Your quick Astrology guide on the best traits of Fire signs!

Fire signs are the “burny” people of the Zodiac. They have this distinct fiery (pun intended) quality that just seems to engulf other people like a forest fire.

But who are these Fire signs? And what is it that makes them the passionate people of the Zodiac? Read on to find out!

What are the Fire signs?

Fire Signs Traits

As you might know by now, all signs of the Zodiac are associated with one of the four natural elements, namely Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Each gives a certain unifying quality to the signs assigned to them, enhancing the latter’s traits.

According to the Western Astrological tradition, there are three signs associated with Fire: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. To those familiar with their traits, being equated with Fire makes total sense!

Aries has this reputation of being temperamental and forceful. They want to assert their authority in every situation. Think of a fire that only seems to grow as it feeds on more oxygen and wood- that’s how Aries wants to make themselves seen by other people!

Leo has this diva quality to them. They want to become the center of attention and a source of joy for others, just like a large bonfire that is always the focal point of a camping or an outside gathering.

Lastly, Sagittarius is wild and freedom-loving. They have a penchant for doing things with a burning optimism and disregard for possible consequences. Just like the raging Fire making its way across the land, Sagittarius will do what they want, one way or another!

Why are Fire signs attracted to Water?

Opposites attract- or so, they say. There’s something irresistible about being with someone who is just so different from you!

This is precisely why Fire people are attracted to Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Both of these elements have this tendency to be passionate, eager to give their all on the things they wish to do.

Yet as common sense has it, Water extinguishes Fire. Sometimes, it’s the latter evaporating the former. Whenever something disturbs the balance between these two elements, a disaster is bound to happen.

When a Water sign overpowers Fire, both parties gradually lose the energy and motivation to continue their relationship. When the reverse happens, emotions may come to a nasty boiling point, prompting the two sides to be up in arms against each other.

Thus, it is essential that, before starting a relationship with someone born under a Water sign, Fire people must thoroughly think it out. They must consider the possible consequences and be willing enough to maintain the delicate balance between the two.

Is Fire compatible with Earth signs?

Fire is wild and unrestrained. Fortunately, though, Earth signs- Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn- have firm convictions and help tone down things when the flames get too uncontrollable.

Because of their reliability and groundedness, Earth signs can temper Fire. The latter can help bring out the wild inner side that the former tends to suppress.

But, as things go, Fire people are more open to new ideas, while Earth signs tend to stick to what they believe is true. It may cause conflict between these two and could damage the relationship between the two to crumble.

Generally, though, these two work out fine. When they settle out their differences, a relationship between Fire and Earth will go smoothly.

Natural Elements and Fire Sign

Does Fire go along well with Air signs?

Incredibly, these two signs make perfect sense. Think of your science classes- remember how your teachers said that oxygen helps feed flames? This principle applies to the situation amazingly!

The Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are intellectual and objective. When paired with Fire’s unrelenting passion, these two are unstoppable.

When there’s a lack of literal and astrological Air, Fire could no longer burn properly. Thus, these two complement each other in a scientific and cosmic way that no other elements could replicate.

What are the Fire sign traits that one should be on the lookout for?

As mentioned, Fire signs are temperamental, assertive, and passionate. They know what they want, and they’ll get what they want.

This sign burns bright, offering themselves as stellar examples to the people around them. They have a lust for life, so to speak, giving them the ability to function even during high-pressure situations.

These people are also creative and are not afraid to speak their minds. Such Fire sign traits allow them to become good leaders in their own right, not to mention useful and capable workers.

But just as light has a dark side to it, Fire burns everything down when mismanaged. They can wear out not only themselves but also other people when they start going berserk.

When they feel like their demands were not met, these individuals are unafraid to pick a fight. They tend to be selfish, too. They insist on their wants and disregard others’ needs.

They have somewhat of an inflated ego and a high opinion of themselves and their work- true Fire sign traits expected of people who take center stage anytime, anywhere!

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