The Brightest Stars: Ranking the 12 Kindest Zodiac Signs

kindest zodiac signs

Truly nice people exist in the world we live in, that’s no secret. I’m sure you’ve met a truly kind and loving soul in all your travels, but have you ever wondered what makes people kind? Some say there’s a prenatural disposition to kindness from the moment of birth, while others argue its upbringing that forms a person’s compassionate behavior. 

Funnily enough, your zodiac sign has an influence on your level of kindness. If this is true, then which individuals born among their fated stars make up the kindest zodiac signs, then?

To answer this question, we’ve compiled a list of the kindest zodiac signs. We’ve also jotted down the behaviors particular to each sign that makes them so kind. Some signs are kind simply because of their nature. Others have a specific behavior that lands them among the kindest zodiac signs. Whatever the case may be, read on to find below:

  • What zodiac signs are the kindest?
  • The bull-headed Taurus, kinder than you’d expect
  • Which is the lowest ranked among the signs?
  • Are you doomed to only act as kind as your sign dictates?
  • And many more…

The Kindest Zodiac Signs Ranked

The zodiac has a clear impact in people’s lives. We have preconceived notions on people based on their zodiac signs. Everyone knows Leos have egotistical personalities, for instance. Or that Taurus is stubborn and bull-headed. In the same light, based on their zodiac signs, kindness comes naturally to some people… and skillfully evades the rest.

You’d naturally want to associate yourself with kinder people. But this list is not just to help us avoid the darker, meaner zodiac signs. 

The stars after all, are a guide, not an oppressive tool. With enough effort and self-work, it’s possible to achieve any level of kindness or meanness you want regardless of your sign. For kinder signs that find themselves acting unsightly, this list is a wake-up call to act as kind as your sign directs.

If you land much lower on this list, don’t fret. Consider it a challenge to better yourself. A highlight of your negative traits that you can and should work on. Just as the stars and seasons change, so can people. 

Even traits that seem permanently attached to your star sign are manageable and redirectable to more creative and harmless outlets. Without further ado, the kindest zodiac signs, ranked below: 

#1 Libra, a Sign for the People (September 23 – October 22)

We all know Libra as a polite, social, charitable sign. You will in fact, find that most charity work and welfare drives are the work of Libras! Helping others is within their nature. Libras have a compulsive need to help others. Furthermore, Libras want nothing more than to make people happy.

As the kindest sign of the zodiac, Libras tend to have the purest of hearts. While others usually label the most kind-hearted zodiac sign as a mere people pleaser, most Libras come from a place of pure altruism. 

Libra delights in the joy it spreads and seeing happiness in other people. You’d truly be hard-pressed to find kinder people than Libras! The only advice we have to give a Libra is to follow their heart to ensure they stay kind.

#2 Pisces, Going with the Flow  (February 19 – March 20)


Pisces is another that ranks among the kindest zodiac signs. While they come off more aggressively than Libra, often seen as ‘naggy’ and ‘nosy’, Pisces really just wants to help! Being overly concerned is something Pisces is known for, and they often vocalize this to the point that they sadly  seem patronizing. In truth however, Pisces often comes from a place of love.

Pisces is also known for their peaceful nature. A Pisces will avoid conflict whenever and wherever it is possible to do so. Known well as a water sign, Pisces is more prone to going with the flow, dreading even the idea of entering a fight. 

Our advice to Pisces to stay among the kindest signs is to fight the good fight. While conflict may be frightening, it is important to go through with some battles for the sake of others. Furthermore, there is always a way to win without resorting to violence, which just so happens is Pisces style.

#3 Taurus, Stubborn yet Kind? (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus… might surprise most by ranking high up on the list of the kindest zodiacs. They are the last sign you would think of for having a kind or compromising nature. Taurus is more famous, or infamous rather, for their stubbornness and bull-headedness. 

Surprisingly, it’s this same stubbornness that makes them so kind. You heard it right: stubbornness is Taurus’ best and worst quality.

Represented by the stubborn bull and an immovable earth sign, Taurus is rightfully hard-headed. Their legendary stubbornness however, also translates into a patient and tempered mood. Taurus is very good at healthily expressing their emotions, and remaining even-keel regardless of everyone around them. 

Because of this, they insist on being kind and compassionate even to the worst people on this list. Our advice to Taurus is to learn to compromise when not doing so is hurtful to others.

#4 Aquarius, Like Clear Water, Transparent and Inviting (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius, while not the highest on this list, is a much beloved sign. While not overtly compassionate like Libra, campaigning like Pisces or even patient like Taurus, they are kind. What makes Aquarius so kind and beloved is a very specific nature to them: they love making friends. 

Aquarius enjoys companionship, as well as meeting and learning about new people. They do this without any ulterior motive, simply wanting to form friendships with everyone they meet.

Additionally, Aquarius is a very transparent soul. A water sign that only goes with the flow, Aquarius only knows how to be themselves. Their crystal clear waters serve to make them kind and unassuming individuals. 

It’s very strange in fact, that for signs so vulnerable and unafraid, they choose to live with trust and kindness. Our advice for Aquarius to stay kind is to guard themselves against negative people.

Their vulnerability is as heartwarming as it is dangerous. Because Aquarius wears their heart on their sleeve, it is easily broken. A broken-hearted Aquarius can transform from a calm, inviting lake into a raging, stormy sea when they are hurt. If it’s impossible to guard yourself, we advise Aquarius to simply avoid negative people altogether to avoid becoming broken and unkind.

#5 Sagittarius, the Reclusive Benevolent (November 22 – December 19) 


Sagittarius is a vagabond. Distant and cold to people who don’t know them. This can’t be farther from the truth, however. People closer to Sagittarius will often tell you how kind and positive they are as individuals. Truthfully, as an elusive air sign, Sagittarius simply avoids negative traits and unhealthy lifestyles.

They choose to live apart from societal pressures and the noise of everyday life. Getting close to a Sagittarius means you hunger for much of the same and want to vibe on the same wavelength. When a Sagittarius sees that you are positive and kind, they open up their own heart, and you will have a friend for life. 

Our advice for airy Sags is to learn tact and civility. You will inevitably hurt others if you come off as too cold, and there is a way to distance yourself without physically avoiding others.

#6 Gemini, Hot and Cold (May 21 – June 20)

We’re starting to get to unkind territory. Everyone knows Gemini is two-faced, manipulative and overall a frequently dishonest person. Gemini can act straight-up cruel to others, delighting in mischief and hurtful games. However, surprisingly despite these facts, Gemini can also act with incredible amounts of kindness. We already hinted that at the start of this section.

Gemini, as we said, is two-faced. They are of two extremes, and can switch personalities at the drop of a hat. Geminis’ extreme nature means they are capable of both immeasurable kindness and unimaginable cruelty. That balance is what keeps them at the middle of this list, as they are neither fully kind nor unkind. Our advice to Gemini is to keep track of your moods.

Only Gemini truly understands the duality of their nature. They can predictably understand their current state of being. 

Being kind means avoiding being unkind. As such, a Gemini knows when they are in the darker side of the extreme. They should avoid others in order to avoid hurting them, and channel that energy into creative outlets.

#7 Cancer, Crabby and Unpleasant (June 21 – July 22)

Is Cancer kind or unkind? That depends greatly on their mood. Similar to Gemini but with less control and self-awareness, Cancer is a very moody sign. 

Ironically, Cancer is not inherently unkind by nature, but their violent emotional rollercoasters inevitably make them unkind in their behavior to others. They are less mean than they are unbearable, however, which is why they’re not so low on this list.

Tragically, Cancer feels deeply for everyone around them, and feels the most hurt along with others. It is this deep-seated pain that makes Cancer so irritable and quick-to-anger. Our advice for Cancer is to manage their sympathy. 

One cannot truly help others if one needs help all the same. When you can separate yourself from another person’s pain, you can also separate that person from their pain and pull them to the same tranquility.

#8 Leo, the Fierce Lion (July 23 – August 22)


Leos are social creatures, and love being in the limelight. Sharing their joys and victories with others means Leo wants to lead with kindness, but they often fail to accomplish this. 

As we all know, they have a tremendous ego. This is what lands them in leadership positions and is what makes them enjoy winning and adoration so much. It’s also what makes them harshly unkind in some situations.

Leos ego means they cannot stand being slighted or disrespected. When Leos are hurt, they lash out with all the cruelty the world has to offer. Mess with a Leo, and you’ll see why their spirit animal is rightfully the ferocious lion. 

Our advice for Leo is to remember not to waste their time with people who hurt them. What they truly want is adoration and love, and they will not get more of this by hurting their enemies, but by loving their real friends.

#9 Scorpio, the Opportunist (October 23 – November 22)

We’ve entered some truly problematic territory now. Scorpios are among the darkest signs of the zodiac. Feared for their dangerous natures, and aptly symbolized by the venomous scorpion, you should never mess with a Scorpio. 

Accordingly, Scorpio is not one for kindness. While not unkind without a reason, the same is true for their kindness.

You see, Scorpio is only kind when it benefits them. Cold and calculating individuals, altruism strikes Scorpios as a joke. Their actions and deeds should benefit them in return. They are however, fiercely loving to a fault towards a select few people they let into their lives, proving that no one is an island. Our advice to Scorpios is simply this: learn the value of love.

While Scorpios may not see the benefits of loving altruistically, it’s something every human being should do. Additionally, Scorpio should learn to forgive, because even the people in Scorpios’ inner circle are in danger if Scorpio feels hurt or slighted by them. 

Scorpio should remember that people make mistakes. They shouldn’t judge too harshly, or act too quickly before hurting those they love the most.

#10 Virgo, Abrasive and Toxic (August 23 – September 22)

The sign with the least amount of kindness is Virgo. Virgos are irritating and abrasive. Very tightly-wound and high-strung, Virgos don’t attempt harshness or unkindness, but inevitably act this way by default. 

Similarly to Scorpio, Virgos are very organized people, and don’t find acts of altruism or kindness as part of the equation for everyday life. They consider this a waste of time, and a dishonest assessment of people.

Virgos would much rather judge you based on merits, and are very passive-aggressive. Surprisingly, however, as romantic partners, Virgos’ stone heart tends to melt and crack. They become overly emotional and vulnerable when they’re in love. 

Our advice to Virgos is similar to our advice to Scorpios: learn to love others (not just romantically). No man is an island, and loving is what gives our lives meaning and purpose beyond anything else.

#11 Aries, Spades over Hearts (March 21 – April 19)

aries zodiac sign

Symbolized by the ram is the fiery Aries. A fire-sign like Leo, these aggressive creatures are famous for chasing after what they want, and never stopping until they get it. They crave power, and use sheer will to overpower everyone else on the path to their goals. This uncompromising and relentless nature is what makes them so unkind. They will trample over feelings and others if it means achieving their goals.

Aries feels no incentive to act with kindness when being pushy gets them what they want instead. They view this as successfulness and assertiveness, when in reality it is unkindness. 

Our advice to our headfirst-charging-friends symbolized by the ram is to chill out. No one gets everything they want. Even if you achieve the goals you set, you will lose everything else: friends, family and comfort if you always approach things this way.

#12 Capricorn, the Ruthless (December 20 – January 19)

Capricorn is the meanest sign by default on this list. An Earth sign with hearts that are hard as stone, Capricorn often feels no remorse for the people they hurt. They focus only on themselves, and close off from everyone else emotionally. Because of this, Capricorn is able to act with as much cruelty as they can think of. They don’t even pause to consider the consequences.

Ironically, when they are well and truly hurt, it’s even worse. When you break their heart of stone, they erupt with violent tremors. A Capricorn will freeze you solid with a cold shoulder of passive-aggressiveness and then blast you away with a truly fearsome rage. 

Our advice to Capricorn is to open up to others. When we understand other people’s pain, we understand our own. Learning to coexist with others makes us kinder and gentler people. We learn to sympathize and become more careful with our words and deeds. 

In truth, their hearts of stone can just as easily make them among the kindest people. Similar to Taurus, they have the potential to become patient, grounded people that everyone needs in their lives. They just need to put their hard-headed mind to it.

Parting Thoughts…

We hope this list sheds some light on the kindest and meanest people based on zodiac signs. It’s important to reiterate however, that you are more than what the stars make you out as. Your zodiac sign is a part of you, but everyone is capable of change, or at least managing themselves. You will meet Libras that are unkind, and Capricorns that are genuine saints. At the end of the day, it’s up to us to define who we are by our actions.

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