Your Zodiac Signs as Mythical Creatures: Which Fantasy Creature Are You?

zodiac signs as mythical creatures

Everybody knows their own Zodiac sign, but how many people think of it in terms of mythical creatures? Ever think of your Zodiac signs as mythical creatures? If you have, what mythical creature are you based on your Zodiac sign?

Fortunately for you, the list below covers just that: your Zodiac signs as mythical creatures! We all live in real life, but too often do we want to indulge in the fantastic instead. Well, we’re here indulging in astrology already. That’s the idea that the star you were born under defines a part of you.

At this point, why not? Seeing the Zodiac signs as mythological creatures, if nothing else, is going to be fun. We battle through the mundane routines of everyday life, and that can really wear you down.

It goes without saying that your Zodiac signs as mythical creatures draws the comparison somehow. That comparison has basis in the nature of your Zodiac sign in the first place. For example, take the general fiery nature of Aries and aggression. A dragon isn’t an inaccurate analogy.

We visit the fantasy of mythical creatures every now and then to escape the humdrum of everyday monotony. Some might tell you to stay in the “real world,” but “real” depends on what you perceive. Besides, reality infused with fantasy can make it far more interesting than a 9 to 5 grind.

Reality never has to be boring, and you don’t have to stick to a perfectly accurate Zodiac everytime. Take some time to live a little! You might just find that the mythical creature of your Zodiac sign is accurate!

The Signs as Mythical Creatures

If the signs were mythological creatures, what would yours be? That’s the simple question this list answers in fun little sections. Taking some time to entertain the concept of the Zodiac signs as mythical creatures may be a fun pastime.

Life can be as mystical and fantastic as you allow it to be. Of course you might find life is boring if you only partake in your job, your family, and “real” things. Entertain yourself for a while and think of the Zodiac signs as mythical creatures. 

You’ve no doubt heard tall tales of vampires, werewolves, dragons, and other magical beings. If you stop to think of the Zodiac signs as magical creatures, it becomes an entertaining question. Would Taurus’ earthy nature mean their being is a golem? Or perhaps something else?

The mythical creature based on Zodiac signs is a small explainer. It helps clarify the nature of your sign, which has strange and fantastic effects on your life. As a Cancer myself, I find that a maternal kind of care for anyone I meet comes naturally. I don’t know why; it’s just there.

Read on to see the Zodiac signs as mythical creatures and better understand the signs’ natures! That way, you may start to understand your own nature. Questions like “Why are you like this?” may be easier for you to answer, for starters. If nothing else, it might be a fun way to pass your time.

Aries: Dragon

As majestic as they are terrifying, the dragon is a symbol of fiery death in Western mythos. In the Eastern mythos, they’re often no less powerful or fiery. But more often, they’re advisors and sources of help and wisdom instead of a village-destroying monster.

Aries’ fiery and dominating nature finds its analogy in the dragon. Raw and instinctive, the dragon has the size and firepower to go after whatever it desires. Be it for gold, food, or anything else, few can stand in a dragon’s or an Aries’ way.

You can always count on an Aries to give it their all, no matter what they’re doing. Like a dragon, it makes the Aries an object of fear and admiration. Think of an Aries spreading their wings like a dragon and flying after their desire with the same fierce intensity.

Taurus: Dryad

The earthy Taurus has a beautifully ethereal and powerful connection to nature. They’re so grounded all the time that you can count on them as much as the soil beneath your feet. That’s what makes them analogous to the dryad; a nature spirit that finds its life force in many forms.

Dryads are often a feature in Greek mythology as the object of a god’s desire. They’re sensual and ethereal, yet have an irrevocable tie to the natural world. In fact, their very life force is inextricable from their environment. Water dryads live in bodies of waters like rivers, and the same is true of dryads and forest trees.

Their sheer connection to nature makes Taurus one of the most reliable Zodiac signs. Sturdy as the earth or a tree trunk, you can always count on a Taurus. Exactly as you trust that the ground under your feet stays solid, so too does friendship with the dryad, Taurus.

Gemini: Fairy


It’s often said you should be wary of striking a deal with the Devil. Few ever warn you about striking deals with a fairy. They have such technicalities in their faerie contracts that you’d need a lawyer. It wouldn’t be surprising, given that those whisked away into the Realm of the Fae find themselves in Faerie Court.

The Fae have always been symbols of mischief and simultaneous cleverness. They even have their own Faerie Court in certain stories and mythologies. Geminis see everything through the eyes of a fluttering and mischievous fairy. They have a hand dipped in just about everything in our world. So it’s not strange to find a Gemini involved in a lot of different things.

A sprinkle of fairy dust can make any situation interesting. If nothing else, it makes the situation fun, at least for the fairy. This could mean anything for a Gemini: a clever sentence, a little twist in tone, or a subtle wink. Whatever it is, it makes things interesting, at least for the Gemini.

Cancer: Werewolf

The wolf of legend is also a man, and the legend of the werewolf has survived many centuries. It may surprise you to learn that the origins of the werewolf legend are Greek. The term for werewolf, “lycanthrope,” originates from the Greek “lukos” for wolf and “anthropos” for human.

Werewolves are creatures absorbed in instinctive emotion and ferocity. Even the most basic introduction to werewolf lore will teach you not to come near one under the full moon. That’s when they’re most powerful as the curse takes over their bodies and transforms them into the wolves of legend.

Creatures of emotional passion powered by the moon, Cancers can howl just as loud and emotionally. Cancers are as sensitive and territorial as the werewolf. The last thing you should ever do is mess with a werewolf, let alone its pack. Their ferocity in defense is terrifying, but it springs from a feral passionate love.

Leo: Sphinx

The Sphinx is a mythical creature of Egyptian origin. While possessing the face of a human, the Sphinx has a lion’s body and strength. They are creatures of the sun god, Ra, and are thus empowered by him. Regal strength is evident in your poise and voice.

The raging roar of the lion is available to the Sphinx. Like the lion is king, Leo encourages all who hear their roar to follow them. Despite the ability to intimidate others into submission, Leo’s intelligence always has a grander idea ready.

Virgo: Unicorn


Unicorns are the horses of legend. Their horns have magical and often medicinal properties, as the legends say. That besides, the unicorn is also typically a symbol of purity and innocence. Despite being so pure and innocent, the unicorn is also a magical creature of great power.

Their great power works together with their endless love for the more vulnerable. In this way, they are most like Virgo, who do exactly the same thing. Like unicorns, they only bestow their blessings upon those who deserve it. Their purity is ceaseless like the unicorns and their likeness is unmistakable.

Libra: Sylph

The Sylph is an endlessly free spirit of air. Powered by delicate magic and of wondrous aesthetic, the Sylph detaches itself from the confines of the material world. They’re transparent by nature, being entirely made of air and gusts of wind.

Libra are beautiful creatures as well, and find themselves balancing things as their symbol implies. But they are also creatures who greatly value freedom. They prize helping others attain it as fairly as possible. Libras detach themselves from the material world, like a Sylph, in order to best help others.

Scorpio: Phoenix

Phoenixes are birds of legend that appear in multiple mythologies. In Greece, the phoenix is the immortal firebird that faces darkness and dies, rising from the ashes to live again. For the Egyptians, the bennu’s feathers are lighter than sin, making it Anubis’ measurement for a soul’s purity.

Scorpios trust that death is transformation and transformation is rebirth. To become stronger, the Scorpio is willing to die over and over, to change again and again. They always rise from the ashes stronger than before, and few can challenge such a power.

Sagittarius: Centaur


Another Greek legend, the half-horse half-man galloped the Cretan countryside. On top of being excellent at prophecy, the centaurs were also adventurous and incredible archers. Combining the strength of humans and the natural world, centaurs traveled in herds. Few dared to disrespect such creatures, and even fewer dared to cross them.

Like the centaur, the Sagittarius is on an endless journey. There’s no destination, for the destination is not the meaning of a centaur’s sojourn. Centaurs accomplish whatever they seek, and Sagittarius are no different in pursuing their goals.

Capricorn: Elf

Elves are creatures of superior knowledge and beauty. Often immortal, the elves possess great wealth, magical power, and physical strength. In other words, elves are basically perfect humans. Despite this, elves are very naturally reclusive.

Maintaining control in a more subdued manner, they’re like Capricorns in this regard. Capricorns don’t like to flaunt their dominance by talking a big game or showing off. They’re more than content to let their actions speak, which is what elves do with all that power.

Aquarius: Undine

As the word “aqua” in their name would suggest, Aquarius is most like the undine. The undine is a water spirit that tends to find its homes in lagoons and pools. They’re messengers between the surface and underwater world. Despite their aquatic nature, the undines are fiercely protective of humans and admire them greatly. 

Undines don’t have human souls, so they pray their beauty lures in a human mate. In this way, they may join a human forever and “become” human. Aquarius loves other people and forever seeks a person who they can be with for life.

Pisces: Mermaid


The mermaid has taken many forms, one of the less flattering being the Siren. Such would lure sailors to death on the rocks with their voices. However, softer versions of the tale imply that mermaids merely bewitch sailors with their beauty.

As elegant creatures of the ocean, Pisces tend to be as sensitive and dreamy as a mermaid. Pisces’ imagination has seen it all, from the depths to the surface. And they always want more.

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