Ranking the Kindest Stars: Most Caring Zodiac Signs

most caring zodiac signs

Kindness is an integral part of the human experience, and spiritually refreshing. Of course, with how varied people are, some are inevitably kinder than others. Everyone has a strength and weakness, after all, and kindness comes easier to some people. But did you know that your zodiac sign has influence over how predisposed you are to kindness as a person? Well, if you’re curious, today we’re going over the most caring zodiac signs.

What does Astrology say about why these are the most caring zodiac signs? Well, there’s more to it than just the date that they’re born on, of course. Their ruling planet, element and symbol all have an effect on their personality. For instance, we can say that Earth signs are usually grounded individuals, with a focus on the material. It’s little things like this that can ultimately influence the way a person behaves based on their Astrological sign.

Have we gone and tickled your curiosity, dear reader? Are you a zodiac aficionado, looking to brush up on your knowledge, perhaps, or do you want to know if your sign made it on the list? Maybe it’s that you’re just plain and harmlessly curious. Whatever your reasons, you’ll find all the answers to your questions here. So sit back, relax and most importantly have fun!


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What are The Most Caring Zodiac Signs?

We’re ranking them all below, the top 5 most caring zodiac signs! Which one do you think is the most loving and caring zodiac sign? Have some fun and try to see if you can guess the top of the list, but hold on just a moment. Before we go over the ranking, we’d like to go over a short summary of what makes these signs so caring. More than that, we’ll touch on whether it’s possible to become as kind and caring as these altruistic signs.

Better than the other elemental natures, air and water are usually the most caring of the signs (though there is a single exception)! This is because both air and water are amicable, agreeable people with a focus on introspection and emotional intelligence. In other words, they’re quick to respond to those in need and to help others. For some entries on this list, having the Moon or Mercury as a planetary ruler helps. This is because the Moon is a maternal planet for nurturing and caring, and Mercury is a messenger that focuses on attentiveness and communication.

For some of these signs, it is just simply in their nature to care for others. Now for the important question, which is, ‘Can we learn from these signs and emulate the same level of kindness?’. Well dear reader, you should know that the potential for growth as a human being is virtually limitless! We’re listing the ways you can emulate these sign’s kindness, and yes, if you put in the effort you can even exceed them! Without further ado, the most caring zodiac signs and how you can learn from them, below:

#5 Cancer, Sensitive and Sincere (June 21 – July 22)

cancer zodiac sign

Starting out the list of the most caring zodiac signs is Cancer, the crab of the zodiac! Cancer has the Moon as its planetary ruler. As we mentioned above, the Moon has been associated as a nurturing figure, and Cancer does know how to care for people. More than this, Cancer is famous as a zodiac sign for its sensitivity towards others. This sensitivity means they are very attentive to the needs of everyone around them.

But don’t think Cancer is just trying to stay off your bad side. They themselves are highly sensitive individuals, and care for others to the same extent that they would want others to care for them. You can depend on Cancer to watch their words, actions and even thoughts around you, giving them a friendly and approachable aura. Don’t try to hide your pain from Cancer, either. Their alertness extends even to emotional sensitivity, and they’re quick to lend an ear and a shoulder to a hurting friend.

What You can Learn from Cancer

How can you learn from Cancer, then? Well, becoming sensitive and alert towards others is just a matter of effort and patience. Learn what upsets your friends, and how they behave when they’re upset. For instance, dear reader, we know that nail biting is a sign of distress in many people. If you can pick up on the subtle signs of distress your friends make when upset, you can care for them in these moments.

Caring is a matter of taking care of those around you. Kindness, altruism, these are all just ways to say that you put the wellbeing of others with utmost importance. Cancer sets a proper example of a caring person as someone who makes sure everyone is happy and comfortable. Show your friends you value them, and are aware of their needs. Even something as simple as asking them how they’re doing goes a long way.

#4 Virgo, Gentleness of the Maiden (Aug 23 – Sept 22)

Virgo zodiac sign

The sole exception in a list dominated by air and water signs is the earth sign Virgo! Two things make this zodiac sign caring enough to make this list. First is that they have Mercury as a planetary ruler, so they excel at both direct and indirect communication. The second has to do with their symbol, the maiden. Virgo exemplifies the feminine traits of tenderness and having a nurturing disposition.

More often than not, female Virgos are the ‘Mom friend’ of the group. The male equivalent would be the ‘boy scout’, who usually brings around band-aids, medicines and the like. Soft-spoken, dependable and dependable, it’s no wonder Virgo made the list. You can share your woes with Virgo without fear of them speaking out of line or making light of the situation. Virgo will always approach you with the gentleness they’re famous for.

What You can Learn from Virgo

‘Handle with care’ is something Virgo teaches us can also apply to our relationships. Speak softly and kindly. It’s very easy to use softer words and refrain from playing with sensitive topics. Limit your physical intimacy to respecting someone’s boundaries. When we show our friends tenderness, we’re ultimately showing them that we care for their well-being.

Virgo also places emphasis on communication. Talk to your friends, check on them, and listen to them. When you listen to someone, you pay attention to how they say something, not just what they’re saying. Oftentimes, pain and hurt hide between the lines, and it’s up to us to watch out for it. Caring for someone means treating them with gentleness and truly listening to them. 

#3 Libra, Fairness and Harmony (Sept 23 – Oct 22)

Libra zodiac sign

Another challenge to becoming a loving and caring person is people. What we mean by this is some people are easier to care for than others. For instance, favoritism is a problem that many parents struggle to avoid. But oftentimes, though unspoken, they do have preferences towards a more successful, well-behaved and reciprocally loving child. It’s the same with friend groups, some people are more easily approachable than others.

Here is where Libra truly shines in caring for others. They play no favorites, making sure to care for everyone equally. Every time there’s an argument, Libras will hear out and comfort both sides. If they’re kind to one friend, they make sure to treat each and every other friend to the same kindness after. Ultimately, no one is left out as long as Libra gets their way.

What You can Learn from Libra

To become kind is to pick no favorites. That’s what Libra has to teach us. You cannot call yourself kind if you only care for and favor a specific person. Altruism is not about what pleases you but helps everyone around you. Nobody is perfect, but everyone deserves a chance at your love and care.

Give people a chance and try to spend time with those in your group you’re less close to. You might find that not only are your gestures reciprocated, but that it’s better for the group as a whole. When you care for everyone equally, there are no bitter feelings among those around you. Everyone feels accounted and cared for, and will do the same not just to you, but everyone else. Karmic law dictates what goes around comes around, and we could all use a little more love.

#2 Aquarius, An Open Heart for All (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Aquarius zodiac sign

Here’s a surprise: the emotionally unavailable and detached Aquarius is among the most caring of the signs! Don’t worry dear reader, you can trust us when we say that it’ll all make sense. You see, Aquarius may not personally care and comfort you in times of need, but they do care. And they don’t just keep it to themselves. This all boils down to Aquarius’ tendency to avoid conflict.

When Aquarius cares for people, they focus on entire groups, not just individuals. Their moves and motives, while not directly felt, contribute to the peace and harmony in all their relationships, not just from person to person. They hang back, making sure that tempers don’t flare up, giving people space. Aquarius refrains from caring for a single individual too much to avoid feelings of jealousy, similarly to Libra’s policy for fairness. Ironically, this detached but caring personality often lands Aquarius leadership positions in communities, where they can do the most good.

What You can Learn from Aquarius

Sometimes, caring for others means looking beyond individual needs. We have to look at the bigger picture. It might do some good to care for this friend, and yet it might do more good if you let the others come together and care for them in your stead. Aquarius’ distant, non-committal but calculated style of caring teaches us an important lesson. That sometimes, not doing is the best way to care for others.

A caring, usually parental figure will tell you that sometimes you have to give your children space to grow. Individuals can work out a lot of stuff on their own. Of course, this doesn’t mean you ghost your friends completely. But like Aquarius, often hanging back is enough, as long as you keep a close eye from a distance. Because sometimes, people do need you, and caring is knowing when they do, and when they don’t.

#1 Pisces, The Bleeding Heart (Feb 19 – March 20)

Pisces zodiac sign

Ah, is it any surprise that Pisces is the most caring zodiac sign? Pisces is the zodiac sign most in tune with their emotions, known for kindness and empathy. They exemplify Cancer’s sensitivity, Virgo’s gentleness and even Libra’s approach towards caring for everyone the same (though by accident). Pisces is the friend who will make sure you start each day with a smile, and the first friend to run to you when you’re sad. They care so much, it’s to their own detriment.

Oftentimes they will care for others even without caring for themselves. They are so empathic, they cannot ignore the hurt of everyone around them. Pisces is sensitive even to the emotions of complete strangers. Unfortunately, due to this overly altruistic nature, Pisces often burns itself out emotionally. It’s no wonder that this sign likes to keep to themselves so much, and spend their time in their own head.

What You can Learn from Pisces

Pisces is different from the other entries on this list. Whereas we encourage you to learn from the other signs, Pisces is a cautionary tale. Altruism is a necessity in this world. No man is an island, and throughout human history, we’ve needed kindness to progress. However, altruism is also a double-edged sword.

You need to care for yourself before you care for others. It’s not good to give so much that you have nothing for yourself. Ultimately, self-care is just as important as caring for others. Even if you don’t think so, it’s dangerous to emotionally burn yourself out. Instead of being able to care for others, you may just snap at them.

Wrapping it All Up…

Those were the most caring of the zodiac signs. We hope you enjoyed the article, and that you take something from it. Ultimately, we’d like to remind everyone that you can, in fact, become just as kind as the zodiac signs on this list. Don’t let your zodiac sign limit you, as the stars were never meant to control you, but guide you. You are the captain of your own ship, and the master of your fate.

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