What is Divine Timing and Should You Put Your Trust in It?

what is divine timing

Do you believe that everything happens at the right time for the right reasons? Have you noticed circumstances in your life always working out perfectly even if they seem impossible? This might be because of the divine timing. So, what is divine timing exactly? 

While it might be unfathomable to completely trust in fate, many people get reassured by the perfect timing. This article is your ultimate guide to knowing what is divine timing and how it works. 

In this article, we’ll learn about …

  • The divine timing meaning
  • How does divine timing work?
  • Divine timing signs you should look out for
  • The right time and relationships
  • Putting your trust in the fate
  • And so much more

Divine timing meaning 

What does this really mean? The idea that things unfold exactly the way they should is what we call divine timing. This phenomenon happens at the perfect moment under a higher power or divine plan. It is why everything happens at the right time for the right reason, regardless of one’s personal desires. 

God, a divine being, or the universe controls the timing of events in our lives. And these things that will happen to us at the perfect time will bring forth greater good and personal growth. Now that we know what is divine timing, what will happen if you try to control it according to your own will? Problems and setbacks will result from defying the perfect timing and imposing your own. Attempting to control this is like challenging God, the heavens, and the universe. 

We like to make timetables for our lives. But most of the time, our schedules do not go as we have anticipated. And when this happens, we often ponder when will it happen. The solution is to put your faith in the right timing. It might be too much for us to fathom, but the power of God and the universe will bring prosperity. All we need to do is to have faith that everything will work when the time is right.

How does it work? 

Trust is a very important value you should have if you trust in the divine time. But how does the divine time work? Should you trust that everything happens in divine time?  

Whilst it might be hard to fully understand how the divine timing works, there are rules to follow for this divine providence to work. It takes an open mind and the ability to let go of control and the willingness to trust in the perfect timing. 

We have listed the rules of divine time. These may help you have a comprehension of how it works in your life.

1 Be grateful

To do this, develop a thankful mindset. Be appreciative of the things that you already have and of the possibilities coming your way. Always practice and cultivate gratitude daily and you’ll notice a greater sense of joy and contentment in your life. Incorporating gratitude cultivates a positive outlook hence attracting happiness and fulfillment.

2 Be patient and trust the timing 


If we wait for the right timing, we need to be very patient while we wait for the perfect moment. We should have patience and trust that good things will unfold at the right time. With perfect timing, the quote “Patience is a virtue” must be your mantra. Waiting may be uncomfortable and tiring. But always be patient and embrace the uncertainty of the future. Even if things do not make sense right now, you’ll realize that everything happens for a reason. So, wait patiently and trust the divine timing.

3 Pay attention to what is and what isn’t happening

Let’s say you have been waiting for a big promotion but for reasons you do not know, it still was not given to you. You are grateful and patient, and you trust the timing but nothing is still happening. Nothing is working in your favor. 

Well, your next step is to be vigilant and cautious about the things that are happening in your life. Or the things that are not happening. These could be indicators that you are not yet ready to accept a bigger role or responsibility. It could also be a sign that it is not the right thing for you. 

4 Let go of control and expectations

Recognize your limitations and develop the ability to surrender to the greater authority. Letting go of control and expectations can result in a more calm and less stressful life. When you let go and surrender to the unknown, it will help you welcome blessings and good things with open arms. 

Yes, letting go of control and going with the flow is scary – you’ll never know what happens next. But the great thing about it is you allow fate and destiny to do their thing and transform your life. 

5 Be mindful and connect with your spirituality

Your feelings and thoughts are very important. Make an effort to pay attention and to be present and mindful in every moment. Meditation and self-reflections are examples of the things you could do to be mindful. 

Being mindful also leads to connecting with your spirituality. Although they are not the same, both are related to each other. Mindfulness can be a spiritual practice that helps you nurture a deeper sense of awareness. Additionally, your spirituality can help improve your mindfulness. It gives you a more concrete image of your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. 

Signs of the divine timing in your life 

You now know what is divine timing. But how do you know that something happens at the perfect time? How do you know that destiny is working in your life? 

In this section, we’ll talk about the signs of divine timing in your life. These signs may vary but here are the most common ones.

1 Deja vu 

deja vu feels

Have you felt an overwhelming sense of familiarity with a present scenario despite the fact that it is a new situation or experience? It’s as if you feel as though you are experiencing something that you saw, heard, or dreamt of in the past. This is what deja vu feels like. Deja vu feels like you are reliving a dream which gives a surreal feeling. You might feel confused and amazed when it happens to you but it is harmless. 

Deja vu is a sign that you are on the right path and aligned with your own destiny. It happens because you are taking the steps of your past self. That’s why deja vu feels like you are doing something that already happened.

2 Synchronicities, Symbols, and Angel numbers

Synchronicities, symbols, and angel numbers are all signs from the universe that you are on the right path. Pay close attention to these because they are signs of divine timing. 

Synchronicities are events that appear to be related in some ways. They are also called strange coincidences. It signals that something significant is about to happen in your life.  Symbols, on the other hand, come from spirit guides or guardian angels. These symbols appear to us in the form of feathers, animals, or upright coins. Additionally, Angel numbers are repeating numbers or sequences. Every series or sequence has a different quality or message. 

4 Gut feelings and Clairvoyant dreams

Having strong gut feelings means you have a strong sense of intuition. Although the gut feeling is a physical sensation, it is highly related to spiritual and extrasensory perception. Following the voice from within that tells people to go a different way saved so many lives. These strong gut feelings are intuitive messages from the spirits to direct us to the right path at the right time. 

However, clairvoyant dreams are also intuitive messages from the heavens but in the form of a dream. These dreams can give predictions, insights, and guidance. They vary from being vivid to symbolic. Interpreting the meaning of clairvoyant dreams is important to determine what is divine timing and when is it happening in your life. 

5 Spirit guides

You have an army of spirit guides that guides you to the universe’s path. Your spirit guides are there with you at all times of your life which makes you feel guided and guarded. Having spirit guides is an indication that the universe is on your side. But you’ll only receive blessings from the universe if you surrender and become one with the universe’s energy. 

Divine timing and relationships


Do you believe that the perfect timing helps you find the right people? Whether it is love, family, or friendship, the right moment will lead the way for you to meet the perfect people. If you put your trust and faith in the universe’s timing, the right person will come to you. Have faith, and the universe will bless you with the perfect relationship.

It may sound cliche and cheesy but the perfect relationship will come to you at the perfect timing. And when that time comes, it will feel as if the stars aligned for you to experience a serendipitous moment.

You may question what is divine timing and whether it’ll really direct you to the right person. Who knows, right? But the beautiful gift of waiting for the perfect moment in relationships is, without a doubt, worth waiting for.

17 Quotable quotes to live by while waiting for the divine timing

Here are some divine timing quotes to ponder while you wait for your win flame, soulmate, or perfect match. 

What is yours will find you.

Be patient for everything happens at the perfect time.

Your future is greater than your past.

There is a perfect time that will serve you well.

Trust in fate and allow things to unfold as they should.

The perfect time is never late and never early. It is always perfect – at the exact right time.

Trust the process and be patient.

In the pursuit of destiny, we will grow, and we will bloom.

Everything will work out for me. 

If it’s meant to happen, it will. 

Put your trust in the goodness of the universe. 

The best things are worth the wait. 

Your future holds something greater than your past. 

Everything is part of the divine plan. 

Believe in the perfect timing as you believe in yourself. 

There is joy in waiting for the right time. 

Should you trust fate and destiny? 

We already discussed what is divine timing, how it works, and its signs. Perfect timing always happens in our life. Although we do not know when the right time will happen, our fate gives us reassurance and can provide a sense of comfort and peace. 

Believing in fate and destiny is also believing in destiny. It is the belief that everything that happened and will happen was already designed for you. As you live your life, you will see things unfold at the right time for the right reasons. It is what fate and destiny are doing in your life. 

Knowing what is divine timing and trusting it are two different things. Now that you know what it is, would you trust it? The answer really depends on your personal opinions. 

Key Takeaway 

Our human minds might have a hard time figuring out fate. Humans as we are, we like to have control over things. What exactly is the right timing? Well, we discussed this one above. But walking the face of the Earth is better if we believe a divine power guides us. You may not recognize it but if you look closely at your life, things work out to better serve you best. Whether you believe in free will or faith is completely up to you. You can have complete control of your life, or you could go with the flow, or you could have balance with both of them. Find ways to trust at the right time while also practicing your free will. 

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