Ranking with Astrology: The Most Narcissistic Zodiac Sign

most narcissistic zodiac signs

Legends tell of Narcissus, a Greek man in ancient times who loved himself so much that it killed him. In modern times, a variation of his name has come to mean… roughly the same thing in narcissists. Some people love themselves a little too much, and usually to their own detriment, if not to everyone around them. Did you know that your zodiac sign can also influence your personality towards more narcissistic tendencies? Which do you think is the most narcissistic zodiac sign according to Astrology?

While these signs definitely need a little help in that department, we’re not just making this list for the sake of shaming. We promise that there’s definitely something in it for everyone reading, even if your sign isn’t on the list. With that said however, you can definitely just enjoy this list for what it is! This article will go over the six most narcissistic zodiac signs. Along with who they are, and what it is about them that makes them so narcissistic.

Are you a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on your knowledge and astrological trivia? Maybe your curiosity is peaked, especially with the promise of something for you, dear reader, later in the article? Just wondering, perhaps, if your sign made the list (or hoping it didn’t)? Whatever the case, this is definitely the article for you! So sit back, relax, and most importantly, have fun!


  • Zodiac signs that are narcissistic
  • What zodiac sign is most narcissistic?
  • Why are they narcissistic?
  • Can they improve upon their bad behaviors… and can you?
  • And many more…

Narcissist Zodiac Signs: The Top 6

What signs are more likely to be narcissistic? When we talk about a zodiac signs narcissism, what is it rooted in? It’s not necessarily in their element or symbol (though funnily enough fire signs dominate this list because of their powerful self love), but in who they are. Certain signs just have personality traits and predispositions that lead to narcissism. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss each in depth.

Before we get to the ranking, however, let’s get down to what we promised you. What do you, dear reader, have to gain from this list? Besides the possible disappointment or relief that you’re in or out of it, respectively, of course. On that note, can the zodiac signs on this list improve upon who they are? The answer is a resounding yes, dear reader!

Why are we going over this list, and the reasons why the signs make this list? No one is perfect, and aside from the signs on this list, everyone has a level of narcissism. Thankfully, as we go over this list, we’ll jot down how each of these signs fall short on the fight against narcissism, and what both they and you can do to avoid it! We’re helping the signs that make this list and the signs that don’t in avoiding narcissistic tendencies, so grab a pen and paper, you might learn something! Without further ado, let’s run down the ranking until we reach the most narcissistic zodiac sign, below:

Aquarius, Contrarian to a Fault (Jan 20 – Feb 18)


Whenever we talk about Aquarius, what comes to mind? They are original, they are unique, and most importantly, they are contrarians. So contrary, in fact, that they are an air sign with flowing water as a symbol. A little healthy debate is normal among friends, but Aquarius is a little… too overzealous when it comes to playing devil’s advocate. Did you know that it’s also exactly what makes them narcissistic?

When you really think about it, disagreeing or pushing for the contrary to everything around you implies something narcissistic. You believe that you know better, or have a better opinion on everything than everyone else. After all, why push for the contrary if you don’t think it’s really what’s best for everyone? Aquarius believes they are truly unique, unlike everyone else… but also sometimes above everyone else. A textbook narcissist, basically, who always thinks they know better.

Becoming Better

Let’s not forget the good sides to each sign as we go over the list. People value aquarius for their creativity, originality, and the fresh debates they bring to the table. However, Aquarius should take note that their creativity is appreciated when it’s used to make things better for everyone. Not when they use it to stroke their own ego. We should learn from Aquarius’ mistake, and remember that proper disagreements are meant to look for solutions, not bring others down or make yourself look better.

Sagittarius, Reckless and Impulsive (Nov 22 – Dec 21)


The archer, Sagittarius, is famous as an impulsive, reckless, headstrong and headfirst character when it comes to people and situations they come across. While they might seem like loners, Sag is actually a people person. It’s just that they treat friendships and relationships the same way they treat everything else. They bring people into their lives as quickly and carelessly as they let them go. Sagittarius is a sign that will ghost you before you’ve even saved their name on your contacts.

But this hurtful behavior, as you might have guessed, is also rooted in narcissism! When we treat others’ emotions as collateral for our own amusement or comfort, it’s narcissistic. Because we hold ourselves above everyone else. More important than everybody else. When a narcissist like Sagittarius hurts the other person, they consider it a necessity for their own sake.

Becoming Better

It’s classical narcissism, to do things for your own sake without worrying about how others feel. While we don’t think all our readers are necessarily as toxic and likely to ghost as Sag, we do think everyone can reflect a little. There’s a lot of times when we do things for ourselves… forgetting to think about how our actions affect others. Even something as simple as speaking a little too loudly on a phone call in a public place is inconsiderate. Try to remember that everyone in this world is sharing their living space with you, so try acting like a better neighbor.

Scorpio, Looking Out for Number One (Oct 24 – Nov 21)


Another sign that does what they want without care for anyone else, is Scorpio. Scorpio has always had a bad rap. They’re dark, moody, a little frightening even, and often lend themselves to negative perceptions among everyone in the zodiac. So, it’s not too surprising to see the dark and powerful (but often misunderstood) Scorpio on a list that has to do with narcissism. As we said above, they’re a little bit like Sag, but there’s a key difference that lands them a spot higher.

That difference is their motivation and mindset when they do what they do at other people’s expense. Sag does what they do without thinking of anyone else, just to follow their impulses. Scorpio, on the other hand, genuinely believes they deserve the good that they take more than anyone else. They believe they’ve earned what they want, and will take it no matter the cost. The creative and secretive Scorpio often has a story in their head where they are the main character.

Becoming Better

Scorpio should really try to love others as much as they love themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with becoming the hero of your own story. Equally, there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first. But it shouldn’t always come at the expense of others, nor from a place of mean-spirited superiority. People around you will love you more when you look at them as equals. 

Capricorn, Ambition and Pride (Dec 22 – Jan 19)


Perhaps the most driven and ambitious sign of the zodiac is Capricorn. Capricorn is constantly trying to prove themselves in the limited time they have on this Earth. They dream big and reach for great heights, barely slowing down. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing on its own, and neither is it a narcissistic tendency. It does, however, lead to narcissistic behavior and tendencies.

Because Cap reaches for greater heights than most people, they often leave these people in the dust. What’s more, once Cap reaches its goals, it believes it is now entitled to respect and admiration. There’s something about power that corrupts, and when Cap reaches the great heights it once strove for, it’s hard for it to keep its feet on the ground. It looks at others as beneath itself. Or Cap simply abuses the privileges it believes it has earned

Becoming Better

Capricorn needs to knock their ego down a peg. Everyone who makes it far in life needs to remember where they came from. More important than that, they need to remember everyone who helped them reach their goals. Remember that we can celebrate more when there are enough people to celebrate with at the top. Use the power you gain in life for more than yourself, and you’ll find that the top isn’t such a lonely place.

Leo, King of the Jungle (Jul 23 – Aug 22)


Was anyone really surprised that Leo would make it on this list? Leo is the textbook definition of a classical narcissist. Everything and everyone needs to focus on them. They are usually the life of the party, loud and proud, and at least very entertaining. It’s true that there’s nothing wrong with that, but Leo’s narcissistic motivators often turn this attention-seeking down dark roads.

Leo often gets themselves into trouble because of their attention-seeking. Sometimes, it even gets them seriously hurt when they try to show off! But worse than that, when people don’t give them the attention they crave, they lash out or become toxic, aggressive and abrasive creatures. Leo is only as kind as the amount of attention they receive. It’s what lands them so high on the list of most narcissistic signs.

Becoming Better

Everyone likes it when they’re the center of attention. It’s only human to want yourself as the apple of someone’s eye. But when you lash out or hurt others to get attention, you’re not great or lovable. You’re just a bully. Take note of Leo’s mistakes and learn to enjoy moments when you’re alone and love your own company when you cannot find others to enjoy your time with.

Aries, the Most Narcissistic Zodiac Sign (Mar 21 – Apr 19)


Here we are, the top of the list! The zodiac sign with most narcissistic traits and narcissism over all: Aries! We told you fire signs primarily dominate this list for a reason, and Aries is at the very top of the ranking. What do we already know about Aries, and what makes them so narcissistic? Well, they’ve got a little bit of both Sag and Leo in them, their sibling fire signs.

But worse than recklessness and pride, Aries cannot take no for an answer. Having a ram for a symbol, these are the most persistent of all the zodiac signs, and will continue to butt their head at what they cannot solve. They will trample all over your personal space and boundaries to get what they want. Which, more often than not, is attention, or something that benefits them at your expense. That’s what makes them the most narcissistic of all.

Becoming Better

Nobody likes a pushy person, especially not one who only does so for his benefit. Aries often scares away potential friends and companions because they just need everything to go their way. Which, sadly, is the quickest way to end up all alone. Don’t run into walls until they fall, dear reader. Learn to take no for an answer, and become content with what you have and who you are. 

In Conclusion…

These were the most narcissistic of the zodiac signs. Hopefully the tips we left for them (and by extension, for you) help them change their ways. We hope this doesn’t alienate anyone or make them feel bad. Some people who have these signs aren’t narcissistic at all, and that’s okay. We shouldn’t make generalizations about a person based on their sign.

The reason for that is because, as we always say at the end of these articles, Astrology is not a precise science. Human beings are unique from person to person, even among those that share the same star sign. At the end of the day, Astrology teaches us that your stars were never meant to control or hinder you, but only guide you. You are still the captain of your own ship. The master of your fate.

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