Zodiac Gemstones: Which Gemstone You Are and its Meaning

zodiac gemstones

Zodiac astrology has its origins in Babylonia, about three thousand years ago. Since that ancient time, humans have looked out to the sun and stars for guidance. The dawn of civilization heralded times of spiritual and physical guidance from the stars themselves.

Zodiac gemstones are one of the ways that the astrology of the Zodiac carries over today. Constellations across the sky represent the 12 equal signs of the Zodiac, 30 degrees across. Names like the Great Twins and the Scales make them the familiar signs that you know today.

Add to that, a term like “Zodiac” has its origins in Greece, where the word meant sculpted animals. Their names reflected those animals. Taurus reflected the sculpted bull, Gemini reflected sculpted twins and so on.

Gemstones carry great spiritual strength like birthstones and Zodiac gemstones are no exception. Eventually, these Zodiac gemstones became well-known as lucky stones for Zodiac signs. Like with planets and elements, gemstones as per Zodiac signs became a common link to make.

Zodiac Signs and Gemstones

Ancient empires like Egypt and Greece all adopted astronomy as a way to keep order and foretell impending disasters. In fact, Astronomers then were serving only the royalty. Astronomy later included personal fortunes for everyone besides the royal family.

As astronomy developed, so did people’s understanding of the Zodiac. The development in understanding led to people associating gemstones and Zodiac signs. Given such, Zodiac gemstones later became a concept that astrologists associate with greater spiritual strength. 

Below, we list gemstones by Zodiac sign. To deepen things, we will also tackle Zodiac gemstones and their meanings. Zodiac sign gemstones what do they mean? These precious stones bring great energy to any fortunate enough to be holding them.

Aries: Bloodstone

Fiery and passionate Aries take their place as the first sign in the Zodiac. Of Zodiac gemstones, the Aries bloodstone brings about the energy of strength and vitality. These are critical parts of a holistically developed Aries’ personality.

Aries are generally passionate and determined people, but fire is not all there is to them. They are also capable of great love and faithfulness. Such energy is particularly present in their alternative gemstone, the diamond.

Taurus: Sapphire

sapphire gemstone

As practical and dependable as their Zodiac’s namesake, the mighty Taurus has the gemstone of sapphire. In fact, Sapphires protect their bearers from negative energy. They provide direly needed protection and support to the hardy Taurus. Their reliability makes them great friends, but don’t stretch them too thin with negative energy.

Zodiac gemstones are not just bringers of spiritual strength. They also enhance and magnify the personality of its bearer. If sapphires are not available for a Taurus looking for a gemstone, emeralds will do as well. Emeralds promote growth and fertility as its green color is reminiscent of Taurus’ godly patron, Demeter.

Gemini: Agate

The generally talkative Gemini represent themselves in the Zodiac as twins. Known as affectionate and loyal people, Geminis should carry the gemstone known as agate. Agates promote harmony and peace, an important part of their very social lives.

Alternative gemstones for Gemini include the typically yellow topaz. Topazes magnify love and affection in Geminis as long as they carry them. As chatty as Gemini can be, some love and affection goes a long way in keeping relationships with Gemini healthy.

Cancer: Emerald

The most maternally caring and emotional sign of the Zodiac is none other than Cancer. Represented by the crab, Cancers possess the gemstone of bright green emerald. As maternal symbols, the color green aids Cancers in their nature as caretakers and spaces of fertile growth.

Unsurprisingly, the moonstone is Cancer’s alternative gemstone. This is because Cancer’s ruling planet is the moon. The moon’s caring energy lends itself to the moonstone to help Cancers more wholly show compassion and kindness.

Leo: Peridot

Sunny as their ruling planet, Leos have a lot of creative energy and are never short of energy themselves. Furthermore, their peridot gemstone brings about the energy of prosperity and happiness. Great fortunes in endeavors and businesses await those Leos who carry the peridot with them.

If peridot isn’t available, citrine will do just fine for Leos looking for a nice gemstone. Citrines have a vibrant orange color that brings fast vitality and energy to its holder. It isn’t uncommon for Leos to carry citrines when they seek faster healing for themselves or a friend.

Virgo: Carnelian

Metropolitan Museum of Art , CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The hardest-working sign in the Zodiac is also the holder of the carnelian gemstone. In fact, Empathy and hard work are the principles that Virgo lives by. Carnelians bring the energy of motivation and creativity to the Virgo that carries it, helping them bring quality to their work.

If carnelians are a little hard to find right now, Virgos can also work with jasper. This wavy gemstone encourages a more nurturing and courageous personality in Virgos. Through this nurturing and extra courage, Virgos learn to take care of themselves too.

Libra: Opal

Finding the scales balanced is a top priority to the fair-minded and sociable Libra. After all, their Zodiac sign is the scales, often associated with justice and fairness. Opals help Libras exude better energy for finding hope and truth in a world where life can be very unfair.

When life is hard and unfair, it seems impossible to balance the scales. Sometimes, there’s nothing to do but hope for better times. Fortunately, tourmalines are just the alternative gemstone for Libra. It brings the energy for healing and inspiring Libras and those around them to keep seeking fairness.

Scorpio: Beryl

Likely the most trustworthy sign in the Zodiac, Scorpios have a reputation for being assertive and mysterious. Being misunderstood often leads to Scorpios needing more perseverance and tolerance. Fortunately, beryls provide such energy in abundance. Scorpios searching for the patience to love despite being misunderstood had best get a beryl stone quick.

If beryls are inaccessible, corals serve as a great alternative gemstone for Scorpios. Add to that, Corals give off the energy for Scorpios to pick up a wiser personality. Courage is also part of the personality that corals bring, so that positive energy is something worth picking up for a Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Topaz


Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarii are natural-born leaders who take an open-minded and active approach. Given such, their gemstone is the multi-colored topaz, which can take a lot more colors on than the standard bright yellow. Topazes help bring out love and affection in Sagittarii to temper their outgoing and lively approaches to life.

No topazes? That’s fine! Citrines will work just as well for any Sagittarii. They bring fine vitality and energy to its holders. Any Sagittarius looking for an energy boost to pursue the myriad projects in their mind should get a citrine gemstone.

Capricorn: Ruby

Capricorns are famous for their disciplined responsibility and self-control. They have the ruby gemstone to enhance their responsibility with invincibility and courage. Such energy will help Capricorn have the rigidity and integrity needed to push through their temptations.

Bluish lapis lazuli gemstones will do just fine in the absence of ruby gemstones. In fact, Lapis gemstones will bring the energy of wisdom and truth-seeking. Virtues like this help Capricorns know better which responsibilities to let go and when to relax their discipline.

Aquarius: Garnet

Aquarii are thoughtful and caring people who have a bit of a rebellious streak. Their humanity makes them often distrustful of authority and they will always stand up for what they think is right. The energy of friendship and loyalty are eminent in the garnet gemstone, which belongs solidly to Aquarius.

Teal turquoises will do just fine too in case garnets are not available for Aquarii seeking an energy boost. Turquoises bring the energy of truth and tenderness. This makes them ideal for helping Aquarii seek the truth behind things that they are curious about. It also makes them more capable of being tender to their friends and loved ones.

Pisces: Amethyst

zodiac gemstones - Amethyst

As the final sign of the Zodiac, Pisces show their capacity to be compassionate and forgive often. Amethysts offer them spiritual protection as they flit about and show great kindness to everyone they cross. A wise Pisces is almost always carrying at least one amethyst gemstone to enhance their spiritual protection.

All that caring wears them down and it’s a matter of time till frazzled emotions cause them to lash out. For this, the good alternative is a light blue aquamarine. This gemstone’s energy is calming and soothing, so it can provide a safe space for Pisces to regenerate.

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