Facts and Figures: What Is A Rising Sign In Your Astrology?

Do you have the faintest idea what is a rising sign? The important role it plays in your life? Do you know that it influences a big part of your personality, the choices you make? Even the people you choose to surround yourself with?

Or perhaps you’re wondering why you act a certain way. Why do people perceive you differently from how you actually see yourself. By understanding what is a rising sign in astrology, you will have the answers to all your questions. As well as have enlightenment about the following nuances:

  • What is my rising sign according to my natal chart?
  • Which is the best way to determine what is your rising sign?
  • Is it true what your rising sign says about you is 100% accurate?
  • How to know what your rising sign is by using the rising sign chart
  • What does rising sign mean in relation to your spontaneous reactions?

So let’s get to it and finally figure out what is a rising sign in astrology!

Overview: What Is A Rising Sign In Astrology?

When somebody talks about their sign, it’s more likely that they’ll be talking about their sun sign. This is the zodiac sign they were in the moment of their birth. Naturally, the sun is the key to your natal chart. However, there is another sign that is just as crucial. This is your rising sign, also called your ascendant.

In the past, it’s so easy for everyone to dismiss astrology as a mere collection of far-off generalizations. Especially if you’re just aware of your sun signs. The big difference comes in when you know about your ascendant and other placements. Suddenly, things become very personalized, nuanced, and superbly unique to every individual.

So what is a rising sign? This is your ascendant or the planetary influence that rose over the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Therefore, it is anybody desiring more wisdom, depth, and understanding of their horoscopes. They must learn what their rising signs mean. Knowing the rising signs not only of yourself but of those around you gives you a deeper perception of this.

Individualized Astrology


It is important for a person to know their rising sign since this makes astrology a lot more individualized. The rising sign relates to the First House of your birth chart. Thus, this is all about you or the person who is in question. This represents the surface of your personality, or what you choose to show the world. This may be how your acquaintances see you, a mere ‘mask’ of your persona.

What is a rising sign? Think of it as a book cover. It’s all about first impressions. Enough to give people an idea of who you are, but far from being your entire story. This might be how you act during social gatherings, or when you’re meeting people for the first time. Your reactions during your first date with someone. It could be your profile on social media. How you wish yourself or other people to view you.

Linking the Rising Signs With Your Physical Appearance

There are astrologers who actually believe that your rising signs have great influence. Pertaining to one’s characteristics and physical appearance. They think your ascending sign starts conditioning all throughout your childhood. And the qualities may show up right away. While the full essence of an individual’s sun sign will only be evident over time as you mature.

For instance, a Virgo having a Leo in rising could have a big mane of hair. This could radiate as your being proud or snobbish. Over time however the truly modest and humble Virgo will finally be present. Their rising sun will blend into both inner and outer layers. The moon obscures and goes deep within, behind one’s shifting clouds.

Calculating Your Rising Sign

To better learn what is a rising sign, you must learn how to calculate it. In order to calculate your rising sign, you have to know the exact time and location you were born. Exact, if that is possible, but if not, the approximate will do. The rising sun changes every two hours, approximately. Thus, you need to know the time you were born.

Not all certificates put in your time of birth. So this is one of those times your parent’s good memory might come in handy. This info allows you to calculate your rising sign. You can do the same thing for your family and friends as well.

One thing you need to understand is that your astrology does not depend on just one sign. Every person is made up of lots of signs. Your sun sign, moon, sign, and your rising sign represent your outer self as it is rising. The moon is your inner self, and the sun serves as your core.

At the same time, you have the planets and signs in your natal chart representing your dreams, love life, family, health, and more. This is why your astrology chart gives you a very specific representation.

Following is the overview of each zodiac sign and its elements to show what is a rising sign.

The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Aries In Rising

The fire signs are famous for their enthusiasm, optimism, and energy. Every time a fire sign is on the ascendant, expect their outer manner to be non-hostile, friendly, and uncritical. They mix well with other people and also make great public executives. These folks send out candid but professionally competent signs. Which in turn gets a friendly but respectful response from their audience.

Aries in rising has a very organized and military bearing. This makes them a good fit for military or civil service. Leo rising people possess a dignified and formal manner, which exudes confidence. Meanwhile, Sagittarius risers have this pleasant, cheerful, and smart outer manner. This makes them very suitable for training, teaching, and various public-speaking situations.


Those who have Aries as their ascendant give out a bold and memorable impression. They come across as an active go-getter, but could also be read as quite overwhelming, even aggressive.

Your strengths include being dynamic, warm, curious, cheerful, and generous. They’re also passionate, adventurous, bravery, honesty, adaptable, energy, hopefulness, and activity. And your weaknesses may be your impatience, being self-willed, impulsive, naive, and quarrelsome.

The Ram is your symbol, giving the Aries rising individual their swift walk and quick reflexes. They could have reddish hair and a wordy complexion. Also, they have pronounced facial features. As well as marks or scars on their head and face. This person usually has an athletic build and a strong body.

Leo In Rising

Those who have Leo as their ascendant are warm, dynamic, and powerful. It is difficult to ignore them because of their colorful outfits, boisterous laugh, and thick manes of hair. Their known trademarks are charitability, pride, loyalty, enthusiasm, and reflectiveness. On the other hand, they could also be conceited, arrogant, wasteful, indulgent, and willful.

The lion is their symbol, and such individuals usually have a full head of hair that reminds you of a lion’s mane. These folks may also have prominent facial features and large heads. They possess a regal disposition that naturally commands attention and respect. The Leo rising person also has dramatic and exaggerated mannerisms.

Sagittarius In Rising

Those who have Sagittarius as their ascendant can be wise, blunt, and cuttingly crass. Quite unknowingly, sometimes. These people gravitate towards big ideas and are not down for a small talk. Their style is worldly, colorful, and eclectic. They are also outspoken, upbeat, adventurous, brave, insightful, optimistic, and lively.

Consequently, they can also be unthinking, forgetful, and hasty. Their symbol is the archer, having a round face and a broad smile. Sometimes they can be clumsy and lack grace. They love grand gestures, and their mannerisms may be a bit exaggerated. You would also notice some of them drag or stomp their feet while walking. These individuals have overflowing energy. Ironically, they don’t like exercise very much and could overindulge in eating and drinking.

The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

They are well-known for their security and practicality. Whenever an earth sign is rising, its outer manner is cautious, serious, and shy. Taurus risers appear to be the most sociable among the three. They are usually in love with the arts or music. Virgo risers are constantly seeking mental stimulation from other people. While Capricorn risers love a healthy balance between work and their social pursuits.

People having such ascendants give out signals of pleasantness and tactfulness. This suggests that they prefer being part of a team at the beginning. Instead of pushing themselves to the front immediately.

Taurus In Rising


People having this ascendant have a presence that is both strong and unwavering. They practice a solid work ethic and a keen eye for design. The Taurus rising sign has a touch and classic style. These individuals are going to last. They are also decisive, romantic, passionate, logical, artistic, patient, practical, calm, and kind.

But you also have the tendency of being needy, prejudiced, hedonistic, and stubborn. Because you have the Bull as your symbol, Taurus ascendants typically possess a strong and solid body. They can be plump around the torso and could be prone to weight gain. This is because they’re inclined to overindulge. They may have thick and short necks. With wide and square shoulders. Their nostrils may flare especially during fits of anger.

Virgo In Rising

Those who have Virgo as their ascendant are analytical, observant, and may come off as serious and lost in their thoughts. These folks may also have babyfaces, and love dressing up in white and neutral colors. They are helping, elegant, intelligent, precise, modest, perfectionists, perceptive, and practical.

However, they could also be nosy, fuss, and limiting. They have the Virgin Maiden as their symbol. Facial features are usually well-shaped and small. Their complexion tends to be smooth and fair. Just like the Gemini rising person, the Virgo in rising may have overflowing nervous energy. They could also be high-strung, with a smooth and graceful walk. These people are usually presentable and very well-groomed.

Capricorn In Rising

People with Capricorn in rising are polished, no-nonsense, and hardworking. They have great business acumen. But they can also be overly serious and heavy.

These individuals are persistent, endearing, optimistic, generous, reliable, intelligent, and practical. However, they can also be stubborn, suspicious, and solitary. Their symbol is the Goat, and they are usually flat-chested and slender. Capricorn risers tend to have this worthy complexion, as well as sharp and small facial features.

There are times when others see them as snobbish, cold, and unapproachable.

The Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

These people are famous for having amazing communication skills. When the air sign is on the ascendant, the person is sociable and friendly. But they can also be detached and highly independent. The Gemini riser is always fully, engaged, busy, and never runs out of things to do. They always have at least a dozen or so activities going on at any given time.

Libra risers love to come up with effective business schemes. But usually need the help of an earthly planner if they want to see these come into fruition. On the other hand, the Aquarius riser could also create great plans for themselves. But unlike the Libra, they’re quite capable of carrying them out on their own.

Gemini In Rising


Gemini risers are natural communicators who are able to talk a mile a minute, with matching hands for better articulation. They are not afraid to be playful and love eye-popping, colorful designs. These folks are smart, insightful, quick-witted, cheerful, warm, and charming.

However, they could also be gossipy and fickle, with their symbol being the twins. They have an abundance of energy which makes them incapable of sitting still. Gemini rising individuals are typically slender and rarely suffer from weight issues. And unless there’s an abundance of Taurus or Cancer planet in this natal chart, this person usually walks briskly in a springy fashion. They also love gesturing with their hands while talking.

Libra In Rising

Libra risers are charm personified. They are well-dressed, gracious, and soft-spoken. These people are gentle and hate conflict. They would do anything to keep the peace.

They are reasonable and idealistic. Having strong social skills, are artistic, charming, and kind-hearted. But they could also be egotistical, lazy, hesitant, free-wheeling, and callous.

They have the Scales as their symbol. The planet Venus’ influence bestows grace and beauty on this individual. They have wonderfully shaped facial features and a well-formed body. Libra risers usually put on weight upon reaching middle age. But their mannerisms remain proper and graceful.

Aquarius In Rising

Aquarius risers march to their own beat in style and attitude. This adds a rebel edge to their vibe. They also have a passion for social justice, as well as cutting-edge ideas. These people are tolerant, unique, sociable, independent, charitable, practical, and smart.

But you also tend to be fickle-minded, rash, rebellious, and disobedient. You have the Water Carrier as your symbol. Aquarius risers are usually fast and unpredictable. Their taste for clothing borders on the eccentric. They never fail to capture other people’s attention. This is due to their attractiveness and well-formed features.

The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

To understand what is a rising sign we have the last but not the least in the batch- the water signs. These people are famous for their intuition, feeling, and emotions. When your water sign is on the ascendant, you’re likely to hide what you truly feel inside. You have this strong need to protect yourself from the world around you. What people see is not often what they get from these water ascendants. In other words, the signals they’re sending are for effect, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Cancer risers appear to be helpful and chatty. They are good in situations requiring tactfulness. Scorpio risers utilize various forms of camouflage with people they hardly know. One of their favorites is an off-putting manner, even offensiveness.

Pisces risers come off as gentle, soft, and self-sacrificing.  And at times, even helpless. This is very misleading since they always fight for what they believe is right. They are also very emotional and arguably the most intuitive among the twelve signs.

Cancer In Rising

cancer zodiac sign

Those who have Cancer as their ascendant are caring empaths who are intuitive and deeply sensitive people. Cancer rising is feminine, nurturing, having that touch of classic glamor. These folks have a strong sixth sense. They are imaginative, gentle, dedicated, careful, kind, caring, and perseverant.

However, they could also be possessive, greedy, prudish, and touchy. Their symbol is the Crab, and their most prominent features include a moon-shaped face. They also have a tendency to put on weight around the hip area. Short, stocky legs are quite common. The females are nicely curved and voluptuous even if they are not overweight.

Scorpio In Rising

Having Scorpio as your ascendant makes you sensual and powerful. Your presence is easily felt without you having to say anything. These people come off as intense and gravitate towards spiritual pursuits. They are rational, mysterious, independent, intelligent, devoted, intuitive, sensible, and insightful.

However, you can also be obsessive, suspicious, possessive, complicated, self-willed, and arrogant. The Scorpion is your symbol. You have big, penetrable eyes. Your facial features are sharp, and you may have oily, sallow skin.

Their body is typically strong, muscular, and fixed-set. They rarely show their feelings and tend to have unreadable facial expressions.

Pisces In Rising

Those who have Pisces as their ascendant have luminous eyes reflecting the suffering of the universe. These are sensitive artists known to be powerful healers. However, they can also be prone to addiction. They are friendly, dedicated, kind, conscious, and mild-mannered.

But they can also be too sentimental, retreating, unrealistic, and undecisive. They have the Fish as the symbol, and they are relatively small but have well-proportioned bodies.  These folks have big, dreamy eyes, with long and thick eyelashes to boot. The feet are typically small and the extremities are usually short. They can sometimes be painfully shy and soft-spoken.

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