Zodiac Romance: Ranking The Best Match for Capricorn Woman

best match for capricorn woman

Love is right around the corner, it’s in the air, it’s everywhere! Suppose it bumps into you, are you prepared or will you find yourself caught unawares? Does the zodiac say anything about falling in love, or give any good romantic advice? Lucky for you, dear reader, it does! Today, we’re going over the best match for Capricorn woman in the zodiac, according to Astrology.

Are you dating or pining for a Capricorn woman yourself? Curious where you fall on the list, or are you maybe worried you don’t make the list at all? Don’t feel bad if you don’t, we’re going over why these Zodiac signs are the most compatible with Capricorn woman. We’ll show you what you can learn from them, how you can emulate the traits your loved one likes so much. Use this list to win her heart!

Maybe, like we said, you’re reading this for dating advice. Rather, maybe you’re a zodiac aficionado looking to brush up on your knowledge. It’s possible you’re also just plainly, harmlessly curious on which is the best sign for Capricorn woman. Whatever the case, this is the article for you! So sit down, relax, have a good read and most importantly have fun.


  • What zodiac sign is the best match for a Capricorn woman?
  • Why are they the best matches for Capricorn women?
  • Can we learn from them?
  • And many more…

Who are The Most Compatible Signs with Capricorn Woman?

You’re probably well-versed with Capricorn, the zodiac sign that presides over the period of December 22 to January19. An Earth sign known for industriousness, focus and a commitment to finding their purpose, Capricorn women are just as much busybodies as their male counterparts. She is sure of herself and the world around her. Like her symbol, the sea goat that can stay on sea or land, she navigates her emotional and physical realms with ease. Having Saturn as a planetary ruler, the Capricorn woman wastes no time finding her place and making an impact in her lifetime.

But what does she want, look for in a potential partner? What makes any of the upcoming Zodiac signs the best match for Capricorn woman? In general, first we need to remember that Capricorn is an Earth sign, and a Cap woman will focus on her duties, responsibilities and the material. As such, she places her family, career and her goal above all other things. Watch out: if her family doesn’t like you, neither will she, so fight hard for their approval!

While you might expect someone as outgoing and driven as Capricorn to love partying, remember that they also often burn themselves out. Your Capricorn woman would much prefer to have a ‘home date’, sit on the couch and watch TV or listen to music more than a night out. Also remember that they crave success in their big dreams and goals in life, and a sure way to get her to like you is to show your support. Capricorn women work hard, but they play hard too, and a lot of men find their stamina in the bedroom intimidating, so stay in shape! With that in mind, here are the Capricorn woman best matches below:

Cancer, the Sensitive Lover


At first glance, Cancer might not strike one as the best match for Capricorn woman. They’re overly sensitive and emotional, while Capricorn is the opposite. Capricorns put emotions second to things they can work with, protect and improve upon. But that’s exactly why they work so well. Allow us to explain.

While Cancer is emotional, they’re sensitive and careful not to upset, slow down or get in Capricorn’s way. This means Cap’s family will grow to like such a considerate man, too! Both mature lovers, they’re quick to develop strong, deep bonds due to their desire in finding a lifelong partner. Most importantly, however, is that once Cancer gets under a Capricorn woman’s cold exterior… he’ll find that she needs his soft side. Capricorn is a ‘softie’ deep down, and needs the tenderness, the emotional side that Cancer offers her.

Making it Work for You

What can we learn from Cancer? Well, while a Cap might not seem like the most emotional woman, appearances deceive. Always remember the sea goat that is their symbol, and the duality that represents. Deep down, Capricorn needs to make time for the emotional side she often puts to the side. Cancer (and you!) can give her the opportunity she needs by presenting themselves as emotionally safe and available.

Pisces, the Easy Lover


What ranks Pisces among the zodiac signs that make the best match for Capricorn woman? It’s that they compliment each other’s weaknesses very well. Pisces is generally easy-going, keeps to themselves and knows how to have a lot of fun, too much fun, almost! Capricorn’s hardworking nature balances that out, and gives him the security he needs.

Likewise, Pisces teaches his Capricorn woman to have fun. Capricorn certainly has a softer side, as we’ve discussed. But often neglects to get in touch with their emotions or their fun side. Pisces offers Capricorn the relaxation they so desperately need, and a break from the constant grind for success that seems to permeate their lives. Capricorn and Pisces strike the perfect balance! 

Making it Work for You

You might want to take notes from Pisces here. Even if it’s not for a Capricorn woman, girls love guys that know how to have fun. More than that, they love guys that know how to make them have fun, too! Learn to tell jokes, grow a great sense of humor and see to it that she smiles every day she’s with you. The world is growing more serious everyday, and a comedian offers boys and girls everywhere a rare, good laugh that’s in rare supply.

Taurus, the Steady Lover


Now, we’ve reached the big leagues, the cream of the crop. The zodiac sign in second place that makes an excellent match for Cap women is Taurus, the bull. Unlike the first two signs, Taurus offers Capricorn a kindred spirit. An Earth sign just like Capricorn, Taurus can relate to his woman’s diligence and her insistence. Taurus is, after all, the zodiac sign known for its stubbornness, and he instantly falls in love with Capricorn’s determination to succeed no matter what.

Additionally, they place value on the same things, the material. Taurus is a family man, who will respect and understand the importance of family in his Cap woman’s life. As we said, that’s bonus points for Cap, whose deep familial ties will resonate with her Taurus man. Taurus men also place the same importance on career. Although, the difference is that this is out of a sense of duty more than ambition.

Here is where Taurus men truly shine with Capricorn women. They may not seem like it because of how similar the traits are, Taurus does have something Capricorn needs.

For while they may not have Cancer’s soft side or Pisces’ fun side, they have a sense of duty and routine. Capricorn loves to work, but is far too ambitious and driven to the point of ruin. Taurus offers them the stability and safety of a dutiful worker.

Making it Work

Family is everything to Capricorn, and more than respecting her family, show her you can take care of your own. Men who can take care of the family are instantly more attractive than those who can’t. There is evolutionary precedence that takes effect here, as men have traditionally been in provider and protector roles. What does Taurus teach us? More than making your woman laugh, more than helping her through her emotions, take care of her

Scorpio, the Perfect Match for Capricorn Woman


Here we are, the number one. The best match for Capricorn woman in the zodiac, Scorpio. What makes a Scorpio man and a Capricorn woman such a power couple, you ask? Scorpio possesses all the positive traits from the previous entries on this list, in Spades. They even have traits unique to themselves that we’re going over below.

First, Scorpios are deeply emotional and guarded creatures. They have a tendency to act softly and sweetly towards their loved ones, but show a cold exterior. Capricorn can relate to their cold exterior, and find themselves intrigued by the dark and mysterious Scorpio’s hidden self. This turns Scorpio into a sort of ‘goal’ for Capricorn to get to know, and we all know what happens when Capricorn settles on a goal. They won’t stop until they get it!

Additionally, Scorpio only lets a select few into their circle and through their walls. They place importance on family, as Capricorn wants. Strong, powerful, passionate and sexual creatures, Scorpio can match his Capricorn woman’s intensity whether on the career path or in the bedroom. Their only issue is the difficulty both have with trusting new people, but once a bond forms, Scorpio and Cap stay together for life.

Why do they Work so Well?

Let’s face it, in Scorpio’s case, they’re born with the skills and traits they need to bag a Capricorn woman. That doesn’t mean, however, that we have nothing to learn from them. Many times, we try to ‘look for the perfect partner’, when what Scorpio teaches us is quite different. Consider working on yourself, and becoming the ideal partner to the man or woman of your dreams. What does this mean?

Get in shape, work out and improve yourself physically. Start a career path, become financially independent and showcase yourself as an excellent provider. Get in touch with your softer side and learn emotional intelligence. All women, not just Capricorns, love these traits in a man. Develop yourself instead of focusing on dating, and when the opportunity arises, you may find that love comes naturally to you.

In Conclusion…

One more time, let’s go over each of the signs! Cancer and Pisces cater to Capricorn’s softer, more emotional side. While Cancer is an emotional safe space, Pisces teaches her to have fun and laugh. Taurus is a strong, family-oriented man that offers her material security and is a great career partner. Finally, Scorpio intrigues and allures the Cap woman with his mystery, and matches her passion and sexual energy.

That wraps up the ranking of the best match for Capricorn woman! To summarize, Capricorn women love hard working, family-oriented men who can match their energy. But don’t neglect her softer side! She also needs a man who can give her her safe space, the room to breathe and feel. Remember to focus on yourself more than finding a partner, and let love happen organically.

We hope this article helps you out with finding true love, whichever Zodiac sign of the person you’re after is. Don’t feel bad if you’re pining for a Capricorn and you didn’t make this list. Always remember that you are more than your sign, and can learn, change and grow as a person. As we always say, Horoscope predictions were never meant to control the course of your life. The stars are only there to guide us, but we are the captains of our own ships, the masters of our fate.

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