Sagittarius traits and compatibility: How to choose the right love from the stars!

Sagittarius is one of the most complex personalities among the zodiac signs. With Sagittarius compatibility and traits and the constant pursuit of the good life, it is difficult to tell if they can be genuinely dedicated to anyone at all. Thus, you’ll often find them with a wide array of passions and pursuits, as if to say nothing can truly satiate their desires.

Sagittarius Traits and Compatibility

But in reality, once Sagittarius gets that groove, they are also one of the most determined. Like a piercing fiery arrow, nothing can stop this zodiac sign from pursuing the things or the people that they love.

And while falling in love is truly our choice, the stars above us have somehow defined our direction in life. With that, which zodiac sign best suits Sagittarius’s compatibility and traits as their partner? 

Read on to find out!

Sagittarius traits and compatibility (Love)

Sagittarius and Aries

Aries and Sagittarius traits and compatibility, both share the same intensity when it comes to love. Eager and honest, their fiery attitude towards each other allows them to find new ways of doing the same old things. 

Sagittarius traits and compatibility:

What Brings You Together: Practically speaking, Aries and Sagittarius are a match made in heaven. They are compatible in most parts of the relationship, as both can co-exist significantly well. 

In bed, both are passionate and enthusiastic, with Aries leading the way. In life, both are optimistic, as Sagittarius is comfortable with Aries’ drive to explore new things. Thus, engaging in new activities never really bothers them both as they thrive in change and new beginnings. 

Finally, sharing the same fire sign means that Aries and Sagittarius value the same things in life. Speed, passion, royalty, and dedication are some of the shared values by both. Thus, you can expect them to meet eye-to-eye and see things from a similar perspective.

What Pulls You Apart: While Aries and Sagittarius compatibility and traits are on the same page for most things, one area that can create devastating problems for them is trust. 

Generally, the problem begins when both begin showing their true colors. For one, Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. As such, they thrive in change and constant flux, coming second only to Gemini. 

For the other, Aries is the committed and passionate partner. When they choose someone, they make sure to see to it that they’ll chase this person to the ends of the world. 

When you add both, Sagittarius can sometimes see Aries as a passerby. In stark contrast, a committed Aries sees Sagittarius as the one, especially when their values meet. 

Before they know it, Sagittarius may have already fallen out of love. As a response, Aries can become controlling and dominant, as their negative traits will inevitably manifest in the relationship. 

What Needs Your Attention: Sagittarius needs to understand that Aries is the type who seeks to build a relationship with a booming momentum. Since the latter is considered as the best initiator among the zodiac signs, Sagittarius can expect the relationship to have a solid start. 

As for Aries, they need to make realistic expectations. While everything will start well and good, understanding that things can go sideways will only do good for them. In fact, even Aries themselves can lose their momentum. As they get to know each other more, the magic will inevitably fade, and things will get boring. 

Even then, both must focus on doing what they know best – finding new ways to solve the same old problems. In that way, they can use their skills to contribute positively to the relationship instead of drifting away from each other. 

Conclusion: Sagittarius and Aries are a great pair, no doubt. These problems that they will encounter often arise as a consequence of being in a relationship. Thus, the key is in finding a solution instead of seeing these as impassable roadblocks to the relationship.

Sagittarius and Taurus

Sagittarius traits and compatibility: 

The pairing of the archer and the bull is destined to be challenged by trials and tribulations. To be frank, these signs are total opposites: fire counters earth, and a fixed modality is incompatible with mutable ones. 

But as they say, opposites attract. Perhaps there are some good vantage points for these two? 

What Brings You Together: Both Sagittarius and Taurus are intelligent signs. Communication and intellect seems to be their strongest point, as they are able to enjoy those meaningful conversations. 

And for the most part, their challenges as a couple is something that they can openly talk about. As long as they have the maturity to openly discuss things, nothing seems to be too out of the ordinary. 

Add to that, their values also don’t seem to be that far off from each other. While fire and earth signs generally don’t mesh well, these two share something in common – their sense of idealism. 

While Sagittarius traits are ultimately the idealistic type, Taurus provides that much-needed depth and stability for the former to pursue what they want.

What Pulls You Apart: Everything else. 

Since Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility and traits are natural opposites, there will be a lot of instances where their ideals will clash with each other. While Taurus prefers to just Netflix and chills at home, Sagittarius is eager to go and try bungee jumping. Even in bed, Sagittarius can be a bit disengaging, while Taurus prefers to just rest all day. 

Furthermore, Sagittarius’s traits are a bit too idealistic for Taurus. Since the former prefers exploring ideas while aligning themselves with platonic ideals, the latter will opt for the more stable and proven, yet slow approach. This can be a cause for conflict, as their directions and pacing in life can go against each other. 

What Needs Your Attention: Finding a compromise may be challenging, but for Taurus and Sagittarius traits and compatibility to pull through in their relationship, it is absolutely necessary. Since these two signs are hell-bent on each other’s goals and ways, a middle ground is a must. 

In reality, these two signs have varying truths. On the one hand, Taurus focuses on earthly pleasures such as food, sleep, and money. And in pursuing these things, they love taking that slow and steady approach. 

On the other hand, Sagittarius directs themselves towards meaning, purpose, and pursuit of their higher self. And in contrast to Taurus, Sagittarius is willing to explore these seemingly impractical areas of their existence. 

Thus, finding a fine line in between will do the trick as this allows them to see things through as a couple.

Conclusion: This relationship needs to learn how to see things from both ends of the spectrum. But can Taurus, the most stubborn sign, be capable enough? And even when Taurus adjusts, will Sagittarius have enough patience to wait for them?

Sagittarius and Gemini

Sagittarius traits and compatibility: 

red illuminated sign that writes i have a crush on you

Sagittarius and Gemini share a special connection: both of them are mutable signs. Add to that, their elements are also matched with each other: fire and air. Even then, can two mutable signs do good in a relationship together? 

What Brings You Together: Of all the zodiac signs, these two are the most inconsistent and indecisive. Fickle-minded by default, they love changing their decisions as they hop from one choice to the other. 

Even then, this unique bond is something that both of them share. Understanding each other’s struggles, they know why the other is quick to change their mind. As both of them thrive in change, they are comfortable with living life on-the-go. 

Furthermore, they both appreciate the finer things in life. Topics like art, culture, tradition, technology are some of the few things that they share an interest in. When conversing, they love hopping from one topic to another, just to see if the other is well-versed with a wide range of knowledge. 

Add to that, they also understand each other’s kinkiness in bed. Playful and a bit selfish, their self-interested nature surprisingly compliments their individual pursuits. 

What Pulls You Apart: Sagittarius and Gemini are always challenged by the need to find meaningful conversations. While this is their strongest point, this can also be an unexpected room for conflict and confusion. 

For one, Gemini loves dabbling over topics, even when they are pointless at times. This can trigger Sagittarius since the latter is generally serious and purposeful. Like a philosopher, Sagittarius focuses on things that matter to them the most like the meaning of their own existence. 

For another, their mutable nature can also get the best of them. At times, they may feel that they are being pulled away by each other’s course of action. While Gemini wants to do art, Sagittarius pursues philosophy. And while both can have vantage points, these areas won’t always meet each other eye-to-eye. 

Thus, these two may veer away from each other’s paths before they even know it. 

What Needs Your Attention: While air and fire signs can understand each other exceptionally well, the double mutable sign is a sign of caution. If properly cultivated, such mutable nature can allow them to constantly re-imagine and re-invent the way they do the same old things. Such can will be a big strength, as both thrive in constant change. 

But when left unchecked, their mutability will cause them to drift away from each other. Since both aren’t really that much interested in committing themselves to something (unless they’re certain about it), you can expect Sagittarius and Gemini to have an unexpected falling out.

Conclusion: Sagittarius and Gemini is a strong pairing, at least in the beginning. But for relationships to work, trust and commitment are ultimately necessary. If they are unable to find this middle ground, compromise will never happen between them.

Sagittarius and Cancer

Sagittarius traits and compatibility: 

Sagittarius traits and compatibility with Cancer is a tricky match – fire and water signs don’t work too well with each other. Too much fire can vaporize the water, or too much water can extinguish the fire. But is there a middle ground for them?

What Brings You Together: The strong point of these signs is their communication and intellect. For Sagittarius, they are seekers of pure knowledge, one that bears strong roots to existentialism, philosophy, sciences, and even arts. For Cancer, they are able to see the interconnectedness of things, and thus, inevitably touch on these factors that synthesize human experience. 

As such, these two signs can share a kind of knowledge that’s pure and unbounded. While Cancer may appear to be a bit too slow at times, Sagittarius can also be too philosophical or serious for Cancer.

Either way, balance is right around the corner. Though these two signs hail from conflicting elements, having communication as their strong point can propel their relationship forward. 

What Pulls You Apart: Emotions and trust. 

For one, Cancer is a sign that’s heavily centered on emotions. When they do things, they will try to feel it out. Thus, they constantly need that emotional reassurance, sometimes in the form of intuition or inklings. Otherwise, they will sense some sort of distortion or imbalance. 

This challenges Sagittarius, who’s strongly a thinking type. Relying on their thoughts and personal bias, Sagittarius can be taken aback by Cancer’s methods. And with Sagittarius’ mutable personality, this can easily spell the end of the relationship. 

Thus, trust between the two is often an issue. Since they cannot really let their guard down towards each other, they’ll often find stuff to nitpick on. Even the smallest things like going to the grocery store alone can be a cause for worry for either of them.

With these two areas of conflict, Sagittarius and Cancer will find it challenging to do some shared activities. Given how they won’t be that trusting with each other, you can only imagine them playing a game of Monopoly. Add to that, conflicting interests may land them different shows on Netflix. 

What Needs Your Attention: As a rule of thumb, paying attention to everything won’t land this pair some good results. Instead, it will only highlight their differences, which can cause even more anxiety and doubt. 

The key is in taking things one at a time, as learning how to process their differences will surely help in easing the relationship. Instead of taking it altogether and rendering rash judgment, processing will surely help them take things one step at a time. 

And to do this, they must focus on their biggest strength: their ability to have genuine communication.

Conclusion: Sagittarius and Cancer’s ability to have a common ground can make their relationship work. Though it might not seem a lot at first, constantly learning how to take each other’s words will surely help.

Sagittarius and Leo

Sagittarius traits and compatibility: 

Both Leo and Sagittarius traits have a distinct dramatic flair to them. If anything, this relationship is between two drama queens!

Sagittarius Traits and Compatibility with Other Signs

What Brings You Together: A relationship between Sagittarius and Leo is filled with passion and sex. Both signs love to be together in bed, as they cherish each other’s yin and yang energy. Leo loves to be in charge, while Sagittarius keeps opening different doors and dimensions. This opens variety and change, as they enjoy that push-and-pull feeling. 

Add to that, Sagittarius and Leo can trust each other. Both hailing from the fire element, they understand those passionate strides coupled with the desire to be in power. While other signs tend to feel dominated when paired with Leo, Sagittarius understands this. The latter knows how to court the former, as they know what makes a ‘royal’ tick. 

Communication also isn’t a problem. Since these two can meet eye-to-eye with their rational and logical ways of communicating, you can expect them to agree on things. Thus, picking a restaurant is the least of their problems. 

What Pulls You Apart: One problem with this pairing is the fact that Sagittarius might end up traveling more than Leo. As a fixed sign, Leo loves to govern their estate. You can expect them to stay up all night trying to build their own empire. 

However, such is not necessarily true for Sagittarius. Instead, Sagittarius loves to go and roam around. Instead of trapping themselves in the four corners of their homes, you’d see them booking their ticket to nowhere. 

This spells doom for them, especially when neither is able to compromise. Since Sagittarius is a free fire spirit, exploring the world while experiencing new cultures is out of the question. On the contrary, Leo might not agree with this, as they’ll potentially see it as a waste of time. 

What Needs Your Attention: Both Sagittarius and Leo have to adjust to each others’ needs.

Leo needs to understand that Sagittarius will always have that free spirit in them. In fact, they have to see it in a way that such mutability will open new paths to conquer. Initially, Leo will naturally perceive it as an unwelcome threat, but learning how to manage the relationship is also a challenge that they must overcome. 

For Sagittarius’s compatibility with Leo, letting Leo win will always be a plus for the relationship. And when we say “let them win,” it doesn’t mean blind obedience. More importantly, Sagittarius needs to level their game up by taking constructive criticism from Leo. 

Other than that, everything else is likely to be smooth sailing. So focusing on building their strength on these weaknesses will truly help the relationship to prosper.

Conclusion: Sagittarius and Leo is an excellent pairing. If the doors of destiny will open for these two, you can expect a beautiful and *extravagant* relationship. But will it last? Can Leo handle Sagittarius traits and free spirit? Only time will tell.

Sagittarius and Virgo

Sagittarius traits and compatibility: 

Despite having opposing signs, these two are surprisingly compatible, at least to a certain extent. However, the odds aren’t that great. Here’s what you need to know: 

What Brings You Together: Even if Virgo is an earth sign while Sagittarius is a fire sign, there is a vantage point for these two: communication and intellect. 

Because Virgo and Sagittarius are rational thinkers, they dislike the act of simply letting their whims dictate their path. For one, Virgo is a very calculative sign, much like Capricorn. For another, Sagittarius is the philosopher among the zodiac signs, and that needs no more expounding, for it will unlock a pandora’s box worth of questions. 

Kidding aside, Virgo and Sagittarius’ compatibility and traits can meet each other eye-to-eye as they engage in meaningful conversations. Instead of simply talking about celebrities and the latest iPhone, you’ll often find them talking about stocks, politics, and philosophy. 

This will bring some intellectual excitement, as the sapiosexual within them will come alive. 

Add to that, they will also have those shared sets of activities, as both will feel fruitful whenever they are in each other’s company. Often, they’ll love doing thought-puzzles, riddles, debates, and even escape rooms are entirely within the range of their fun-filled activities. 

What Pulls You Apart: Trust. 

For this pairing, trust is a key factor that pulls them away from each other. Both bearing the mutable quality, there’s no telling until when they will be in a relationship. For one, Virgo sees a relationship as a form of leverage. When it doesn’t really do anything practical, they won’t see it as valuable. Thus, they are quick to dump and move forward. 

In the same way, Sagittarius shares the same sentiment: the basis of a relationship is value. However, this mutable fire sign defines value not in wealth but in purpose. Seeking the meaning of their lives, Virgo’s superficiality may prompt Sagittarius to see them as a mere passerby. 

Add to that, these two signs also struggle with expressing their emotions. Since both can be extremely rational, anger and laughter are always flipped at any moment. This makes love as a guessing game, something that they might not want to commit to. 

What Needs Your Attention: The key to making relationships work is compromise. Regardless of your zodiac sign, it is expected that there will be moments of conflict and confusion between couples. 

The thing, though, is that for Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility, these conflicts may arise more often than expected. Since their elements can magnify their differences, there’s no telling when these signs will break away from each other. 

Thus, focusing on their strong point will surely appease each other’s qualms. Instead of highlighting their differences, learning how to accept them is a better way to go. 

Conclusion: The relationship between these two can be really challenging at first. But as they get along, we can expect them to move past their differences and focus on what they enjoy the most.

Sagittarius and Libra

Sagittarius traits and compatibility: 

This pairing is one of a kind – you’re seeing the judge and the philosopher together. Are they compatible? Will their endless conversations lead to progressive dialogues or meaningless debates? 

What Brings You Together: Everything else except trust. 

For this pair, you can expect both to be attuned with each other’s preferences. Generally, both will feel the power of communication as neither will feel threatened by each other’s presence. Ruled by Jupiter and Venus, you can expect them to constantly strive to make each other happy. This will allow them to grow individually.

Add to that, Libra’s inquisitive nature will always be intrigued by Sagittarius’ desire for knowledge. While their egos may clash from time to time, you can expect them to have that strong interplay with each other. For one, Sagittarius can ask endless questions to constantly entertain Libra. 

Finally, they are also able to harmoniously channel their emotions within the relationship. While Sagittarius tends to be too hot to handle for some, Libra can logically process the former’s thoughts and feelings. In the same way, Sagittarius’ philosophical knowledge brings out the underlying thread in Libra’s thoughts.

What Pulls You Apart: The biggest weakness of this pairing is the fact that they’ll find it difficult to trust each other. Most of the time, this is the issue with Sagittarius: it is challenging to put your faith in them. Since they love strolling around and entertaining every idea, it will always be quite a puzzle if they’ll actually build a lasting relationship. 

In stark contrast, Libra will do some unrealistic display of trust. Instead of outrightly doubting Sagittarius, Libra will sell themselves the idea of a best-case scenario. This might not play out, and Libra’s faith either becomes shattered to the ground or ridiculously extended. 

Add to that, these two signs do have an inner battle: the exaltation of planets. Since Saturn exalted in Libra while Jupiter in Sagittarius, you can expect a clashing of who’s more dominant between them. Thus, life choices are always shaped between these two signs. 

What Needs Your Attention: The clear answer here is respect. If both signs are unable to execute that reasonable amount of respect, then we can see them parting ways in no time. Sagittarius can become prideful at times, coupled with their childish ideas. 

Such doesn’t fare well with Libra, causing polarities between their convictions. They will feel disrespected by the outright pushing of Sagittarius. While the former may have worthwhile ideas, Sagittarius’ dominance may get the best of them.

Conclusion: Don’t get me wrong, this is actually a good pairing. If we were to score it, it’s safe to say that they’d at least get 7/10. Even then, that 30% can cause the relationship to flop.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius

Illuminated sign that writes the word love

Two blazing arrows together? Will that make for a strong pairing? Or will it actually cause chaos and mayhem between the two? 

What Brings You Together: A pairing of Sagittariuses means that they’ll have that strong understanding of each other’s system. Sharing the same outlook and even beliefs in life, both can engage in endless pursuits of wisdom and knowledge. 

Being a mutable sign, both are liberal. They do not limit themselves within the relationship, and may even cross some boundaries by having that “open” relationship. They don’t mind exploring things, for they think that life is meant to be unraveled. 

Add to that, you can expect them to be profound. When speaking with each other, they may have that hidden ego within, but always ends up pursuing truth, at least in the philosophical sense. They also recognize each other’s passion, despite it being different from each other. 

Because of that shared intimate connection, you can expect these two signs to have that strong bond of trust. While they may be dipping their hands here and there, they understand how each other operates. This creates a culture of reciprocity, for these two signs understand what it means to be together. 

What Pulls You Apart: For these two signs, it might appear to be a smooth-sailing boat. However, in reality, they have one problem: expressing and managing their emotions. 

Since both signs are quite conservative, if not confused, with expressing their feelings, a lot of miscommunication may go against their way. One partner may express discontent through constructive criticism, while the other takes it as an insult. 

Add to that, they may potentially see each other as overly optimistic. Since Sagittarius loves to pursue almost all kinds of things, such optimism may work against them, at least in the short term. While both want to be happy and to live a life worth living, the external factors around them may not always work in their favor. 

What Needs Your Attention: 

As a pair of mutable fire signs, they need to pay attention to their consistency. While their relationship may seem to be smooth sailing, there’s no telling when these two inconsistent signs will jump ship. In fact, they might be enjoying the relationship today, and seeing it only as an experience tomorrow. 

To do this, they need to learn how to balance each other’s energies. While both are passionate and driven to their pursuits, they need to create areas of compromise. Only then will they get to the next level of their relationship. 

Otherwise, both will simply see each other as a mere passerby, a fleeting memory that they will eternally cherish. 

Conclusion: This relationship is not as peaceful as one might expect. Yet, it brings together two people with virtually the same goal in life: to achieve their ambition and find a passion that will match theirs.

Sagittarius and Scorpio

Sagittarius traits and compatibility:

This relationship is as crazy as it is wild. But with a little bit of patience and some razzle-dazzle, a relationship between Sagittarius and Scorpio can be fun, if not interesting, at the very least.

What Brings You Together: Adventure and passion bring these two signs together. Sagittarius traits and untamable personality will surely please Scorpio’s wild side!

Scorpio’s efforts in making their relationship work will not go unnoticed by Sagittarius’ sharp eye. This may come as a relief, especially knowing that Scorpio is brooding and tends to obsess over things they perceive as “big deal.”

Sagittarius is also an open book that eases the burden of trust issues in Scorpio’s suspicious soul. The former’s honesty is also refreshing to the latter; it reinforces the commitment that both parties have.  

What Pulls You Apart: Sagittarius may strike Scorpio as too public. It may even seem that a lowkey and intimate relationship is no longer an option!

Scorpio will also most likely get pissed off at Sagittarius traits like a lighthearted approach to life. Considering how serious Scorpio is in facing the question of how to live, seeing how “good vibes, positivity only” their Sagittarius lover is might be a source of frustration.

Communication barriers may also play an essential factor in complicating this relationship. While Scorpio would instead do non-verbal communication in expressing their pent-up emotions, Sagittarius insists on verbal openness- a real struggle for the former indeed!

With this, Sagittarius will earn Scorpio’s ire for their no-holds-barred honesty. Scorpio will view this as insensitive and a “sign” that their partner has no compassion for their emotional struggles.

What Needs Your Attention: Boundaries between the private and public must be made clear between a Sagittarius and Sagittarius. Not everything in the relationship needs revealing but being too private isn’t nice when you’re trying to point out that you’re dating someone.

Verbalizing one’s feelings is a struggle for Scorpio, but this is important in making known what they think needs some work in their relationship. Not all people are telepathic, and it’s likely your lover isn’t; do both of yourselves a favor and talk things out!

Scorpio must also be a bit more understanding of Sagittarius’s positivity and take some pointers from it. Being too serious about everything is not suitable for one’s well being!

While Sagittarius’ candidness may be borderline offensive, it can also be a source of improvement for Scorpio. It can be beneficial for the latter to understand what the former is trying to say and use it as motivation for self-improvement.

Conclusion: A relationship between Sagittarius and Sagittarius may seem like a bad idea, but the unlikely yet beautiful way they complement each other will help them grow into better individuals. It is also fair to say that this kind of love will help Scorpio realize that the truth they crave so much may hurt a lot- and there’s nothing wrong about it.

Sagittarius and Capricorn

Sagittarius traits and compatibility: 

A relationship between a Sagittarius and Capricorn is a questionable one. With Capricorn’s vigilance and Sagittarius traits include inconsistency, can they find a middleground to make this work? 

What Brings You Together: One strong point for this pairing is the fact that they can meet eye-to-eye with their thought processes. While it is obvious that their elements and signs don’t really match, the way they view things still do have those strong vantage points. Since both signs are logical and heartless, they can execute tough decision-making processes with little to no regard for how they feel. 

For instance, these two can work together in doing business and trading ventures. With both areas requiring a strong sense of understanding and precision, these two can come up with a solid financial portfolio. 

Add to that, these two are also quite protective. Guarding and scratching each other’s backs, they can build a strong foundation if Sagittarius can remain consistent and loyal to the relationship.

What Pulls You Apart: Both of these signs have a hard time expressing their emotions. Capricorn, in particular, is very calculative and vigilant. Thus, showing their weak side is not really their cup of tea. 

Similarly, Sagittarius also tends to prefer logic and reason over intuition and emotion. Thus, there are times where you’ll find them discussing things as if there were no human aspect to them. 

Also, Capricorn is a sign that’s mostly focused on practical and earthly things. While Sagittarius understands this, an extreme sagittarius can sometimes see Capricorn’s pursuit as less meaningful than theirs. This can cause the latter to be insulted, nonetheless. 

Finally, trust is also a big issue for them. Since Sagittarius loves to loiter around, at least mentally, Capricorn can see this as a possible red flag. If they cannot align their interests, there’s a good chance that Capricorn will build walls too big to topple or Sagittarius jumping ship. 

What Needs Your Attention: Consistency. Even in bed, the issue between these two is the fact that they can become less consistent than they should. Sagittarius loves to play around, so it is up to them to sort their affairs. 

For Capricorn, opening their heart can also be a game-changer. While both can agree logically, they still need to express how they feel in order to become true to the relationship. 

Conclusion: Capricorn and  Sagittarius compatibility can become a strong powerhouse if they can highlight their strengths. But can they? Will Capricorn trust Sagittarius? Can Sagittarius align themselves with Capricorn? 

Sagittarius and Aquarius

Sagittarius traits and compatibility: 

Sagittarius and Aquarius seem to be a good pairing. With air and fire signs coming together, in what ways can they manifest their strength?

What Brings You Together: Sagittarius welcomes Aquarius’ intellect. As one of the smartest among the zodiac, Aquarius is like a well of infinite topics. You can expect these two to talk endlessly about life, technology, and the future. Given how both are driven to dwell on expanding their ideas, they’ll surely enjoy each other’s company. 

In bed, both are also good at exploring things. Sagittarius’s traits are playful, and Aquarius enjoys them for who they are. Sagittarius is the playful type, and Aquarius enjoys them for who they are. The latter also loves learning new things, so Sagittarius’ constant desire for change can work well in some ways. 

Finally, both of them value freedom and growth. They don’t seek to hinder each other from finding one’s path, so the relationship will be something that’s mutually beneficial for them. 

What Pulls You Apart: One of the core problems here is trust. Since Sagittarius can quickly turn a new leaf, Aquarius might be the one left behind. And even though they don’t explicitly discuss this, Aquarius knows this fact. Thus, they will always have that idea at the back of their mind – that at any moment, Sagittarius may become bored and just leave. 

While both truly value freedom for their own sake, Sagittarius can sometimes over-extend this valuation. And before we know it, Sagittarius’ fiery passion can be ravaging someone else’s garden in bed. Aquarius may attempt to keep the relationship on rational grounds, but we all know how that ends, right?

What Needs Your Attention: Consistency. As a sign, Aquarius is consistent. Though they are open to change, they still need some form of reassurance that Sagittarius won’t leave them behind. 

To attain this, Sagittarius must learn to contextualize their freedom. Yes, under Aquarius’ clout, they are free to explore almost anything. There should be limits for the relationship to work, and either camp shouldn’t arbitrarily break them.

Conclusion: Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility is a strong pairing. As long as they can adjust to each other’s modality, their values and pursuits will most certainly align.

Sagittarius and Pisces

Sagittarius traits and compatibility: 

For this last pairing, can a water and air sign come together? Or will they simply extinguish each other’s energies? 

What Brings You Together: The unique appeal of Pisces and Sagittarius traits and compatibility comes from their ability to meet each other’s minds. When we set aside their emotions, we can expect these two to become the closest of friends. 

In their relationship, establishing that rapport serves as a key indicator for a good and lasting partnership. For one, both of these signs are ruled by Jupiter. We can expect them to have the same kind of optimism, and fantasies in life. 

As such, these points will allow them to continually cherish each other’s company. But is it enough to create a strong and lasting relationship? 

What Pulls You Apart: Sagittarius is a sign that’s quite difficult to trust. Because they love placing themselves in a position that grants them freedom, their partners will constantly be bothered if they’re ready to commit long-term. Coupled with their sense of passion, this sign can easily go astray and pursue whatever comes to mind. 

Add to that, handling emotions is also a big hurdle for this pair. Since they tend to hide how they truly feel, they might reach a point where the relationship will feel superficial. With Pisces having the best intuition among the zodiacs, they can spot the indecisiveness of Sagittarius from within. 

Finally, both signs are prone to overthinking. With Sagittarius rationalizing everything, Pisces’ intuitive actions may be too much for them to handle. In the same way, Pisces may misconstrue Sagittarius’ traits and rigid perspectives, often misinterpreting them.  

What Needs Your Attention: Sagittarius and Pisces must focus on their strengths. Both sharing the same ruling planet and the same modality, they should be in a position where they can understand each other’s sentiments fairly. 

If not, we can expect them to have a meaningful yet brief romantic relationship. Since one may drift away, sometimes they’d conclude that it is better for them to be friends than lovers. 

Conclusion: This pairing has a lot of potential in it. Although fire and water signs don’t mix well, their similarities and ability for communication can become a solid ground for progress. As long as they can commit to each other, no challenge is big enough for them to lose.

Closing Thoughts on Sagittarius traits and compatibility

Sagittarius, the philosopher among the zodiac signs, is truly a complex one. Since they seek the meaning of life and its purpose, you can expect them to be much like Socrates himself. 

Even then, some signs are favorably compatible with them. Since other signs in the zodiac can ride the same intensity, we can expect a vantage point as their minds meet. 

But more importantly, dating a Sagittarius is a huge gamble. This sign can be as volatile as Gemini. However, when they decide to commit, their passionate attitude comes second only to Aries. 

Whether or not a relationship with Sagittarius will work highly depends on their partner’s resilience. If they can stand dating a philosopher, then why not give it a go? Who knows, it might be a relationship worth living!

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