Chiron Retrograde and your Zodiac: Fabulous Astrology Guide

chiron retrograde

Astrology is rife with symbolism and different meanings. Among such things are mythological creatures. One such creature is Chiron, the legendary healer and hero mentor of Greek legend. He is most prominent in astrology as the constellation Centaurus.

When the constellation seems to go backwards in orbit, that celestial body is in retrograde. Thus, Chiron retrograde means that the constellation seems to go backwards in orbit. The constellation looks like a centaur, the Greek half-horse half-man creature of legend.

In astrology, Chiron represents deep wounds that we’ve suffered. Whether it’s external or internal is irrelevant. The point is that you’ve suffered a wound as a person and it will take a lifetime to heal it. Chiron may be a healer, but while he helps others heal, he cannot heal himself.

Chiron is presently in the part of the Zodiac where Aries is. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and often we associate it with childlike emotions. In the context of Chiron retrograde, it means Aries is working on relieving childhood pains.

From July 15th to December 19th this year, Chiron retrograde is in effect. In this time, you will most likely deal with past issues that affect your present predicaments. Healing wounds often means sometimes opening them, but you’ll certainly do the mending work.

Below, you’ll find the effects of Chiron retrograde in natal chart! That is to say, the effects of Chiron as a constellation on your Zodiac sign are right below. Read on to learn all about Chiron and how he affects your Zodiac.

Chiron in Retrograde

You may be asking, “how long is Chiron retrograde?” It lasts a pretty long time, actually. From July 15th to December 19th this year, Chiron retrograde will be up. That’s nearly half the year in total that it’s going to affect your Zodiac.

If you’re asking “What does Chiron retrograde mean?” don’t worry! Chiron retrograde meaning has everything to do with the emotional pains you carry. Chiron retrograde is a call to understand that emotional pain and embrace it. Only then can we work towards releasing negativity in our lives.

For those asking “How often is Chiron retrograde?” the answer is that it depends. It was around in 2018, then 2019, and it’s here now. But it won’t be back after this year, not until 2026. So if you plan to take advantage of Chiron retrograde and its energy, now is the time!

Typically, when planets are in retrograde, their reverse of their effect happens. That makes its impacts in our lives much more introspective. Chiron as a planet is already concerning itself with sensitive and subconscious topics.

This means that Chiron retrograde denotes a time of deep therapeutic healing. Usually, that means a lot of inner healing is supposed to happen with your emotions. However, you need to embrace the pain and learn to accept it before you can start to heal.

Chiron’s Legend

Chiron is a legend even among his centaur kin. As one of the many sons of the Titan Kronos, one would think that he would be a god. However, unlike the Olympian gods, Chiron’s mother wasn’t the Titan Rhea.

Instead, his mother was a nymph named Philyra. As a result, he was born a centaur, not a god. It’s smarter not to dwell too much on who’s related on the godly side. Saving yourself the headache of trying to understand their familial relations is better.

As Chiron grew, he later learned the secrets of medicine. Unlike his father, who had a drive to rule the world, Chiron preferred the deeds of man. So he decided he’d rather help the heroes of Greek legend than his father. To that end, he became a trainer of heroes.

Chiron is no slouch at teaching, especially heroes. Several of Greek mythology’s greatest heroes were once Chiron’s students. Among their ranks are the legendary Theseus and Hercules. Perseus, slayer of the Gorgon, Medusa is also one of Chiron’s students. And everytime they got hurt, he would be the one to heal them.



If Chiron is to help Aries heal from their troubled past, Aries has to put itself first. No matter what, Aries can’t let himself believe that putting himself first is selfish. The best version of Aries can only emerge once his heart and emotions are working again.

To any Aries seeing Chiron, this is the time to focus on your needs and desires. What do you really want or need for yourself? Going to get it is the best way for Aries to really become themselves again. Given that, don’t be afraid, Aries! Charge forward like the ram your Zodiac sign symbolizes!


Everyone under Chiron, especially under the retrograde, is on a quest for healing. People in general always develop some kind of emotional wound. It’s impossible to grow up and develop no emotional wounds. That doesn’t mean we have to carry them forever and never close them one day.

In Taurus’ quest, they may opt to go it alone. Taurus will probably disengage from everyone they’re close to so they can make the necessary emotional changes. Unfortunately, Taurus isn’t meant for loneliness; it’s a bad idea for Taurus to try and heal alone.


Different people respond differently to treatments, especially when it comes to emotions. Some people prefer to try and resolve their wounds alone. Others thrive in more social environments with the help of other people.

Gemini needs a lot of people helping to boost their inner morale and bust through the wounds. Motivational or self-help classes help greatly to do this. And sometimes, helping others is the only way Gemini can help themselves; try humanitarian projects. Aligning with the community and improving themselves is the best way for Gemini to heal. 



Cancer is most often the sensitive mom in the Zodiac, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have emotional problems. If anything, they’re the most likely to have some kind of emotional problem. Flight from that problem is a common Cancer response, so they’ll sometimes become workaholics to cope.

Clearly, healing for Cancer can only come when they take after Aries. Facing the problem head-on instead of skirting it is the only way Chiron can help Cancer heal. Don’t bury yourself in work to avoid the problem; healthy work-life balance starts when you face the problem.


Leos thrive in the spotlight, so it shouldn’t come as any kind of shock that boredom is lethal to them. If they can’t find anything spiritually exciting to do, Leo is likely to end up lost. Figuring out that new spiritual endeavor is a surefire way to help Leo find his place in the world.

In order to heal from their emotional wounds, Leos also need to help others. The way they do it is by tackling challenges and obstacles so others can learn from them. If they can do this, they’ll complete themselves and heal from their past hurts.


Virgo is often one of the most rational Zodiac signs, so the nature of their emotional wounds can be difficult. Because Virgo loves to rationalize so much, they believe every question has a logical answer. Unfortunately, emotions aren’t always logical; we just feel them, whether justified or not.

It’s because of this that Virgo struggles to acknowledge their own feelings. They can’t see themselves as rational and feel these irrational feelings at the same time. Syntax error is a generous way to describe what happens in their heads and hearts when that happens. When Virgo learns self-honesty, they can put themselves in a place to heal.



Libra is all about balancing the scales. They do their best to help people; that’s why their symbol is the scales. But that also means they struggle to set boundaries with people that they love. However, love doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any boundaries. If anything, it’s loved ones that violate our boundaries most.

Learning to set boundaries is Libra’s first step to emotional healing. A lot of their pain is sure to result from their codependence on a partner. Having a separate and healthy identity is Libra’s path to healing themselves from emotional wounds. 


Mysterious by nature, Scorpio emotions are often difficult to figure out. Even other Scorpios struggle to understand each other’s emotions. Sometimes, their mistrust and suspicion can become anxiety. Even paranoia or hypochondria in other times.

In order for Scorpio to heal from their emotional wounds, rumination and brooding isn’t the way to go. Scorpio has to take action to resolve their emotional issues. Only then will the rumination stop and the issue go away. For hypochondria as an example, going to a doctor is the action needed.


Sagittarius is often the leader in the Zodiac. Their ruling planet and God is Jupiter, after all. Natural leadership comes like oxygen to a Sagittarius. This means that they naturally take up leader positions and all the stress and responsibility that comes with it.

Sometimes, they take on responsibility to the point that they forget themselves. Their artistic passions and creativity falls by the wayside and it hurts them. In order to heal themselves, Sagittarius needs to embrace a hobby. Side-projects can help them find themselves and heal their emotional wounds.



Capricorn is the quiet kind of worker that lets all their deeds do the talking. Because of this, they spend a lot of their energy just working and doing things all the time. It leaves little time for them to bond with their family or loved ones, making emotional connection hard for Capricorn.

In order to remedy this, Capricorn can try looking at old family photos. It will help them build a better foundation to connect familial bonds on. When they manage this, they’ll find themselves on better personal footing. That way, you can feel that your family loves you and your emotional wounds close.


Aquarius is famous as the rebel of the Zodiac. They have their own personal codes, whether it’s about honor or humanitarianism. But whenever they struggle or criticize something, it’s because they want to help. They care. It’s just that criticism is how they show it.

Most often, Aquarius does it because it’s what their family did to them. That tough love is what Aquarius knows, so their wound can look like this. An Aquarius that desperately wants more nurturing care, but doesn’t know how. So they maintain a tough, critical exterior. Clearly, their wounds will close if you can show them nurturing care. That way, they learn how to not be negative all the time.


Pisces is an emotional dreamer by definition in the Zodiac. Because they’re in touch with their emotions, they may not remember technical details like names. But they will certainly remember how a certain person made them feel, or how someone makes them feel.

Pisces’ emotional wounds often come from the past. Their past hurts resurface often, like insecurities about social cliques in high school. To heal that, try spending more time in a nice place with your squad. Getting over insecurities is a great way for Pisces to heal themselves right up.

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