A Guide To The Zodiac Flowers Behind Every Astrological Sign

zodiac flowers

Flowers are much more than just a feast to the eyes with a blissful pleasant smell. They are a gift to this earth and a soul blossoming in nature. But have you ever wondered what if flowers can also be a symbol or a representation of a person’s character or personality trait?

Then you are in luck! You have found the hidden not-so-secret zodiac garden section where we share with you a list of zodiac flowers that match your zodiac sign. If you are a fan of astrology, matching each zodiac sign to a distinct personality trait is a habit. But it is a surprise to know that zodiac signs have their zodiac flowers too!

In this article, you will discover a list of what flowers represent each zodiac sign. It can be quite astonishing to see that, your favorite flower is on the list of zodiac flowers. And later, you will immediately find yourself in an “AHA!” moment as you resonate with the compiled list of flowers by zodiac sign.  

Connecting the human soul to plants is a very ancient practice, dating back to the Renaissance and Middle Ages.  This guide containing the flowers according to zodiac sign should be able to help answer why you feel most drawn to such flowers. And you will find that the reason behind it has to do with your zodiac sign.

List of Zodiac Sign Flowers

Most people do know their astrological sign and some of the basic attributes that correspond to them. However, it is interesting to find out that there are flowers assigned based on your zodiac sign. 

For thousands of years and decades, people have looked to planets and stars to gain insight into their own being. It should come as no surprise that each zodiac sign also has corresponding zodiac flowers.

Who knew zodiac flowers were a thing, right? Well, most people love a big bouquet of flowers to brighten a space or a room because it can be calming and cozy to have some fresh blooms nearby. But, there is more to flowers than those benefits, there are actually certain flowers that are best suited to each zodiac sign.

Below, we gathered a list of the zodiac signs and flowers. This guide shows the different zodiac flowers associated with your zodiac sign. Its arrangement is in an orderly manner based on the placement of each of the astrological signs.

Flower: Honeysuckle

Aries: March 21 – April 20

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries signifies new beginnings or the start of something new. Aries (Rams) are well known for being assertive, bold, and cheerful. Aside from being strong, passionate, and determined, these people are charming and enticing.

The youthful and fiery personality of Aries reflects that of honeysuckle. Honeysuckles bloom in vibrant, eye-catching, and bold colors during the early spring. Similar to how Aries people demand attention from others and are always ready to find innovative solutions to problems.

If you are an Aries, the honeysuckle is your key flower amongst other zodiac flowers.  This flower grows in early spring and adapts well to cold temperatures. Spring which is most associated with new experiences and rebirth matches well with Aries.

Flower: Poppy

Taurus: April 21 – May 21

poppy flower

Tauruses are well thought to be the most indulgent and sensual sign of the zodiac. People born under the Taurus sign are strong, empathetic, and love being near love and natural beauty. Thus, making poppy flowers match with this zodiac sign. Poppy flowers send out beauty and positivity to their surroundings. They are also resilient and able to withstand stormy situations like Taureans.

Poppies are well classified as weeds — growing in even the most inhospitable places and landscapes. Similar to a poppy flower, Tauruses stand their ground, especially on matters they are very passionate about. If you are a Taurean and you believe in something, you know how to keep your feet on the ground and make your voice clear and heard.

Flower: Lavender

Gemini: May 22 – June 21

Geminis are sociable creatures and like to engage with dozens of friends. Playful, artistic, and full of energy, Geminis’s character best reflects that of lavender flowers. Thanks to its vibrant hue and strong scent, this flowering plant is perfect to complement the character and personality of a Gemini.

Geminis like to jump to a variety of careers, hobbies, and even social groups. Being the twins of the zodiac, Geminis are versatile and thrives in energetic nature with a distaste for the bland and ordinary. Lavender’s exuberant appearance and diverse uses are similar to that of Geminis’s versatile personality.

Lavender is a versatile herb. You can use it for therapeutic purposes, as a beauty product ingredient, or even as part of your kitchen recipes. Among the zodiac flowers, lavenders exude elegance, calmness, and serenity like Gemini people.

Flower: White Rose

Cancer: June 22 – July 22

Warm, sweet, and friendly are general traits seen in Cancerians. Cancers’ ruling luminary is the moon, which means the “crabs” of the zodiac find flowers with a pearly, lunar glow attractive. Cancers will find a sense of serenity in white roses.

White roses complement Cancers’ sweet, tender side, and inner sensitivity. White roses are elegant and delicate, with a natural healing power that brings warmth from within. This flower’s qualities resemble the character of Cancers, who rarely speak their mind, thoughts, and feelings.

White is a significant color for Cancerians as it offers a blank canvas that allows Cancer’s creativity to flourish and bloom. It symbolizes purity, innocence, and youthfulness. All the qualities that suit and match the sensitive Cancers. But, be gentle with this sign, because like their flower, they have a thorny side too.

Flower: Sunflower

Leo: July 23 – August 22


The only zodiac sign that matches the energy and outgoing personality of a Gemini is those born under the Leo sign. With their happy demeanor, people born under this sign bring a smile to everyone they meet. It is no surprise that sunflowers are well aligned with Leo — with their yellow petals; they look like the lions of zodiac flowers.

Sunflowers get their bold, bright, and loyal characteristics from their tendency to turn their faces towards the sun. Similarly, people under this sign are not timid when it comes to stepping into the limelight. They are generally attracted and drawn to being the center of attention. Sunflowers, like Leos (ruled by the Sun), radiate outwards.

Additionally, Sunflowers represent abundant, joyous, and fun qualities that may resonate with the spirited Leo. This flower is captivating and best portray the life of Leos. While they are blooming, sunflowers move towards the sun but stop once the blooming ends. This character is very similar to Leo’s; Leo’s personality unfolds gradually until they shine.

Flower: Buttercup

Virgo: August 23 – September 23

Virgos are neat, organized, and known for being perfectionists who have a natural keen eye for details. Virgos do not always want to be the center of attention but do not let their timid and shy nature fool you. Once you get to be close to them, their fun-loving personality begins to unfold and show.

Like the subtle beauty of a buttercup, Virgos enjoy occasional blending into the background. Buttercups are well known for being poisonous to humans and animals. Coincidentally, Virgos always strive for perfection. But, their virtues often contrast with their inclination to be critical and judgemental of others who do not follow the rules.

Having such a strict and stern attitude, Virgos is unable to fully relax and enjoy quiet and peaceful moments. People belonging to this zodiac sign are very analytical, thoughtful, and observant by nature. The buttercup flower represents this sign in every shape and meaning. This flower denotes two virtues that are associative with Virgo’s sense of precision and stability.

Flower: Rose

Libra: September 24 – October 23

Sociable, gentle with a hint of seduction, Libras are well adored by everyone they meet. Just like a classic rose, Libras have a clear and strong sense of right from wrong. Libras are oftentimes incredibly balanced, much like a perfectly composed rose. As a symbol of peace and love, roses complement Libra’s passion for justice, fairness, and equality. 

Libra is one of the most desirable zodiac signs. They exude an aura of balance, peace, and harmony. Libra’s can adapt well to any social atmosphere. Their calm demeanor and outgoing personality can make anyone be open to them, similar to the rose.

Just like Libra’s contagious warmth, beauty, and elegance, roses also grow all around the world. They cannot help but spread and multiply the love everywhere and anywhere they go. Libra’s know that too much of a good thing can be, well, also good!

Flower: Geranium

Scorpio: October 24 – November 22


Filled with mystery and known for being dark horses of the zodiac, Scorpios will feel a connection to geranium flowers. Like the many petals of a geranium, Scorpios personalities have many sides to them and they never let just anyone know what they are thinking. Once you think you have known them, they will switch and show a different version of themselves.

However, Scorpio’s very small circle of close friends and family has the privilege to get to know the sensitive side of this sign. Similar to the Geranium that grows in very tight bunches.

Geraniums are well-considered protective flowers that symbolize friendship, close relationships, and good health. Much like Scorpios who tend to be emotionally serious, guarded, and very intuitive. The geranium flower comes in many colors, just like Scorpios — expect the unexpected.

Flower: Carnation

Sagittarius: November 23 – December 21

Sagittarians are strong yet beautiful and lovely. Those born under this fire sign are well known for their love for love, and it makes sense how carnations represent this sign’s zodiac flower. Just like Sagittarians, this flower is the perfect and ideal depiction of love between two people. It is why carnations are one of the common and most popular choices for wedding flowers.

There is no other flower that can match a Sagittarius other than carnations. Carnations are a symbol of love. This flower is well-considered the emblem of affection and warmth, and they are often the most long-lasting flowers in a bouquet. Similar to carnations, Sagittarius people are strong, adventurous, and always carry an open mind in all their pursuits.

Flower: Pansy

Capricorn: December 22 – January 20

Capricorns, like their zodiac flower, are warriors and fighters that will stand the test of time. People born under this sign are well known for being passionate, assertive, and tenacious. Capricorns enjoy displaying their hard work and showing off the fruits of their labor, similar to a newly bloomed, showy pansy.

Among all the twelve zodiac signs, the Capricorns are the most serious and devoted bunch. The flower that symbolizes this sign is the pansy. Pansy symbolizes critical thinking, nostalgia, as well as love and admiration. Pansies are also known as the ‘thinker’s flower’, which suits the deep-thinking mature nature of a Capricorn. 

Capricorns are firm in their decisions and do not let anybody or anyone step on them. This zodiac sign is associative with an unstoppable will, determination, and practicality. Ultimately, as one of the few flowers to bloom in winter, pansies represent hardworking traits. The pansies ability to push through any struggle is similar to that of Capricorns.

Flower: Orchid

Aquarius: January 21 – February 19


Those with an Aquarius sign are both kind and spontaneous. Aquarians may have a shy and quiet demeanor. But, they are incredibly dreamy, energetic, and eccentric when they are around friends and loved ones that they trust. Naturally, a strong, yet delicate-looking flower like the orchid fits so well with a unique sign like the Aquarius.

Orchids are individualists, not found in a bouquet, just like the independent Aquarius. The orchid’s tall appearance is its emblem of pride. This flower represents spirituality and humanitarianism. Orchids may appeal likely to Aquariuses, who tend to take a “big picture” approach to things that matters.

The exotic structure and needs of an orchid align with the eccentric personality of an Aquarius. This zodiac sign may not one to stand in the limelight, but they would not mind straying from the norm.

Flower: Water Lily

Pisces: February 20 – March 20

With the Pisces connection to water, it is not a shocking surprise that water lily is the flower that best represents this zodiac sign. Both the sign and the flower have water as a common symbol of connection, which is why they go so well together. Water lilies are the emblem of purity, innocence, and beauty, which makes them perfect for a spiritual sign such as Pisces.

Like the classic and elegant water lilies, Pisces is dreamy, artistic, sensual, and whimsical in its approach to life. People who are born in Pisces are very friendly, outgoing, and enjoy the company of others. This water sign often finds itself floating along, enjoying the ride and sharing its sense of fun with everyone they meet. Similar to water lilies who can survive in the water for a long time through different adaptations. 

Zodiac Signs and Flowers — An Insightful Way to Garden!

Each zodiac sign encompasses unique preferences, colors, and flower types. Discovering the zodiac flowers will help you create the perfect garden that will suit and match your astrological sign. You can also take inspiration from your newly acquired knowledge when choosing a personalized gift for your loved ones.

After reading our guide, you are ready to dig deeper into your zodiac traits and find the best matching flower. Even if you are not the person who reads the horoscope or watches tarot readings, you will find this insightful. I can tell that you cannot ignore the fun behind learning and discovering what the stars have in store for you!

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