No One’s Perfect: Everything to Know About Pisces Dark Side

pisces dark side

You must have heard the line, “Nobody’s perfect”. This is certainly true, as no matter who they are, everyone has their bad sides. It’s an undeniable truth, though harder to believe for some people rather than others. In the zodiac, there are signs we know for having a dark nature… but also signs we know to act with kindness. Today we’re going over one such sign: what do you know about Pisces dark side?

It’s hard to recall Pisces negative traits if there even are any, isn’t it? We don’t usually hear bad things about Pisces, as opposed to their better sides. For instance, we know that Pisces is empathic, in-tune with their emotions and even altruistic for Pete’s sake! Even with all that however, there is still a Pisces dark side few people know about. In today’s article, we’re going over all of Pisces bad traits.

We’re not doing this to make Pisces look bad, of course. More than anything, we want to make Pisces aware of their weaknesses, because everyone has them. Pisces’ weaknesses aren’t usually talked about, so we think it’s time to touch on that. Hey, maybe we just want to prove that no one is perfect, too. This article is bound to surprise and entertain you, so sit back, relax and most importantly have fun!


  • All about Pisces dark side
  • Which zodiac signs does Pisces have the hardest time getting along with?
  • Can Pisces actually improve on their negative traits?
  • And many more…

The Dark Side of Pisces

Let’s go over what we know about Pisces, shall we? Pisces is a water sign that governs the period from February 19 to March 20 and has a pair of swimming fish as its symbol. It is the 12th sign of the zodiac. Pisces has Neptune as its planetary ruler, which denotes it as a sign of a mystifying and spiritual nature. Its most commonly known traits are its creative nature, its tendency to appear aloof and its kindness.

Now let’s go over the pitfalls that stirs Pisces dark side to come out. First, there’s Pisces’ aloof nature, which not only makes them appear antisocial. This nature also makes Pisces secretive, keeping to themselves… a little too much. Pisces is also overly emotional at times, which aside from making them prone to outbursts, gives them fragile egos. More on these later, as we go in-depth over Pisces darkest traits, so just keep these in mind.

Before we continue, it’s important for everyone to note something about these negative traits. Yes, Pisces can overcome their darker traits with enough effort. Every sign of the zodiac can push through their limitations, and Pisces is no different. More than telling you that, we’ll also talk about how Pisces can overcome these traits in the same article! Now, without further ado, the traits encompassing Pisces dark side, below:

#1 These Fish are Extremely Negative

Wait, aren’t Pisces idealistic creatures? How can Pisces have both idealism and pessimism in one package? Don’t worry dear reader, we’ll explain exactly that! Pisces is an idealist and creative at heart precisely because they are unhappy with the world around them. They envision the world as how they perceive an ideal world should appear. Except that also means they feel unhappy with the world around them and how it actually is.

This pessimism does more to Pisces than just making them seem like a grumpy person. Bad vibrations are just that, they vibrate off of you and affect the people around you. This is doubly bad for the over-empathic Pisces, who then respond to the same negativity they actually spread out themselves. Overall, it’s also a bad thing to have so much negativity. It gets in the way of enjoying life and your happiness.

See the Bright Side Sometimes

Our advice to Pisces is to smile more, and remember that there are good things in the world. Art imitates life, and vice versa… therefore your ideal world is actually based on the good things you’ve seen or experienced in your life before. Gratefulness and optimism are difficult to practice. But like a muscle, the more you use such things, the easier and more naturally they will come to you. Happiness begets happiness, and it might surprise Pisces just how much good is in the world when they look.

#2 Full of Ideas… No Drive to See them Through


What happens when you have someone who spends most of their time in their own head? Come on, overthinkers, you know the deal. Sometimes it’s because you spend so much time thinking that you have no time for anything else. Other times, you’ve completely burnt out all your energy mentally and you’ve got none left to actually do anything. The latter is usually what happens to Pisces.

Pisces is lazy… if only because they spend all their time and energy in their own heads. Overthinking comes naturally to the introspective and imaginative Pisces. While it’s great that they’re full of good ideas, this often gives them decision paralysis as they can’t stop thinking about the best possible approach. It’s even worse if they spend all of this overthinking festering negative thoughts in their heads. Pisces needs to step out of their own head every once in a while.

Stop Overthinking

Pisces, you do have good ideas, so step outside of your own head and put them out in the real world. Quite literally, we advise that you ‘get out of your own way’ and just trust the process. It might help if you talk to someone else about your ideas, to get their input on your plan. A more practical and down-to-earth person could help you make your decisions. Funnily enough, this advice on seeking help from others will apply later on down the list as well..

#3 Idealistic… to a Fault

Pisces is idealistic, that’s no mystery. It might sound strange that idealism is a flaw, but Pisces is a little too idealistic. Specifically, they live with their heads in the clouds. Unrealistic, while Pisces is a pessimist with the world, they’re too optimistic about the people around them. Pisces trusts too much, and protects themselves too little.

Aside from a dangerous policy, they give people unrealistic expectations that most cannot live up to. Then, they become hurt when these high expectations aren’t met. Moreso, Pisces often has trouble bringing its ideas into real life due to this same problem. They think their ideas are bulletproof, and often fail to account for possible failure or setbacks along the way. When a setback does come along, it hits Pisces hard, since Pisces never planned for something they didn’t think possible.

Get Real

Sorry about this, Pisces, but there’s no easy way to tell you this. You need to get real, and accept that nobody is perfect (which includes yourself!). When you make plans, or decide to trust people, do so while keeping that in mind. Don’t trust so much that you leave yourself vulnerable, and don’t make plans that don’t account for failure. You’re very creative and introspective individuals, so you have the ability to do so.

#4 Top Secret

It seems that Pisces is a sign of two extremes. Either they trust people too much, or not at all. While keeping your secrets close to your chest isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Pisces keeps far too many things to themselves. Their dreams, their goals and most importantly their pain. This does more harm than good to our favorite Neptunean water sign.

Without anyone to turn to, Pisces festers in their own problems and easily becomes depressed. This compounds with Pisces empathic nature. Pisces runs out of emotional stability trying to carry all the world’s problems along with their own. Worse still, Pisces will keep things from someone even to the detriment of their relationship with that person. Truly, Pisces keeps to themselves too much for their own good.

No Man is an Island

Pisces needs to share their inner world with other people. Normally, Pisces enjoys just spending time alone with themselves, which isn’t a bad thing. But everyone needs company, ‘no man is an island’ as they say. Sharing their dreams will help Pisces find people to support them in attaining their goals. And sharing their problems will allow Pisces to get some emotional breathing room.

#5 Stormy Waters


What happens when you’ve got an overly emotional sign? A sign that keeps to themselves and has high, unrealistic expectations of everything and everyone? That’s right, we’re talking about Pisces’ tendency to lash out at people when upset. They are constantly on the verge of emotional upheaval. Pisces is an emotional time bomb.

Unfortunately, an added peril is that Pisces’ powerful emotions cut both ways. Pisces is famous for kindness, caring and having an open heart, true. But a lesser known effect of this emotional strength is that their negative emotions are terrifying. Pisces rage is comparable to even the most volatile and dark signs in the zodiac, like Scorpio. It’s obvious how these powerful, negative emotions can sour their relationships and even career paths.

Give Yourself some Space

Pisces needs time alone. While they like to help others with their problems, they don’t leave any time for themselves, emotionally. Always remember, Pisces, that you cannot help others if you are yourself in trouble. Ultimately, you’ll burn yourself out and drag others down into your outbursts and negative vibes. Prioritize yourself once in a while.

Pisces Dark Side in Love

Next, we’re going over how Pisces’ bad side affects them in romantic relationships. Both Pisces men and women have a mix of or a specific aforementioned trait that gets in the way of their love pursuits. Pisces men often keep their pain to themselves, which creates friction in their relationships. The women of Pisces on the other hand are too sensitive for their own good. We’ll go over both in detail below, but ultimately it’s Pisces overemotional nature that gets in the way of love for them.

The Dark Side of a Pisces Man in Love

In love, what is the bad side of Pisces man? As we mentioned above, his ultimate weakness is his secretive and reserved side. He keeps all the pain to himself, and lets his partner feel the passive, hot and cold tension it creates. Additionally, he has high expectations for himself that put him under a lot of pressure. Ultimately, he comes off as brooding, cold and emotionally distant to his partner.

The Dark Side of a Pisces Woman in Love

Pisces women are too sensitive for their own good. They’re hurt the most often by things even not meant to hurt them. But due to their overthinking, they analyze what is a harmless act or what their partner says. They look at these things as a negative response from their partner. Worst of all, their quest for an ‘ideal’ partner often leaves them disappointed with the reality of imperfect people.

The Bottom Line

Well, the bad news is that Pisces struggle to find love due to these flaws. The good news is that like their traits, these issues are easily solved. Ultimately, the same solutions to each negative trait still work for both Pisces men and women in relationships. Control their emotions, temper their expectations and vocalize their feelings. If Pisces can do this, they can succeed in their relationships.

Signs Pisces Struggles to Get Along with

Last, but certainly not least, we’re going over the signs that Pisces struggles to get along with. At times, it’s due to Pisces’ negative traits. Other times, they simply cannot vibe with the other sign due to differences. Whatever the case, Pisces either needs to work hard to get along with these signs, or avoid them entirely. Read more below:

#1 Aquarius


Aquarius and Pisces don’t necessarily get into fights. But both are too aloof to approach the other. Additionally, Aquarius is famously a contrarian. This disagreeable nature gets on Pisces’ bad side, as they don’t like any detractors from their ideas. What a shame, considering both signs enjoy deep and meaningful conversations.

#2 Sagittarius


Pisces is a sensitive individual, and respects personal boundaries. Unfortunately, Sagittarius is the opposite. The archer is infamous for rushing right through boundaries, for leaping before they look. Pisces perceives this as insensitive and tactless behavior, and easily becomes irritated by Sag as a result. For these two to get along, Pisces just needs to understand that it’s just the way Sag rolls.

#3 Gemini


What is Gemini known for? The duality of their existence, and sometimes, for the bad eggs on team Gemini, being a two-faced person. This duality and dishonesty scares off Pisces, who wants to trust and believe in people. Gemini stands in direct opposition to Pisces’ generous appraisal of people. For them to get along, Pisces needs to accept Gemini’s chaotic nature because no one is perfect.

The Takeaway…

That was everything you needed to know about Pisces’ dark side. Like we’ve said during this article and many times before, don’t fret, dear readers! Regardless of your zodiac sign, you are capable of great change. The stars were never meant to control us, only guide us. And ultimately, you are the captain of your own ship, the master of your fate.

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