Leo and Taurus Compatibility: How compatible are the Bull and Lion?

leo and taurus compatibility

Are you a Leo who is interested in a Taurus or vice versa? Perhaps you want to take your relationship to the next level, however, you are not quite sure about Leo and Taurus compatibility. Before jumping into a relationship, it is quite important to see if both of you make a good match to avoid damage and clashes.

The Bull and the Lion might be two opposites waiting to clash but these two are actually quite compatible. In this article, we will run you through Leo and Taurus compatibility and see if the bull and lion are quite a good match.

Also, get a glimpse of the following points:

  • Taurus and Leo Personality Traits
  • Leo and Taurus compatibility
  • Pros and cons of dating a Leo or Taurus
  • Leo and Taurus friendship

Taurus and Leo Personality Traits

Before we continue with Leo and Taurus compatibility, it is important to know the personality traits of Taurus and Leo. What do personality traits have to do with compatibility? Knowing the different personalities can help you determine whether your attitude and your partners will clash. 

Leo Positive Personality Traits

Let’s kick this off with the daring Lion. What are Leo’s positive personality traits? 

1. Loyal 

If trustworthiness was a person, they would probably be a Leo. Leos are all about loyalty. They are the kind of friends you can trust and they will never leave you. Moreover, they are also good at keeping secrets. Because of their loyal nature, they also expect other people to be loyal to them. 

Much like a lion’s loyalty to their pride, it is no doubt that a Leo is a person you can count on in times of trouble, Leos are trustworthy and they will make sure to have your back. Moreover, because of this nature, Leos make really good friends.

2. Wise 

If you need enlightenment or guidance, then a Leo is the right one to talk to. Leos can give you exactly the guidance that you need. Moreover, because of their straightforward nature,  they will not tie their tongue and sugarcoat what they think you should hear. 

Furthermore, their words can come off as harsh but what they say is true. Think of it as they are telling you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. If you have a friend who is good at giving advice and are really wise, they are probably a Leo. 

3. Confident 

The lions are confident. However, their confidence is different when it comes to gender. Leo women are confident that they are fearless but they can also be sensitive. However, this does not make them weaker than Leo men. Meanwhile, Leo men are confident enough to be powerful and commanding.

Furthermore, Leos are as powerful as Lions and they exude so much confidence that makes people bow down and look at them in awe. Leos know how to carry themselves and walk with their heads held high. Being around Leos can boost your confidence too since they have a knack for lifting people’s moods up.

4. Passionate 

Leos will probably be the most expressive person you meet. Their expressiveness comes from their passionate nature. Moreover, Leos are very passionate about the things that they do. If they have a hobby, they best believe they will do anything for the activity that they love. 


Furthermore, because of their passionate nature, they are good with relationships. If physical touch is your love language then you are perfect for a Leo. The lions have the tendency to show their love through body language. Not only that, but they are also very vocal about their feelings. Best believe that they will not hesitate to communicate with you.

5. Strong 

Just like lions, Leos are strong. Their strength might be their most prominent trait, especially in Leo men. Moreover, they are not only physically strong but mentally too. Furthermore, Leos always go for what’s. They have a really strong drive to do things and be at their true potential.

Leo females are also strong, both physically and mentally. Leos are the type to be fearless and they will not back down from anything, they always approach things head-on. In addition, their strength can also inspire other people. That is why being friends with a Leo man or a Leo woman is great too.

6. Generous 

Leos will not hesitate to give you anything. They are one of the most generous zodiacs out there. Moreover, if you ever need something right on the spot, they will immediately give it to you if they can. Leos are also very loving and because of this nature, they can be affectionate. 

Not only are they generous when it comes to material things but also when it comes to time and love. If you ever find yourself being in a relationship with a Leo, best believe that they will have time for you always. And in terms of love, they have so much to give that you will never feel lonely.

7. Natural Leader 

Just like Lions who lead their pride, Leos are good at being leaders. Moreover, the Lion zodiac is a natural-born leader. Leos draw people to them because of this trait. Furthermore, if you have a Leo as a team leader at work, they will surely exude confidence and have you trust them in no time. 

Their Leader trait also stems from their nature of being optimistic and generous. Leos lead people to do their very best and they leave no one behind. They can also become people’s inspiration to do better. Having a Leo leader can make you and the rest of your team strive for success.

8. Determined


And last but not the least, Leos are very determined. If they have goals, they will do everything to achieve them. Moreover, this trait also makes them commit to doing something and will not stop until they finish. Their determination stems from their positive mindset. 

The positive mindset that they have keeps them on their feet which is why it is not so often that a Leo gives up. Furthermore, because of their positivity, they will still strive even though they experience hardships along the way. The lions let their determination fuel them in order to succeed. This determination is also responsible for their leader trait.

Leo Negative Personality Traits

We are done with the positive traits, now let us head on to the negative ones. It may seem like knowing about Leo’s negative traits is not an appealing move, however, knowing their flaws can also help you understand them better. 

1. Opinionated 

Leos being opinionated is on top of our list of negative personality trait. Moreover, Leos are very opinionated and this stems from their determination that has gone too far. If a Leo decides on something, you will have a hard time changing their mind. It will take more than anything to convince a Leo. 

Furthermore, they are also very opinionated when they open their mouths. They will run their mouths and may not allow you or give you a chance to speak. This negative trait will most likely bring people to dislike Leos. In addition, some Leos have a hard time making friends because of this negative nature.

2. Attention-seeking

Leos exude confidence, we know that. However, because of their confidence, they can become attention-seekers. Moreover, Leos know that people are looking at them which is why they think they are the center of attention. Because of this, there is a possibility that they will crave attention and fame.

Attention-seeking can lead to very selfish traits. Leos love the spotlight and will do anything to be in it. Although this does not mean that all Leos are like this. There are just some who exude more confidence than others and are a lot more capable of being the center of attention.

3. Naive

Believe it or not, Leos can also be Naive. They are kind and have big hearts which is why they will not hesitate to help anyone in need. However, because of the fact that they are too kind, they easily get disappointed. Moreover, some people tend to take advantage of Leos because of how Naive they are. 

Leos are also very trusting. If you are able to gain Leo’s trust, best be sure not to break it because they value honesty and trust so much. It’s a big blow to Leos if they find out people are like them and taking advantage of them.

4. Arrogant

Leo’s arrogance stems from being an attention-seeker and opinionated. Moreover, they exude so much confidence that they can look arrogant to some people. And being the center of attention, they make things all about them. Because of this, they can also invalidate others who do not share the same vision as they do.

However, not all Leos who are confident exude arrogance, it depends on how much the attention gets to their heads. There are Leos who still stay humble despite all the attention. It also takes a lot more to put them in their place if they get too arrogant, which some people do not appreciate.

5. Stubborn 

And lastly, Leos are stubborn. This is because of their determination which makes them do what they can to finish a task. Moreover, Leos do not usually ask for help because of their mindset which makes them do things on their own. Some people see them as strong because they do not ask for help. Meanwhile, others may notice that it is their pride that gets in the way.

Leos are very hard-headed and it will probably take a long time for people to convince them about something. However, there are moments when their stubbornness help gets them through things and have them accomplish their tasks.

Taurus Positive Personality Traits

We are done with Leos, now let us head to Taurus’ positive traits.

1. Understanding


A Taurus is very understanding. People born in the Taurus zodiac are the types to survey situations from all angles. Moreover, they are good at deductions and observations. These skills help them assess the situation and understand why people act the way that they do. Because of their understanding nature, they are also good at giving advice. 

Having a friend who is a Taurus can help enlighten you. They are wise enough to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Furthermore, Taurus can make great partners as well because they choose to communicate first.

2. Patient

Taurus might be the most patient zodiac sign there. Moreover, their patience allows them to have a long-term focus, they are not easily distracted and set their eyes on their target or goal. When they have a project, they will patiently work on it. They do not easily get frustrated and nothing stresses them out often. Because of this nature, they easily strive in any environment.

Their patience is also applicable in relationships and friendships. No matter the hardship, Taurus will stay patient and assess the situation for them to know how to go about it. They are not easily annoyed as well.

3. Hard-working

Taurus is the epitome of hard-working. Moreover, when they want something, they will do anything just to get it. The bulls always have the determination to reach their goals. Furthermore, they acquire success by working hard and striving for something head-on. In addition, they are not easily fazed by challenges and will not back down from anything when it comes to getting what they want.

If effort was a person, they would probably be a Taurus. Because of their hard-working nature, they also give a lot of effort into relationships and friendships. Having a Taurus around can make you feel like you are important and worth the effort.

4. Easy-going

Taurus is very down-to-earth and is one of the most chill zodiac signs. They have easy-going personalities that allow them to become people’s favorites. Moreover, their calm vibe also makes people hang out with them. Their easygoing nature stems from their patience. 

If you are friends with a Taurus, you will experience a sense of calmness and zen. This is because of their chill vibe which is contagious for some people. Tagging along with a Taurus can turn your day of stress into a relaxing one. People love being with Taurus because of their fun nature which is a trait that everyone looks for in a friend or partner.

5. Organized


Multitasking is what Taurus is good at. While some of us cannot handle many tasks, Taurus has no problem with it. Furthermore, they are very organized and are very meticulous. The bulls pay very close attention to details as well. Moreover, they can adjust well to any environment and difficulty because of this nature. They can easily assess the situation and adapt to the environment if they need to.

Furthermore, because of how organized they are, Taurus is not forgetful. If you either let them borrow your notes or a pen, rest assured that a Taurus will always remember to return them.

6. Reliable

Last but not the least, Taurus is very reliable. They are the type of people that you would love to hang around with. Because of their reliable nature, people are quick to get along with them and trust them. If you ever find yourself being friends with a Taurus, best believe that you can always count on them.

Furthermore, being reliable stems from their passionate nature. Taurus have strong consciousness which is why their instinct to help is with them all the time which is why they are trustworthy. They are generous people and will not hesitate to help you. 

Taurus Negative Personality Traits

Just like their positive traits, negative traits also affect leos

1. The Bulls are Stubborn

Yes, Taurus can have the tendency to be stubborn. They value their own opinions so much that they will not change them when someone tells them to. Moreover, Taurus people love following routines which can make them stubborn to deviate from their routines. Because of this, they can also have a hard time leaving their comfort zones.

Furthermore, their stubbornness also stems from their loyalty to something. Their commitment is so deep that they find themselves stagnant on one project and do not move forward until they finish it.

Their stubbornness could also become a problem in future relationships, it’s hard to tame a bull.

2. They can get stuck in a rut

Taurus people have a hard time coping with change. They often become stagnant and get stuck in a rut. Moreover, they are not as welcoming to new things and will have a hard time getting out of their comfort zone. 

These negative traits of theirs can stem from their stubborn nature. Furthermore, once they are stuck in a rut, it can take a long time for them to recover or start moving again. In addition, Taurus also makes sure to conserve their energy which is why if they think the activity is not worth their time, they would not bother to do it.

3. Bulls get mad easily


Temper, Temper! Bulls have the tendency to get mad easily. Moreover, when they get mad, they will not hesitate to charge or confront you. In addition, it is easy for a Taurus to become impatient especially when things do not go as planned. They start out with annoyance and it slowly grows to anger. 

When you see your Taurus friend getting frustrated over something, consider them a ticking time bomb that can go off at any moment. When Bulls do go into a fit of rage, it will be difficult to pull them back to reality. Even family members and friends can face a Bull’s wrath.

4. Perfectionist

And lastly, Taurus are perfectionists. The Bull needs to be right all the time. Moreover, they have the tendency to always say the phrase “I told you so”. If you have a Taurus friend or project partner, best believe they will correct you if you do something that they deem incorrect.

Furthermore, this is a negative trait that can make other people feel bad. This can also affect a Taurus’ relationship with someone. Taurus will not step down their perfectionist ladder until they hear you say “You’re right”. You cannot imagine the joy and pride they will fill when you accept that you are wrong and tell them they are correct.

Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Now that you know the different personality traits of both Leo and Taurus, let us proceed to know just how compatible these two signs are. Compatibility is not limited to how both signs show similarities. Moreover, these similarities can even be the reason for clashes. 

Many might think that Taurus and Leo are a perfect match. However, these two signs are what we call “fixed” signs which is why there is always room for butting heads. So are Leos and Taurus compatible?

This is bad news for those looking for a Leo man and Taurus woman compatibility or a Taurus woman and Leo man compatibility. Taurus and Leo are not the most compatible. Let’s see why.

Earth vs. Fire sign

Taurus is an earth sign which means they tend to be quiet and steady. Meanwhile, Leos are more on the fiery side since Leo is a fire sign. They love to be the center of attention. Moreover, Leos love leading relationships which can come off as controlling, which Taurus does not like. It is important to remember that Taurus is just as stubborn as Leos which makes both sings but heads.

Pros and Cons of Leo and Taurus relationship

Are there any flaws to a Taurus and Leo compatibility?  Yes, and we are going to talk about the pros and cons of Leo and Taurus.



The biggest pros of Leo and Taurus in a relationship is their sex life. This is because both signs are quite committed to the things they like, even sex. If you are trying to find a partner who has a steady sex life and is not quite adventurous then goes for either a Taurus or a Leo.

Another benefit when it comes to Leo and Taurus’s relationship is that they appreciate hard work. Both signs value big gestures since Taurus like to be perfect and Leos like being the center of attention. Because of these traits, both signs can even out-effort the other when it comes to grand gestures.


Now, here are the downsides. First is both can have too much independence. Leos love their alone time and are very independent. They like being in a relationship when they can still do their own thing. Meanwhile, Taurus wants things according to their plans much to a Leo’s disappointment. 

Next is Jealousy. Taurus are very jealous beings. They can be more jealous than a Leo who likes to have friends and attention. Moreover, Jealousy is something that can also strain any relationship.

And lastly, both signs have their own priorities. This is specifically for Taurus since they are so committed to their jobs that they will do anything to finish them. Taurus will even work extra hours. Now, what’s so bad about this? There is the possibility that they will neglect their Leo partner who needs to have constant attention.

Leo and Taurus Friendship

Leo and Taurus compatibility is not limited to relationships only. If not in a relationship, can Leo and Taurus be friends? Bad news, they do not make very good friends either. This stems from both signs’ stubbornness. Leo and Taurus are stubborn which means their ideas clash especially if one hates the idea of the other. Furthermore, they also do both have the best communication which can lead to fights.

Leo and Taurus friendship compatibility is as tricky as being in a relationship. Both signs can become rivals due to their competitiveness and stubbornness.


Now that you know all about Leo and Taurus compatibility you might think “Oh no! Taurus and Leo are not compatible!” Of course, it is still up to you whether or not you both make your relationship or friendship work. Just because compatibility is low, it does not mean there is no chance of a good relationship. Moreover, Leo and Taurus marriage is also possible as long as both are willing to set aside differences and work together.

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