Best Match for Pisces Woman: How to Know Who Fits the Bill

best match for pisces woman

Are you wondering who is the best match for Pisces woman like you or someone you know? Pisceans are special in general, regardless of gender. But when you meet a Pisces lady it’s impossible not to notice how charming and artistic she is. This can be intimidating for some, while others find it thrilling to meet their match finally. 

So exactly who is the best sign for Pisces woman? In this post, we will explore her compatibility with all the characters in the zodiac, even her male counterpart. This way we’ll know which native jives with her the most. We’ll also touch base with the following: 

  • Can the Pisces woman best match also be a Pisces man?
  • Could the most compatible with Pisces woman be her exact opposite?
  • Is the Pisces woman most compatible with an earth, fire, air, or water sign?
  • Who should a Pisces woman marry when all else fails?
  • Is the best love compatibility for Pisces woman a fixed, mutable, or cardinal sign?

So let’s dive in and discover the best sign for Pisces woman!

Best Sign for Pisces Woman: An Overview

Pisces has countless hidden talents that you wouldn’t know about unless you know them well enough. They’re not exactly the flaunting type and can actually be shy at times. So if they share their music, visual arts, and other gifts with you, consider yourself very lucky. 

This zodiac is an empath and always has a warm and friendly attitude toward people in general. And when you’re fortunate enough to know them, you’ll discover how unbelievably funny, wonderful, and affectionate they are. So the question is, which sign is going to be the best match for Pisces woman?

Aries (March 21- April 20)

aries zodiac

This is a pair that have loads of things in common that will help their relationship grow. They can look forward to lots of fun and sexy moments as well. Pisces can see through Aries’ facade and witness the anger brewing from within. Pisces can soothe and calm Aries with kindness and an open heart. In turn, Aries will protect Pisces with all its might and do everything to give her a great life. 

Because both signs are generous and pleasant, they naturally complement each other. Aries is known to be a born leader and Pisces admires this quality above all else. Knowing there’s someone to listen to and support her through this journey means a lot to her. 

Taurus (April 21- May 20)


Next on our list for the best match for Pisces woman is Gemini. Gentle, romantic, and sensual. These are just three things that will draw a Pisces woman to this Taurus man. Not only that, but he also has a big heart and is generous in nature. This home buddy is your best companion on a rainy Sunday afternoon, huddled under the sheets and drinking hot chocolate. 

Taurus will always love and protect Pisces and in return, she will shower her with passion, poetry, and undying loyalty. Taurus has a tendency to be jealous but it’s less likely to happen with Pisces because of how doting and accepting she is of him. She never misses an opportunity to tell him how much she loves and appreciates all that he does and that she loves him just the way he is. 

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

gemini zodiac sign

Honestly, these two are far from being the perfect match. Gemini’s personality generally collides with Pisces’. While Gemini is an independent thinker and is a free spirit who loves socializing and mingling with lots of people, Pisces may appear to be too emotional or clingy for him. Her wanting to spend plenty of time at home may cause him to misinterpret it as an attempt of trying to tie him down or keeping him isolated from everyone else. Of course, this isn’t the case, but that’s how it can appear to him. 

Other than that, Geminis are scared of commitment, and feeling the pressure or need to marry or settle down can scare the daylights out of them. The best thing for Pisces to do then is to chill and let go of that “leash” they seem to be holding. Don’t rush or be too sensitive to everything he says or does. What’s meant to happen is going to happen, so there’s no need to force things. 

Cancer (June 21- July 22)

cancer zodiac

Now, this could be a match made in heaven. These water signs tend to be very emotional and in tune with their thoughts and feelings. They won’t have any problems expressing how they truly feel, even in front of other people. While other signs may feel awkward or pull away, a Cancer man will welcome this with open arms. 

These tender moments they share will play a major role in keeping their love alive and staying happy in their everyday lives. Yes, there will be bad days and mood swings to deal with as well, but there’s nothing that complete trust and devotion cannot outweigh. 

No problem is too big to resolve, and they get each other instinctively without the other having to utter a word. They know exactly when to spend as much time together, and when to give the other a breather. Their artistic nature is another thing that will keep that bond intact. They will share their successes and failures together, always pulling each other up, and never dragging each other down. 

Leo (July 23- August 22)


These are fire and water signs, and needless to say, they will collide- a lot. It’s true that Leo is known for being a loyal, protective, and affectionate partner to their mates. Unfortunately, it won’t always comprehend Pisces’ delicate nature nor deal with her mood swings with a cool head all the time. 

We must remember that Pisces is not the only one here who is prone to emotional outbursts. Leo can lash out harshly as well if you push hard enough. On the other hand, Leo must learn to be self-aware and understand that the whole world does not revolve around him. His constant need for the spotlight may put a strain on their relationship and may drain the life out of Pisces. 

The best thing to do here is put their communication skills to good use and take time to hear each other out so they could reach a middle ground. Relationships cannot survive without compromise, they just have to know each other’s limits. When can they look the other way and let things slide, and what things are 100% deal breakers? 

Virgo (August 23- September 22)


Now, here’s a beautiful earth and water combination with a great shot of living it out for the long haul. Virgos are very ambitious and highly organized. These are just two of the things that Pisces woman admires about him the most. Consequently, Virgo loves Pisces’ sweet and gentle ways. 

These two will be wonderful partners who will look out for each other and be attentive toward’s the other person’s needs. They will never feel small or embarrassed about their mistakes and weaknesses because they won’t use them against each other. Both will serve as each other’s safe haven where they can be completely true to themselves. 

Libra (September 23- October 22)

libra zodiac

A Libra man has the capability of sweeping the Pisces woman off her feet and it will be super easy to fall head-over-heels in love with each other. This can be a great relationship if they make an effort to care enough to look at things from the other’s point of view. Librans can be so charismatic and can easily draw Pisces woman to them in the first few minutes of their encounter. 

Libra is confident without sounding boastful, and self-assured yet gentle and diplomatic at the same time. On the other hand, he will easily find Pisces’ sensitivity and pleasant nature very appealing. This can even be some of the reasons why he would take the leap of faith and ask her to marry him. Sure, they have tendencies to lash out every now and then, but their similarities can totally drown out these few bad points. 

Scorpio (October 23- November 22)


These two signs can be highly emotional but if they can keep this one thing in check, they can have a fulfilling and long-lasting relationship. Both love tender moments and sensuality, important ingredients to keep the fire burning. 

While others may cringe at how much they display their affections publicly, this would be the last thing they would care to think about. The important thing for them is that their partners feel how much they love and value them, and want the whole world to know about it. Pisces woman will continuously inspire Scorpio, always making him loved. While Scorpio will always thrill her with his lust, passion, and desire for her. 

Sagittarius (November 23- December 21)

sagittarius zodiac

Here’s another interesting match. While both of them are free-spirited individuals who love  philosophies and deeper schools of thought explorations, some issues will inevitably pop up. Sags value their freedom more than anything else in this world. The moment he thinks you are trying to trap him into staying or putting him on an emotional leash,  he’s out of that door before you know it. 

So here’s a word of advice for Pisces. Trust your man enough to let him go. The more you cling to him, the more he’ll try and wiggle his way out. And for Sagittarius, assure your woman that your love for freedom is not correlated to uncertainty or instability. The sooner you work these things out, the sooner you can move forward to the next level of your relationship. 

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)


If you want someone steady, rock solid, and reliable, then the Capricorn man is the one for you. Being a Pisces woman is like living in a fairy tale on a daily basis. She is constantly in need of romance, tender moments, and quality time together with her lover. 

This can be challenging at first since Capricorns have the reputation for being cold and authoritative. It is their way of protecting their heart because even if their exterior looks tough, they can be extremely vulnerable within. However, once in a while, a gentle soul like Pisces will convince him to open up and reveal his true self. In time they will adjust to each other’s personalities and understand each other’s needs. 

Aquarius (January 20- February 19)


The Aquarius man will easily be lured and fascinated by the whimsical Pisces woman. He will be in such awe of her creativity and artistic talents, while she will be so impressed at how altruistic and intellectual he is. However, a Pisces woman may want to take her emotions down a notch if she doesn’t want to scare away Aquarius. 

He may not be prepared for her sudden mood swings or late-night crying escapades. Aquarius may seem cold and distant to her when in truth, he’s just not used to dealing with so many emotions in such a short span of time. It’s best to take things slow and let him know you are not all about vulnerability or emotional surrender. 

Pisces (February 20- March 20)

pisces zodiac

Last but not least in our list of the best match for Pisces woman is none other than Pisces man. You may think that because they have so much in common that they’re the perfect match, right? Not exactly. Well, they may be there to support each other and fortify each other’s creativity, but they must find a way to strike a balance between the dream world they enjoy so much, and the reality they must live through every single day. 

Communication is extremely important, making sure their partner always feels loved, respected, and valued. If not, their emotions may get in the way and turn their relationship into a crying marathon most of the time. They should talk about what makes them feel good, as well as the things they find devastating. So they know the ones to make, and those to avoid. 

Best Match for Pisces Woman: Who Wins?

So you may be wondering, who wins? Who is the best match for Pisces woman? Is it her exact opposite because they attract? Or is the zodiac who shares the most similarities with her who gets the trophy? Neither. This can be a double-edged sword, you see. A higher score of similarities does not necessarily guarantee a happy ever after. Bad things happen even to the best of people, even to the best of marriages. It’s perfectly okay to follow your heart, just don’t forget to take your mind with you. 

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