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1 – Strange date via the Net

Someone will ask you to become their friend through a social network on the internet. You receive a lot, of course, but this new request will be a little original. You will accept it. The theme of your discussions will revolve around sex, but the approach will be elegant and tinged with an almost insolent modesty. Something about this query will intrigue you and pleasantly tickle your curiosity. As if you feel that something inevitable is going to happen between you and that person. He (she) will know how to find not only the right words to “trap” you, but also the decisive tone which will explode your last moral ramparts. A meeting between you two will be quickly made, because at a certain point your curiosity will be untenable. You won’t be disappointed as long as you stay open-minded, free from prejudices, and listen to your senses.

2 – Painful separation

A physical separation is always a harsh ordeal whether it is final or not. A longtime friend will leave you in a rather tragic circumstance. It will remind you again that all is fleeting here on earth. This is no reason to become pessimistic and to think that whatever you do on earth, you will always have to leave this world one day or another. On the contrary, we must take advantage of each day that dawns and think that the most beautiful is always to come. That’s why there’s no reason to decline an invitation that is sent to you. Even if the person or people who issued it do not necessarily fall within your circle of love. Since in reality you have absolutely no reason to blame these people. A good relationship with them will even be very beneficial for you.

3 – You may gain weight, be careful

You have to be careful with your diet. During a lunch you are invited to, some of the dishes that will be served will be quite heavy to digest. You know them very well and just because you haven’t eaten them for a long time doesn’t mean you should overdo them. Be reasonable and save your stomach ache. In particular, there will be one dish that you like very much. You can let go of this one, because it is harmless. Only, beware of the extra kilos. It is always more difficult to get rid of them than to take them. You will also discover a gastronomic specialty that you do not know at all and for which you should ask the chef for the recipe. You will then share it with all your friends.

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