Most Loyal Zodiac Signs You’ll Ever Find: Which One Are You?

most loyal zodiac signs

Every zodiac sign has what it takes to be caring, loving, and loyal to the core. Someone you hope will be there in the thick of it all. And not only when it’s good, easy, fun, and convenient for them. Those who will understand that love is not just a mere feeling, but a choice. A commitment to stay with your other half especially when the going gets tough. So wouldn’t it be great to know who the most loyal zodiac signs are?

By the end of this article you’ll have a clearer picture of the following:

  • Find out the zodiac signs that are most loyal
  • If you rank among the most loyal among the zodiac signs
  • Find out who are the most loyal zodiacs among your peers
  • Find out if your suspicions about zodiac signs most to least loyal are true
  • See where your partner or future partner  belong in the most to least loyal zodiac signs

What Makes the Most Loyal Signs of the Zodiac Tick?

For some of the most loyal signs of the zodiac, there are things that are non-negotiable. These are trust, security, and fidelity. Especially if there are other factors than their sun sign. Depending on their date of birth, for instance, the individual’s moon, Mars, and Venus sign must be considered. Anybody having any of these planets is definitely trustworthy. They have no qualms about committing to a relationship.

Its complexity can be a bit intimidating. But the more interested you become in astrology, the more you find out that personality traits can come in layers. For example, Taurus and Capricorn are ruled by the earth element. This ultimately gives them a practical and grounded regard for commitment. But Scorpio, despite being a water sign, loves intensely and passionately.

Taking all these things into account, you can now pick the top zodiacs from the mix that has the greatest potential to be the most loyal signs of the zodiac.  So let’s get on with that list and find out once and for all what are the most loyal zodiac signs.

Countdown of the Most Loyal Zodiac Signs

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

The first one that made it on the top spot of the most loyal zodiac signs is none other than Taurus. No one values stability more than Taurus itself. When they make a promise, you can be sure they’re going to stick to it.

Then again, this doesn’t make Taurus a blind follower or a complete moron. You cannot expect them to stay even when their environment has become completely toxic. They will do everything they can to make things work. But they also know their limits, know when enough is enough.

Scorpio (October 23- November 21)


Scorpios are fiercely loyal, and they expect nothing less from their partners. They hate your lying to them, even white lies count as cheating. So if you do not value honesty and trust the same way they do, they can be very disappointed.

Think about it a hundred times before you even consider the slightest bit of betrayal. Once you do, expect everything to go down the drain. Even if they look tough on the outside, they have hidden insecurities and can be ultra-sensitive.

Scorpios are in it to win it. They are willing to risk everything, including their vulnerability and risking hurt. So if you have no plans of giving them a loving and secure relationship, then just forget about it. Don’t start something you don’t intend to finish.

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

The top three who made it to the list of the most loyal zodiac signs is Capricorn. Don’t waste their time because time is extremely important to them. They think of their time as a precious commodity, an important investment. So if they’re putting time and effort into your relationship because they truly love you, better make sure you don’t waste it.

Yes, they are loyal. Because do not make the mistake of wasting their time. They will have no qualms about dropping you like a hot potato. If you don’t do your part, they will find someone who is equally committed to being their life partner.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

When a Cancer commits, they understand that it is a lifelong commitment. They will try and adapt to their new environment, new lifestyle, and love your family as their own. You can count on them to weather through the storm.

They love spending time with their friends and opening up about their personal life. So don’t take it the wrong way if so and so knows what’s going on behind closed doors. They may disagree with you in private, but would always defend you in public.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)


The next one to make it to the fifth spot of the most loyal zodiac signs list is Pisces. These people are at their all-time high when they are in a relationship. They don’t need much to make them happy outside what they hold near and dear. Also, they would do anything to avoid conflict. If giving way to their partner is what’s going to keep the peace, so be it.

Bear in mind that Pisces naturally has lots of friends. This may irk you off initially. But once you realize that these friendships are healthy, you will let them be because it really makes them happy. Also, Pisces doesn’t say much of what they want and need. Part of the trick is looking at the signs and figuring them out along the way. 

Leo (July 23- August 22)

Leos are extremely loyal and fiercely protective creatures. They will fight to the death especially if it involves the people they love. Leos take their commitments seriously. So think long and hard before entertaining any form of infidelity in your relationship.

However, Leos aren’t always aware of what you need or want from them. They won’t always know why you’re upset. All they care about is you not getting hurt if they can help it. 

Virgo (August 23- September 22)

Virgos are some of the most trustworthy people on earth. Deception is not part of their agenda. Nor would they lie to you even if it meant making you feel better. They will tell you what you need to know, even if it might sting a bit. Since they know it will serve you in good stead in the long run.

However, you might find it difficult to trust Virgos completely because they never share with you what’s in their head one hundred percent. Some things they just want to keep to themselves. Self-care is also crucial to them. So if they know there’s nothing left other than toxicity in your relationship- they’re out.

Libra (September 23- October 22)

Libras are in love with love. Nothing makes them happier than being in a relationship and sharing their life with someone. But they also want to be spoiled and pampered. Affirmation is very important to them. And if they’re no longer the center of your attention, they might start to wander around, looking for people who will.

Also, some things are better left unsaid. Libras aren’t exactly the best keeper of secrets. If the information they hold is simply too juicy, there’s always the temptation to let the cat out of the bag.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

gemini zodiac

Geminis are the best friends you could ever have. You can rest assured that they have your back all the time. They will never betray their friends and are ready to defend you and your honor even when you’re not around.

However, Geminis are better friends than they are lovers. This is because their interests are constantly changing. It’s normal for them to want something today and lose complete interest tomorrow. Yes, these keep friendships fresh and exciting. But for relationships, their encounters tend to be short-lived.

Aries (March 21- April 19)

Aries is not afraid to love. The trouble is, their love and loyalty is first and foremost, to themselves. All their needs and interests are their top priority. If those don’t jive with their partner’s, the choice is very easy. They choose themselves.

When Aries’ sun is shining on you, it’s great. They will pursue you to the ends of the earth until you say yes. When their heart is beating for you, you’re on top of the world. But when you lose their love and trust, they’re gone for good.

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Aquarians are very independent and self-sufficient. They don’t need you for financial security because they’re using you to get what they want on their own. Because they work extremely hard to get it. So if they are with you, it’s because they want to, not because they need to.

Lying and deceit is never part of their agenda. They tell you what they think and how they feel. Aquarians don’t feel the need to sugarcoat things. They give you hard facts, painful truths. And if they cannot be completely honest with the one they’re with, they know it’s not for them.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)


There’s a reason why Sags made it to the bottom of the most loyal zodiac signs list. Commitment simply scares the pants out of them. So managing to get close to them and remaining in their inner circle is the biggest compliment ever!

Self-sabotage is quite common among Sags. When they really like somebody and things take a turn for an in-depth relationship, they totally freak out. This behavior mostly comes from their fear of losing their liberty. So you need to assure them that you want to love and share your life with them. Not put a leash around their neck.

So Why Do Zodiacs Cheat In the First Place?

Unfortunately, there’s no hard and fast answer to this question. When you start a relationship, that’s not exactly the first thing that pops up in your head. Because you’re still overwhelmed with the thrill and fascination you have with your loved one.

But as time goes by and your true colors emerge-boom! Reality starts to unravel. The little idiosyncrasies that you used to find cute gradually become annoyances you’d rather live without.

You get busy, your career eats up most of your time. Both of you are too tired to fight or even argue. Soon you become too lazy and take each other for granted. Needs are unmet. Both of you feel neglected by the other. And when somebody suddenly notices and gives you the attention you’ve been craving for, infidelity creeps in.

The Bottomline

So exactly what do you do? Understand that love is not just a tingly feeling. Of happiness and rainbows 24/7. Love is hard. It can become painful. But it’s also a choice. A choice to stick it out with the one you love through thick and thin. Not only when it’s easy, or bountiful, and sufficient.

Love harder when things are tough. Lend your strength when your partner becomes weak. At the end of the day, be your lover’s best friend. Because that’s what people want. Somebody to listen to them and be there for them. Without fear of being judged. Someone who will accept them for who they are and what they want to become. To be accepted and protected. Because really, cheating is basically a cry for help.

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