Confused about natal charts? Here’s How to Understand your Natal Astrology

Whether a person believes in astrology or not, having a birth chart is a universal experience. The heavens have something to say about you when you come into this world! Many astrologers analyze birth charts and the location of the planets in the sky at the time of your birth and give insight into your personality, this is known as natal astrology.

Despite this, some people are clueless about how to understand their charts. Worse, some don’t even know that it exists and think that astrology only consists of having one sun sign per person.

So what indeed is a birth chart? And how does it affect people in the long term? How does anyone even make sense of their natal chart astrology?

Read on to find out!

What is natal astrology?

Natal Chart Astrology

First, it is essential to understand what the word “natal” means. Various dictionaries describe it as “anything relating to a person being born.”

Therefore, this astrological format depicts the positions of both Zodiac signs and planets when you were born in this world. It holds that every person’s identity draws from every astrologically relevant cosmic object present for that event.

Remember that the earth is always spinning, so your chart will be different from that of a person born at the same time as you but in another part of the world.

Many people just search up the dominant Zodiac (also called the sun sign) when they were born and call it a day. When they find it contradictory to their personality, they decry astrology to describe who they are.

But astrology, like people, is complicated. Its natal form is no exception to this. It has several layers that need unpacking to be fully appreciated by the ordinary person.

How Can I Read a Natal Astrology Chart?

Reading a birth chart won’t make much sense if you do not know what a specific part means and how it relates to you. Fortunately, though, if you know these concepts, you will be able to understand your birth chart analysis.

The first thing you must remember is that the earth is always spinning. Therefore, your chart will be different from that of a person born at the same time as you but in another part of the world.

When doing an astrology natal chart interpretation, it is essential to know the exact time and place where they were born. This is because the positioning of the stars and planets differ relative to the location of birth.

Then, with the help of either an astrologer or a reliable online natal chart calculator, you can generate the positioning of the stars and planets when you join this world. If you do not know your birth time, the default time is 12 NN, although the results will be a bit inaccurate.

Now, you will face a bunch of symbols and lines. Most automated charts generate their meanings automatically, but it is crucial to have your way of understanding your cosmic plane.

Here are some of the most critical aspects of your birth chart:

Rising Sign (also called Ascendant)

If your sun sign is the Zodiac that is dominant around your birth date, the rising sign is the Zodiac that is coming up the horizon when you come into this world.

This sign changes every two hours and is also different relative to your location on earth. This means that you share your Ascendant only with people born at the same time, around your surrounding area.

As the sign that is manifesting itself during your birth, it heralds the facade that you will be showing the world. Think of it as the attitude or personality you allow to “rise” around strangers and acquaintances!

If you do not feel like your sun sign is accurate to you, you might embody your Ascendant more since you are used to presenting to others.


Each planet has a meaning that corresponds to its namesake God. When you were born, these celestial bodies were “hanging out” in a particular region of the sky governed by a specific Zodiac sign.

This will then amplify the trait of that certain Zodiac that corresponds with that of the planet. Confused? Here’s an example:

When you received your birth chart, you found that your Mercury is in Taurus. As the planet of communication and intellect, Mercury enhances Taurus’ grounded and practical mindset as the planet of communication and intellect, making you a grounded and forward-thinking individual.


No matter if you were born during the day or night, the moon is a constant fixture in the night sky. Like any other celestial body, it influences the world through natural occurrences such as tides and people’s personal lives.

In natal astrology, the moon is the reflection of your inner self. All your desires, fears, ambitions, and motivations are influenced by the sign that the moon was traversing on your birth.

For example, your moon is in Scorpio. No matter what kind of “identity” you show to the outside world, your inner self is one that is full of passion and intensity, unlike any other.

You are one that puts a premium on emotions yet unable to fully allow people to see a glimpse of your true self. Trusting others takes time for you, too.


Natal Chart Interpretation

An astrological house refers to the twelve “slices” of the astrological wheel where a planet and Zodiac were both located at the time of your birth. Each house has a unique meaning that relates to an aspect of your life that will be highlighted by the cosmic elements inside it.

Take note, though, that not all houses will have a sign and a planet during your birth. As a rule of thumb, the qualities you will have for that particular life aspect will be from your sun sign.

Here are the astrological houses and their meanings in natal astrology:

First House: This house governs appearances: the first impressions you give people, the things that motivate you, and everything that helps you initiate beginnings.

Second House: Anything that is inherently materialistic and needs the full use of your senses is under the jurisdiction of this house.

Third House: Communication and community-building fall under this house. How you will express yourself to people around you is a result of this house’s influence.

Fourth House: This house governs over the building blocks of your identity: your family. How they will treat you and your way of treating your future family will draw from here.

Fifth House: Everything that may attract outside attention falls under this house. Your actions, creative streak, and your manner of interaction with others will be defined by the celestial bodies here.

Sixth House: This house rules over health and wellness. How you treat your physical body and its overall wellbeing will fall under this.

Seventh House: Relationships, whether they may be personal or for business, fall under this house. The strength of your bonds with other people and the stability of the power balance between you and them will be defined here.

Eighth House: Life’s transformations and transience are what this house is all about. The things that are most mysterious and hard to fathom are under its jurisdiction.

Ninth House: Higher education and intellect is primarily influenced by this house. Personal morals and wanting to thrive in high-risk situations fall under its rules.

Tenth House: This house governs a person’s relationship with their culture and tradition. Your public image, especially your reputation, rests heavily on this.

Additionally, it is also where the midheaven is. It is the house’s border and defines the career you will be having in the future.

Eleventh House: Networking, whether virtual or in real life, falls under this house’s rule. Powered by the will to change the world, it also encourages you to do those that result in a better and more fruitful future.

Twelfth House: Just as beginnings are under the care of the first house, this one is all about endings. Whether it may be life, projects, or something else, how they will come to a close is up to this house.

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