Libra Man in Love: The 21 Signs He’s Crazy About You

libra man in love

Ladies, if you’re eyeing a Libra, we’re not surprised. This zodiac sign is notorious for kindness, with an eagerness to please, and is all-around pleasant to spend time with. But how do you know if he’s into you, also? Well, worry not! We’ve compiled telltale signs of a Libra man in love into a list just for you!

Is he just crushing, naturally showing his kindness, or is he crazy about you? Learn to spot and distinguish the key differences between the three in this article. Even if you’re already in a relationship with one, maybe you’re having doubts if he really loves you. We’ve also listed some tips on how to reciprocate these feelings, in order to move forward into a relationship Whatever the case, this is just the article for you!


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Libra Man Falling in Love: Signs You Just Can’t Miss

How does a Libra man act when he’s in love? Libras fall under the air sign, and are primarily passive partners, as well as good listeners. Such attributes make them attractive partners for long-term relationships. However, Libras are naturally friendly, and tend to want to please others. These two factors make it confusing on whether or not their gestures are romantic or simply friendly.

This list addresses that confusion, and allows you to properly tell when you’ve got a Libra man in love, or just a friend. For one thing, Libra men are passive and make it easier for women to initiate a romantic relationship with them. This is among the many key signs that a Libra man may have feelings for you, read on below to find out more. Without further ado, the 21 Libra man in love signs you need to know:

#1 You are His Happiness

Cliche or overgeneralized as it sounds, when a Libra man is in love, you make him happy. This is important because as a sign, Libra is very expressive and in tune with their own emotions. Watch how he responds to your presence and actions. If he becomes overjoyed just by you showing up, that is likely the first indication that he really likes you.

#2 He Wants to Spend Time with You

Libras are romantic creatures by nature, and the way they express romantic interest is usually through grand acts or devoted service. One specific example is that they make time for you and desire your company. Whether it’s walking with you or getting coffee, Libra men who adore you will find an excuse to spend time together. It’s an even better sign if he arrives by surprise, just to see you on a busy day.

If you’d like him to fall even more in love with you… open up your schedule! Make time for him, also. Accept his advances and intrusions with joy, and you might just surprise him. Better yet, you may embolden him to make the first move.

#3 The Best Version of Himself when He’s with You

A Libra man in love is the best version of himself when he’s with you. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s two-faced or ingenuine towards you. What we mean is a Libra man in love will try his absolute hardest and showcase the best he has to offer around you. Maybe he’ll crack a few jokes and show off his funny side, or he’s more behaved and gentlemanly towards you than other women. Whatever the case, if you notice a Libra man always at his best around you, that might just mean he’s into you.

#4 He Shows Interest

shows interest

When we say interest, we don’t just mean romantic (otherwise, what would be the point of this list?). A male Libra who’s caught feelings for you will show interest in you as a person. He’ll want to know everything about you, relish in your quirks, share your dreams and goals, even start participating in your hobbies and pastimes. A little curiosity and polite conversation is normal. But when you find that Libra wants to become a part of your life in a major way… that might mean something more than just friendship.

#5 You’re the Apple of His Eye

Someone once said that ‘if you’ve fallen in love with two people, leave the first, because you never really loved them at all.’ Libra takes this saying to heart. Once a Libra man catches feelings for you, they close themselves off from anyone else. Pay attention to how Libra looks at and interacts with other women. If he’s still single, but oddly closed off, he might have already decided on someone, perhaps you!

#6 With an Open Heart

Most men shy away from being emotional when trying to impress you. Societal stigmas label men as emotionally cold and detached. Libras however, are the polar opposite of this stigma. As we said before, Libras are very emotionally expressive. So don’t clump them up together with other men and watch for the same behaviors. 

A Libra man after you will share his joy and pain with you, in fact turn out more emotional with you than with other women. Here you can reciprocate to ensure he stays enamored with you. Listen to him whenever he talks, and open your own heart to him as well. It’s guaranteed to have a positive effect.

#7 A Committed Lover

Similar to how you’re the apple of his eye, a Libra man in love won’t play hot and cold with you. You won’t find him making advances on other women or even flirting once he’s decided on you. This is true even if you haven’t yet started a relationship with him. Once he’s developed feelings for you, a Libra man treats those feelings as fact, and will make an effort not to betray you.

If you want to make him happy, reciprocate here as well. Close yourself off from the advances of other men, and save yourself for him. Show interest in him alone. When he realizes what you’re doing, he’s sure to make a move on you.

#8 He Wants to Make You Happy

happy couple

Libras as a star sign are naturally empathetic. As such, his behavior will match your mood. When you’re upset, Libra will try to make you feel better, and listen to you and your problems (just like we said in Number 4). Ultimately though, he will want to make you as happy as possible. You can spot a Libra man who loves you when he goes out of his way to make you smile.

#9 Your Knight in Shining Armor

Libra men love to become a part of your lives, we’ve been over this. They’re also naturally empathetic. This means that your problems become his. You’ll find a Libra man who has caught feelings for you to always fight your battles, or at least try to. It’s one of the most clear indications that he loves you.

#10 He Becomes Part of Your Social Life

Men naturally want to impress your family and friends. Libras however, or on an entirely different level. Just like they’re their best selves when they’re with you, they’ll attempt to impress your family and friends even more! More than a behavior centered around Libra, this is a subtle way for a man to let everyone know that he’s interested in you and pursuing you. A subconscious behavior for a man to keep competition away-a clear sign he likes you.

#11 A Sure Lover

Does a Libra man move in fast, or does he prefer a slow burn? Libra may not respond to your signals right away, but don’t worry. There’s a lot of thought that goes into commitment for Libra, and they prefer sureness over risks. They will take some time to digest how they feel about you, and interpret (even overthink) the signs you send out. He will commit to you fully when the time comes, and it’ll be worth every second you wait!

#12 An Album of You

Libras are excellent listeners, and an interested Libra will engage you in conversation a whole lot. Because of this, you can tell a Libra likes you when they remember everything about you. Things you may have even forgotten yourself! A Libra man in love will remember even the smallest details about you. Pay attention to just how much he knows about your personal life, and you may just know how he feels about you.

#13 His World Revolves Around You

Libra is honest to a fault. When Libra talks about his plans, he’ll often let slip that you are a big part of them. This doesn’t mean he’ll accidentally propose of course! What we mean is that he’ll often discuss someone like you when he talks about what sort of person he wants to settle down with. Maybe he’ll talk about how much he’d miss you if you moved away.

Whatever the case, pay attention to how he talks about you or people like you. It’s a dead giveaway that he’s thinking deeply about you. More importantly, he’s already considering a future with you. When Libra loves someone, their deeply reflective nature gives it away.

#14 He Always Tries to Keep in Touch

keeping in touch

Libra men can’t stay away from you. If it isn’t dropping in or filling up your schedule, they find other ways to reach out to you. Maybe they’ll flood you with texts or messages. Call you every once in a while to check up on you. If he can’t go a day without somehow interacting with you, this clingy behavior just might mean he loves you.

#15 He’s a Great Shoulder to Cry On

Libras are great listeners, but that doesn’t mean they always have the emotional bandwidth to listen to your problems. A Libra man in love however, will always make room for you and your problems. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in his life. In fact, it won’t matter what time of day it is. He’ll always be a shoulder to cry on for you.

#16 He’s Very Patient with You

Libras are very expressive creatures. They are in tune with their emotions and will make their pleasure or dissatisfaction known. It’s quite a testament to his love then, when a Libra man refuses such an expression if it will hurt you. Despite the fact that you press on his pet peeves, or make a mistake around him, a Libra man who loves you won’t so much as raise his voice towards you. Take it from us, though: try not to tease and provoke him to find out.

#17 Nothing but Good Things

Libras love to give and take positive feedback. If he showers you with praise, he means every word, and this means he’s been thinking about you. Commenting on your appearances, smile, smell and sense of taste is a dead giveaway. Furthermore, if you praise him on something, and find him doing that thing more often? That definitely means he likes you!

#18 Glass Half-Full

This is for the ladies already taken. Libras are optimistic when they’re happy and in love. If he talks about the future with you and expects good things, there’s a good chance he’s happily in love with you! Gauge how he feels by striking up harmless conversation. If he’s happy with his place in life, and optimistic about taking future steps with you, that’s a great sign!

#19 He Can Talk to You About Anything

Libras are expressive, but that doesn’t mean they share their innermost thoughts with just anyone. They spend a lot of time in self-reflection, and tend to become lost in art, philosophy or the mysteries of the Universe as a result. If a Libra shares these thoughts with you, it means he feels you’re important enough or will want to share a deeper connection with you, a connection deeper than simply friendship. Pay attention to what Libra is willing to talk to you about. If he’s sharing things with you that seem personal or deep, it’s a strong indicator that he likes you.

#20 He Wants You to Challenge Him

Libra is an air sign. This means they often just go through life easy and breezy, and are very secure in who they are. However, when Libra meets ‘the one,’ they want that person to challenge them to improve. Libras are passive partners, and often want their significant other to take charge in a relationship, and over them. If he responds to your suggestions and strives to improve for you, it means he feels deeply for you.

For your part, you can support his passions. Push him to grow and improve there, and all around as a person. If he sees that you believe in him and support him, you will practically steal his heart. Libra men love women who are willing to stand with and behind them.

#21 He Learns Your Body Language and Emotional Cues


Libra is empathetic, as we said, and a very keen judge of character. You know those little ticks you have as a person? Maybe you hug your arms when you’re upset, or bite your nails when you’re anxious? We all subconsciously possess emotional cues with our body language, however minute. When a Libra man loves you, the last and ultimate sign is him picking up and identifying all these cues.

Not only does this mean he pays attention to you enough to spot these, but also that it matters to him how you’re feeling. Libras are perfectly in tune with their emotions, and sympathetic to others, but to pick up on specific emotional cues based on body language is another level. This means he views you as more than a friend or the like. It might just mean he loves you!

To Sum it All Up…

We think there’s no better way to sum it up than this: Libras are loving and empathetic people to everyone they meet. However, they often go the extra mile for the people they love and care about. If you’re seeking to start a partnership, or even develop an existing one with a Libra man, take notes from this article. Pay attention to his needs, share in his joys and pains, support him, above all else: be patient with him.

It’s also important to note that while Libras share many common traits, that this list doesn’t speak for them all. A Libra man won’t necessarily fall into all these categories, as everyone is unique. It is, however, a good starting point based on the zodiac sign. And ultimately, being empathetic, open and loving to someone is the best way to receive that in return.

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