you will have to associate it with all the important moments in your life. For his part, you will be his guardian angel and you will guarantee him a benevolent assurance so that he can continue his life path with serenity, whatever the difficulty.

3 – A stranger who will bring you a lot

You will be stopped by a hitchhiker, a man. Your first instinct will be to ignore it, but an irresistible force will force you to press the brake pedal to take it on board. It will be difficult for you to determine his age by his looks. He will not inspire you with any fear. On the contrary, he will emanate great wisdom which will reassure you right away. The part of the journey that you will share together will make you assume that he is a man who is not ordinary. You are right, this man has an extra-sensory power which allows him to “see” your future. Only, he carefully selects the people to whom he wants to benefit from his visions. You are one of them. The information he will give you will allow you to better understand your future, especially on an emotional level. It will reappear from time to time.

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