8 Ways to Survive Eclipses


The amount of media coverage eclipses receive makes it one of the most sought-after natural phenomena. But there is more to this beautiful alignment of the cosmos than meets the eye.

Whenever there is an upcoming eclipse, the astrology community freaks out. 

Read below to discover how to survive an eclipse!

The impact of three major celestial bodies- sun, moon, and earth- lasts more than a few moments.

The effects of an eclipse can range from short term to life-changing. 

No matter what happens, though, it is worth paying attention. To quote the Boy Scouts motto, “Be Prepared!”

What’s an eclipse, and why does it happen?

First, let us discuss the scientific definition of an eclipse. According to NASA,

“an eclipse takes place when one heavenly body such as a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body. There are two types of eclipses on Earth: an eclipse of the moon and an eclipse of the sun.”

It is important to remember that the earth revolves around the sun while the moon orbits around the planet. When they happen to align, this is when the eclipses happen.

The first type of this natural phenomenon is called the lunar eclipse. 

During a lunar eclipse, the earth is in the middle of the moon and sun. The moon doesn’t have natural light; it only reflects light from the sun.

The earth then casts a shadow on the moon. It gives the sky rich shades of red, also known as the Blood Moon. 

Other colors may occur, too, such as gray and brown. The lunar eclipse is also known to always happen during a full moon.

The second type is the solar eclipse. 

Here, the reverse happens. The moon is now blocking the light of the sun. It then casts a haunting shadow over the earth.

The light of the sun then creates a beautiful halo around the moon, called the penumbra. It makes the familiar imagery of an eclipse that we all know and love.

The solar eclipse only happens during a new moon.

What does this mean to astrologers?

A lot. During the ancient times, our ancestors used to fear eclipses. 

They believed that a primordial being is swallowing the sun, and it brings news of tragedies. It can either be a natural calamity, war, famine, etc.

Astrologers from this historical period passed down the knowledge to future generations. Astrology today has come to understand that eclipses announce the changes coming to one’s life.

While it no longer means the apocalypse, eclipses are still worth watching out. The things that they bring can be jarring, especially when they just happen out of nowhere.

Some astrologers even conduct rituals. They believe that they can harness the power of the heavens better than on ordinary days.

Eclipses are also able to manipulate time. This is the reason why events seem to happen so fast or too slow when it happens.

Lunar Eclipse


Full moons are considered the end of a lunar cycle. 

They symbolize ending and closure. With this in mind, it means that a lunar eclipse heralds the coming of an inevitable end.

But these are not ordinary endings. 

Fueled by the intersection of the cosmic bodies, these conclusions tend to be stronger. They have more impact than those brought by the regular cycle.

Aside from closure, lunar eclipses may also mean other profound things. It can be a sign of overcoming fears or letting go of something.

For example, you have been actively trying to keep yourself from smoking. Slowly but surely, you are getting off the withdrawal stage.

Sure enough, a lunar eclipse is coming up. It is no surprise that It falls close to the day of the medically projected end of your addiction.

Solar Eclipse

The name “new” moon itself makes it easy to anticipate what the solar eclipse brings. It signals the start of something, mostly for the better.

These changes can be far better, bolder, and even more significant than we expect them to be. 

They can range from getting engaged to a promotion at work. Yet they can also be more personal than expected.

It may signal a person coming out of the closet or a risk about to be taken. Whatever it is, the changes a solar eclipse promises are sure to shake someone to their core.

How can you prepare for an eclipse?

Because of what they usher into our lives, it is essential to anticipate upcoming eclipses. Preparing yourself, especially in the spiritual aspect, can help you cope with what is in store.

#1: Pay attention to everything you hear- yes, even gossip

While the changes that an eclipse brings often come in a flamboyant fashion, they don’t just happen without warning.

There is a reason why certain kinds of news appear near the time an eclipse happens. It makes these things worth to mull over, or at least consider.

Whenever you hear any kind of information, take note of every detail. It will help you envision what will happen after the eclipse.

#2: Take note of your health habits

The sun is the primary source of life. But during eclipses, its life-giving light is blocked. It prevents its energy from being absorbed by living beings, especially by us.

This “disappearing” is the reason why our physical wellbeing must be at its best on the months leading to an eclipse. 

With the absence of the sun comes potential threats to our health. These may be even worse than we’ve imagined!

Thus, eating healthy food, exercising, and ensuring good mental health is essential. It will keep the negative energies an eclipse may bring at bay.

#3: Avoid making major decisions on weeks leading up to an eclipse

An eclipse has a profound effect on someone’s judgment. This is also the reason why things are so chaotic before and during an eclipse.

Deciding on something is therefore ill-advised during these days. It may result in bad choices and even worse circumstances after the eclipse.

If you can, keep off the decision making until at least five days after the eclipse happens. 

This will allow the cosmos to clear up significantly. The heavenly bodies will then be able to aid you better in what path you should take.

#4: Keep tight control of your emotions

Lunar eclipses are known to bring in intense and irrational feelings. This is perfectly normal, considering that end of some things can hurt deeply.

Be aware of whatever you think and feel. 

Assess every action that you will be taking. Ensure that what you are doing is rational and will not harm you or others.

Do not let your emotions sway you. Regrets last longer than the few fleeting moments of an eclipse!

#5: Expect the unexpected


Solar eclipses are notorious for bringing in changes that are both crazy and amazing. You might even find yourself doing something you never expected to do!

Yet, you must also keep a lookout for changes that are not exactly sunshine and rainbows. This way, you can brace yourself for what comes next.

Whatever may be the new thing in your life, accept and welcome it. Make the best of what you have, and you might find better luck in the next eclipse.

#6: Let the post-eclipse events settle

The changes that an eclipse brings are so significant that one day is not enough for all of it to happen. Thus, it is not fair to conclude whether the eclipse has been in your favor immediately after the phenomenon.

The influence of an eclipse can last weeks after the phenomenon. It is a result of the heavenly bodies still struggling to regain their rightful position after the disturbance.

For example, a solar eclipse just occurred. You are expecting to get a job, but you haven’t heard from your prospective employers.

Some three weeks pass, and you’ve finally given up hope. Out of nowhere, you get an email from one of the companies telling you that your application is approved.

Do not be too excited to lurch forward in whatever that you want to do. Sit back and watch for a while and let the universe do its divine work before stepping in.

#7: The number of people in your life may change

As the eclipse nears, you will be able to notice that the real side of people starts to surface. Sometimes you may find that some of these people aren’t who exactly they seem to be!

Your relationships with people will start to show their ugly side. Sometimes, an eclipse may mean that a person close to you will be going away either physically or emotionally. 

Whatever it is, it will affect how you will handle your relationships, especially with your loved ones.

The general rule of thumb is this: a solar eclipse means that a male will be leaving. A lunar eclipse will signify a woman’s departure from your life. 

Watch out how you and some people interact; it will give you an idea of who’s leaving or staying.

#8: You may be indirectly affected by a change

The thought that a change is incoming may pump you up. But not all changes will happen directly to you.

It may be that you will indirectly feel the things that happen to your loved ones. 

For example, your sister’s fiancée just broke up with her. On the day of the lunar eclipse, no less!

As a sibling, you will naturally feel sad and angry for her. You might even notice how she has become distant after her heartbreak.

In a way, you have been affected by her grief. But again, you are not the one whose engagement just cut off.

Pay attention to what is happening to the lives of your loved ones. Give them the emotional support that they need so they could get through this change in their lives.

Are there any other factors that may affect an eclipse?

The way that an eclipse happens is natural. It will always occur, no matter what happens here on earth.

However, knowing when and where it will happen is crucial.

All humans have a natal or birth chart. This chart contains all the relevant cosmological data of the moment you were born.

This chart will then determine whether you will be directly affected by an eclipse. Whether or not it is near your planetary houses, its position will define what will happen to you when it occurs.

There are many free apps online that can help you generate your natal chart. You can then compare it with the projected position of an eclipse so you can better prepare yourself.

If you want a more in-depth interpretation and prediction, it would be better to consult a professional astrologer. Their knowledge and experience may help you in interpreting what the future has in store for you.

How to survive eclipses, Closing Thoughts

Eclipses have the power to channel the energy of the cosmos. The way it lines up the sun, earth, and moon only speaks for its life-changing abilities.

The things that it can cause in our lives may not always be what we wanted. Nevertheless, eclipses push us out of the routine in our lives and into new and exciting unknowns.

It makes sense, then, that a person must prepare themselves and anticipate what happens next. Remember that the things an eclipse brings are for you to become better as a person.

But it is also wrong to attribute everything to an eclipse.

Many things happen because of the choices that you or other people in your life have made. An eclipse will only heighten the effects of these decisions, but not necessarily cause it.

The cosmos does not dictate our lives. As much as it wants to help us become a better person, the final action depends on ourselves. Learn from the wisdom of the universe and act as you see fit. No amount of cosmological events can ever prevent you from becoming who you want to be.

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