Zodiac Signs that Make the Best Friends: Is Yours Included?

zodiac signs that make the best friends

Friendships are built and sustained mainly by their personalities. When people who are total opposites of each other meet, it’s either they clash or complement each other. A lot of this depends on your zodiac sign and your dominant traits. Friends, specifically zodiac best friends are there to nurture and add positivity to your life, not to drain or suck the life out of you. Thus, it’s important to learn the zodiac signs that make the best friends. 

In this post, you will learn which signs make the best of friends according to astrology, as well as have a better understanding of the following: 

  • What zodiac signs make the best friends but worst enemies?
  • Is it true zodiacs that are best friends are hard to find?
  • Which signs make the best friends according to their likes and pet peeves? 
  • Are there best friends for every sign in your natal chart? 
  • Can zodiac signs that are best friends be future lovers as well?

Let’s get to it and discover the zodiac sign best friends!

Zodiac Sign Best Friends: An Overview 

There are plenty of reasons why zodiac sign best friends are special. And when you find friendships in the stars, you can be sure they will be there for the long haul and will be truly worth your while. Both of you will develop the ability to understand each other even on a deeper, more spiritual level. The following are zodiac signs that make the best friends. 

Aries: Gemini

Gemini is Aries’ best friend. Whenever you see buddies goofing around or are adrenaline junkies, chances are, it’s an Aries and Gemini pair going into the deep unknown. These people are not afraid to try anything at least once. It is the kind of friendship that compliments each other’s personalities totally. Gemini sees Aries as a visionary who is capable of making all their dreams come true, while Aries never gets tired of Gemini’s fascinating tales of fun and adventures. 

Taurus: Cancer

This earth sign’s best is Cancer. The pair values friendship and loyalty like no other. Cancers are nurturing creatures to their friends and families, making sure the people they love always look and feel their best. They are among the zodiac signs that make the best friends since Tauruses are drawn to Cancer’s caring nature, while Cancers admire Tauruse’s strength and determination to face their fears and take life by the horns. Knowing you have someone who always has your back makes your friendship even more valuable. 

Gemini: Libra 

gemini and libra friendship

Another earth sign Libra forms another strong bond with Gemini. Apart from Aries, Gemini also jives well with Libras because both have very positive and cheerful personalities. They do not waste their time moping or crying over spilled milk. For them, failure is meant to be a teacher, not a life sentence. Gemini and Libra love drawn-out, late-night talks and never seem to run out of things to discuss. Needless to say, they fuel each other’s passions and boredom is a rare occurrence between them. 

Cancer: Scorpio

Cancer can also be best friends with Scorpio. When they aren’t laughing or whipping up delicious dishes for Taurus, you can find them chilling with Scorpios. These water signs are both curious, intuitive, and dedicated to learning. To them, learning and discovery are lifelong passions. Each of them has carved their path to go on a journey, notwithstanding that it’s going to be a long and winding road ahead. 

No rock is left unturned, and every “what if” is tried out and tested. They are not afraid to dissect the nitty-gritty of even the most sensitive topics because they are both open-minded. And even when they have contrasting opinions, they can agree to disagree in friendly and respectful tones. 

Leo: Leo

You guessed it right. No one loves a Leo more than fellow Leo themselves. Some people are afraid that two Leos in a room equals total destruction, which is not really the case. True, they fight for power and love to dominate, but they also like to function in packs. These lions understand their fellow zodiac in a way no one does. Of course, there will always be pride, competition, and those things that come with fierce Leo. But at the same time, you know each other’s strengths and limitations. When to push, and when to back off.  

Virgo: Virgo 

Just like Leos, Virgo’s best friend is also a Virgo. They are strongest and most capable of tackling challenges when they are together. Virgos have exemplary analytical skills that make them a force to reckon with in the workplace. They have laserlike focus even on the most minute details. While most people ignore or overlook seemingly trivial information, Virgos know if and when it can be detrimental. 

Fortunately, they are also passionate about friendships as they are about their careers. They make amazing friends who always take your feelings into consideration. Virgos have a positive influence on each other, always nudging the other to leave their comfort zones and to go above and beyond their limits. 

Scorpio: Pisces

scorpio and pisces friendship

Other zodiac signs that make the best friends are Scorpio and Pisces. Pisces and Scorpio make a unique friendship because theirs is much deeper than normal. This is the kind of friendship that withstands time and distance. These zodiacs can go on without each other for many years and when they reconnect, they simply pick it up from where they left off as if they’ve never been a day apart. Pisces knows all of Scorpio’s flaws, idiosyncracies, and even a dark side no one else knows. It doesn’t bother them at all, in fact, they take it with a grain of salt. Not that they’re turning a blind eye, it’s just that they know no one is born perfect, thus, no one should feel entitled enough to judge. 

Sagittarius: Aries

Sagittarius and Aries have an insatiable kind of energy that most people difficult to keep up with. Furthermore, some people misinterpret that relentless energy as a bit overbearing. But nothing can be farther from the truth. There is nothing these two zodiacs want more than their family and friends to have a blast whenever they’re around. They go the extra mile to please, serve, entertain and even fix a lavish spread to welcome people into their homes. Aries and Virgo love all things fun and exhilarating. And just when you’re about to ask them to try a death-defying dare, they’re already doing it!

Capricorn: Taurus

If you’re tired of being betrayed and backstabbed by your closest friends in the past, this will never be an issue with Capricorn and Taurus. These creatures are some of the most loyal, giving, and considerate beings on the planet. You can count on them for love and support any time of day. There’s no such thing as “do you know what time it is?” when you ring them up at 3 am, bawling, and spilling your guts out. Capricorn and Taurus will be there for each other no matter what. During highs and lows, to celebrate your wins, and mourn losses. 

Aquarius: Sagittarius 

Apart from Aries, Sagittarians also go well with Aquarians. They are not afraid to go into the unknown, think out of the box, and come up with the most insanely brilliant recommendations. Their hands and mouths can’t keep up with their brain while it is running at full speed. When they get excited about something, like a project, they get hyperfocused and won’t stop unless it is finally accomplished. 

They can go on with barely any food, water, or sleep because they are so engrossed with what they are doing. Aries and Sagittarius know and understand this about each other, how a person’s natural instincts can push you to your limits. And there’s no better way to go about this than with a friend who knows you all too well. 

Pisces: Aquarius 

pisces and aquarius friendship

Scorpio is not the only one who can truly jive with Pisces. Aquarius can do a fantastic job as well. These water signs easily flow into each other’s rhythm, finish each other’s sentences, and even read each other’s minds. They’re the kind of friends who can understand each other with one look, one nod, one cue. This is the kind of friendship that can endure life’s most difficult challenges, face them head-on, and come out at the other end unscathed. These zodiacs are an unbeatable force of nature their enemies wouldn’t want to cross paths with. 

Zodiac Signs That Make the Best Friends: Can Friendship Turn to Love?

Have you ever thought about dating your best friend? Come to think of it, having your best friend as your significant other can be so much easier since you already know each other so well and your relationship has weathered so many storms. Aside from knowing each other’s needs and pet peeves, you’ve been in each other’s lives far too long to imagine yourself without them. 

However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of pursuing a romantic relationship with their best friends. Not only can it feel weird, but they may also risk losing the person they love and care for the most. The following zodiac signs think otherwise. Here are some zodiac signs who are willing to take their friendship to a whole new level. 



Nothing kills Aries faster than boredom, thus, they are always in search of friends who also have an insatiable amount of energy. Once they find somebody who has that vibrant personality, you can be sure they will never let them go. And when the time comes to connect with prospective life partners, there’s no need to search far and wide for that. What for when they’re just a phone call away?


leo zodiac sign

No one is as confident and self-assured as Leos. They know what they are worth and so they would never settle for less. Leos like having relationships with those they have already known and “evaluated” for the longest time. Someone they can get along with, who will not be turned off nor intimidated by their strong demeanor. And what better candidate to do that than their tried and tested best friend? 



A Sag loves being around people. They are at their best when they can express their thoughts and feelings amongst their peers. As such, they need a romantic partner who can feel at ease moving in these social circles and put something on the table. Sagittarians cannot be with someone who is insecure, who cannot stand seeing them getting and giving attention to other people. Thus one of the best candidates who can stay in step with them is their best friend. Someone who will not make a big deal with some harmless flirting and friendly banter. 



People who know them well are aware a Gemini can turn into a chatterbox real quick. So they appreciate somebody smart, funny, quick-witted, and chatty. A person who is not just interesting, but is also interested. Sure, Geminis are always open to finding romantic prospects outside their inner circles. But if they find the perfect match from within, they don’t see the point of going out. 



Nothing turns off a Scorpiomore than phony people. Scorpios can smell phonies a mile away, especially those who have an ulterior motive. Gaining their trust is a long and difficult process, and the few people who were able to pass the test are those in his social circles. It is no surprise therefore that dating their close friends is not only smart but extremely practical as well. They don’t want to waste time adjusting to people’s whims and peculiarities. So if the shoe fits their friend, they can quickly turn into their lover. 

Final Thoughts On Zodiac Signs That Make Best Friends

Some people have this unspoken rule about never ever dating their best friends. This is risking years of wonderful friendship going down the drain, losing a trusted confidante, and breaking your heart all at once. However, this could also be one of the best life decisions you could make, and if you are not willing to take the risk, you will never lose. But you will never win either. 

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