Why Is Libra Attracted to Virgo? All Your Questions Answered

why is libra attracted to virgo

Why is Libra attracted to Virgo? Do these two zodiacs make the perfect couple? Or are they a major disaster waiting to happen? This post will discuss everything you need to know about each sign. How their flaws can be turned into strengths, and how their unique traits can be amplified with the right approach and a supportive and loving partnership. 

Together we will discover what it’s like to navigate the Libra and Virgo love compatibility, as well as shed some light on the following: 

  • What attracts a Libra man to a Virgo woman? 
  • Are Libras and Virgos compatible or more likely to be combustible? 
  • How are Virgo and Libra soulmates considering each other’s temperaments? 
  • Why is Libra man attracted to Virgo woman despite some of her annoying traits? 

So let’s dive in and explore the Libra and Virgo love compatibility!

Libra and Virgo Love Compatibility: An Overview

Virgo is super intense, and very gripping, While Libra likes to hear new ideas and things that would pique their interest. Libra isn’t into the ‘practical approach’ to life. They want life to be magical, glamorous, and romantic. Libras long for excitement but they tend to be lazy emotionally. They want to be looked after and don’t want to do the hard work that any good, solid relationship entails. Meanwhile, Virgo is serious and it takes time before they could trust you completely. 

Libra does not make things easy for them because they are flirtatious, extremely sociable, and loves hanging out with all sorts of people. Virgo needs to know that despite their differences they can have, and work towards the same goals for the long haul. And the only way to do this is to learn about the other’s sign completely so they can adjust and make room for the other’s weaknesses, quirks, and idiosyncrasies. 

Dating A Libra

Dating a Libra can both be fun and frustrating at the same time. This sign can get flirty even if they don’t mean to. They simply have this charisma and magnetism in them that draws people in. So if they are not seeking any kind of attention they will always be invited to parties and social events. And although they do not ask for it, they love this kind of attention and will turn up their charm meter about 10 notches. 

This isn’t a big deal if a Libra is single, however, this can be an issue if they are in a serious relationship especially if they have jealous partners. Note, however, that just because they are flirty they are automatically unfaithful- they are not. They can be very loyal to their spouses, it’s just that they don’t consider harmless flirting as cheating or even reprehensible. 

Libras can be very indecisive which can easily tick off a Virgo. They stress over the smallest decisions they have to make daily. This can be amusing, but after a while, it can grow old. They need a very patient partner because they can get downright exhausting. Imagine yourself having to take the lead every time a decision has to be made. 

Also, Libras hate the idea of being alone, even for a short period. They dread the thought of not having anyone to talk to and would tolerate almost any kind of company, so long as they are with somebody. The awful part about this is they would rather be with the lousy company than be left all by their lonesome. This kind of attitude can lead to a lot of problems, and ignoring all the red flags they see in a person can be downright dangerous. 

What Makes A Libra Happy

Symbolized by the scales, Libras are charming, graceful, and optimistic about life in general. They give off this easy-go-lucky vibe that makes you want to hang out with them for an entire weekend. But try not to be fooled because even if they come off with that happy exterior, fears and insecurities can still brew from within. 



Libras are social creatures and nothing makes them happy more than being surrounded by friends. They don’t discriminate and you can’t box them into a ‘group’ of people. Their acquaintances come from all walks of life. However, things can get toxic when they become extremely attached to one person as they tend to be clingy. Thus, Libras need to learn to be social yet independent at the same time. 


Libras love to be surrounded by beautiful things. They thrive when everything is orderly, goes with their taste, pleasing to their eyes. So nothing draws their heartstrings more than a beautiful home or a luxurious car. The same thing goes for people. 

Are you someone needing a major makeover? Then Libra will be your go-to stylist! They will be completely honest with you and give awesome suggestions on how to look your best from head to toe. Show them your wardrobe and trust them to give you a piece of their mind about which items to throw, and which ones to keep. 

This sign doesn’t enjoy hanging out with folks who look super sloppy. They will never insult you or let you know what they truly think, but if you’re keen, you will. 

Arts and Culture

Why is Libra attracted to Virgo? Because they know Libra’s love for the arts and know where to take them for a perfect date night. Libras love going to opera theatres, museums, exhibits, and anywhere artistic expressions are prevalent. Not only are they good at admiring other people’s work (e.g., paintings, sculptures, etc.) they make sure to come up with their own and sell them. 


This is one of Libra’s most important love languages– gifts. They love giving as well as receiving gifts. Combining Leo’s artistic flair plus Virgo’s perfectionism, you’re sure to get the perfect gift on any given occasion. Of course, they look forward to the same thing from you. Libra is not only great at giving material gifts, but they also love to surprise you by coming up with the best parties like birthdays and anniversaries. Or gifting you with experiences like a pampering session at the spa, or a weekend getaway at your favorite beach resort. 

Making Love With A Libra

Why is Libra attracted to Virgo? Because they know exactly what Libra wants in bed. To be fair, Libra is also a tender and gentle lover, or a passionate and insatiable partner. In short, they can adjust to your needs depending on your mood and desire at the moment. They will make sure each lovemaking session is pleasurable for both of you. To give you an idea, here’s a brief rundown of what their intimate side is like. 

Old School

Libras like the long, drawn-out, old-fashioned type of sex. Don’t get too weird or kinky too, fast, especially during the early stages of your relationship. So it’s wise to act like a lady or a gentleman so you don’t scare them off right away. Give them enough time to feel comfortable and secure with you so they will be more open to ‘different’ ideas when they are ready. 



Libras are hopeless romantics and have always been in love with love. Cheesy and even corny gestures get them every time. Do you think chocolates, flowers, and stuffed animals no longer work their magic in this day and age? Think again, because they work fine with this zodiac sign. If you want to turn the heat up in bed, then be strategic and romance them in the hours leading up to your sexual encounter.  Know that your thoughtful gesture will be returned tenfolds. But if you plan to do it with them with zero emotional connection- just forget about it. 

Take the Lead

Do you know what turns Libra on? When you take the lead in bed. They will give you free rein and allow you to pace things and will wait for your signal on how you wish to move forward. Show them what you want, and if it turns out to be a generous give-and-take between the two of you, you can look forward to steamy and satisfying sexual adventures in the days to come. 

Be Their Friend

If you want them to be 100% secure with you sexually, they have to feel the same way mentally and emotionally. Let them know you’re not only interested in them as sexual partners, but also as your friend and confidante. Libras love intellectual interactions as well and would love to engage in interesting conversations before, or following a passionate lovemaking session. And if you’re funny with an amazing sense of humor, half the work is done. 

Never Say These Things to a Libra

Why is Libra attracted to a Virgo? Because they know what words to say and those they should never utter, no matter what. They know that just because Libras are easygoing and try to avoid conflict at all costs, it does not mean that they never get upset. So if you want to avoid getting on their bad side, here are the things you should never say to them. 

“Just tell me what you want now.”

Don’t force Libras to make rash decisions. They hate being asked to decide on such short notice, from big things to minute details. Pushing them to do this triggers them to become defensive and makes them upset. 

“Finish cleaning up tomorrow.”

Why is Libra attracted to Virgo? Because just like Virgo, Libras tend to have obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and the thought of having to postpone cleaning for later will drive them nuts. They hate it when things are dirty, messy, or disorganized. Even when they’re so exhausted from work,  they would rather tidy up than hit the sack. They will never be able to sleep while their brains are pondering the mess that will greet them when they wake up in the morning. 

“Why do you turn everything into an argument?”


This can get pretty annoying at first, but once you realize it is simply their way of communicating and expressing their thoughts, you’ll get the hang of it. Despite what others think, they don’t do it to provoke or agitate people, they just like to see things from various perspectives, questioning all the pros and cons before coming up with the perfect solution to a problem. Others take it the wrong way and accuse them of always causing drama. But Libras believe that the more information they know, the less drama they need to deal with. 

“Why are you so lazy?”

Libras are always full of life and bursting with energy. But it’s also because of these traits that they need long periods to recharge, relax, and rejuvenate. They take more time off than most people do, and their relaxation techniques can easily be misinterpreted as laziness. When in fact, they are simply getting ready to be their best to face the world. 

“You always waste money.”

Libras are extremely hardworking, thus, they believe they are entitled to spend their hard-earned money as they please. They don’t have qualms about spending on non-functional but beautiful items. As long as it’s aesthetically pleasing, they will buy it if they can afford it. It can be frustrating to some but then again, it is what it is. 

“That was so dumb.”

This statement could hit a nerve with just about anyone, but more so if they’re a Libra. As it is, people often fail to give them credit for how smart they are. As their infinite questions and constant need for feedback make them seem incompetent. Thus, they need a partner who can see through them and offer support instead of destructive criticism. 

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the zodiac Libra, let’s see how compatible they’re going to be with a Virgo. 

Dating A Virgo

Why is Libra attracted to Virgo? Because this earth sign has diverse character traits that will keep curious Libras both interested and stimulated. They are reliable, grounded, and practical people who always have your back and will never leave you to bite the dust. 

This zodiac is not the type of person who will drop you like a hot potato when things get tough. Most importantly, whatever they start, they make sure to finish. Sure, they also have some negative traits, just like everyone does. But their obsessive and critical nature is overshadowed by their love, care, and loyalty to their significant others. Here are some of their most coveted traits. 

Keeps Emotions Under Control 

It’s almost impossible to keep your cool under dire situations where the pressure is mounting at full speed. But Virgos know how to keep their emotions under control and do their best not to overreact. There are times though that they have suppressed so much inside and would start to express how they feel. It may sound like they’re venting, other times like ranting. Whatever it is, let them be. As their partner, they expect you to provide a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on, and a non-judgmental attitude. 

Very Organized

very organized

Because of their OCD tendencies, Virgos love things to be in perfect order. They find it hard to function properly when they have to deal with messy surroundings. When everything is in disarray, their minds are also in a big clutter. No, they don’t expect you to be perfect, however, they expect you to try and not be a total slob. 

Values Honesty

Virgos are honest and transparent, so they expect the same from their partners. They can smell phonies a mile away and will make sure to veer away from them. Virgos will not judge you for your past, nor will they pressure you about your future as a couple. They will, however, draw the line when they find out you are hiding something from them, or worse- lying. Virgos will accept you for who and what you are, so long as you are being truthful. 

Need Their Time Alone

Virgos are also sociable and very outgoing. They enjoy the company of their close friends and family. However, they also value their ‘alone time very much. They need to be away from everything and everyone else now and then so they can gather their thoughts, put things into perspective, and plan their next steps. This is how they maintain balance in their lives. As a partner, you must be willing to accept and support this need. Assuring them that they can take things at their own pace, in their own time. 

What Makes Virgo Happy In A Relationship

This practical and stable earth sign is known for having long-term and committed relationships. They are successful at this because of their mature and decisive nature. Virgos are sincere, loyal, and excellent communicators. However, they find it difficult to get out of their comfort zones to explore new things. But once they trust you enough they will be more open to trying out new things, making sure you’re also happy and getting the most out of your relationship. Here are some of the things that make them happy in a relationship. 


Virgos like things to be predictable. They wish to be in a secure and stable relationship and this can be achieved when there is consistency. Virgos have trouble when their partners are changing their minds every five seconds. To some, this can be boring. However, Virgos see consistency as a sign of respect and maturity. Letting them know what you want right off the bat and sticking to it lets them know you are serious with them. 


Service is Virgo’s love language. That is how they express their love to you, and at the same time, hope for the same thing in return. Sure, they appreciate big, romantic gestures now and then, but nothing beats helping them when they need it most. It does not have to be dramatic or earth-shattering. 

breakfast in bed

Prepping their food because they’re too busy to get up from finishing their reports on their computer is greatly appreciated. Running some important errands because they’re feeling under the weather will not be forgotten. To them, it’s the simple, reliable things that truly matter. 


Being ruled by the planet Mercury makes Virgo highly rational even when it comes to matters of the heart. Unlike others who will jump right in because their hearts are pounding with glee with a prospective lover, Virgo won’t do anything until they come up with all the pros and cons of a situation and then decide whether or not to proceed. 

Making Love To A Virgo

Virgo’s thorough and dedicated nature will be enjoyed by their significant partners in bed. Sure, they’re not spontaneous and impulsive, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be satisfying during lovemaking. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect of them in bed. 


Yes, they love order and cleanliness, and this desire follows them in the bedroom. Nothing turns them off more than a partner who stinks and won’t even bother to take a shower before going to bed. Dirty clothes, body odor, dandruff, bad breath- these are just some of the things that irk them to no end. Thus, if you wish to have a long steamy night ahead, please do your part by not being a total slob. Fresh sheets and a made-up room will give you bonus points as well. 

All Or Nothing Attitude

Virgos both males and females don’t like doing things half-heartedly, and this includes lovemaking. They will try and figure out the things you want, and even ask you upfront. Some believe they will lose the thrill of the moment if they keep doing this. Virgos believe otherwise, for how can they make sure you are satisfied unless they’re sure what they’re doing is right? So try and be patient with them, rest assured that it pay off soon. 


Virgos are known to be perfectionists and demanding in everything they do. The same thing goes for their sexual pleasures. They will make sure they do everything right to keep you satisfied but know that this needs to be reciprocated. Virgos can be demanding and some nights their sexual desires can be insatiable. But nothing feels greater than the two of you collapsing in each other’s arms from pure pleasure and exhaustion. 

No, To PDA

Virgos aren’t fond of showing public displays of affection. To them, discretion is of extreme importance, thus, nothing turns them off than their partners being too affectionate in public. Virgos, find lewd acts cringeworthy. Yes, they will drive you crazy and make you moan in pure ecstasy- but in private. Always in private. 

Never Say These Things To A Virgo

People either love or hate a Virgo. So many things are said about this polarizing zodiac. Some of these don’t bother them in the slightest bit, while others bring them over the edge. Here are some of the things you should never say to a Virgo. 

“You’re a control freak.”

Virgos like planning things to make sure they work out smoothly and that everyone ends up stress-free. But sometimes this can be interpreted as being controlling when in truth, they just want to foresee any future problems so no one will have to deal with them in the end. 

“You’re disorganized.”


This zodiac takes pride in being an extremely organized individual, so naturally, they will be insulted if you call them less than such. Their aesthetically beautiful homes and tidy and functional workspaces speak for themselves. Thus, they are always slighted when someone tells them their organizational skills are not up to par with the best. 

“You’re lying.”

Virgos are some of the most honest, transparent, and sincere signs in the zodiac. So telling them they’re big fat liars will surely put them in a defensive mode. It’s best to calmly tell them the situation and ask them what is going on. They hate it when you jump to conclusions without even hearing their side of the story. 

Final Thoughts On Libra and Virgo Compatibility

This couple is an interesting combination. They may clash at the start of their relationship, but once they find the perfect balance and learn to compromise, their differences need not be an issue. They may be the perfect example of how opposites attract. 

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