The Good, The Bad, And Ugly About Opposition In Astrology

opposition in astrology

What does opposition mean in Astrology? Has this question left you puzzled in the past, or have you finally found the answer to this? Opposition in Astrology is simply one of several aspects you need to understand for this to make sense in your birth chart. In this article, we are going to dig deep and discover the answers to some of the most pressing questions such as:

  • What the various opposite zodiac signs are 
  • How the opposition meaning in Astrology affects your life, love, and career
  • What is an opposition in Astrology position and how does it look like in your natal chart?
  • Is the opposition aspect good, bad, or neutral?
  • How you could get the best out of the meaning of opposition in Astrology

As an added bonus, we’ll also touch base on the other aspects such as Squares, Conjunction, Trine, and Sextile. So let’s get it on!

What Does Opposition Mean In Astrology?

For us to answer this question, it is imperative that we first know what Aspects are, since Opposition is one of them. Aspects are really important in Astrology as they are the glue in one’s birth chart. Without it, your birth chart wouldn’t make any sense at all. So first off let’s get some Math out of the way. Basically, your natal chart looks like a wheel or a circle. It is 360° and each house is 30°. So Opposition in Astrology is 180° (since they are directly opposite from one another). Squares are 90° when two planets are ninety degrees away from each other, so on and so forth.

Opposition in Astrology is like two totally different people getting revved up for a debate. You have absolutely no idea how it’s going to turn out, what direction it is going to take. But this only adds to the excitement!

In the midst of such opposition, these planets are so far away from one another, and yet still share a deep connection. This vast distance they have allows them to have two completely different perspectives. They think they have absolutely nothing in common. What they don’t realize is that what they have made up for what the other planet lacks. So what does Opposition mean in Astrology? Once they figure out how to bridge this gap, they can evolve into something really wonderful together.

What Is It Like to Have Opposition In Astrology?

Imagine you have Jupiter in the tenth house. That’s directly opposite the fourth house. There is Venus in the fourth house, opposing it by a few degrees is Jupiter. This is an extremely tight opposition. With this opposition, it means balance and reconciliation. How can this manifest in your life then? If you have two planets opposing each other, you are going to struggle to balance the energies between them. Think of it like a seesaw, being in two extremes. So there’s your extreme struggle with one planet, and also the other. To point a clearer picture of Opposition in Astrology, here are a few scenarios:

Scenario #1: Jupiter Opposition Venus

This is challenging since overindulgence is its theme. You enjoy the finer things in life. Doing things big, grand, Jupiter style. However, you sometimes go to extremes. You extremely spend, extremely overindulge, extremely eat. Again, everything has to do with overindulgence. The trick with the opposition is to balance these two things to make it a good aspect. This leads us to scenario number two.

Scenario #2: Moon Opposition Pluto

Moon Opposition Pluto is also a challenging aspect since your feelings can go through extremes. In this stage, your emotions go through a very self-destructive energy phase. You will go through times where you cannot even balance your emotions to save your own life. So you need to find a way to reconcile and balance the energies between these two planets.

Scenario #3: Mars In Aries, Neptune In Libra

Mars is the planet of fierceness, aggression, and intensity. Consequently, Aries is for being direct, impulsive, and daring. Neptune on the other hand is a famous planet for being spiritual, compassionate, whimsical. Let’s say as of this moment is in Libra. The harmonious, balanced, passive-aggressive Libra. Aries and Libra are opposite zodiacs, which automatically puts Neptune and Mars in an odd position. So, what can we expect from this?

It’s possible that patient and slow-moving Neptune could get in the nerves of eager Mars. At the same time, Neptune could take offense to Mars’ calloused and harsh attitude. Perhaps brave Mars could get irked at how sensitive Neptune is being. The possible ending? Neptune gets hurt while Mars is mad.

However, there’s that flipside we could look forward to. Where Mars could guide Neptune in stepping up to the plate. On the other hand, Neptune may be able to tame Mars’ fury and demonstrate to them how empathy actually works. The ending? Mars becomes a compassionate fighter while Neptune becomes more driven.

The great thing about Opposition in Astrology is you can actually have a clear vision of how these energies could play out. You just need to be open-minded on each other’s traits and characteristics and learn to meet halfway. After all, life is nothing but a never-ending compromise.

On Dating Your Opposite Zodiac Sign

opposite zodiac signs

Now that you have a good idea about the meaning of Opposition in Astrology, this may lead you to wonder about something else. Should you date your opposite zodiac sign? The answer is a resounding yes! Here’s why.

Dating your polar opposite is never easy because it takes a tremendous amount of work to, um, make it work. A completely opposite pair will get your attention and would leave you asking yourself. What in the world makes them tick? They are so different it’s mind-blowing to figure out how they work. But they do. Aries flares up in a heartbeat, but cool-headed Libra balances the scale. Taurus is super-grounded which evens up the playing field with restless Scorpio.

Here’s how these pairings work according to Astrology. Every sign has its modality. They’re either cardinal, fixed, or mutable. This also describes which season they belong which kind of gives you an idea of their vibe. Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, and Aries (cardinal signs) take the lead. Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Gemini(mutable signs) are flexible. While Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus (fixed signs) take care of the stability.

Every sign also has an element. They could either be earth, air, wind, or fire. Fire signs (Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius) are wildly passionate. Water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer) are highly emotional. While earth signs (Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini) are amazing intellectuals.

So exactly how do these opposite couplings work? Continue reading to find out!

Aries and Libra

They know how to strike that perfect balance between themselves and others. Aries is headstrong and is ruled by the planet Mars. It is impulsive, independent, and fiery. While Libra, who is run by well-rounded Venus likes being part of a group and doesn’t like making decisions. Aries can cause quite a commotion, and Libra gets anxious at the forthcoming conflict. How can they work this out? Libra teaches Aries to relax and also bask in the spotlight. While Aries introduces Libra to their genuine feelings.

Taurus and Scorpio

This couple needs money one way or another, although for different reasons. Taurus is ruled by Venus. They enjoy the finer things, comforts, and luxury in life. While Scorpio is ruled by Pluto of the underworld. It doesn’t care much for material wealth and possessions but loves to go on wild adventures to explore the world. Taurus can help Scorpio and keep them grounded, while Scorpio can urge Taurus to connect with the earth more.

Gemini and Sagittarius

These two are travelers of the cosmos. They’re equally curious about everything and each other. Brilliant Gemini who is ruled by brainy Mercury has an eye for details. While freedom-loving Sagittarius who is under expansive Jupiter likes to look at the bigger picture. If they play their cards right, they can be one unbeatable power couple.

Cancer and Capricorn

This couple is Yin-Yang personified. Saturn rules Capricorn. It goes by logic and knows the value of hard work. Moon rules Cancer, who trusts their intuition more than anything else. Each of these signs has totally different priorities that it is a challenge trying to roll with the other. Then again, they really do. Somebody with a highly demanding career could definitely seek comfort and solitude. Especially with a good and nurturing homemaker.

Leo and Aquarius

They’re coming up so you better get that party started! Aquarius loves connecting with people, especially at the grassroots level. Those really needing compassion, understanding, and a listening ear. While Leo also loves being with people. But better if glitz and glamor go with it. Either way, both of them are really good with people. Their charm and oozing charisma make it super easy to love them.

Virgo and Pisces

Virgo is probably the most lovable geek you’ll ever meet. While Pisces is one of the most spiritual, dreamy, and interesting gypsy. They love to be of service, though their styles may vary greatly. Virgo tries to convince Pisces that everything has to be clean, organized, and systematic for it to work properly. While Pisces gives Virgo that gentle reminder to please loosen up a bit. You can’t think straight when you’re always uptight. Everyone needs to relax and let their hair down. This way great ideas could come and flow freely to you and within you.

Other Aspects of Astrology

As promised, here’s the added bonus. We’ll go ahead and touch base with the other aspects of Astrology.


Squares represent frustration between two different energies in your natal chart. So if one planet squares the other, they are not getting along. These energies are somehow imbalanced. Like, one energy wishes to be a star and liked to be the prominent energy. the problem is that it is squaring another planet. They have this neverending argument on who should be the most prominent energy in your chart, in your life.

Say for example the Sun squares Pluto. This is a big challenge because you have this Sun, which is the planet of identity and it is presently squaring the planet of power. This is the planet of transformation and obsession. So if you have the Sun squaring Pluto you could go through an identity crisis, or change your identity a lot of time. Perhaps you even want to control how everyone perceives you. Or learn how your identity is actually manifesting your life.

There are also those who like to create a whole identity, only to destroy it afterward. Therefore, Sun square Pluto could also represent self-destruction. So this is one aspect that could turn out negatively if not handled properly. This really characterizes the squares in your birth chart.

With squares, it’s a lot easier to simplify it using each planet. For instance, Sun is identity while Mars is action. Thus, if you have Sun square Mars, it may be your actions are not properly aligned with your identity. Imagine it as frustration of energy between Mars who always like to take action. While the Sun always wants to have its identity established. So you need to find a way so the two of these could flow well together.



A conjunction is a neutral Aspect in Astrology. This is one of the easier things to notice in your natal chart. So if you look at your chart and see two planets sitting very close to each other, most likely they are in conjunction. For example, if they’re eight degrees from one another, they’re in conjunction. More than that, they’re too far apart in order to be one.

Conjunction activates the energies of these two planets. It depends on which planets you have in conjunction to make their placement positive. So if your partner is with Sun conjunct Moon, this means they’re born at the Moon. The Sun is identity, Moon is emotions. So having them conjunct means you’re with someone whom you will feel totally balanced with both identity and emotions. It’s like you cannot have your identity if your emotions are not attached to it. Having the Sun and Moon together amplifies both these energies.

There is a catch, though, It could be uncomfortable for the Moon since it does not really wish to be that close to the Sun. Therefore, it could manifest in a different way, depending on your birth chart. The signs you have where these planets are in is also another factor. Overall though, the primary message is that this activates the energy of these two planets, like a team.



Sextile is a good aspect. This is probably the best energy one can have between two planets. It is basically when two planets are 60° away from one another. Like, they’re less than a house away. It serves as a complementary exchange between them. A harmonious one. Like best friends, or a happily married couple. They work and play well with each other’s strengths. And overall there’s this productive energy between the two of them.

Unlike squares which can hardly get anything done since they’re too busy fighting off each other, and not really getting along. Sextile is, getting along and cooperating. How this manifests in your life can give you power depending on which planets you have are sextiling one another.

Say for example you have Mercury sextile Neptune. Your manner of speaking is truly prophetic and creative. Being a creative writer or speaker could very well be your bread and butter. Mercury is all about communication, logic, and intelligence. While Neptune brings about spirituality, creativity, and fluidity. With this, you may even have the gift for the psychic realm. This is how you would be able to express yourself.



When you have a Grand Trine, you have three planets in every elemental house. It is making a triangle in this Trine. A Trine is a good aspect generally speaking. However, it’s such fast-moving energy that it could sometimes go to extremes. For instance, the Moon trine Jupiter. You may be someone who is very expressive when it comes to your emotions. Also, you’re very optimistic and forgiving, since your Moon represents these. Then there comes Jupiter which represents spirituality and expansion. So Jupiter is working really well with Moon and they are benefitting each other nicely.

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