Types of Spirit Guides: What Are They & How To Find Them

types of spirit guides

You are never alone, thanks to your spirit guides. They go with you from the moment you took your first breath up until the last. Regardless of your beliefs, a group of spirit guides is always with you. A spirit guide or a group of spirit guides are with you during all the milestones in your life. Take note that there are many guides in your life, around four or five. Many guides means that there are also many types of spirit guides. Learn about the different types of spirit guides to build a strong connection with them. 

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What are they?

So, what is a spirit guide and what do they do? Spirit guides are mystical creatures that guide us to reach our full potential here on Earth. Some cultures and religions call them many names such as guardians. And despite having many names, spirit guides share many commonalities. 

Everybody has spiritual guides. We may not see them with our own eyes but we can feel their presence. It feels like someone is watching over us from a distance. Or when we get an instinct that brought us away from danger. That right there are our spirit guides in action.

We are not alone, thanks to our spirit guides. They are with us at all times – in good and bad. There are spirit guides who have been with us from birth till death. Some spirit guides, on contrary, come to us at different stages in our lives and stay after that. Other spirit guides only show themselves to us  once – give us one message, leave, and never come back. We have spirit guides that come in and out of our lives for specific purposes. 

Our spirit guides reveal messages that help us find our true purpose in this life. They protect us from negativity and danger. At times, they guide us and bring us to the right path or meet the right people. Either way, our spirit guides or guardians step into our lives to provide an extra layer of safety and wisdom. 

7 different types of spirit guides

Did you know that we all have spirit guides? Take note, guides not guide. This means that we have at least three or four spirit guide types. Yes, we can have a lot of them – we have a team of spirit guides. 

Anything can be our spirit guide. Higher dimensional beings such as angels, dragons, and fairies. It can also be our other versions like our past life, shadow self, or inner child. They can also come to us as deceased loved ones in this life. Or those who we don’t personally know like historical figures or ascended beings. 

We have specific types of spirit guides for specific needs in our lives. The list below shows the different types of spirit guides take and how they can assist us. 

#1 Deities

Among all other types of spirit guides, deities are the most powerful. Gods and goddesses are divine beings who take the lead and help us drop our fear. Because of their divine powers, you will feel a strong presence when they enter our life as a guide 

If you feel drawn to a specific deity or certain god or goddess energy, and it shows up in your life often, then foster that connection. Not everyone can be lucky to have deities as spirit guides. 

Foster the connection by learning more about them. Read up on stories all about them and their characteristics. Each one comes with its own rich mythology and many lessons to teach. Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece had a lot of deities who may become your spirit guides. 

Every culture and religion has a strong connection to a deity or many deities. You may have deities as spirit guides if you belong to one of these groups. 

If you want a specific deity to become your spirit guide, you can ask them to become your spirit guide. Reach out to them, give them offerings, and light a candle on your altar or shrine. 

#2 Archangels and Guardian Angels

guardian angel

Angels are heavenly creatures that can help protect, guide, and provide inner wisdom. These creatures have unconditional love for humans. But what are the differences between Archangels and Guardian Angels?

In the hierarchy of Angels, Archangels are the highest rank of them all. They lead the fleet in the angelic realm. Archangels are celestial beings made out of pure love. In many religions, Archangels are God’s leading angels. They travel back and forth between Heaven and Earth to deliver messages from God to humans. 

Guardian angels are the angels that are only assigned to you from birth. You and your guardian angels have a strong connection – they are with you all the time. They work on an individual level – they take care of you and assist you. Because they know you too well, your guardian angels will do miracles in your life if you connect with them. But it cannot interfere with your life without your free will. 

Say a sincere and simple prayer to the Archangels and Guardian Angels to connect with them. A simple “thank you for your guidance and help” is a big thing when communicating with them. 

#3 Ancestors

Even if they are not here in the earthly realm, we still have a spiritual connection with our ancestors. These ancestors are our loved ones who were once part of our lives before they passed away. Despite them being no longer with us, we are still connected with them through genetic memory. Your ancestors are guides who has some sort of kinship with you. 

One of your great grandparents or deceased aunt still watches over you and still guides you. Your ancestors will enlighten and help you with generational trauma. They do this because they want you to prosper in your present and future by repairing the past. 

Connecting with the ancestors is a common tradition in many cultures and religions. They believe that keeping in touch with their ancestors keeps the traditions alive. Some cultures believe that their ancestors have acquired a wealth of wisdom. For this reason, ancestors are great spirit guides. 

#4 Ascended masters

They are the souls of human beings who had amazing spiritual growth during their time here on Earth. While they once acted as humans, they now act as special guides to help humans during times of need. These are once human beings who ascended into higher beings – like the saints and buddha. 

Among the other types of spirit guides, they have the abilities of both humans and the divine. The spirits of ascended masters have high energy. Because of their divine abilities, they teach from a much more impressive perspective. 

Having ascended masters as spirit guides gives you a unique and soul-filling experience. 

#5 Spirit Animals or Totems

Spirit animals have a lot of significance in indigenous culture. A spirit animal is a teacher or a messenger that comes in the form of an animal. This animal has a personal relationship with its person. 

They are sometimes called animal guide, spirit guides, power animals, or animal helpers. No matter what their names are, they help you in your journey in life. When you need peace, guidance, and strength, your spirit guides can help you. 

The spirit animals are present in your life especially when you take on a journey. They are good at guiding and protecting you throughout your journey. Your spirit animals will teach you important lessons which you can carry for your whole life. 

Each animal has characteristics that they represent. And a person’s spirit animal reflects the characteristics that they value the most. You share inherent abilities and qualities with your spirit animal. Your spirit animal’s symbolic nature which defines them also defines you. 

#6 Nature spirits

Sometimes called elemental spirits. These types of spirit guides are the spirits of things that inhabit nature. Elementals thrive where nature is untouched by humans such as deep in the forest, at secluded waterfalls, or on mountain tops. Their spirits embody the four elements of the world: earth, water, air, and fire. 

nature spirits

Their main purpose is to maintain the Earth’s balance. They guard and harmonize the living creatures of the planet. Unlike other types of spirit guides, nature spirits embody a limited elemental ability. 

Gnomes are the nature sprites of the Earth. They come in the form of dryads, elves, pygmies, and satyrs. Earth spirits nourish and protect the land. You may have gnomes as spirit guides if you like taking care of the land and its plants. 

Water elementals are the Undines. They are the mermaids, naiads, oceanids, and other water spirits. The water elementals live in bodies of water. Their grace and beauty make them approachable. If you live close to a body of water, your spirit guide might be a water elemental.

The fire elementals are also known as salamanders. They bring the presence of fire to the Earth, keeping humans warm. Salamanders work through our liver, bloodstream, and emotions. Because of their fiery nature, these spirit guides are erratic and intense. 

The Air Elementals or sylphs and fairies. Among the four elementals, they resonate the highest vibrations. These nature spirits have the ability to control the weather. They live in high places such as the top of mountains or trees. Sylphs are sympathetic to humans. If you have air elementals in your team of spirit guides, they are the ones who encourage your creativity. 

People drawn to nature most likely have nature spirit for spirit guides. 

#7 Your Higher Self

It might be a surprise to know that your own self can also be your spirit guide. But, yes. Your higher self is a version of you that has a deep connection to the supernatural. You, being your own spiritual guide, see things outside and beyond the box. This version of yourself is the most formed and complete version of your soul.

You might be asking which versions of yourself I am referring to. Everyone has a different form of the higher self as each of us is unique. They can be your shadow self, inner child, or your past life. Because it is a version of you, your higher self has access to your consciousness. Your higher self retains all the memories and knowledge from your different lifetimes. 

The higher self is not all-knowing. There are also things that the higher self does not know. As we continue to live our lives, the higher self also grows by gaining different experiences. 

Being mindful and acknowledging your true self is a way to access your higher self. Tap into the wisdom within you. 

How spirit guides send messages

Call on the spirit guides and they come immediately. Even if we’re not aware of them, they are always around us and want to help. They send signs to imply that they have already entered our lives and ready to help. It is now up to us how we perceive their messages. 

These different spirit guides send us the signals that we ask for or even those we don’t ask for. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see them but they do send us way more signs than we realize it. They communicate with us by sending gentle, clear and straightforward messages. 

Here are some ways the spirit guides communicate with us in our everyday lives. 



All types of spirit guides communicate to us through our thoughts. You may think it was yours but those are not our thoughts. Although it may feel and seem like our own, we’re not the one thinking them. It is our spirit guides sending their thoughts, saving us from danger. 

Receiving thoughts from the spirit guides feel like you get a strong thought out of nowhere. 

Distinguishing between the spirits’ and our thoughts is challenging. It is up for us to learn what the difference between the two are. Once we master this, we’ll hear their messages clearer

Signs & Symbols

There are spirit guides who communicate through a variety of symbols and signs. You might think that the signs and symbols that the spirit guides send you are coincidences. But no, you will know right off the bat that they are signs from your spirit guides. 

The guides will try to show you signs such as repeating messages and repeating number. Maybe you are seeing a symbol repeatedly. Or you always see an animal on the same spot every time. Sometimes the symbols could be repeating numbers. These are signs that your spirit guides are trying to connect to you. Do not brush it off as random coincidences. This is your spirit guides’ way of getting your attention. 

If you are unsure what the spirit guides are trying to tell you, concentrate. Trust your intuition and try to focus on the messages of your spirit guides. Or you can ask your spirit guides for a very clear clear sign which is unique to the both of you. 

Bodily Sensations 

Have you ever felt a sudden tingling physical sensations run through your body out of the blue? You will feel the sensory presence of your spirit guides.

When deciding your options, say choosing to stay in your current job or take that offer, your guides can help. You will feel a rush of warmth or chills in your spine. This sign from the spirits tells you to choose whichever you are thinking of. You might also get goosebumps when you have already decided. These physical sensations are forms of reassurance from the spirit guides. So be mindful of them and take not of what you are thinking while you felt them. 



It is common for human beings to dream. But are our dreams just dreams or are they connected to your everyday life? Or are your dreams directed by your spirit guides to provide guidance? These meaningful dreams may be from the spirit guides.

Day in and day out, our spirit guides are there to protect us. At night, when we are in deep sleep, our spirit guides still guide us through dreams. When we are awake, our subconscious mind takes over our conscious mind. The spirit guides will communicate to us through dreams – they may be crazy and vivid dreams. 

In dreams, the spirit animals can show themselves and actually talk to us. They will tell you the things you need to know or the clarification you need. These dreams carry messages for our healing, growth, and alignment. 

5 ways to help you connect with your spirit guides

You already know the different types of spirit guides and how they send messages. Now you might be asking how to contact your spirit guides. 

There’s a million ways to communicate to your spirt guides, so there’s no one way to do so. You can do it in a ton of different spaces. The more you communicate with them, the more you’ll get to know them and see them working in your life. Talk to them more and you’ll have a better communication

These simple steps will definitely help in connecting with spirit guides

1. Improve and develop your intuition

Your intuition is a part of you. To improve your intuition, create a regular routine. Hone your intuitive skills by exercising and challenging your intuition every single day. Be consistent in this practice. 

Playing guessing games with your friends is one common way to do this. Ask your friends to think of a number form 1-10 then guess. You can also practice by guessing who is coming to the front door. Your options are really endless.

Having an improved and developed intuition makes communication with the spirit guides easier. This way, you won’t have a hard time understanding their messages. 

2. Develop constant rituals

When connecting with your spirit guides, consistency is the key. Have a regular routine for your spiritual practices. You can develop a routine you can follow. A meditation routine every morning when you wake up, journal every nigh, or  yoga class every weekend. You could also do a spiritual ritual during full moon or draw tarot cards. The choice is up to you. 

Having constant rituals will help you connect and communicate with your spirit guides. By doing so, it will be easier for spirit guides to keep you grounded on the earth while helping with your spirituality. 

3. Consistent communication

What’s a better way to connect with your spirit guides than to communicate? Talk to your spirit guides as if they are with you physically. More than guiding you, your spirit guides are your friends. 

The spirit guides like being a part of your life. Talking and communicating with them builds rapport. You can also give names to your spirit guides so that you’ll get to know them more. 

It might feel awkward the first time you do that, but it feels more natural as time goes by. This way, you’ll also develop a system wherein you can easily understand their messages. 

4. Practice divination

tarot cards

Divination is a way to communicate with the spirits. There are tools such as tarot cards, oracle cards, incenses, and candles. To know what works best with connecting to your spirit guides, try different methods and see what works best for you. 

When practicing divination, it is very important to be in a state of peace and meditation. Clear your mind with negative thoughts and focus on the energy of your spirit guides. 

5. Keep a spiritual journal

Learn more about the different ways your spirit guides connect with you by writing them down. Keep track of the circumstances and how they communicate with you. Write about your experiences with your spirit guides. This includes your thoughts, feelings, and sensations. 

Keeping a spiritual journal will help you see the pattern of how things happen between you and your spirit guides. Write everything down even if the experiences you had with your spirit guides do not make sense. Your experiences will keep on repeating and will make sense in the future. 

Your spiritual journal holds your progress with your spiritual awakening. The things kept in your spiritual journal will help improve your spiritual abilities. 


Now we know that spirit guides are our allies. All types of spirit guides are helpful and will bring spiritual awakening. Reinforce your connection with the spirit guides using the tips from above. But despite having spirit guides, always remember that no matter what the spirit guides tell you, the final decision is always up to you. Because even if they can contribute to your decision-making, they can’t intervene with your choices.  

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