Zodiac Facts: 40 facts about Aries that you should know

facts about aries

Aries signs start from March 21st until April 19th. If you know someone whose birthdates land on those dates then best-believe, they are the warriors that people believe them to be. If you are friends with an Aries or want to get to know one, there are quite a few things you should remember. Get to know the rams through learning different facts about Aries.

Do you like Aries but don’t know when to start when it comes to getting to know them? Worry not, this write-up will help you in learning more about your favorite fire sign. Moreover, these are the points that you will encounter in this article.

  • Aries Personality Explained 
  • Facts about Aries that you should know 
  • Negative facts about Aries zodiac sign to watch out for 
  • How does an Aries Fall in Love
  • Which signs have the best chance of making Aries Fall in love?
  • Attract an Aries in these easy steps

Aries Personality Explained

Aries- are they leaders? Or are they just plain bossy? Before we head on to interesting facts about Aries, let us first talk about their personalities. What makes the ram an Aries? 

Aries Loves to be on the Number one spot

The rams are ambitious and want to be the first in everything. Moreover, their personality of being determined stems from their audacious nature. Furthermore, Aries oftentimes embody a singular spirit. 

Possessing a singular spirit means that they are independent. Aries often do not agree with “No man is an Island” but it’s more of an “Every person for themselves” attitude. 

Aries is ruled by Mars

The planet Mars was named after the God of war in Roman Mythology. Consequently, the name Aries is also similar to Ares, the Greek God of war who is hot-tempered and aggressive. Ares is the Greek counterpart of Mars. 

Even if they are hot-headed and aggressive, their outbursts don’t last long which does not ultimately make them a bad sign to be with. 

Facts about Aries That You Should Know

It’s finally the part where we get to know the interesting facts about Aries. Grab your pen and paper and take some notes. 

#1: Aries are Leaders

aries are leaders

Rams are the leaders when it comes to the Zodiac. Their heroic nature is enough to make them look like they are in charge. Because of their Stoic nature, Aries endure hardships without complaining. That factor allows the fire signs to be great captains. 

Additionally, their leadership tendencies can sometimes come as bossy. However, Aries does not mean any harm. They only want to keep things in order and it’s just in their nature.

#2: Easily move on to fights

When Aries is mad, they do not stay mad for long. Moreover, the rams do not hold grudges. They may have so much energy in them but they are not planning to waste that on staying mad at someone. 

#3: Physically Active

Aries are physically active individuals especially when they work out. Moreover, being physically active gives Aries energy to do tasks that they have to do. Like a race car with a full tank, exercising allow Aries to fuel themselves to conquer the day,

#4: Aries are Popular

Aries are social and they love to be around people. Furthermore, they are the type who won’t let anyone feel left out. Because of their friendly nature, people like being around them, and they are pretty popular.

#5: Finish tasks quickly

aries finish tasks quickly

Aries are hard working. Furthermore, they immediately begin the tasks given to them to immediately finish. They do not like hanging around one thing for too long. 

Moreover, Aries put their focus into their work, not missing a single beat/ These fire signs are hard working.

#6: Passionate

Believe it or not, Aries also cry due to intense emotions. The rams are passionate in nature, and if they want something, they get it. Moreover, they fight for what they believe in.

#7: Aries are conquers

Although Aries tend to get too passionate, they are also unbelievably firm when it comes to emotions. These Rams are made to conquer everything. Furthermore, they do not sulk about anything easily.

#8: Aries are emotionally strong

The Rams are the captains of the zodiacs that is why they have the tendency to be emotionally strong. Aries are tough and they know full well how to manage their own emotions.

#9: Tactless

Aries can be tactless at times. Moreover, their mouths usually have minds of their own which is why Aries can say harsh things. Oftentimes, they do not realize how harsh they getting. 

#10: Aries are Extroverts

loud party

As mentioned, the rams are social people. They like anything fun, especially loud parties. Moreover, they are also good at expressing themselves.

Seems like there were a lot to unravel when it comes to the Fire sign. The facts listed above are what makes a Ram and Aries and most of those things are an asset than a negative trait.

Negative facts about Aries zodiac sign to watch out for

Of course, not all signs are perfect. In fact, none of the zodiac signs are perfect, there are always flaws that even you have to watch out for. Moreover, learning about someone’s negative facts or traits can help you prepare in knowing how to deal with them. 

We are done with facts about Aries, let’s head over to Negative facts about Aries zodiac sign that you have to watch out for. 

#1: Aries are hot-tempered

As much as possible, try not to make an Aries Angry. Moreover, Aries’ deadly sin is wrath, and you would not want to experience that. The rams tend to explode in anger and tend to start an argument.

If you are in love with a guy who’s an Aries, these facts are what you have to anticipate.

#2: Aries are Impatient

As mentioned, Aries love to get things over and done with. However, because of that nature, the rams can get impatient. Moreover, the rams love everything fast. 

#3: Aries are highly sexual 

This might seem like a good thing for most people, however, it can be a negative trait. Like a hunter pouncing on its prey, an Aries can easily pounce on you, even during the times that you least expect it. 

#4: Aries get bored easily

negative facts about aries

When it comes to dating or knowing an Aries, get to the point as much as possible. Furthermore, rams do not like waiting and hanging around for too long. Moreover, let them engage in something as much as possible. They get bored easily since it is their nature to move all the time.

It’s a good idea to take notes of the negative facts mentioned. Being ready on how to conquer an Aries head-on is a good advantage. Moreover, if you are serious about dating a ram or even getting to know one, these are the facts that you either have to accept or counter. 

How does an Aries fall in love

How does the hot-tempered ram fall in love? The answer might surprise you. Despite their aggressive nature, Aries are always the quickest and the first to fall in love. 

Remember that Aries are passionate. If they love something or someone, they easily get attached. Moreover, the rams fall in love without any hesitation, even if it’s falling for the wrong person.

If you have an Aries that is pursuing you, know that they are genuinely in love with you/ They will stop at nothing just for you to be theirs. In addition, you just have to be ready for their full swing and oozing confidence. 

Always remember, that Aries approach things head-on. They love to be straightforward about things, even confessing their feelings. So why does Aries fall in love quickly? It has something to do with their impatient nature.

Again, Aries dive into things without even contemplating the consequences. And yes, they dive into love without knowing the pros and cons of being in love. 

Furthermore, Aries love great confidence. This goes out to all of you who want to get an Aries woman. Facts about Aries women are no different than those of men. An Aries woman loves it when someone is hard to get but confident.

Moreover, they are attracted to people who exude independence. If you are the type to be comfortable in your own shell and know how to bring yourself, chances are you can get Aries’ attention.

Additionally, if you are the type who is supportive, then Aries falls in love with you quicker. Aries love good competition. If you show your Aries partner that you support them by jumping in on their competitiveness, rest assured they’ll fall in love with you in a matter of a few days.

Which signs have the best chance of making Aries Fall in love?

Now that you know Aries falls in love quickly, it’s time to find out if you have the chance to be with them. What signs have the best chance of making Aries Fall in love? 

Aquarius signs are also competitive in nature. They love friendly competitions and are enthusiastic. Pairing them with an Aries can result in both signs in becoming best friends.

Moreover, Sagittarius also has a big chance of making Aries fall in love. Why? Because both signs exude masculine energy. They get to face each other’s negative traits since they know how to handle them.

Attract an Aries Man and woman in these simple steps

You already know facts about the zodiac Aries sign. You also already know their negative traits. Now it is time to put that knowledge to good use and attract an Aries man and woman.

#1: Let an Aries chase you

People that are hard to get often attract Aries. Moreover, try to play hard a little and show them that you are not that easy to impress. In that way, Aries gets challenged and will try to win you up. 

#2: Aries love humorous people

make aries laugh

Aries enjoy someone’s company when they are funny. Furthermore, crack little jokes that are enough to make Aries laugh. 

#3: Be independent

Although Aries are prone to protecting the people they love, they also love independence. Showing that you are confident and independent may attract them.

#4: Have a goals

Aries are attracted to people who have both drive and passion. Moreover, if they can see that you have a clear goal, they will most likely love that trait about you. Aries men love a career-oriented woman.

#5: Be active Physically

If you want to attract an Aries, you have to keep up with their day-to-day physical activities. Remember, Aries love to move and get physical. If you are the type to lazy around, then Aries is not for you.

#6: Value space

As mentioned, Aries get bored easily. That is why giving them enough time to miss you is always a good idea.

#7: Be truthful

By the end of the day, it all boils down to being yourself. If you do not meet the standards of people an Aries is easily attracted to, it’s okay. Do not ever try to be someone you are not because there is nothing Aries despises more than great pretenders. 

Even if you do not have the traits, there is still a high chance for Aries to fall for you because of how truthful you are to yourself. 


Now that you know the different facts about Aries, you are ready to pursue one or even just be friends with one. It’s great to get to know a person before actually being with them. This way, you can have a wider perspective. 

Moreover, knowing the traits and facts about the rams. can also help you prepare yourself for what to expect. Not everyone loves a person who’s aggressive and hot-tempered, it takes a lot of patience. 

Even though Aries can seem intense, they just need someone to understand them and also keep up. If you think you are that person then there is definitely no harm in trying. 

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