Do You Have the Most Attractive Zodiac Sign In The World?

most attractive zodiac sign

Have you ever wondered what zodiac sign is the most attractive? Could yours make it to the top 5? Or better yet, really top the list! Then again, finding the most attractive zodiac sign is not as simple as it sounds. Because just like anything, the word “attractive” is relative. What’s attractive to some may be repulsive to others, and vice versa.

For those who believe and actually rely on astrology though, you would agree that your zodiac sign plays a big role in one’s “attractiveness”. It does not solely rely on genetics, as others may think.

So in this article, we’re not only going to figure out what zodiac sign is most attractive and rank them. We’d also discover why some are naturally attractive zodiac signs, as well as answer the following questions:

  • How the most attractive zodiac signs ranked beyond their physical aspects
  • Understand why this zodiac sign has the most attractive personality among the rest
  • What is the most attractive zodiac sign for both introverts and extroverts?
  • What makes the prettiest zodiac sign stand out?
  • How you could also be the most attractive sign in the zodiac?

So let’s get it on and break the enigma of the most attractive zodiac sign in the world!

What Zodiac Sign Is Most Attractive (Least to Most Ranked)

#12: Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

Nothing draws you in quicker than a person filled with a mysterious and hypnotic personality. Scorpios are known to be passionate and powerful individuals. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to draw them out of the bottom of the barrel. Sure, a bit of mystery at the beginning could definitely catch one’s attention. But for the long haul, it won’t help if your partner barely knows you.

Scorpios may have a better chance of landing the most attractive zodiac sign spot if they don’t have a lot of trust issues going on. They have a tendency to become very jealous and suspicious towards others. Understand though that this stems from a place of insecurity.

The only way to win this battle is to acknowledge the root cause of your insecurities. Whether it be past hurt or trauma, you need to heal so you won’t bleed on others who never hurt you in the first place.

#11: Libra (September 23- October 22)

No one has the ability to strike a perfect balance better than a Libra. Despite being success-driven and ambitious, they are kind, caring, never wanting to step in anyone’s shoes.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to land them the most attractive zodiac sign title. This is because of their fear of rejection. So the moment they have an inkling that their partner may be attracted to someone else (without solid evidence), they try to end the relationship. Only because they’re so scared of getting dumped first.

This can be so frustrating and devastating to their loved ones. Especially if their suspicions are completely baseless. Reckless decisions like this are what get their hearts broken more than once.

#10: Taurus (April 20- May 20th)


Taurus has every bit of potential to become the most attractive zodiac sign on the planet. They are naturally attractive especially with those luscious lips that are to die for! But having irresistible features is simply not enough.

This zodiac is extremely loyal and nurturing to its partners. Really endearing traits to boot. However, this is also the reason why their romantic relationships unravel in the end. Being caring and protective is one thing. But constantly monitoring all their movements and breathing down their necks nonstop is simply no way to go.

In the end, their partners are so exhausted they would do anything to get out. They rarely agree to go on a compromise, believing what they want and need is exactly the same as their partners. Being impossible to please is the last thing you want to be in any relationship.

#9: Leo (July 23- August 22)

They are oozing with charm, bursting with confidence, feistiness, and passion. Leos are one of the most unflinching among the zodiac signs. Not only that, their quick wit and humor that would leave you in stitches are definitely to die for!

Leos are deeply caring individuals and when they love, they give their all. However, they never back down from a fight. And sometimes have trouble choosing their battles. More often than not, they’re convinced they are right, one hundred percent of the time.

This kind of attitude can wear down people around them. Even their closest family and friends. So it’s no surprise it also takes a toll on their romantic relationships. They come out as too powerful and overbearing. Which can be really exhausting for their better half. If only they could make a few minor adjustments, they’d have a better chance of grabbing the most attractive zodiac sign top spot.

#8: Virgo (August 23- September 22)

Virgos are famous for their irresistible charm and drop-dead gorgeous looks. They’re also intellectuals with a very pleasant and sensible nature. Virgos can work well under pressure. The very reason why they are the go-to person is when something needs fixing and accomplished on time.

But despite these awesome traits, some people still don’t find them very appealing because they are extremely hard to please. They sincerely believe that no one can do things better than them. Virgos have a hard time delegating responsibilities because they want problems solved on the first attempt. Second or third tries are simply out of the question.

Having almost impossible standards to reach like these won’t help much in their personal relationships. They need to tone down their bossiness a few notches so it’s easier to connect with them emotionally. Being too intimidating will only drive people away.

#7: Gemini (May 21- June 20)


These people are naturally happy, smart, and bursting with energy. They never run out of things to talk about and are always onto something productive. Whether harnessing a new skill, chasing a hobby, or going off on exciting adventures. Geminis are never dragging and are super easy to get along with.

Their downfall though is that their introverted nature could sometimes take a dark turn. Geminis may look ‘okay’ on the outside, without knowing they’re brewing and about to burst on the inside. They’re really not into confrontations. So most of the time they just let things slide.

Before you know it though, they have reached their breaking point and all hell could break loose. Leaving people dazed and confused. A bit more transparency could help. And not everything needs to become a confrontation. Just gently and calmly talk about how you feel. Easy does it!

#6: Pisces (February 19- March 20)

These are some of the gentlest, kindest, and most supportive creatures you will ever know. Their caring eyes and soothing presence are enough to keep your fears at bay. This is the reason why others are automatically drawn to them. Because they have the ability to calm your soul in a way no one else could.

These traits are definitely impressive enough to go into your bucket list when looking for significant other. However, they can be too emotional and sensitive at times. They are one hundred percent transparent and genuine when dealing with other people. But they take things too hard when things don’t work out or their loving feelings towards others are not reciprocated.

Healing takes a long time for Pisces. And when they do, it’s not complete. Because they sometimes end up building a wall for protection. Scared and withdrawn, it becomes very difficult for others to reach out and get to know them again.

#5: Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

Sagittarians are one of those people who bounce out of bed. No, they don’t get up. Nor roll off their beds, or drag themselves out of bed. These are the people who, the moment they open their eyes, just know today is going to be great! That zeal and enthusiasm, along with their thirst for adventure make them one of the most sought-after zodiacs in town.

But this same love for life and liberty is what gets in the way of their relationships. Their freedom comes at the top of their list no matter what. They hate it when you tell them what to do, where to go, who to mingle with. Making them seem aloof and extremely inconsiderate towards their partner’s feelings.

If they could tweak this trait just a little bit they would be solving a big problem. A love affair is a two-way street. It cannot be all about you. Because your partners have feelings too. They have needs and wants as well. You have a role to play for that part.

#4: Capricorn (December 22- January 19th)


Capricorns don’t rely on luck for success. It’s based on sheer determination, hard work, and focus. Their serious and brooding nature are some of the reasons why they are deliriously attractive!

Despite their countless achievements, these individuals can sometimes come out as painfully shy. They like to be with the same group of people most of the time. Their circle is usually small but extremely tight-knit.

But being introverts works to their full advantage. The mystery surrounding their aura only adds to their charm! It’s like going on a treasure hunt. Once you discover what makes them tick, you’ve definitely hit the jackpot!

#3: Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Not only are Cancers the fairest and sexiest among the bunch. They’re being totally unaware and unaffected about these assets only makes them more adorable! And endowed with a brilliant mind and a good heart, what more could you possibly want?

How about commitment, faithfulness, and being extremely affectionate? You’re in luck because they’re all those things, too! So be careful not to break their heart. Because just like glass, once it’s shattered it will never be the same.

Nevertheless, all the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. No wonder this zodiac made it to the top 3 spots! So if you’re lucky enough to be with them, never let them go!

#2: Aries (March 21- April 19)

Aries have innate leadership skills. This is the reason why they climb the corporate ladder easier and faster than their peers. But regardless of their chosen careers, they pave the way to make things a whole lot better for those following their footsteps. Continuous improvement and innovation is their key to success.

But these qualities are merely the tip of the iceberg. Not only are they physically attractive, but they also have the kind of charm and personality that you will never get tired of.

However, everyone has their weaknesses. For Aries, they could have unexpected mood swings which are difficult to handle. Even for people who know them really well. They get frustrated when they try to get an important message across and no one seems to care. But overall, Aries is a terrific keeper!

#1: Aquarius (January 20- February 18th)


So, why did this zodiac snatch the top spot? Because Aquarians are the perfect package! They’re so beautiful it’s hard to imagine they’re real. Lo and behold- they are!

Not only that, Aquarians are a people person. When you are with them you never feel unimportant. They truly listen, they genuinely care. To them, no idea is too small or insignificant. No stone is left unturned. Everyone has a say on everything.

Romantically speaking, they are masters of their craft. They won’t leave you until you are finished. Until you are satisfied. Still reeling from the joy and excitement that they bring to your life, you never think things could get any better. But they do. Every single day.

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