An Unpleasant Ranking: Who is the Worst Zodiac Sign to Love?

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Love hurts, and everyone knows it. Nine times out of ten, you shoot your shot and you miss. Maybe it’s not the right time, you weren’t very compatible, or just drifted apart. But it might surprise you to know that your heartbreaker’s zodiac sign might’ve been the real culprit. Some zodiac signs are notoriously difficult to love, and I bet you’re curious to know the worst zodiac sign among these.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list that answers just that burning question. Read on and find out which zodiac signs have trouble communicating. Those that are quick to burn out and tire of you romantically, or are just plain toxic partners in a relationship. Maybe you’re tired of relationships going South inexplicably and need this warning, maybe you just need answers, or maybe you’re reading this list just for fun. Whichever the case, this is the article just for you!


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Getting Right Down to Ranking: What is the Worst Zodiac Sign to Love?

Have you ever been in a relationship that just felt right? You thought you found the one, they ticked all the right boxes, made you the happiest you never thought you could feel. Then, out of nowhere, they call it quits, leave you for another or just straight up ghost you. While there are a lot of toxic and negative people in our lives, it’s also possible that their zodiac is at fault for their behavior. We’ll be looking at exactly those behaviors in this article.

Even if you’re a zodiac aficionado that feels they don’t need a brush-up on their knowledge, take heed. Every zodiac sign has negative and positive traits, some more than others. And some entries on this list may surprise you. Because you may not know exactly which traits and behaviors that belong to which signs make them the worst romantic partners. For instance, Leo is famous for their passion and energy, but did you know that this passion and energy can actually work detrimentally in their relationships?

Specific behaviors and the zodiac sign’s nature that leads to them acting that way is exactly what we’re exploring in the list below. For zodiac signs in this list, take heart: you might identify with some of these behaviors, and can work on fixing them to make yourselves more attractive as partners. Everyone has faults, and it’s important not to judge the entries in this list. We’re after personal growth and spiritual advice and healing, not to go after these signs with a mean spirit. That said, without further ado, the complete and comprehensive list below, just who is the worst zodiac sign to love?

#6 Leo, Burning Love and Burning Out Fast

leo zodiac sign

As we’ve hinted at it above, it’s probably no surprise Leo is on this list. Still, we bet you’re dying to know why. Leo’s high energy and passion means they are quite the romantic partner, and will love you fully and enthusiastically. They are also prone to grandiose displays of affection towards their significant other. But this high energy comes at a price, or rather functions sort of like a double-edged sword.

Since Leo gravitates towards high energy and action, a slow-burn romance, or a partner that wants to take it slow can really ruin things for them. Worse still, this high energy means Leo is rather quick to move on and find someone else. Likewise, their fast-paced, sexual take on love means they may not take things as seriously as you think. We’re saying that when the eventual rose-colored glasses fade and settling down becomes more apparent, many Leos find they weren’t in love as much as they thought.

To anyone dating a Leo, remember this well. Try to avoid more serious commitments and feelings until later on in the relationship, because Leo tends to sweep you and themselves away with their passionate words and physical intimacy. Leos, learn to slow down and love the quiet time, the now. Learn to love your partner more than you love loving your partner. Get to know them, pick up the same hobbies, and enjoy the ride, however fast or slow it goes.

#5 Scorpio, Passionate but Dangerous


Maybe it’s because you saw Scorpio on the sneak peek earlier on in the article or maybe you just knew this dark and intense sign likes to stir up trouble. Either way, we’d like to bet this entry didn’t surprise you all that much either. Scorpios are dangerous to fall in love with right off the bat, due to their dark and manipulative nature. But even without that, they are difficult to have a relationship with. This dangerous sign can fall prey to their self-justifications very easily, which often leads to infidelity.

While otherwise incredibly loyal, Scorpios prioritize themselves and their values first. If they feel as though their partners do not love them as much as they deserve, or feel slighted, this vengeful sign may cheat if only as petty payback, yikes! Scorpios also like to keep to themselves, and rarely open up to other people, and yet crave understanding and external validation in their relationships. Last but certainly not least, Scorpios have a bad habit of craving control and power, and can oftentimes suffocate you with their overprotective, possessive nature.

Yes, Scorpios sound incredibly difficult to love, with a load of emotional and behavioral issues to consider as baggage. But there is a trade-off! If you can break through Scorpios negative traits and form a deep and loving bond with them, you’ll find a very strong bond and fulfilling relationship. When Scorpios find ‘the one,’ they are loyal without fault and very passionate, intimate and caring lovers. Just make sure not to break their hearts and taste this sign’s bitter revenge.

#4 Aquarius, Gone Like the Wind


What makes Aquarius one of the worst signs to date ties heavily to their elemental nature as a sign. An air sign, Aquarius at the outset shies away from commitment and would rather keep their options open instead of settling down. While this makes them a very relaxed and amiable companion, it also means that they’d leave you at the drop of a hat. If Aquarius senses any sort of trouble, feels trapped or simply grows bored of you, there’s a good chance they’ll just leave you. Chances are, if you’ve been ghosted in a relationship without even coming to terms with why, then it was an Aquarius you were seeing.

Our advice is to stay away from Aquarius unless you’re just looking for a casual fling, dating for fun, or willing to risk heartbreak. On the flip side, if you find an Aquarius who you totally vibe with, you’ll enjoy a very relaxed, easy relationship with very little emotional hang-ups or fights. We’ve got some advice for any Aquarius reading this as well: ground yourself. While remaining non-committal has its benefits, remember that no one in life makes it all on their own. But if you always walk out of people’s lives so callously and recklessly, you’ll find yourself all alone in the end.

#3 Aries, too Hot to Handle


Similar to Aquarius, Aries bores of people easily. But for different, more painful reasons. Aries, like its element, is a raging fire. Always seeking new thrills, delights and pleasures, Aries leaves you at the drop of a hat when you have nothing left to offer… or if they find someone better. That’s right, what ranks Aries so high on this list is that they are by nature, the sign most prone to infidelity.

Dating an Aries means entering a tough, never-ending competition with everyone your partner meets. In conversation, romance and especially the bedroom. Our advice? Unless that’s exactly what you’re into, you’re going to burn yourself out, and it’s a very toxic sort of relationship to enter into. Our advice to Aries is to exercise loyalty, because what goes around comes around, and always seeking new delights will never satisfy, just leave you wanting more.

#2 Gemini, Hot and Cold


We’re getting down to the wire now, and these last two are especially hard to grow attached to. While not the absolute worst sign of the zodiac to become romantically involved with, Gemini’s infamous manipulative and two-faced nature is a real challenge to work around. Their two-faced nature does not necessarily equal infidelity, but you’re going to always second-guess yourself as to their intentions. They’ll say one thing, then do another. For instance, they’ll tell you they’re happy with you, then complain about you to their friends.

Another issue with this sign is their tendency to flirt around. Gemini delights in stirring jealousy in their partner for their attention. Again, this is due to their tendency to do one thing, but yearn for another. Naturally social creatures, Gemini also attracts and thrives with attention, healthy and unhealthy. Even when this oversteps boundaries that they need to follow in a relationship.

Obviously, if you’re the jealous type, take care in choosing a Gemini as your romantic partner. Learning body language and insisting on honest, transparent communication helps with their dishonest nature, though that should come with time. You’ll learn all about your partner’s verbal tics and giveaways if you pay attention. Ensure that they feel safe talking to you about how they feel. Our only advice to Gemini: you don’t need to make your partner jealous, there are healthier ways to get their affections.

#1 Sagittarius, No Strings Attached


We’ve reached the end, the worst zodiac sign to love. That honor goes to Sagittarius. For all intents and purposes, you can call them ‘the one that got away.’ Because what makes Sagittarius so difficult to love is the way they view relationships. Temporary, superficial distractions.

That’s right, what makes Sagittarius the worst zodiac sign to love is that they are perhaps the hardest sign to fall in love with. Because they don’t ‘love’ at all. There are a million other things Sag would rather do, such as see the world, find fulfilling careers or get rich and famous. Committing their time and energy to a single person or relationship, or even the idea of getting tied down and putting their plans on hold is something they wouldn’t even consider. Even getting to know Sagittarius on a casual level is difficult, as they don’t crave love or fear loneliness like the rest of us.

If you’re going after a Sagittarius, the only advice we can give is to match their intensity. Get on the same flight, walk down the same career path, make a name for yourself. Become someone Sag can love without stopping themselves from going after everything they love. There is a great thing about being a rare person Sagittarius can love as well: if Sag views you as a goal, they will stop at nothing to have and keep you. Sagittarius also tends to mellow with age, and are ready to both slow and settle down.

A Final Word…

Did the worst zodiac sign surprise you, or did you see it coming? Whatever the case, we hope this article finds its use in your life, whether you’re feeling unlucky in the game of love, or find yourself on this list! We’d like to touch base and remind everyone not to take this list in a negative light. In the end, we are in control of our own lives, and the captains of our own ships. The stars aren’t meant to doom us to a path we cannot escape, but only guide us, and man is in a constant battle to overcome his nature.

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