How to Decipher the Aries and Sagittarius Friendship

aries and sagittarius friendship

Will the Aries and Sagittarius friendship work? Can these sun signs become awesome BFF matches, or are they doomed from the start? Just like all other signs in the zodiac, these two have their strengths and weaknesses. Most notable and most annoying habits, as well as characteristics that could make or break a great friendship.

But do they have what it takes to keep their bond intact for the long haul? Or better yet, can Aries and Sagittarius friendship compatibility turn into something more? Can they slowly creep into each other’s hearts and be a successful couple?

In this post, we are going to find out what makes each sign tick that makes them gravitate towards each other as friends. And how eventually they can take it to the next level as lovers and lifetime partners. We’ll also tackle the answers to the following questions:

  • How can friendship compatibility for Sagittarius and Aries actually work?
  • Do Aries and Sagittarius as friends compete with each other?
  • What makes Sagittarius and Aries friendship turn sour?
  • Do Aries and Sagittarius get along as friends or are they better off as lovers?
  • How long will the friendship between Aries and Sagittarius last?

So let’s go ahead and go deep into the heart of Aries and Sagittarius friendship compatibility.

Aries and Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility: An Overview

Aries and Sagittarius friendship is definitely possible since they have a lot in common. They get along smoothly without even trying. As a bonus, they both have the fire element. An awesome personality and a free-spirited duo is a match made in heaven. This partnership will be full of fun and adventures, as well as thorough navigation to get past any obstacles that will come their way.

So let’s break it down and see what really makes Aries and Sagittarius friendship work.

What the Sag Loves About the Aries

Aries are born from March 21- April 19. They are the first sign of the zodiac. The time of their birth is a period where we are transitioning from winter to springtime. Because of this, there is vitality and an outward energy movement. The same thing happens with Aries.

Aries is super dynamic. They are passionate, focused, always need fuel to keep going, and they are fighters. Aries are independent soldiers. They are the first person, the protagonist, the individual that is set out on their journey of the zodiac. As one moves through the different zodiac signs, you will learn how this journey will progress.

Aries are self-starters so they have no qualms about striking out on their own. They are comfortable having leadership roles and welcome every opportunity with open arms. But because of this, a partnership with them can get a bit tricky. Although they crave warmth and closeness just like any other human being, Aries is not an expert on achieving this.

They have a tendency to be a bit scratchy, a little combative, even. But all in all, these are inspiring, courageous, innovative, and wonderful creatures. They just need people to have lots of patience. Those who are as fiery and passionate as they are. Although a bit more grounded, to make things work.

the fool card

Tilting a little bit on their darker side, you need to accept a couple of things for an Aries and Sagittarius friendship to move forward. Aries can sometimes be self-centered. Acting like The Fool from the deck of tarot. Stepping off the cliff even if the dog is barking at him so he will not go that way. They can also be overly optimistic. Some things need thinking and thorough planning, but sometimes they just want to go ahead and jump right in. This kind of impulsivity is what makes them difficult learners.

Emotional tact is another thing that’s lacking in Aries. The kind of tact that is also needed in love or interpersonal relationships in general. However, if you are patient with an Aries, you will realize they’re not the type who hold grudges. After they let out their anger, they’re good to go. So basically they’re really forgiving. Perhaps because of their childlike nature. Where they have this innocence and naivete.

They really do not mean anything by it. It’s just that they’re not super easy to teach. They need to do things so many times over until they finally figure them out.

What the Aries Loves About the Sag

This Sagittarius Sun is born from November 22- December 21. The planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Which in turn is a planet that is associated with growth, expansion, optimism, the good, benefic energy. Again, this is also a fire sign.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think about them is the archer, the centaur that is shooting the arrow. Simply put you can think about them as just horses playing about. Sags have this spirited, carefree, authentic, and natural playfulness in them. They say what they think, many times without any filters. So they can come off as crude or even lacking in ‘refinement’ as some people would say. They just prefer things raw and natural, without any sugar coating.

Overall, however, Sagittarians are optimistic and forward-meaning. They enjoy the journeys they are going to take, the stories they are going to make. Sags need their fire signs, their fuel, and new experiences.

Traditionally speaking, it is the Ninth House. The Sagittarius House. So there is that need for travel, to absorb the wisdom of the world that’s all around them. These people are all about self-help, about improving one’s self. They value being their true and authentic selves and hate any forms of self-portrayals.

Aries and Sag In Love: To Be Or Not to Be?

Now that we know that Aries and Sagittarius friendship can indeed flourish and grow, is it possible to take things to the next level? Can Sag and Aries really fall in love? Or will the small nuances pile up and get the better of them? Let’s find out!

To do this, let’s learn about Aries and Sagittarius expectations when it comes to love. Can either one even reach the bare minimum?

Aries Sun In Love

These people enjoy making the first move. They prefer to do the chasing themselves, at least at the beginning. This is why Aries females are sometimes accused of being too direct for comfort. Especially with traditional males who want to take the lead role. So it cannot help that there are times these Aries females are accused of being too brave, or headstrong, ball-busters, etc. But Aries doesn’t care.

In today’s world, we need both Aries men and women. Because these people are brave and courageous folks who are not afraid to go for what they want. When it comes to love, they need passion, lots of sex, they are very physical. And believe it or not, they also need fights once in a while. Not your all-out, mind-blowing drama. Just a little bit of friction or tension to add spice to their relationship.

So, if you’re somebody who doesn’t push back, who will just lean back and will always give way to please them, eventually they will get annoyed. And bored. That is the last thing you want to happen. Because a bored and annoyed Aries will not stay for long. They will be out the door before you know it.

Aries Sun Love Expectations

Since Aries are super passionate, expect them to give their passion freely and spontaneously. Basically whenever they feel like doing so. Unless they’ve got a lot of earth on their natal chart. And even then they have to be the ones to decide when they will express this love. Remember that you can never boss around an Aries.

Again, they can be childlike and a bit selfish. They want their lover’s love and attention all for themselves, but they don’t see anything wrong with them flirting with other people. And in reality, they mean nothing by it. So basically they want their freedom but also want to know that they come first in your life. That there is no one else in your heart except for them.

Aries’ biggest fear is something that’s common with the rest of the zodiacs. With Aries, you’ve got this brave, bold, enterprising person. But deep down they’re like a child. The main reason why they are this bold and brave is it never occurred to them that there’s an issue in the first place. For them it’s just striking out, doing what they want, voicing out their thoughts.

It’s like their spirit hasn’t gone through many experiences. Or it hasn’t been knocked out enough to have learned their lesson. So they really are quite vulnerable deep down. What they really want is their partner’s warmth, love, and affection. They want to know that they belong. But then again, isn’t that what everybody wants? However, since Aries has this bold and brave facade, of not really needing anyone. You just assume automatically that that is really how they feel. But it’s not.

So they need someone who can recognize this as being an Aries. Someone who can give them space to become their true selves, but need them at the same time. A person who is brave enough emotionally to tell an Aries they need their courage and bravery. To keep them safe and to protect them. This is how you tap into the vulnerable side of Aries. Understand this whenever they project that onto you. It’s only because they’re trying to protect their inner vulnerabilities.

Sagittarius Sun In Love

sagittarius sun in love

Sags are ardent, passionate, natural, and playful. They are not afraid to express their love openly, genuinely. Sagittarians wear their heart on their sleeve. It’s easy to figure them out since they are simple in their love nature. Whether it’s with words or with physical affection.

They have this optimism in them that the world is naturally benefic, and that things would always work out just fine. Or they themselves are benefic, as well as their intentions. And since they are like this, they assume their partner is, too. Thus, their eagerness and openness for their love to blossom. So they’re pretty simple with what they want.

Sags really just want good sex, do fun things together. They love the spontaneity of things. So preventing them from doing so would really bum them out. This includes them making sexual advances at you. If you’re always so tired and brushing them off, they will find that really boring. They would not appreciate it.

Sagittarius Sun Love Expectations

Sagittarians love a partner to grow with. This means everything from traveling together, to creating stories together. There is a lot of water in their natal chart, so they would very much like a family for themselves. They want to laugh and joke around. Even let out that crude sense of humor once in a while. They like their romance to be fun and playful, where there’s lots of freedom so they can roam about.

Sags also prefer partners that are positive, have a good attitude, and are forward-leaning. They don’t want to be the ones to clean up their mess all the time. Of course, they will if they have to, but really, they do not want this. So they go with a partner who is full of optimism, who is innately happy and excited about life. Someone who is ready for anything.

What is this sign’s biggest fear? It’s actually similar to Gemini. Sags worry about being trapped. Just the thought of being stuck in a relationship. Without passion, nor excitement. Where you’re not growing or moving forward. They don’t like partners who are controlling, possessive, jealous, and demanding.

These things are total turn-offs. A person who is clingy emotionally, and requires lots of validation from the Sag. This is just not the way Sagittarians are built. So it’s’ not surprising that their greatest fear is “being stuck with a wet blanket”. It’s not fun for any of us, but more so for a Sagittarius. The idea of a wild horse stuck in the rain gives them nightmares.


Yes, an Aries and Sagittarius friendship is definitely possible. And a blossoming romance for these two- even more so. But just like anything else, life is all about compromise. You cannot expect to have your way all the time. Life and love should be a two-way street. Accept that both of you have your own strengths and weaknesses. Work on them and learn to pull each other up, and not drag each other down. In the end, all you need is love.

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