Rounding Up the Zodiacs to Find the Best Match for Leo

best match for leo

For anyone who is a fan of astrology, you ought to know by now that finding the best match for Leo isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. They are loud, temperamental, domineering, and super challenging to get along with. Of course, they have a lot of positive traits too. But the negative ones tend to be a bit intimidating.

So, how exactly do you know which zodiac is a ‘Leo best match’? Well, all you gotta do is round up all the zodiacs to find out! By then you won’t only find the best match for Leo, but also pick up a thing or two about the following:

  • The best zodiac match for Leo men
  • The best love match for Leo women
  • The most accurate Leo compatible signs
  • Who is most compatible with Leo in bed?
  • Who are the best partners for Leo for life?

But before you get the perfect partner for Leo for life, you need to start at the beginning. And look for the best sign for a Leo to date. So let’s get it on!

Leo Best Match Compatibility List

Leo and Aries

First on the list for the best match for Leo: Aries. Both have the warmth and passion the other craves. They share the same intensity in bed and never take each other for granted. Even if they both have strong personalities, they always find a way to compromise and make things work.

Just like any other couple, they’re not free from trust issues either. Leo is a charming, strong-willed, and charismatic creature. Regardless of gender, people naturally gravitate towards them. This could drive Aries nuts, making them jealous and possessive. This is a bad sign of course, because Leo is never the type you can ‘possess’, no matter how much they love you.

At the beginning of their relationship, conversations are always interesting and animated. However, they can get into each other’s nerves in the long run. After all, too much familiarity breeds contempt. Things could get really intense and heated arguments may arise. Strangely though, once they get it out of their system, they’re perfectly fine. Unlike others who keep it all in and then will surprise you with a full-blown meltdown in the end! 

Leo and Taurus

Leo and Taurus’ sex life can become tricky as both tend to be lazy in bed. Each just wants personal pleasure. Without really taking into consideration their partner’s sexual satisfaction. They need to address this problem at the beginning of their relationship. Otherwise, this will take a toll on them in the long run. They need to manage each other’s expectations while reaching maximum sexual fulfillment themselves.

These zodiacs are both ruled by the planet Venus and the Sun. Thus, longing for constant warmth and intimacy. They share the same interests and are on the same intellectual wavelength, so their communication is mostly honest and open. However, they could also get into each other’s nerves at times. Because what is seemingly enjoyable to one can be super annoying for the other. They must find a way to meet in the middle so everybody wins.

When it comes to deep-seated values, Leo and Taurus are quite different from one another. Taurus loves aesthetics and wants financial security. While Leo believes one should be secure financially, it’s not the most important thing in this world. They love travels, adventures, good food, and a good life. Leos don’t mind spending on these things, because this is what makes life worthwhile.

Leo and Gemini

leo and gemini

Sexually speaking, Gemini could be the best match for Leo. Because of anything that Leo wants to try, Gemini is always a big sport and willing to give it a go. Leo brings laughter, passion, and joy. While Gemini always finds something naughty and creative to do. They will never get bored with each other because their genius minds never seem to run out of ideas!

Leo and Gemini might find their relationship slowly deteriorating, though unknowingly. It’s because they can sometimes be so full of themselves. Sometimes it doesn’t occur to them that the other one already feels neglected. They should never forget that they are each other’s home. Where they are cherished, loved, and protected. Even when the world is so busy and chaotic, each other is where they should be able to take a deep breath and rest.

When it comes to shared activities and interests, Gemini may need to do a bit of adjustment. Because when Gemini is ready and willing to go anywhere and do anything fuss-free, Leo will oblige, as long as it’s the ‘fancier version. They might clash on this because Gemini believes you don’t need to splurge to enjoy yourselves. Leo will disagree, stating that you only live once, so you might as well live it to the fullest!

Leo and Cancer

Next stop finding the Leo best match- Cancer. Both are highly emotional and show love in different ways. It will be a great help if they learn each other’s love language so they could connect better with their partners. Leo is very loud and passionate as a lover. This could scare gentle and sensitive Cancer away. Neither one wants to hurt the other, they’re just not sure how to reach out.

The basis of Leo and Cancer’s communication should focus on things that still need discovery. They should not be afraid to explore and learn about each other’s interests if they plan to stay together for good. It doesn’t matter if their interests are on the opposite sides of the pendulum. They could always find a middle ground if they really love each other.

Both zodiacs are special, no question about that. Although they have different emotional tones. Leo has a big, warm heart that’s always open for love. While Cancer is more reserved and makes their privacy a priority. A little give and take would do the trick.

Leo and Leo

Another Leo may not be the best match for Leo. Sudden outbursts on both sides will cause total and utter chaos, as you could imagine. However, sex will be absolutely mind-blowing! There will be some lovemaking, heartbreaking, and soul-shaking! However, a heavy facade will still be there. As long as no one is willing to break down those walls and ego reigns supreme, true happiness will remain elusive.

These two have very strong convictions. They remain unimpressed and unfazed regardless of how strongly you feel about something. No amount of justification can change their mind. This could be a problem when it’s just the two of them. Their constant power struggle for supremacy will eventually drive them both crazy. Until they realize there’s no need to prove anything to the person they love, there will always be a strain in their relationship.

The amazing thing about this union though is their ability to shed light on each other’s issues. There’s a deep personal connection that only Leos understand. So when one of them experiences such pain and anguish, the other can always lend help and support. Because they know exactly what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Leo and Virgo

These two signs are completely rational beings. So you would think it’s easy to come up with the perfect recipe for sex. Not really. Virgo is super cautious and painfully shy in bed. Leo wants pampering and being thoroughly loved. And Virgo will have a hard time doing this because they could be so uneasy.

Leo needs to understand it’s not all about sexual dominance. If they want Virgo to give them what they want, they also need to help them get rid of all their fears and restrictions. Help them feel more confident and wanted.

Leo and Virgo generally trust each other. The problem begins when Leo starts acting so domineering about everything. Everything has to go their way or just forget about it. This could become a nightmare situation for Virgo. Both sides need to listen and be sensitive to each other’s needs. A one-sided love story isn’t going to work.

Leo and Libra

leo and libra

This is another interesting best match for Leo. They are really good in bed and don’t need anything fancy to fulfill each other sexually. Libra is sexual in nature, and Leo is bold, confident, and willing to try anything. Both respect each other’s needs and preferences. If one is not comfortable about a certain ‘act’, the other one will not force the issue. No matter how much they enjoy it.

There are times when Leo and Libra struggle with trust issues. The Sun rules Leo and falls on Libra. Apart from that, Leo is burdened by Neptune’s fall. This gives Libra the ability to smell Leo’s dishonesty a mile away. Again, trust must be at the core of any relationship. If the foundation falls apart, no amount of rehabilitation will help.

When it comes to shared activities, the problem begins with Libra’s indecisiveness. Leo knows what they want right off the bat. They simply could not understand why Libra can’t do the same. Sometimes Leo can be so impatient, that instead of helping Libra decide, Leo just goes ahead and makes the decision for the both of them. This can get really frustrating on Libra’s part. Both need to be considerate of the other’s feelings all the time.

Leo and Scorpio

These two signs have extremely strong personalities with amazing sex drives. They have different verbal communication styles. And their physical needs couldn’t be more opposite, either. Real intimacy is challenging for this couple. Leo believes something is tantamount to love. All the while, Scorpio simply brushes it off as something shallow or superficial. This pushes Leo over the edge each and every time.

Trust comes easy with these two because it is constant on both signs. All they have to do is agree on the boundaries for both parties. Leo and Scorpio can be brutally frank and transparent, which is actually good as these signs can handle them well.

For this kind of relationship to work, both must be independent in a codependent lifestyle. Even if they live together and rely on each other for love and support, they still must have independent friends, careers, and finances. Not having these on their own can breed envy and contempt. While striking the perfect balance creates a love to last a lifetime.

Leo and Sagittarius

Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs. One is fixed while the other is mutable. They share the warm and tender love they’ve always dreamed of. Getting sexually intimate for the first time may come as a nice surprise. Because for once they are free to do whatever they want, be who they really are without fear of judgment.

Both signs are naturally confident and self-assured. Thus, they hardly have fights or jealous outbursts. Leo constantly wants to be spoiled and pampered. Something that Sagittarius is more than willing to oblige. Leo needs to be careful though, because as a mutable sign, Sagittarius has the ability to fall in and out of love quickly. So Leo must never take Sag for granted or they’ll be out of the door before Leo even notices.

Sagittarius loves traveling just as much as Leo. Although they might not have the same pace or prefer the same destinations. So if they go on planned vacations, they have to make sure both their chosen spots and adventures are fulfilled. That way, everybody’s happy!

Leo and Capricorn

If Leo and Capricorn share one thing, it’s none other than self-awareness. Rarely does Leo get attracted to Capricorn. Capricorn on the other hand is usually drawn to Leos’s loud, flirty, exciting nature. Their attraction is real, but they really can’t see each other as life partners.

While Leo is full of zeal and passion, Capricorn likes to take things easy and is very practical by nature. If they want to enjoy a fulfilling sex life, they must be willing to switch things up a bit. They shouldn’t be afraid to try something new every now and then.

Emotionally, things could take a toll on them. They love each other deeply but in different ways. Leo constantly needs to add fuel to the fire so it won’t burn out. While Capricorn needs time to breathe every now and then. As the saying goes, too much love can kill you in the end.

Leo and Aquarius

leo and aquarius

Opposing signs always have great attraction towards each other. Leo is the King of the Zodiacs, while Aquarius is always ready to fight anything or anyone who threatens their independence. Even a king!

Sex life is bittersweet, and a sweet surrender in the end. They will struggle to keep their emotions at bay for a while. Both are too proud to give in to their lustrous desires. But when sex slowly turns into love, that’s when the real magic begins.

Leo and Aquarius love to show off. So they must agree to let each other shine in their own time. When one of them wants to take center stage, the other must be there with their all-out support. Never rain on your partner’s parade!

Leo and Pisces

No two signs could be more opposite than Leo and Pisces. Leo is too direct and transparent, which in turn could make Pisces feel rushed and embarrassed. Leo must understand that Pisces doesn’t usually sleep around. Unless they trust you with their life, you have no chance of going on second base!

Leo is very passionate about the things they love. Pisces on the other hand spend more time daydreaming than doing. Thus, it takes longer for them to reach their goals. Leo may call them out on this, which could rub Pisces the wrong way.

For this love to work out, both need to accept that they have a unique approach to things. Success is a relative term. What may be shallow and superficial for you, maybe a big deal for your partner. Don’t step on each other’s dreams, or dampen each other’s mood. On the contrary, see how you can help each other up instead of pulling each other down.

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