Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs: Cautionary Astrology Guide

most dangerous zodiac signs

Everyone has positive and negative traits mixed together, according to astrology. But are any of the Zodiac signs outright dangerous? If so, which ones are the most dangerous Zodiac signs? The FBI (Federal Bureau of investigation) tried to see if there was a relation between killers and their Zodiac sign.

Some articles claim that the FBI released a study on killers by Zodiac sign. The study alleged that Cancer is one of the most dangerous Zodiac signs. However, correlation is not causation. In fact, other data or studies about serial killers by Zodiac sign suggest that Cancer is less dangerous than others.

Below, we list out in order which are the most dangerous Zodiac signs. Take great care around them. However, certainly do not assume they are dangerous solely because of their Zodiac sign. Read on to see the most dangerous Zodiac signs ranked in order from most to least dangerous Zodiac signs.

What are the Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs?

Danger in Zodiac signs is something determinable with statistics and the sign’s basic personality traits. We won’t be citing the FBI Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs, but we’ll explain each sign’s danger. Each of the signs’ negative traits plays directly into the danger they can pose.

Think about how each sign typically acts, then think about how they might act if they were criminals. They wouldn’t act the same, would they? Motivations for the crime would also be drastically different between each sign.

The most dangerous Zodiac signs according to FBI are the ones that are more likely to be well-equipped for it. Zodiac signs that are the most dangerous are very often the ones that care less in general about following rules. So let’s get started on the most dangerous of the Zodiac signs: Capricorn.


Capricorns are generally hard workers and that makes them capable of generally any kind of crime. As all-rounder criminal types, they can often possess a careless nature. They’re well-equipped to commit any range of crimes, from petty larceny to outright murder.

Unfortunately, they can sometimes be careless. They’re not that hard to catch in the act. Neither is it difficult to prevent them from committing crimes again. Capricorns aren’t that good at covering their tracks. However, they’re still the one of the most dangerous Zodiac signs because they’re the most likely to commit crimes.


leo zodiac sign

Leos rank second on the list of most dangerous Zodiac signs because they have high tempers. Impulsive and passionate, Leos commit crimes to get attention or fame. Their high tempers and vanity are some of their worst traits. Often, this leads them to commit psychotic crimes that gain them the most fame.

The danger only increases if they don’t get the attention they crave. Criminals like that want to make the front page of the newspaper or to trend highest on social media. If someone else’s crime takes the spotlight, they’ll do everything to outdo that. Such a drive for attention makes their crimes ever more dangerous, even if they’re catching them is a certainty.


Scorpios are often jealous and aggressive, despite their general sense of mystery about them. If circumstances aren’t right for them, however, Scorpios become extremely dangerous. This easily places them at third place among the most dangerous Zodiac signs.

Frequently, Scorpios possess a degree of sadism. This can lead to them manipulating others or reveling in their suffering. Sometimes, when they’re manipulating others, they have the victim blamed for the crime they orchestrated. 

Their aggression often makes them terrifyingly effective assassins. This is especially so when combined with their air of mystery. Such efficiency stems from the Scorpio’s natural understanding of mystery and how to produce it. It follows, for example, that a Scorpio would know how to hide a body or cover their tracks.


Sagittarii are excellent at getting away with their crimes. Their personality is harsh, despite their tendency to avoid bloodshed until and unless it’s necessary. Provided a Sagittarius is not in danger themselves, you won’t often see them attempting murder or anything like that.

However, Sagittarius’ danger comes from a couple of possibilities. It is that they are potentially excellent thieves and escape artists. They tend to perform crimes that avoid bloodshed because it complicates things for them. However, they’ll steal or take whatever they need to if driven to it by circumstance. Sagittarius is also the sign of many notorious criminals who have escaped jail.


Aquarius is famous in the Zodiac for being great humanitarians and good-natured folk. However, all that positive vibe can come with a manipulative and vengeful personality. This makes Aquarii excellent professionals at taking revenge on other people. You’ll never see it coming and you’ll never predict exactly how they’ll hit you with their revenge.

Aquarius’ charismatic leadership skills mean that they can manipulate others. Aquarii are also great hackers; they can charismatically convince others to walk into scams online.



Despite being the symbol of scales and ultimately justice, Libra is still sometimes a criminal. Distinct from other signs, Libras often specifically aim to commit monetary crimes. Bank robberies and embezzlement are examples of crimes a Libra is more likely to commit than a murder.

Drugs are also a potential criminal field of interest for Libras, given the potential money in it. Libras are also more of a team-player; they build up organizations for their crimes. They never really work alone to get their money and use their ill-gotten gains to convince others to join them.


Aries are fiery, natural leaders who are almost always on top. They dominate, they lead, and to be doing anything else is something they hate. Anyone under the sign of Aries is most dangerous when they have hate for others dominating them.

They don’t like following others ; their stubbornness just cannot allow it. Bouncing back is Aries’ natural reaction to others dominating them. However, their bounce-back isn’t necessarily an attempt to get back on top. Some Aries react by leaving the rat race entirely to gain their own success outside, like becoming hired gunmen.


As emotional and dreamy fish, those under Pisces have a dangerous tendency to lose their cool. Their hot temper makes them dangerous if it isn’t cooled down or attended soon. When this happens, Pisces take one of two directions to vent out their anger.

Some Pisces will direct it outward and misplace their anger by lashing out at the wrong person. Others will direct it inwards and abuse their own bodies with drugs or self-harm. Either way, the sheer emotion radiating off of Pisces can make them dangerous if it isn’t managed.


Fast-talkers and intellectuals to boot, Gemini criminals often involve themselves in fraud. Theft or other stealing crimes aren’t off the table for them either. A more negative Gemini trait is that some of them are more naturally shallow in character.

Because of this shallow character, they are often inconsistent. What often happens is that a Gemini will justify their crime, like a theft. They’ll tell themselves that at least they didn’t hurt anyone. Then a few days later, they’ll murder someone who they think saw them commit their theft.


virgo zodiac sign

Virgos are perfectionists by nature. While this often leads to excellent work from them, sometimes they’ll misdirect that excellence to criminal ends. Their specialization in crime is often theft; you’ll never know how they took what they took. You might not even ever figure out who the thief is.

Because of their clean execution in crimes, Virgos also sometimes become hackers or burglars. They perfected their crime to nearly an art form. Nothing matters to them more in the commission of the crime than leaving no trace.


Cancers are naturally caring and the most nurturing of all Zodiac signs. Because of this, Cancer is very much in touch with their emotions. However, those emotions often drive Cancer to commit crimes of passion. 

You can always tell when it was a Cancer who killed someone; they leave distinguishing marks on the victim’s bodies. This happens when a Cancer doesn’t balance their emotions with mental stability. Cancers repeatedly commit certain crimes due to mental instability.


Taurus is the most grounded of the Zodiac signs and extremely practical. However, that practicality led astray can lead Taurus to become a dictator. Anger a Taurus and you’ll never stop them from getting what they want.

As natural leaders, the danger exists in the possibility that they can become hell-bent on taking over their world. Or their country or community. Most Taurii settle for their own family and friends but that doesn’t make it better.

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