How to Be Certain You Have a Capricorn Man In Love With You

capricorn man in love

So exactly how do you know if you have a Capricorn man in love? You see, Capricorn is a tricky sign, regardless of whether they are male or female. It is an earth sign, which means they’re less likely to be all out and spontaneous when it comes to showing their emotions and declaring their love for you. A fire or water sign is more inclined to let you know how they truly feel- spontaneously.

The question therefore is, are there Capricorn man falling in love signs you should closely look out for? Because Capricorn needs time. They rule the Tenth House that is on top of the birth chart. And many times with them, they gravitate towards love with their aim locked on one person. That single most important person. Or, they can also be attracted to important people.

In this post, we will talk about all the tell-tale signs that they are really into you. How to keep a Capricorn man in love, and deal with their ever-changing moods. You will also have some idea about the following:

  • How to spot a Capricorn man in love signs
  • When and how to know if a Capricorn man is falling in love with you or he’s just fooling around
  • How to tell if a Capricorn man is in love and ready to settle down
  • Is the Capricorn man in love traits really accurate?
  • What is the overall body language of Capricorn man in love?

So let’s go ahead and break down the signs a Capricorn man is in love with you!

Capricorn Man Falling In Love Signs: An Overview

Again, the first thing to remember when looking out for Capricorn man falling in love signs is that they are not really out there. They have to take their time, so it’s up to your to decipher if they really dig you.

When they are sure they really like you, they’re going to let you know and it’s evident in their behavior. Take note however that it is not as definitive as a regular dude saying, “I like you, I want to take you out on a date”. So without further ado, here’s the top 7 Capricorn man falling in love signs.

Capricorn Man In Love Sign No. 1: They Will Make Plans With You

Capricorns love planning. Especially if it’s about making a future with someone whom they’re interested in. So they like to plan out awesome events and spend lots of time with you. The key is planning something together with you.

Capricorn Man In Love Sign No. 2 They Will Handle Something For You

Just like the Virgo sign, it can be something like changing the oil in your car for you. Or mowing your lawn. There can be a difference between Capricorn males and females. Although both genders are reserved. They have this seriousness in them, a type of discernment quality. It can be quite capricious, in a way.

Sometimes Capricorns can be judgmental. No offense to these wonderful creatures. But they sometimes look to the past and see how everything has been done. Then they will try and apply it to the present.

If this Capricorn has a fiery moon, they can be a leader who likes to be in charge. It can actually play in various ways. But if they are really into you, they would want to help you out and improve your life in any way they can.

Capricorn Man In Love Sign No. 3: They Will Be Transparent With You

Now, this could take some time. They, trying to figure out if they really like you or not. However, once they decide that they do, they become a great leader. Technically, Capricorn is a feminine sign, but it is a cardinal sign. Which is basically masculine energy who likes ‘starting projects’. So if they set their eyes on you, you’re their ‘project’. They will focus all their energy on tackling this mountain.

In short, you will be the focus of this person’s attention. Not only will they ask you out, but they would also go out of their way and do traditional things if they are into you. Then again, all these things take time. For the most part, once they decide to become committed, they will stay committed. A lot of signs usually like to stay on course. But this one prefers to stir the ship and chart a new course.

Capricorn Man In Love Sign No. 4: They Are Super Earthy

capricorn man in love sign - super earthy

Capricorns can be quite sensual. So if they are giving lots of physical affection, hugging you a lot, or engaging in good, casual conversation, you got them. Unless if this sign has Sagittarius or other things going on in their chart, they really like you. And these folks can be quite picky. So if they do reach out and begin touching you (remember that they’re slow in warming up), then the interest is really there.

Capricorn Man Love Sign No. 5: They Will Let Their Freak Fly

On the surface, there’s this coolness to them. It seems they have it all figured out, their emotions and passions under control. Then again, passion is inherently a business about  NOT being in control. That’s what it’s supposed to be, right?

Underneath it all, Capricorns are very sexual. They have this need to release because they have all this pent-up energy. Most of the time they would go and try to supplement it through their work or careers. But they always have this deep longing to intimately and physically connect with another human being.

So for Capricorn, someone who is super guarded and has everything on lockdown, this is something special. You’re giving them this opportunity to just let themselves go and get their freak on. However, they need a good partner who’s going to show them the way. So do everything you can to unleash that and give them permission to just let it all out.

Capricorn Man Love Sign No. 6: They Want Affirmation From You

Every time they are doing something, they make sure they do it well. So they would like to hear from you that indeed, they are doing a good job. They would appreciate it if you tell them they’re really hot, handsome, or sexy. Very potent, and appealing.

Capricorns need to feel they are skilled and accomplished at being your lover. You can give them that using words. Because they really aren’t that verbal inside the bedroom. Unlike a Gemini, this sign is a lot more tight-lipped. They are simply going to demonstrate their feelings physically.

So pay close attention. Be aware of their physical cues, their hands, or where they put your hands. Anywhere in your body. How they turn you on or lean in a certain way. You need to listen for you to be able to be physically receptive. More like being intuitive and knowing exactly what they’re asking for.

Another good thing is for you to learn something new. Like a technique, you could be really good at. Then use it when he least expects it. Because Capricorn males have a kinky side to them. You feel this lustiness brewing. And it takes someone like you to make it come out. Or assure them that it’s okay to let it out.

Capricorn Man Love Sign No. 7: They Will Build A Future With You

committed relationship

Capricorn males like to give you the perception of always being in control. That they are accomplished in their career and can basically be with anyone they choose to. But deep down they are really longing for a stable, committed, and long-lasting relationship.

They are looking for somebody to say to them that they’re better than all the guys you’ve been with. That they are your King. They will let you know that want to live their life with you and build something great.

These folks are really interested in building something good and solid for the long haul. So if you are really into them, you should let them know as well. Capricorn men and women want to be in long-term, committed relationships.

Know that they are never good at asking for it. It’s not easy for them to admit out loud because for them it’s a form of losing control. Falling into romance. But deep inside it’s really what they want. So you need to make them feel that it is safe to be in that area. Let them know you will stay, you’re not going anywhere. This will help them a lot in opening up to you.

Now you know the clear-as-daylight signs to tell if that Capricorn man is in love with you. More important, however, is being aware of the flipside- how to know if they’re actually mad at you. You need to know these things so you know what stuff to avoid, how to do damage control, when to give in, and when to stand your ground.

Top 7 Things To Know About Capricorn Man Anger

No. 1: Capricorn Anger In General

So this is what’s Capricorn anger in general is. This may apply to their Sun or Moon signs especially what things they take personally. What makes them tick, and what makes them angry. A lot of people also use the Mars sign to measure their anger reaction. So if you know how to look at a chart you are aware of what that is.

Capricorn is an earth sign so the vibe you get when you think about their anger is not so intimidating. It is not the kind of explosive anger that is sure to knock your socks off or destroy your world. Some people think their anger is very chill then they will just explode afterward. But not really. It’s not like your fire signs where they will come at you and attack you relentlessly.

Nor are they like water signs that just brood over it. Obsesses over you then start plotting against you on how to take you down. Capricorn is smack right in the middle. You would rather deal with an angry earth sign, that’s for sure.

No. 2: Capricorns Are Stoic

For the most part, Capricorns are very stoic. They avoid drama if they can, and they can put up with a lot. Even if they are the sea-goat, they are surely the beast of burden among the zodiacs. They are like that because really, they don’t know any better. A lot of Capricorns are workaholics and they take on too much. Even if it’s not work-related, they just take on a lot.

These include a lot of responsibility for other people and their emotions. You will love them as listeners but they will take on more than they need to, more than they could. Even if they can handle it for the most part.

So just like Taurus, they will take as much as they can and will have a lot of patience. And then they fly off the handle when they can’t take it anymore. Meanwhile, you’re shocked and shaken to the core because they don’t do that a lot.

But here’s the comparison between them and Taurus. With Taurus you can imagine the bull, fighting with the fly, just wagging their tail because they’re super patient with them. Instead of internalizing, Taurus is just, whatever. But as soon as they get agitated, they’re like, “leave me alone!” Only then will you know they have reached their breaking point.

No. 3: Capricorn Is The Donkey

You can think of Capricorn like that of the donkey. People just keep piling up baggage on them. They are well aware that they are getting agitated with this. Even if they’re internalizing their frustration they just keep on taking. So this is exactly how the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’. This is what you see with Capricorns most of the time.

Capricorns are usually in relationships and friendships. Even work environments where they are clearly unhappy. They know they are being mistreated. But they have a lot of pride in their stamina and believe they can handle it. Even if they really don’t have to.

capricorn man - anger

They will handle a lot before they pop off. But when they do they won’t just scream at you for half an hour straight. Nor are they going to plot in order to ruin your life. However, their explosions can be scary since as earth signs, they tend to be physical.

Capricorns are very grounded and hear everything now. They can feel it in their bodies and so a lot of them express this anger physically. When they’re angry they can tear off their clothes, or punch a hole in the wall, things like that. Some exercise a lot because this tends to help them release tension and cope with their anger.

No. 4: Capricorns Can Be Verbally Destructive

Some Capricorns can be verbally destructive since they are smart people. They kept all these pent-up hurt for a long time. So by the time this anger comes out, they already have it all figured out. They know exactly what to say and are now ready to lay it on you.

But when Capricorn’s anger has not reached its explosive side, their anger is much like the paternal type. Of course, every father is very different. But it’s just that kind of feeling that you know you’ve let them down. That they are really disappointed in you.

When Capricorns are mad at you, you feel so bad because most of the time you really do have respect for them. You know the things they have put up with. So by the time they get really upset with you, showing you, and berating you. You know you’ve done something gravely wrong. And it’s really hard to deal with.

No. 5: Causes of Capricorn Rage

What could you have done to upset a Capricorn? These people have very high standards when it comes to respecting. For boundaries, cohabitation, and cooperation between people. So whether you are their lover, a roommate, a colleague, or whatever. If you have not lived up to their standard of respect, this makes them angry.

They are very much aware of respect, the balance of relationships, and the balance of power. This is one of the reasons they choose their friends wisely. Because if they feel they’re disrespected and their standards for being a friend are not reciprocated, they just see it as a waste of their time.

Still, it’s very hard for them to detach themselves emotionally from people they love. So even if their friends or partners are beginning to show their true colors, they’re willing to work things out. Even if they don’t have to.

No. 6: Capricorns Hate Dishonesty


Basically, Capricorns want to feel valued. They will make you feel valued and expect you to do the same for them. Lies, tricks, or unprofessionalism at work get them, too. When people are underpaying them, tricking them, sneaking things into contracts. Essentially, dishonest, untrustworthy people. These are the types this sign dislikes.

Never stand between a Capricorn and their money. Shady people should watch out. Never be dishonest with them. And since they really just don’t pop off, it’s a lot easier if you just be straightforward with them.

Once you lie to them, they can still be your friend or lover, or workmate. Since they find it hard to detach. But they will never ever trust you again. And you will know that because you will sense that.

Thus, it will be a total waste of time to lie to a Capricorn. It won’t do you any good. They have this sense of pride, though not as fragile as that of Leo’s. But never belittle their work, or correct them in front of others. Because they would easily jump to conclusions of you disrespecting them. Or even calling them stupid.

No. 7: Capricorn Damage Control

So let’s say you have actually done these things to a Capricorn. You have offended them, lied to them, then they found out about it. If you have broken a Capricorn’s trust what should you do? Start right then and there and be honest. And this advice is applicable to all zodiac signs. Everybody wants honesty, right?

But the good thing about this sign is that there is no need to sugarcoat. Unlike a Cancer wherein you need to choose your words carefully so they won’t get hurt. Or retreat back inside their shell. Just be honest with a Capricorn and don’t patronize them. Don’t tell them to calm down or make them feel crazy. Most of all, don’t show that you are pitying them in any way.

Try to approach them as your equal and from then you can decide how you can improve and make things better. Even if you have messed up, or you were misunderstood. It doesn’t matter. Just be straightforward. This is the only way you can resolve your problem a lot faster.

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