The Most Attractive Rising Signs – Who, What, and Why?

most attractive rising signs

Everyone knows their sun signs at the back of their own hand. It’s the first thing that most people would think of when zodiac signs come into the topic, after all. But the truth is that your rising sign (or ascendant) is one that most people would usually deal with. It is the sign that most people draw their first impressions from, before going into the nitty-gritty (moon sign). And when it comes to first impressions, style and personality matters when it comes to attraction. Thus, the most pressing question at the moment – what are the most attractive rising signs?

Of course, we can’t count all the rising signs in this list. For now we’ll be listing down the top five ascendants which we think are the inherently most attractive, and explain each and every one. If that’s enough to catch your interest, then read on and find out what they are!

What is the most attractive rising sign?

First of all, we must remind ourselves that beauty is subjective. As mentioned, we won’t be listing down all rising signs because at the end of the day, each ascendant is attractive in their own special way. That being said, there are certain signs that are considered more attractive than the rest, mostly because of the set personalities that are inherently found in each sign. If you don’t find your sign here, then don’t worry. Beauty will always be in the eyes of the beholder, no matter what ascendant you fall in.

With that out of the way, let’s list them down!

Leo Rising

Starting off this list is this upcoming celebrity in the making! Leos have this inherent star quality to them, from the way they dress to the way they strut their stuff. With their shapely legs and confidence, they can easily light up a room and attract everyone’s eyes onto them without even trying too hard. They are also well-known heartbreakers, but they’re hot and sometimes that’s all that matters for some people.

It’s hard to ignore a Leo ascendant. You can even spot them from far away with those aforementioned attributes. People will love their magnetic personality, but there are certain drawbacks. These guys can be rather materialistic, judging from the flashy clothes they tend to wear. They’re also the type to inspire the people around them to party harder, which can be good when it comes to raising the roof, but they may come across as pretentious to others if they’re overwhelming enough. Still, their magnetic personality has made them one of the most attractive rising signs around, so no one should really be complaining here.

Speaking of flashy clothes, take them to shindigs such as costume parties sometime. If there’s one thing these starmaking Leo risings love to do, it’s dressing up for the heck of it. Who knows, they might even drag you in on the fun, whether you like it or not.

Physical Attributes: 

The first thing that people will notice about these star-studded Leo risings is their fabulous hair. Somehow they’re born with a mane of well-kempt hair, much like the animal they’re named after. Also like the lion, these ascendants are usually born tall with broad shoulders, and they seem to move with regality with the way they tower over people. Either way, they’re bound to light up the room with little effort.

Scorpio Rising

attractive rising sign

Ah, Scorpios. Usually they’re infamous for being hard to get along with because of their issues that may or may not be greatly exaggerated. Everyone loves drama, after all. But what if we focus instead on how sexy they are? Because like it or not, Scorpios are just that smokin’ hot. First of all, they’re the definition of Tall, Dark, and Handsome, no matter the gender. Their mysterious allure draws people in without raising a finger, and making them want more.

They’re almost cats, in a way. And everyone likes cats, right? They even have striking eyes that resemble those of our feline friends, making anyone stop in their tracks with just a single look. That being said, they might be a little too secretive for their own good. Although they may be hot to look at, it can be hard to tell what they’re really thinking. One wrong move, and your efforts will vanish into thin air.

Despite that little shortcoming, their alluring nature makes them one of the most attractive signs out there. Don’t let their negative reputation turn you off – unless you’re into that. We’re not here to judge and in fact we totally understand.

Physical Attributes: 

Physical Attributes: As mentioned, Scorpio risings are famous for their catlike eyes. They always seem to see right through you, no matter what shape or color they are. Aside from that, they are also born with sharp and chiseled features such as prominent cheekbones and thick, pouty lips. And despite being usually short, their physiques are unusually strong, and they can definitely defend themselves in a fight if need be. 

Sagittarius Rising

Everyone should need a Sagittarius rising in their lives. Their wanderlust is something to behold, first off. While Leo risings are the vivacious lives of the party, Sagittarius rising are free-spirited creatures who love to travel. Positivity is the name of their game, and their bright optimism can stave away the clouds on a rainy day if they could, just so they can continue partying.

Of course, they’re not without their unique looks either. These ascendants have an athletic build that is perfect for traveling for miles and uplifting spirits. Not to mention a friendly face that seems to smile a lot no matter the circumstances. Additionally, their fashion sense is nothing to scoff at as well. They’re the type to go experimental and try on unusual styles, but they can somehow pull off the look anyway. That’s what’s eye-catching about them, apart from their happy-go-lucky personalities.

Above all, Sagittarius ascendants are the ones who are most accepting of people. They’re not the type to judge anyone at all regardless of background, so people tend to feel safe and secure around them. Ultimately, it’s their open-mindedness that draws people to them, and that’s what makes them one of the most attractive signs out there.

Physical Attributes:  

Because of those aforementioned hobbies these ascendants have, they’re born with rather built bodies that bring about boundless energy with every step they take. They’re born with long arms and legs that are perfect for making long strides as they hike and trek across several distances, and they’re awfully animatic in their gestures whenever they’re telling a story. Sagittarius risings are all about openness, and it truly shows in their appearance and movements.

Pisces Rising

With all these energetic signs captivating the masses all around, it’s about time we feature a more gentle soul this time around. It helps that Pisces is ruled over by the planet Neptune that gives them this dreamy, ethereal feel that puts people at ease. Pisces ascendants are eerily good at reading other people and the room, so they would know how to act according to the general mood. 

The reason why Pisces ascendants have this fanciful quality to them is because they hide old souls that have already seen so much. That is also why they’re good at reading people – they’ve been there, done that so many times. As a result, they sometimes overindulge a little due to how sensitive they are to their surroundings. They’re not usually the type to do vices, but they’d go the other way and focus on their own body by working out, or taking meticulous care of their health by dieting.

And thus, it is no wonder they’re one of the most physically attractive rising signs. Their number one attribute is their dreamy eyes that seem to stare into space as they dive in their vivid imaginations. Loose-fitting shirts and such is also a trademark look for this certain ascendant, giving them an overall whimsical look.

Physical Attributes:  

ageless woman

One word that perfectly describes Pisces risings is “ageless”. With their dreamy eyes that seem to stare into space often, their inherent babyface and curvy lips make them look younger than they actually are. Pisces as a sign also rules over the feet, so they might have a knack for dancing and being able to show off their fancy footwork! Or they could have pretty feet and ankles, if you’re into them.

Libra Rising

And now we’ve arrived at the cream of the crop. Libra risings are under the planet Venus, which rules over romance and personal aesthetics. So from the get-go, these ascendants already know how to weaponize their attractiveness. They know how to dress for the occasion, and they always seem to go all out whenever they enter the scene with beautiful outfits that accentuate their delicate figures rather well. And even without the expensive ensembles, this rising sign looks pretty enough without trying to be.

But what makes Libra risings so alluring is their fairness. Everything must be balanced for the Scales here, and thus they are willing to hear both sides of the argument. Libra risings are effortlessly convincing and charming, able to turn the tables around and have people fall for their calm disposition and wit. And isn’t that such a dangerous combination?

All those aforementioned qualities are what makes Libra such a contender for the most attractive rising sign. Their welcoming demeanor helps people be more themselves around this ascendant, and in the end, being accepted for who they are is what’s important.

Physical Attributes: 

Libra risings are inherently beautiful, thanks to being ruled over by the planet Venus, which symbolizes beauty. And thus they haveincredibly alluring features, such as a pair of pouty Cupid’s bow lips, dimples, cute noses, and a flawless complexion. All in all, they may have some limits, but Libra risings may as well have won the jackpot in the Pretty Olympics in this one.

Parting Words

So here you have it! The most attractive rising signs we can think of. Don’t be too disappointed if your sign hasn’t made it here – after all, beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. And furthermore, beauty is subjective. At the end of the day, only you yourself can decide whether you make the effort to make yourself appealing to people by being the best version of yourself.

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