All There Is To Know About Cancer and Aquarius Friendship

cancer and aquarius friendship

What happens if you take distant Aquarius and pair it with a needy Cancer? Well, with air and water, you get chaos. Is it just a hurricane waiting to destroy or do they secretly make a good match? Definitely, a Cancer and Aquarius friendship is very interesting.

In a friendship between Cancer and Aquarius, two-star signs from the opposite ends of the Zodiac are well-drawn together. One is a water sign, and the other is an air sign. The water bearer deals with things based on their intellectual mind, while the crab relies on their instincts and realism. 

Both signs might not comprehend each other very well. Disagreements could arise if Cancer asks too much of their friendship, or Aquarius seems too aloof and detached from emotions. Both signs need to realize each other’s individual character and be comfortable with each other.

Cancer and Aquarius friendship are quite rare, and when they do come together it is far from comfortable. But community-minded Crab and independent Water bearer can challenge one another in a way that helps them grow as people. While they might not always like one another, they will respect one another.

The most striking about the Cancer and Aquarius friendship is their strength when they work together. Once they settle their differences and cooperate with each other, they balance each other wonderfully.

I guess those few statements above got your interest piqued. Might have one of these two signs in mind? Let’s understand their personalities first. And see if this challenging Cancer and Aquarius friendship has the potential to be something more.

Aquarius and Cancer personality traits


This air sign is ruled by the planet Uranus, which definitely leaves some marks on Aquarians in terms of personality traits. It rules disruption, change and all manner of the unconventional and unexpected sides of our nature. They are stubborn, so they make their own mind up and then stick to it.

Aquarians need their space. They aren’t big planners and don’t handle it well when others give them orders about how they should live their lives. This element would rather go with the flow and see where the future takes them.

They want a partner who is spontaneous and up for anything, someone who doesn’t take life too seriously. But, since they are dreamers, they also need a partner who is going to encourage them to pursue their goals.

Aquarians are into technology, music, writing and art. Some astrologers believe that they represent the best of humankind and in a way, they do. They are humanitarian, fair, inventive, intelligent and creative.

There’s nothing that can attract an Aquarius more than an interesting conversation with another person. Although their compatibility with the other signs can be complex. It’s hard to keep up a relationship with this kind of dynamic person but once you win them over, they will be the most loyal and committed partner.

This air sign is best paired with Sagittarius, Libra or Gemini and their worst matches are Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio.


This water sign is one of the most generous, nurturing signs. When they care about someone, they will go out of their way to make that person comfortable. They will answer phone calls in the middle of the night, run errands, and make sacrifices.

Cancers will not be able to rest until they know that their loved ones are okay. When these signs are in a relationship, they care much more about their partner’s happiness than they care about their own happiness. They tend to neglect themselves because they are so busy worrying about others.


The Crabs of the zodiac are huge romantics and aren’t afraid to admit it. They cannot imagine playing the field because their heart only has room for one person at a time. They are codependent, committed, and loyal.

Hurting their partner would hurt them. They wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt of betraying someone. Besides, once they grow attached to a partner, they don’t want to let that person go. They couldn’t picture life without their true love.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and this connection is very strong. The moon has a direct impact on their mood and don’t be in surprised if they change their mood many times in a day; hell, in an hour. Their emotional depth and their parenting instincts are two of their most important traits.

In your squad, they’ll be the one who knows all the secrets and you know everyone’s secret is safe. 

This water sign has great compatibility with Virgo, Taurus and Pisces and the worst match for them is Gemini for sure.

Air Sign vs Water Sign

These elements describe the personality types of zodiac signs. And Aquarius and Cancer are very different in these fields also. Aquarius is an air sign, and Cancer is a water sign.

Water signs are very emotional and sensitive and they are mysterious, which they enjoy being. They like to hang out with their partner because they like profound conversations and intimacy.

Air signs are rational and social. They love communication and relationships with other people but you must satisfy their criteria.

They are thinkers, friendly, intellectual, communicative, and analytical.

It’s hard for a water sign to stay calm when hard winds start to blow and that’s the case with these two zodiac signs. Cancer is calm but when he gets irritated by Aquarian’s hyperactivity, he can be hysterical and aggressive.

The natural elements associated with each sign are important to look at in all aspects of relationships. These elements influence how Cancer and Aquarius think about circumstances.

As a water sign, Cancer will rely on their emotional intuition. Whereas air signs, like Aquarius, think with their heads over their hearts first.

An Overview of the Cancer and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

plans and thoughts

It’s so difficult to form any kind of relationship between these two signs because of their differences. Aquarius, as a fixed sign, is stubborn and married to their plans and thoughts. There’s nothing they can’t do if they really want to.

Aquarians are the most creative when they work alone and that’s why it’s so hard for them to maintain a friendship. These water-bearers are dogmatic and even condescending to those who don’t get their genius.

On the other hand, Cancer is a cardinal sign and they are the emotional wellspring of the group. Cancers, like their spirit animal the crab, are well known for their thick shell. But that’s only because they want to protect themselves; all that standoffishness is just an act.

So, one is a sign that doesn’t let emotions affect their decisions and actions and the other is a sign that is ruled by emotions.

Aquarians should make an effort to get a Cancer’s trust and show them that they can trust them, that they only want a real friendship.

Cancers should be more dynamic and innovative so they are able to follow this adventuristic sign.

The good thing is that both signs are loyal and if they could make a special effort for their friendship, they would surely become BFFs.

Mutual Interests

Aquarius tends to be curious about the world, while Cancer tends to be curious about people. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t find things in common. As Cancer may well find Aquarius fascinating.

Aquarius knows what they like, and it can be difficult to turn their heads. They don’t find themselves pulled by other people’s interests. So, they are unlikely to pick up an interest in anything that Cancer loves.

But Cancer is much happier to hitch their wagon to someone else’s, and might well follow Aquarius. That is if Aquarius lets them. Aquarius tends to be a loner and doesn’t really like sharing with others. But he’s more likely to let Cancer, as they know how to be useful but unobtrusive.


lend a hand

Uneven levels of loyalty is found in Cancer and Aquarius friendship. With Cancer giving more than they receive.

Cancer is one of the most loyal signs. They are naturally generous, but they also like to feel needed, so they enjoy being able to lend a hand. They also enjoy the way that these ties people to them and bring them closer. Though none of these thoughts are on the conscious surface.

Aquarius, on the other hand, tends to view life as “me against the world”. They never ask for help, and they don’t feel like they owe anyone anything. Aquarius doesn’t like to be the person who you call for help moving house or to meet for a drink after a breakup. They don’t really want anyone to rely on them, as they don’t like to rely on anyone.

But if Aquarius knows that a friend is in a seriously tough spot, they’ll be there. Aquarius would think it beneath them to turn their back on someone genuinely in need.

Cancer doesn’t mind that Aquarius doesn’t return their favors. They don’t mind having Aquarius in their debt. But whether Aquarius appreciates Cancer’s attention or feels the weight of the debt is pretty unlikely.

Fun & Excitement

A Cancer and Aquarius friendship isn’t really on the same page when it comes to fun and excitement. Cancer is their happiest when they are spending time with their nearest and dearest. They like to organize the event and spend all their time ensuring that everyone is having a good time. Aquarius, on the other hand, is a loner.

Aquarius us happiest when they are doing their own thing, lost in their own thoughts and interests. They don’t tend to like social situations as they simply refuse to perform for other people. They also tend to think that most people’s opinions are wrong, but also that there is no point in trying to talk them around.

As a result, for Aquarius at the far end of the spectrum, it can be very difficult for them to fit into Cancer’s world. Though Aquarius with milder “loner syndrome”, might find Cancer’s world challenging, perhaps in a positive way.

Likelihood to Last

Cancer and Aquarius friendship aren’t the types of friends to spend a lot of time together. Aquarius rarely thinks to call. And while Cancer will always keep in touch, Aquarius might actually dread the call, as it usually means another invite to a gathering of friends.

Cancer might find Aquarius’ reticence a challenge and not give up on them, or they might let them go as a lost cause. Which way it will go can be unpredictable.

Though Aquarius will never admit it, they do need people to tie them to a world – no one is an island. Cancer can be this type of friend for Aquarius, as long as they don’t push too hard.


Cancer and Aquarius friends don’t have the odds stacked in their favor when it comes to forming a deep bond. Cancer is reticent with their feelings. They don’t tend to share due to fear of getting hurt.

cancer and aquarius friends

Aquarius also isn’t a great sharer. They assume that most people won’t understand them, so there is no point going into detail. They also aren’t the type to push Cancer to open up, as their interests in the thoughts is also relatively limited.

But sometimes these two beat the odds and find themselves making a connection. If they do, it may be deeper than expected as Cancer is better at understanding complex Aquarius than most.

Potential Compatibility Issues in a Cancer Aquarius Friendship

Here’s where it comes back to the different ways that Cancer and Aquarius approach situations, one from emotion and one from logic. And to make sure the friendship survives, they’re going to have to meet each other halfway.

Aquarius has to dip into their feelings. Cancer has to dip into its logic in order for them to manage any kind of conflict. Or for them to be able to overcome some of those hurdles that naturally occur in friendships.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Friendship

The Cancer Woman has a personality akin to the poet Virgil in Dante’s Inferno. Of course, the Cancer persona under the influence of the silvery moon makes the best of poets! She also corresponds with a character like Virgil because she’s an explorer of emotions.

She has spent her life digging deep into the subconscious. There she faces some of the darker emotions many of us avoid. This makes her the perfect guide for the Aquarius Man’s emotional exploration.

The Cancer woman understands what’s at stake and it is the intensification of Aquarius and Cancer compatibility. She has already done the emotional work before. She’s the expert tour guide for those who are ready to embrace a more meaningful existence.

She is ready to lead her Aquarius man into the thorny world of emotional entanglement.

The Aquarius Man has great disdain for emotional work. His deepest emotions never see the light of day. With his Cancer partner at his side, all this work on feelings is a descent into emotional hell.

First, the Aquarius man turns inward. He quiets himself. Thoughts of commitment start bubbling up in his mind. It sparks strange feelings in him. The thin veneer the Aquarius man presents to the world with his over-the-top confidence is gone. What remains? Uncertainty and fear are brewing within him. What fresh hell is this?

The Aquarius man faces his emotional vulnerability. Cancer pushes onward knowing this journey is for the Aquarian’s growth. In romance, this pairing works when they each serve as a catalyst for the other’s growth.

The Cancer and Aquarius connection is one that evolves from friendship to love. The transition is not always smooth, but it is authentic. One day, the Cancer and Aquarius love match might even discover Dante’s Paradiso together!

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman Friendship

It’s clear, that the Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman have much work ahead on the road to love. Fast friends, they can be, but romance tends to complicate matters.

Both parties need to embrace their partner’s strengths to have an enduring connection. Tolerance and understanding are also essential for love’s survival.

The Cancer Man wants his Aquarian woman’s constant affections. But, she seems to have a short romantic attention span. The Cancer Man might feel some neglect because the Aquarius woman can turn her affections on and off as if on tap.

cancer man and aquarius woman friendship

Cancer temperament is perfect for the empath. Those who are empaths can become over-sensitive. The antenna is always on for the Cancer personality. They might be trying to perfect emotional control. It is a lesson serving to save the sanity of the Cancer partner who is always trying to figure out the Aquarian mind.

With good chemistry, then Aquarius and Cancer compatibility increase. The Cancer man is a moon-ruled sign. As such, he has some natural psychic talents. He should be tuning into his intuitive abilities. He can use this same ability to tune into the Aquarius woman’s needs.

The Aquarius woman is not always transparent to the Cancer man. He questions her actions and motives. Eventual understanding develops, and the Cancer man learns how to read his partner. If he uses this intuition to his benefit, he can forecast some of the Aquarius’ responsiveness. When he detects the perfect time for doing so, he can unleash his sentimentality.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Woman Friendship

Aquarius Cancer compatibility is extremely low. Although these signs have huge hearts, they are bound to clash. They’re simply too different. Overall, Aquarius and Cancer need to put a ton of effort into their relationship in order to last as a couple.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Man Friendship

These two signs want completely different things. The Crab craves a real commitment while the Water-bearer craves action and adventure. Overall, Aquarius and Cancer need to get on the same page if they want to make a relationship last. Otherwise, they will only have a quick fling.

Are Cancer and Aquarius Compatible as Friends?

Cancer and Aquarius find it hard to be good friends and generally have very little in common. However, in some circumstances, they can form a surprisingly tight friendship.

Cancer finds enigmatic Aquarius fascinating, and a challenge to be solved. Aquarius, though they would never admit it, often need someone to anchor them to the rest of the world. No one is better to do this than Cancer.

Cancer and Aquarius Potential to be More Than Just Friends

It is not unknown for a Cancer and Aquarius friendship to find themselves falling for each other. Cancer can find enigmatic Aquarians fascinating, which is always an aphrodisiac. And Aquarius, while they would never admit it, often need someone to anchor them to the rest of the world. There is no one better for this than Cancer.

We already said that this wasn’t going to be easy but if you and your partner make an effort, it can become the best relationship ever.

Love is gloriously beautiful when the stars align. And maybe to this odd couple, the Crab and the Waterbearer stars won’t align at first. But if they’ll be ready to work on their relationship, they’ll create an unbreakable bond.

You can’t just give up on someone just because you’re a little different. If you care enough about the other person, you’ll find a way to make it work and you’ll create an amazing relationship.

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