Black Moon Lilith Astrology: Understanding how it influences your place on this earth

Black Moon Lilith astrology may sound so ominous to someone not familiar with it, and sometimes, it can be! But setting that fear aside, this astrological phenomenon is potent and when harnessed right, can be used for the good.’

Of course, with such powerful consequences, it is only fitting that a person seeking this cosmic point’s wisdom has to understand Lilith’s background. Only with clarity can someone truly make use of this divine gift and unlock their true potential.

Are you ready to meet Lilith? Then, come, let us seek her wisdom!

Who is Lilith?

Black Moon Lilith Astrology

To those well-versed in religious texts (particularly in the Jewish tradition), Lilith was Adam’s first wife. God created her to be equal with Adam. Still, when the time came for them to come together as husband and wife, Lilith refused to lie down underneath her spouse, insisting that she is equal with him and must not have an inferior position.

This act angered both God and Adam, who had Lilith banished from the Garden of Eden and replaced by Eve. Lilith’s later whereabouts were unknown, but it was generally agreed that she eventually became one of the higher-ranking demons of hell and exercised power over her dominion.

In the world of astrology, though, Lilith is no longer a vengeful woman who wanted to reclaim her rightful place as the mother of humankind. Instead, she has become the divine feminine who governs over the realms of sex, spirituality, and desire.

So, what is Black Moon Lilith astrology?

In a nutshell, Black Moon Lilith astrology refers to a certain point in the heavens and not an actual celestial body. It is the point in the sky that is farthest from the moon (also known as lunar apogee) relative to the latter’s position while orbiting the earth. 

Like the planets, the Lilith resides in a specific region governed by a Zodiac sign. However, since her point can be quite far from earth, she stays at the said Zodiac for up to nine months.

While staying in the said area, Lilith has the ability to enhance the negative traits of that certain Zodiac. Thus, when someone is born, they receive heaven’s blessings and the darker side of things, especially personal insecurities.

What are these things that the Black Moon Lilith astrology gives?

The traits a person receives from Lilith may differ from the Zodiac in which she was in. For example, you may be born with your Sun in Taurus, but your Lilith may be in Capricorn. 

Regardless, Lilith’s influence is so strong that it often holds many people back from actually realizing their potential. This is why understanding her power is the key to understand one’s weaknesses further and use them for the better.

Here is a rundown of what the Black Moon Lilith astrology says, relative to each Zodiac sign:

Black Moon Lilith in Aries

Those whose Lilith is in Aries tend to be assertive and full of spunk. They know what they want, and they will get what they want.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t exactly go in their favor all the time. These individuals also feel a deep sense of remorse or shame when they feel like they have gone overboard.

These people are also prone to giving in to their sense of shame when people call them out for their being strong-willed. It may end up with them slowly losing their interest in honing their leadership potential and prevent them from reaching their true potential.

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus

Those whose Lilith is in Taurus tend to be indulgent and want to give in to their desires. Their stubbornness and firmness in holding on to what they want to achieve in life are true hallmarks of their personality.

But this seemingly greedy lifestyle can result from a life of hardship or a deeply-rooted commitment to holding on to material wealth. When they feel like people are disgusted by their seemingly luxurious lifestyle, they feel a deep sense of shame and reject their well-deserved happiness.

Finding satisfaction through themselves can be quite a challenge for them too. These people always believed that they could only see their self-worth through material things, but the more they do it, the less happy they become.

Black Moon Lilith in Gemini

Those whose Lilith is in Gemini tend to be quite the intelligent social butterflies. They relate with everyone, and they find inspiration from everything they see and experience.

Yet, this intelligence often feels stifled because of people around them. These individuals were also forced to retreat to the shadows and feel shame for their intellect and openness.

These people then suppress their natural intelligence and leave their ideas hanging in the open out of fear of ridicule and shame. Subsequently, the stress of being unaccepted if they show their true selves prevents them from tapping into their full potential.

Black Moon Lilith in Cancer

Those whose Lilith is in Cancer tend to be compassionate and nurturing. Their nature is to care for others, as well as to receive much in return.

However, they also feel shame during times when they find themselves in need of help. These people feel like they do not deserve others’ support and may end up lost and confused.

These individuals then get uncomfortable over the notion of giving help and asking for help in return. They may even feel awkward or aggressive when this sensitive side of themselves gets touched on by people they perceive as dangerous or unfamiliar.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo

Those whose Lilith is in Leo tend to be quite charming and agreeable inside out. They shine bright and catch the attention of the people around them.

Unfortunately, this crowd-pleasing doesn’t always work out for them. Often, these people feel embarrassed for all the attention that they get and feel shame for also wanting the spotlight on themselves.

These individuals may eventually shy away from others and reject the notion of ever being worthy of someone’s time and attention. Thus, they become more aloof and reject the idea of being close and friendly to anyone, even with those they love.

Black Moon Lilith in Virgo

Those whose Lilith is in Virgo are practical and particular. They pay extra attention to what they do, regardless of how small or inconsequential they may be.

However, they may feel shame over this keen eye of theirs. It may be that people may have shamed them of their commitment to keeping things in order and maybe humiliated during times when they did their best outputs and performances.

These individuals then bear the burden of meeting unrealistic expectations since they feel that they are not worth anything if they make anything less than perfect. Other times, though, it can prompt them to do bad things and would not justify their expertise in any way.

Black Moon Lilith in Libra

Black Moon Lilith Astrology in Zodiac Signs

Those whose Lilith is in Libra want nothing more than stable relationships with the people around them. They understand the value of balanced relationships and the importance of feeling emotional validation from people they love.

And yet, these same people no longer feel comfortable in the company of others, owing perhaps to an experience in their past that prompted such emotions. They struggle to find self-acceptance and the validation that they need.

These individuals are therefore in need of emotional reassurance and consistent companionship. Yet when they cannot find their innate ability to strike a balance within themselves, it can only cause their relationship with their loved ones to fail irreparably.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio

Those whose Lilith is in Scorpio are sensual, passionate, and constantly need a deep and intimate connection with others. They can be possessive at times and easily get attached to people.

But this want for intimacy often creates feelings of guilt and shame for these people. When placed with people who confidently show their passionate side, they usually shrink back, thinking they aren’t good enough.

These individuals struggle in accepting themselves, and even more so in empowering them not to feel ashamed of their passionate personalities. When unchecked, it may result in them losing interest in creating deep and meaningful relationships with others.

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius

Those whose Lilith is in Sagittarius are naturally curious, eager to question, and adventurous. They want to know what goes beyond the horizon and expand their imaginations as well as experiences.

However, this thirst for knowledge is often suppressed by the people around them. These individuals feel that they shouldn’t be “acting smart,” or they wouldn’t find acceptance among the people they are with.

These individuals then shun their natural intellect, hampering their journey to unlocking their total intellectual capacity. This will prove detrimental for them, especially considering how much potential they have within them.

Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn

Those whose Lilith is in Capricorn have a robust and ambitious streak to them. They hold the world in their hands and are more than capable of achieving their goals in life.

Yet this successful mindset often gets hampered by those in their environment who seek to bring them down. This makes these people self-conscious and unable to realize how talented and close they are to succeed fully.

These individuals then feel shame for wanting to achieve more than the norm. As a result, they allow themselves to settle for less than what they deserve.

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius

Those whose Lilith is in Aquarius are exceptionally social. They want to feel acceptance and belongingness, and so they seek out groups that can give exactly that.

But this need for companionship can often lead these people to feel embarrassed and even ashamed of their want to feel the presence of other people around them. As a result, they turn away those who have pure intentions towards them.

This may result in them rejecting society as a whole. It can affect these individuals profoundly and may lead to even deeper problems, especially when creating relationships with others.

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces

Those whose Lilith is in Pisces are inherently spiritual and romantic. They see things a little differently and have a penchant for the whimsical things in life.

Yet this behavior sometimes earns them the ire of people around them. These people find their uniqueness being treated as a liability by others, and they end up feeling uncomfortable in their skin.

Such repression leads to these individuals abandoning their unique streak. It may eventually break them, as it may cause them to lose sight of themselves.

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