Zodiac Signs as Greek Gods: Which One are You?

Astrology and mythology intertwined since humanity associated the cosmos with the divine. This is particularly true of the ancient Greeks who had 12 Olympian gods along with 12 Zodiac signs. Greek astrologists themselves practiced with 12 signs so it isn’t hard to see the signs as Greek gods.

zodiac signs as greek gods

The Zodiac signs as Greek gods may seem unreachable in their cosmic scope. However, Greek gods were uniquely human in their faults. Deities in the Greek pantheon were not only aspirational figures for connection and inspiration. They were often so flawed that one could easily mistake them for humans were they not decidedly divine.

For example, Zeus is powerful and wise but is also an infamous philanderer. Ares is a great warrior and patron god to Sparta but is chaotic and overly aggressive. Hephaestus is creative and resourceful even for a god but has a tendency to be vindictive and unforgiving.

In this way, it isn’t hard to see how human the Greek gods really are. Seeing the Zodiac signs as Greek gods further humanizes what may seem much too divine for us to grasp. Values that each of the Zodiac signs as Greek gods represents are not the only important thing.

Acknowledging flaws are important to one’s character as well. What we decide are flaws or values changes over time just like how we see historical figures. However, our ability to identify with those traits transcends time. Read on to see the astrology signs as Greek gods!

Zodiac Signs as Greek Gods and Goddesses 

There are 12 Zodiac signs just like there are 12 Greek gods and goddesses. Each of the Zodiac signs as Greek gods have similarities in personalities. Values and flaws are in this likening as the gods’/goddess’ values and flaws typically resemble those of the sign.

The signs are as follows:

Aries: Ares

Aries is a Zodiac sign represented by the Ram. First among the Zodiac signs, its planet is Mars. Red is the color of the planet so the Ancient Greeks likened it to the color of Ares, god of war.

Like the competitive and fiery Aries, Ares represents fiery masculine energy and the spirit of competition. The son of the two most powerful Greek gods, Ares was difficult to get along with. Chaotic and impulsive, he was often tactlessly aggressive in general.

Zodiac signs as Greek gods lead us to draw a similarity between Ares and those born under Aries. Leadership qualities come naturally to them and they are innately strong and loyal. Challenges don’t scare them and mental stimulation is all they need to do what they set their minds to.

Taurus: Demeter

The Zodiac signs as Greek gods also often have a connection with each of the four elements. Demeter is a patient and devoted mother who serves as the earthen goddess of the harvest. However, her patience and devotion easily soured into stubbornness and possessiveness. This was when Hades kidnapped her daughter, Persephone.

Like Demeter, Tauruses are immensely devoted to those they care about and their worlds go dark if they feel abandoned. As stable as the earth she nurtures, Demeter’s love is nurturing and practical. Tauruses are incredible partners and friends too, as long as you don’t leave them for half the year.

Gemini: Hermes

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Hermes is the Greek god who represents the sign of Gemini. Speedy and talkative, Hermes is the Greek god of messages and communication. Aside from delivering messages for the gods, he also led souls to the underworld of Hades.

Like Hermes, Gemini are endlessly resourceful and socially versatile. On the other hand, they can also be two-faced and restless. People born under the sign of the Twins have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Silver tongues are also common among them, allowing them to talk their way out of just about anything.

Cancer: Artemis

Youthful and feminine, the virgin moon goddess of the Hunt represents the sign of Cancer. Artemis is a fierce, respected Olympian as she champions young women and is as much a warrior as Ares. She lives in the woods in fear of–even hatred–of men. Moonlit nights are the only time she ever leaves and lurks on the hunt.

Likewise, moon-born Cancers are often shy and modest. Protective of their families and homes, they are also emotional creatures. However, do not underestimate their maternal and compassionate characters. Woe betide the fool who would pose any threat to those a Cancer cares about!

Leo: Apollo

greek god apollo

Guided by the Sun, it is only natural that Leos associate with the sun god Apollo. However, Apollo is easily one of the most multi-faceted and talented Olympians. On top of fortune-telling, Apollo is also skilled at medicine and art. His skills easily worked towards great good but could also wreak great harm if he became vengeful.

Like the talented god of the sun, Leos are passionately creative and show warmth. Generosity and cheer are in great supply with Leos but they also hold high opinions of themselves. Offend them and they will meet you with anger and stubbornness.

Remember that the sun is warm and life-giving but can also burn down crops and hurt skin. Wrong medicine will cause illness rather than heal it. As a Leo, wield your creativity and passions responsibly or you endanger those around you.

Virgo: Demeter

Virgo are also connected to Demeter, the earth goddess of fertility and harvesting. Women carrying grain are the symbol of Virgo, like Demeter who is often carrying the harvest of grain. Her name literally translates to “Mother Earth,” so Demeter’s image is a mature woman bearing wheat and a torch. 

Resourceful and hardworking, Virgo are often helpful to those in need, just like the motherly Demeter. However, Virgos can be preachy and anxious. Still, they will always help a friend in need and you can count on Virgos to be there when you need them most.

Libra: Aphrodite

Venus guides those born under the sign of Libra, so their Greek goddess is Aphrodite. As the beautiful goddess of love and procreation, her words once sparked a war between even the gods. The story of Troy still stands as an epic testament to the power of Aphrodite as a goddess of love.

To avoid this, Zeus married her off to Hephaestus, the ugly blacksmith god. It didn’t stop her from taking many other lovers, Ares included. Like Aphrodite, Libra are charming, romantic, and graceful. However, they can be vain, which is one of their worst traits. Ironically, they suffer the same struggle as the love goddess; they can never find the right partner.

Scorpio: Hades

hades - greek god of the underworld

Dark and mysterious, Scorpios are often associated with the god of the underworld, Hades. Scorpio are seductive and mysterious, leading to it becoming the most misunderstood Zodiac sign. Despite being the essential symbol of death, Hades is not evil; it’s just his job.

Like Hades, Scorpios are easy to misunderstand. Despite the gloom of his purpose, Hades is the only god to never have cheated on his wife, Perspehone. His loyalty and commitment are also present in Scorpios.

Hades was an intense but fair judge of character, but he was also incredibly possessive and protective. Scorpios share these traits with him as well and are without mercy when harm comes to their loved ones.

Sagittarius: Zeus

Patronized by the king of the gods himself, Sagittarii are natural leaders. As ruler of the Greek gods and king of the sky, Zeus is powerful and wise. However, these are offset by his flaws: he is boisterous, indulgent, and a notorious cheater.

Like the king of the gods, Sagittarii suffer from a similar duality in personality. Zeus is ambitious and idealistic; core traits for any leader. However, he’s also indulgent and puts his desires before considering others.

Be careful not to let your ambitions as a Sagittarii override your consideration for others. You still get things done; you’re a natural leader, after all. But don’t neglect your planning skills as you keep your ambitions high.

Capricorn: Hephaestus

Capricorns associate with the talented god of smiths, Hephaestus. Known for his talents and how others treated him rather than his exploits and beauty, Hephaestus is still important. Among the Greek pantheon, he is the only ugly god, but he crafted all of the gods’ weapons and armor.

Like Hephaestus, Capricorns are one of the most hardworking signs in the Zodiac. Disciplined and resourceful even under fire, their quality of work is incomparably better than most. However, Capricorns make the mistake of letting their work define them.

They can be unforgiving or vindictive, like Hephaestus, who once trapped Aphrodite in a cage for cheating. Don’t work too hard! Live your life, like most of the other signs do and don’t let your work become your whole life.

Aquarius: Prometheus

While not technically an Olympian, Prometheus is still worshipped by the Greeks. The Titan god of forethought and counsel made man himself out of clay. He also tricked the Olympian gods out of the best meat in a sacrifice to give it to man.

For his rebellion, Zeus ordered an eagle to peck at a bound Prometheus’ liver for all eternity. Like the rebel Prometheus, Aquarius are humanitarians. They will rebel against authority if they think it has overreached. Loving man more than even the gods, Prometheus and Aquarius share creative skill in rebellion and breaking rules.

Pisces: Poseidon


One of the strongest gods of Olympus, Poseidon represents the sea and Pisces. Moody and unstable by nature, his temperament matched those of the unforgiving ocean waves he ruled. Despite being the protector of sailors, he could just as easily turn on them and sink them.

Pisces are equally moody, but they are also intuitive and very sensitive. Crowds are not good for Pisces either as this causes them to overload, so Pisces often seek to be alone. Like dreamy Pisces, Poseidon is unpredictable and dangerous when angered.

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