March Star Sign: Know what the heavens have in store for you in the third month!

Pisces in March Star Sign

Everyone knows that the March star sign is Pisces… well, generally. The truth is, there are far too many nuances than just knowing what a month’s sun sign is!

Some people forget that it is not just the Zodiac at work, but also many factors. Planets, individual birth charts, and other astrological phenomena make things happen the way that we perceive them to be.

These things aside, though, what can a person expect whenever March rolls around? And how can a person channel its heavenly powers in the best way possible? Find out!

What’s the March star sign?

Ask anyone who is into astrology about this, and they will tell you that the March star sign (or sun sign) is Pisces. They are not wrong, though! The sign of the fish dominates the sky during this period, allowing for a time of whimsy to prevail.

But as the days dwindle, the aggressive sign of Aries would start to dominate the heavenly realm. Regardless, traces of the easygoing and light-hearted sign will make themselves known even in minor things.

From March 1st to 20th, the sun sign will focus on Pisces. Starting on the 21st onwards, the March star sign will shift to Aries.

This sudden shift of energies might shock those unprepared, so hold on tight to your seats; it’s going to get wild!

What happens when the March star sign is Pisces?

Because March 1st is right in the midst of Pisces season, being whimsical will be characteristic of everyone entering the new month. A sense of being mentally stimulated will be felt by everyone needing that “push” for them to be able to work effectively.

There is an overwhelming sense of productivity that somehow permeates everyone’s mindset when doing their work. Increased creativity levels and a desire to make things last for the long term are characteristic of this month.

Because Pisces also dabbles in things within and beyond the mind, a desire to reconnect with one’s inner spirituality will be felt by everyone. How people will do this is up to them, but this month is solid in allowing people to see into the divine.

This month also calls on people to drop their slightly pretentious, “trying hard to be a grown-up” self. A return to one’s innocence and eagerness to experience the world anew is a must for this time, too.

Being innocent then encourages everyone to be in touch with their inner child and gain new insight over things that people now consider to be trivial. This desire to go back to the simplicity of life also cultivates a culture of sympathy and empathy, especially considering that times aren’t going any smoother soon.

Overall, this is the time for dreams to be dreamt and goals to be met. The world is vast and knowledgeable, and this is the time for you to venture out into the void!

What happens when the March star sign is Aries?

Aries in March Star Sign

Aries is merciful enough not to subject everyone to a sudden whiplash. But still, the mood change can be pretty jarring, especially for those who got themselves comfortable with the easy vibe that Pisces brought with it in the first days of March.

Feeling a surge of confidence is typical in this period. As the strong spirit of the war god that governs this sign arises in his full glory, everyone primes themselves for the exciting developments ahead.

Accepting leadership roles and the willingness to participate in reasonably big group projects is a common occurrence during this period. If anything, people want to prove themselves capable of the things handed down to them!

The courage to do things will also be prevalent during this period. Because so many things seem to happen all at once, it takes bravery to take the first step in doing something- exactly in branding with Aries’ drive to push forward.

This is also a good time to translate ideas into concrete actions. Considering that the last Zodiac was all about making whimsy things happen, it is a welcome change to feel the new sign’s urging to make things happen.

Overall, March is the month of not just chilling, thinking, and feeling. It is also the time where ideas have to be brought into life.

It is the month for the flourishing of one’s idealism and translating them into things that may just change the world. The month of March indeed urges us to march on!

What are the things that can go wrong when Pisces is the March star sign?

If there’s something that growing up has all taught us, not everything ends up the way we want them to be. Additionally, the heavens have a strong influence on the things that we do. Thus, we can sometimes be helpless against the things that the divine wills to happen.

When Pisces dominates the sky, its whimsical nature may spell trouble when it stirs up feelings of wanting to avoid responsibilities. Peoples’ wish to indulge in one’s fantasies while escaping the harsh realities of life is characteristic of this time.

The emphasis on childlike innocence can also get someone in unnecessary trouble. Worse, those who have become compliant may see this whimsical trait as a reason enough to cause harm to someone. 

What are the things that can go wrong when Aries is the March star sign?

While being assertive and confident is a generally positive trait, going overboard with it can be a recipe for disaster. How? Well, selfishness can sprout out of these traits and cause more harm than good to those around you.

Because people want to have their way, those whose wants and needs conflict with each other will find themselves fighting on which one is right. If both sides refuse to acknowledge the other and instead assert their respective sides as the one that is more “right,” cooperation and compromise won’t be met, resulting in long-term trouble.

The impulse to go ahead when performing things with little to no regard can also be a source of trouble during this seemingly energetic and active month. While risk-taking is generally a good thing, committing oneself to something that was not thought over carefully can have tragic consequences.

What other things can happen that are not under the influence of the March star sign?

You can’t honestly say that Pisces and Aries signs will not be holding their own when trying to influence the outcome of the events during this month. As the dominant Zodiacs, they would have their say in what is happening in the world.

But yes, there are events that aren’t directly influenced by these signs. These are primarily planetary transits that occur during this period and are strong enough to control the outcome of the things a person is doing for March.

Unlike the sun signs, they aren’t permanent and can instead change year by year. To keep things fresh and relevant, here are the major planetary movements for March 2021:

Venus in Pisces (February 25 to March 21)

As the planet of love and relationships, Venus wants to enhance the way people relate with one another more holistically and lovingly. Considering that Pisces is quite the empathetic and kindly Zodiac, Venus can genuinely emphasize how people come together.

Since Pisces is the Zodiac of openness, communicating one’s feelings will be pretty straightforward. On the other hand, Pisces’ whimsy will only emphasize Venus’ emotional side, making rational decision-making a challenging endeavor to do when these two celestial bodies meet.

Being swept in by emotions also makes people vulnerable during this time. It is wise to hold back when deciding upon things during this time as it may not render the best results.

Mercury in Aquarius (January 8 to March 15)

You may be wondering: why are these two involved? They aren’t the relevant divine bodies for this month, so why are they here?

As said earlier, essential transits also have their influence. Here, Mercury’s impact on communication and interaction combines itself with Aquarius’ honesty and sociability.

Yet this openness may have dire consequences. Being too open with one’s thoughts can render you either reckless or tactless, and you may end up offending someone because of your offhand remarks.

Regardless, you can use this trait to help others by being honest and unbiased, especially when they need your opinion and hold you in high regard.

Mars in Gemini (March 4 to April 23)

Having a heightened awareness of what is happening to the world combines Mars’ warlike instincts with Gemini’s love for learning and knowledge. You would find yourself able to absorb data a little more quickly, especially when you perceive them as adequate for future reference.

Unfortunately, the spirit of war never wears off. You may find yourself unnecessarily aggressive at times and may get into fights with a person with whom you were initially having a discussion.

Do remember to exercise caution and tact when interacting during this period. The last thing that you’d want is to get yourself permanently placed in someone’s bad graces!

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