Sagittarius Season Forecast: How to Light Your Way This 2023

sagittarius season

Are you eager to know what is in store for you this Sagittarius season? Before we get into the heart of the matter in this post you need to take note of something first. It is important that you watch your rising sign if you wish to know the perfect timing for the year. Your sun sign on the other hand will not only give timing but a deeper sense of the energies that you are dealing with. 

These energies are extended for more than a week, sometimes even more. So prepare to be flexible and open-minded as you slowly navigate your way through the Sagittarius season. We will also tackle the following concerns:

  • When is Sagittarius season going to begin?
  • Why is it important to take note of the Sag season dates?
  • What does Sagittarius season mean for life, love, and career?
  • Why should you look forward to the beginning of Sagittarius season?
  • What will happen at the end of Sagittarius season?

So let’s go ahead and learn everything there is to know about Sag season!

Sag Season: An Overview of the Amazing Sagittarius

This Sag season is an amazing time for freedom-loving Sagittarius. You have a deep sense in you that was bestowed upon you by Jupiter, your ruling planet. Therefore, things will be expansive and free all around you. The challenges will be your limitations and obligations, and countless rules that you sometimes believe are unjust. 

The planet Jupiter is the ruler of justice so the way you manage these themes in your life as you grow older is part of your maturity. Just like other signs you may have been rebellious when you were younger but found out as you grew older that there is so much more to learn about liberties and restrictions from the surface. 

Looking at the center of your chart you can obey all these laws but remain free inside. There is a delicate balance you need to maintain because you need to decide the right time to speak out and fight for what you believe in, and times when you need to hold your tongue, move along, and simply abide by the laws. You will wrestle with these feelings over and over again from the most minute things to the most important decisions of your life. 

Sagittarius Season: Things Are Looking Up For You In 2023

Sagittarius and your ruling planet Jupiter are continuing on a very positive note this 2023. Things have softened up a bit after a super intense 2021 as well as the early part of 2022. Now things are easing up and there are lots of opportunities to finally spend quality time with family and friends, and even with romantic partners. There is also more room for creativity because you will finally feel these restrictions come up. That feeling of heaviness that you’ve had in your heart for the longest time will start to peel off. 

January starts with a sense of ease, with very few restrictions and obligations to hold you down. This will continue until around mid-May.  The second part of this year is the time you will have increased enjoyment with your daily grind. Gone are the tedious, nitty gritty daily routine that will take you in until the middle of 2024. Each day will feel a bit more lighter and pleasurable. You may also finally be able to have time to work out and shed off some excess weight. Overall, it’s really about taking care of your health. 

There is great potential for you to reduce fats or sugar to some degree in your diet. So this entire year brings in two themes that will give you a lot of pleasure. You will enjoy more time for hobbies and relaxation, better health, and enjoyment at work. Needless to say, there will be other limiting energies that are going to happen, but since Jupiter is your ruler, such energies will be essential for you. 

Sagittarius Season: A New Cycle Begins 


Now we are going to talk about the planet of restriction as this will create a shift for you in March this year. This is the planet Saturn. It will take you away from the area in your chart where it could have been putting plenty of limitations. This greatly affected your mindset since you felt there were too many restrictions all around you. So from March 2023, Saturn comes inside a new part of your chart. It will then start a 7-year cycle for you. 

You must remember that it is crucial for you to take note in your calendar of what you are doing on the week of March 7 because it will be setting the tone for the next seven years of your life. Know that some things will fall away, while others will start very strongly. It may have something to do with your family, it will touch on significant endings as well as meaningful beginnings. 

This could also catapult you into a brand new area in your career. So think back to what you have been doing careerwise seven years ago. This will give you a clue on where you will be headed come March 2023 since this is the beginning of a new cycle. 

Sagittarius Season Horoscope

This year begins on a positive note since you have this beautiful planet of expansion. There is room for relaxation, children, and creativity, and so far things are looking good. Yes, there may have an element of conflict or things you may need to rework either with a colleague or long-time business partner. But November and December brought about some friction because you had to support a business partner or a significant other while they were going through a rough patch. 

There were concerns and pressing issues you had to deal with all throughout November and December and you simply had to be there. Nonetheless, things began to alleviate after the 14th of January. Your partnership is slowly improving as you have decided to take things back to your drawing board. Either at home or at work, you need to thresh out your finances and other problems that were not agreed upon. It is only then that you can receive some clarity on how things are going to be as you move forward into 2023.

Reconciliation is a must but don’t get swayed by anxiety that was caused by delays or feels a sense of dread and frustration during these last months of 2023. Have faith and know that things will move ahead soon as January gets underway. You will know this because our mindset planet which is Mercury will be moving into a direct and speeded-up position as January comes to an end. Gradually you will feel things are moving along and the fog has finally settled. 

Sagittarius Season: Partner Wanted


February will have a similar theme when it comes to partnership. Of course, there will be those wondering what if they don’t have a partner or if they are single. Guess what? This may really indicate a time when you are indeed looking for a partner since there is this concentrated energy in your House of permanent partnerships as well as in your House of new/potential partners. This started back in August 2022 and will continue until May 2023. You have a unique chart, therefore, there’s always this chance that you will meet someone at any given time. 

Generally speaking, the month of February will see this theme of partnership thrashing out. Watch out for February 18 as you may find yourself to be in full throttle and this may last until March 21st. Take advantage of this time since it is when you are at your most active. On the other hand, March 2 is a great day because there’s this alignment of two benefic planets out there to bless your sign. Enjoy this day and give yourself a treat. 

March 2023: Do Not Overspeculate

On March 21 comes the first of the two New Moons. This will take place in the House of children, romance, and creativity. However, this is also the House of speculation. Therefore, if you’re into trading, this will be an active period for you. Be warned however that you should not over-speculate and put all your eggs in one basket. But generally, it’s a positive time for Sagittarius specifically the latter part of 2022 and the first part of 2023.

Dealing With Eclipses

The second new moon comes on the 20th of April. So a week before that make sure you don’t make big decisions especially if it involves children, creative projects, new romantic partners, or the stock market. Eclipses always come in pairs, so around May 5th there will be a lunar eclipse which will happen in a very quiet and private place in your chart. 

Take this time to meditate, reflect, pray, or do any ritual you go through for your spiritual practice. This eclipse may also suggest secrets that have been hidden, or not revealed to you in the past may suddenly come to light after this eclipse. So make an effort to keep your house in order. 

The Month of Slowing Down

On July 20 you may feel things slowing down a bit so make sure this doesn’t faze you in any way. Frustrations may come and try to block you but keep your cool and take it easy as this will pass quickly. However, there’s a possibility it could go on all throughout August, even up to the early part of September. So use this time to review what’s been happening. Feel free to send out new job applications or shift a few things around. However, don’t start anything brand new yet, it’s better until you wait until mid-September before you switch gears and go full throttle. 

Your ruling planet Jupiter will also slow down sometime this September. This will give you time to back up and consolidate everything you have, everything you’ve done, and everything you are going through. Now is the time to reflect, review, redo, or polish things we want to improve on. The planets have a way of telling you that life isn’t always meant to be moving forward. Pauses are just as important. We need to work but we also need to rest to create that perfect balance. 

The Final Stretch


On the 23rd of November, the sun will move into your sign, and by the end of November, the planet of action Mars will also be joining in Sagittarius. This means Mars has been in the quiet, hidden corner of your chart where you chose to be reflecting and not be too extroverted. By the end of November, all the energy will come flooding in and you will feel energized and you will have a million things going on. You want to launch multiple projects, you want to travel, and spend more time with family and friends. 

Whatever it may be, November is a very active time for you. Around December 12 there will be a new moon in your sign. Take this time to set your intentions and begin to think about 2024. Go through the things you have achieved this year and if you want things to be the same for the next year. Don’t be afraid of the dark moon that’s going to be around the 10th of December. Soon things will build again and life will emerge. 

Sagittarius Season: Every New Beginning Will Come From Another Beginning’s End

Just because Sagittarius season dates only run from November 22- December 22, doesn’t mean you cannot plan the entire year ahead. The key is to have an open mind and learn to accept that there will be failures along with successes in your journey. Nothing lasts forever, so keep your head up and move right on. 

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