Compatibility under a Horoscope: Mercury in Aquarius

mercury in aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius compatibility; are the two astrological entities in sync or are our poor water bearers doomed to a disharmonious dance? What exactly do we know about Aquarius? They’re one of the least common zodiac signs, born under the chaotic heavenly ruler Uranus. As a result of being a fixed sign, Aquarius is hard-headed and driven to a fault. Erudite, inspired and innovative individuals, Aquarius have a great capacity to change the world around them.

On the other hand, what about Mercury? Mercury is a planet of high energy. Closest to the Sun, Mercury encourages expression, perception and creativity. Indeed, while other planetary rulers govern emotion or spirituality, Mercury is a planet of thought and action. In this regard, both Aquarius and Mercury seem compatible.

Generally then, we can see that they’re compatible so far as they both govern action and intelligence. But what about in more specific fields; what sort of personality does a Mercury in Aquarius man or woman have? Is there a special meaning to the union of the two? As we go through this article, we’re going to explore just those questions and more! Whether you’re a zodiac aficionado looking to brush up on your knowledge or just looking for some fun, this is the article for you! 


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Aquarius Mercury Compatibility

Aquarius, symbolized by a water-bearer, or sometimes simply just flowing water. An air sign known for being synonymous with creativity, change and intellect. Mercury, a high-energy planet with a knack for movement and innovation. Together, this makes a person of creativity, high energy and intellect. People born under Mercury in Aquarius are game changers, and seek to make big waves wherever they go.

The best thing for them is to look to the future. Make detailed, well thought-out plans, follow reason not emotion. Whether or not they’re born under the 11th house, they should seek out social contact and prioritize interpersonal relationships. Aside from emotional health and mental stability, friendships can become a powerful impetus towards future developments. Sometimes, changing the game and focusing on friendships and love come hand in hand.

We’ve gone over their compatibility in general and explored the strategies they should employ to find success and happiness. But what about their personalities, strengths and weaknesses? What differences can a woman expect from their male counterpart? How do they relate to other zodiac signs? The following article answers all that and more!

We’re not just going over the Aquarius Mercury individuals. Understanding who they are, along with their strengths and weaknesses is part of our in-depth look! Do you want to know how to get along with these individuals or are you maybe just plain curious?  Fear not, we’re going over just these burning questions. Without further ado, the nitty gritty of Mercury Aquarius, below:


The Mercury in Aquarius man is insightful, ruled over their intellect more than their passions. They are sensitive to the needs of others, and overly friendly. Because of this, they have a very easy time making new friends. True to Mercury’s high energy, these men are quick to pick up and master new hobbies and disciplines. They are especially drawn to Science and Mathematics.

The positives of men under Mercury and Aquarius are many. For one, the accumulation of influence and talents they receive for their attitude and energy. They are sure to gain the respect and adoration of everyone around them. Opposite that, their negatives are their lack of empathy and seemingly cold nature. Ruled by their intellect more than their intelligence, they may come off as uncaring.


female friendship

Similarly to the Mercury in Aquarius man, their female counterpart is considerate and friendly. They are quick to form bonds and have a charming, almost electric energy about them. But while their male counterparts focus mostly on career growth and widening their skillset, these individuals focus on forming intellectual connections. In all their relationships, Mercury Aquarius women are quick to communicate deep and thought-provoking topics. As a result, they come off as amicable, interesting people.

With the same positives as men, they are intellectual and innovative. They find a way to improve everything around them. Unfortunately, both genders are also similar in their weaknesses. Prioritizing thought before emotion, they come off as detached. Unlike their male counterpart however, the Mercury in Aquarius woman is less cold and more emotionally reclusive. 

Compatibility with Other Signs

Valuing independence, intellect and emotionally detached, there are only a few signs that are compatible with Mercury Aquarius individuals. In a partner they look for someone who can challenge them, is adventurous. Someone who both understands and respects their ambitions. They need someone who will support them, someone driven by logic and can hold a decent conversation. Furthermore, they seek out individuals who plan ahead.

On the other hand, they avoid overly emotional individuals. They shy away from those stuck in the past, or overcome with nostalgia and sentiment. Mercury in Aquarius individuals especially hate those who cannot respect their boundaries and blur the line between their hearts and minds. Another quick way to lose their interest is to intellectually bore them. The following zodiac signs make the best possible matches for Mercury Aquarius. 


leo zodiac sign

Opposites attract, and as their complete opposite among the signs, Leo proves this saying. Matching the energy of Mercury all on their own, Leo brings the passion, excitement and challenge that Aquarius craves. While unhealthy competition is a possibility, respect for each other keeps both in check. Leo’s emotion and compassion is properly tempered by their drive to succeed. And the lion has just the right amount of heart in them that they need.



Both air signs, Gemini and Aquarius can get along the easiest. Calm and easy, respectful of boundaries and not overbearing, Gemini puts Mercury Aquarius right at ease. Geminis represent the duality of human nature, and they are able to switch between calm and adventurous at the drop of a hat. They keep things interesting. Gemini also intellectually stimulates Mercury Aquarius the best among all three signs they’re compatible with.



Libra is an odd one. People born under Libra are patient, caring individuals. Most importantly, their strongest suit, their supportiveness is something Mercury Aquarius deeply needs. Libra offers a rare opportunity for Mercury Aquarius to get vulnerable and emotional. They are a quiet, nurturing safe space for them.


As we’ve said above, Mercury Aquarius has many positive traits. The big three being intellectual, inspired and innovative. Mercury Aquarius is always open to trying new things. They often seek to change things for the better. The following go into more detail about these strengths:


Being open to trying new things means more than simply learning a new discipline or starting a new hobby. Mercury Aquarius is also understanding of and open to new viewpoints. Viewpoints and paradigms from people that can come from all walks of life. This open curiosity and desire to learn combined with the tolerance that comes with it makes them pleasing to get to know. Mercury Aquarius has no problem meeting new people and making new friends.


Extremely creative, Mercury Aquarius is quick to find new ways to do things. This blends well with their other strength, that is that they’re open to trying new things. Not only are they willing to try everything, but they can put their own original, unique spin on everything. It also helps them master anything they pick up. If they struggle to learn a new thing, they’re quick to find an easier and better way to accomplish their goal.


Their greatest strength is their intellect. Being intellectuals, Mercury Aquarius has not only the openness and creativity to try and master new things, but the power to express and share these things effectively. True erudites, they can teach others these things and thus make great changes to the world around them. It is their greatest asset both to themselves and to the rest of the world. You simply cannot deny the impact Mercury Aquarius has on everyone around them.


Unfortunate as it is, everyone has their weaknesses. Mercury Aquarius neglects their emotions, and the emotions of everyone around them. They often have problems communicating or relating with people not on their wavelength. One of their issues is how they always seek novelty, and easily become bored with the old, frequently getting them into trouble. The following are their greatest weaknesses:



Mercury Aquarius follows their brain, their reason and not their heart. As such, they feel morally and intellectually superior to everyone else. This often leads to Mercury Aquarius justifying everything they do. After all, they feel as though they’re working to change everything for the better, who cares whose feelings get hurt on the way? To add insult to injury, their moralizing nature just makes their other negative traits worse.

Hard Headed

Trying to convince Mercury Aquarius that they’re hurting others and need to consider the feelings of everyone around them is a moot point. As we’ve mentioned above, they have a fixed sign, and are thus stubborn as individuals. It’s hard to get them to change course, or to stop themselves from moralizing. A toxic cycle ensues when they moralize and moralize, making changes they deem as necessary without listening to the input of everyone around them. Oftentimes people see them as arrogant and overly competitive as a result.

Emotionally Detached

Their most dangerous negative trait allows them to both act stubbornly and justify everything they do. While not allowing emotions to influence their decisions make them logical and reasonable individuals, they can also come across as cold and uncaring as a result. This is very unfortunate, considering Mercury Aquarius needs friends and thrives in supportive, social environments. Oftentimes, the most tragic part is that they do care about others, and that is what drives them to change things for the better. Mercury Aquarius needs to get in touch with their emotions once in a while to avoid losing friends.

To Wrap it All Up…

That’s everything there is to know about Mercury Aquarius. They are passionate, erudite, inspired individuals who aspire to make great changes. Mercury Aquarius makes decisions with logic, not their emotions. Emotionally detached, they sometimes come across as cold and uncaring. Under a fixed sign, they tend to have a stubborn nature, and justify everything they do for better or for worse. 

As always, it’s important to remember not to judge them for their weaknesses, or to expect too much out of their strengths. Every person is different, even among Mercury Aquarius individuals. We make these articles with the goal of helping people understand each other and themselves, not to make fun or poke at people’s insecurities. Lastly, always remember that the stars aren’t there to control our destinies, but to guide us. We are the captains of our own ships, and the masters of our fate.

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