Why are Leos so Hated? Exploring the 5 Biggest Reasons

why are leos so hated

A zodiac fire sign, Leos rank among the more famous zodiac signs for their loud, aggressive nature and personalities. These big cat namesakes easily steal the spotlight, are the life of a party, and can be real fun to have around. Their magnetic, powerful auras leave an impression on everyone they meet. Furthermore, Leo is frequently correlated with confidence, leadership and passion. So, it may come as a surprise to many that Leos, despite their fame and recognition, are among the most hated zodiac signs! Just why are Leos so hated?

Leo’s nature, as already mentioned, is fire. Fire can be as dangerous and destructive as it is comforting and nurturing. The powerful aura that Leo possesses is equally polarizing. Their need to be the center of attention often doesn’t leave room for anyone else. 

The loud and energetic personalities that they’re famous for come off as obnoxious for many in their social circles. We all know that Leos also possess very egotistical personalities, and they tend to undermine others in their pursuit of glory. All of these contribute to Leo’s more negative traits. 

Leos, like anyone else, have a negative side to them. It’s probably because of Leo’s powerful presence that their negative traits become felt more strongly than others. We’ve compiled a list of just these traits, to help Leo become more aware of their weaknesses, and even learn how to deal with them. Read on to learn people’s biggest gripes with Leo, and just why are Leos so hated.


  • Exploring Leo’s famous ego and the reasons behind it
  • Passionate or overdramatic?
  • The best have no room for the rest
  • And many more…

So, Just Why is Leo so Hated? 

The following article we’ve compiled discusses Leo’s more negative traits, and the reason they stand out so much. Leos tend to be very social and outgoing as a sign, which inevitably means that people see them more clearly than others. Both sides, negative and positive. Since Leo is also very misunderstood as a sign, due to notorious ego and aggression, this leads to many misunderstandings.

Leos shouldn’t despair however. No matter who you are, or what your zodiac sign is, negative behaviors are manageable. In fact, this list can apply to those of different zodiac signs who possess similar negative behaviors. The list we’ve compiled gives general tips to both Leos and other signs to manage these such behaviors.

We’ve also gone out of our way to list the Zodiac signs relationships with Leo in particular. Why are Leos so hated? Which zodiac signs love Leo? Which zodiac signs just can’t stand Leo? It’s all here!

Find out how Leo interacts with other zodiac signs and people in general. Figure out why you can’t seem to stand Leos yourself, based on your sign. Most of all, learn to get along with Leos and people from all walks of life. Without further ado, why are leos so hated, explained below:

#1 The Ego


Give Leo a mirror and they’re never again bored for the rest of their lives. A gross exaggeration, of course, but it’s no secret: Leo’s really, really like themselves. While Leo’s capacity for self-love may be admirable in some ways, ultimately it’s one of the biggest reasons why people hate them. People often see this as self-obsession, and that is a very unpleasant trait to see in a person.

In truth, Leos simply understand their strengths better than most people. Leo will never miss a chance to dance in the spotlight. They love showing off their capability. Because above all else, Leos crave love and attention from their social circles.

The reason this is so hated, is because Leo’s desire for the limelight often doesn’t leave room for anyone else. Leo will often leave their friends feeling left to the side, or less important because of the attention they command and demand. Additionally, when Leos don’t receive attention, their powerful emotions tend to sway into hurtful and abrasive mood swings that hurt others around them.

There’s an easy fix, however. For Leo or for anyone suffering from an egotistical overload, don’t despair. There’s a healthy way to receive love and attention from your friends: just ask. Everyone desires companionship and mutualistic affection. It’s important to sometimes skip pretense and flair, and simply desire to spend quality time with your friends.

#2 The Drama

In line with needing to be the center of attention, Leos tend to be overdramatic. The egotistical nature of a Leo tends to justify rather than feel shame for doing so. Because of this, Leo will often over dramatize the tiniest of things. All in order to return attention back onto themselves.

Very much in line with their planetary zodiac ruler, the Sun, Leos seek to center themselves in people’s lives. They will put on a show to make sure everyone is watching. Aside from making a big deal out of small problems, Leo will often play a part like an actor. Exaggerating their reactions to everything and overplaying their emotions are very common behaviors for Leo.

Just like their ego problem, the dramatic nature of Leo tends to overshadow their peers. Their insistence on making a big deal out of everything can also make their friends weary of interactions with them. Furthermore, the dramatic, emotional rollercoaster that Leo’s friends often experience near them tends to be exhausting to be around. Exhausting is bad enough, but due to Leo’s magnetic personality, these escapades often become impossible to escape.

To Leo and other drama queens out there, there’s only one piece of advice: get real. Chill out, and understand that overdramatizing situations tends to do the opposite of drawing positive attention towards yourself. People will avoid and become sick of you. Keeping it real is not only healthier, but people will love your authentic and stable nature. It only makes your truly dramatic and incredible moments that much more impressive.

#3 The Best

Why are Leos hated so much? Leos strive for absolute control. A natural leader heralded by the Lion, King of the Jungle, Leo wants to climb the very top, and stand tall as the very best. However, Leo doesn’t treat this as a want, but as a need. Leo doesn’t only want to become the best, they have to.

This leads to a number of simply intolerable behaviors. Leo refuses to take advice, for fear of the other party being seen as wiser or smarter. They neglect or underplay others accomplishments. All the while, they demand the love and attention they crave so much.

It’s easy to see how this particular behavior is so hated. Leos believe that they should have the first and last say in everything, often neglecting their friend’s opinions. They make others around them feel unimportant. Contrary to their belief, this doesn’t make them appear more impressive, but more irritating instead.

The need to outshine others constantly and achieve superiority over everyone else is honestly going to tire you out. You’re less hated and more at peace with yourself if you let go of your perceived race to succeed. Leos are passionate, loving people deep down. They need to remember that loving means letting other people shine as bright as they do.

#4 The Hardheaded


Natural leadership also means natural independence and autonomy. To make decisions and lead a group means inevitably, you will be strong-minded. Leos are like that. Stubbornness is a quality inherent to the lion of the zodiac family. Leos refuse to compromise, and worse still, cannot admit when their wrongs or when they have made a bad decision.

Yes, Leo would rather stick to a sinking ship than call it quits and admit failure. Leo will often delude themselves with success. If it’s impossible to cover up the mess up, both to themselves and others, Leo will simply dodge the issue. They’ll use their natural leadership abilities to make you think there was no better alternative.

Stubbornness is unlikable on its own. But the worst is to come when you call Leo out on their mistakes. Leos love positive attention, and criticism triggers a very violent lion, indeed. When you back Leo into a corner, instead of admitting defeat they double down on their mistake and make matters worse for everyone.

Humility is the only way to become successful. Denying your mistakes and avoiding criticism means not tackling or improving upon your weaknesses. Leo needs to understand that self-delusion and making excuses is not the path to the glory they want to achieve. Your friends will only remember your successes, not your failures. But you have to acknowledge the latter first.

#5 The Nitpicker

What have we learned so far as to why Leos are so hated? Leo loves themselves to a fault. They are over dramatic, making mountains out of molehills. Leo can be competitive, to the point of unhealthy rivalries. And of course, they refuse to take criticism or suggestions.

All of this boils down to their last reason why leos are hated, which is nitpicking. In order to make themselves look better, they try to make others look worse. They overdramatize and pick at everyone’s small mistakes, making them look bigger than they actually are. When others succeed, they look for faults in their success. If that fails, they point out the little mistakes they made on the way.

Nobody likes a nitpicker. Even worse when that person nitpicks on others flaws and makes everyone around them look bad. Sometimes, Leo will patronize you under the guise of goodwill and sympathy. There’s just no one who likes being looked down on or being needlessly criticized.

If you’re a Leo or find that this passage is familiar to you, take note. Nitpicking and being overly critical of another person’s faults doesn’t make you look better, it makes you look worse. If you want people to love you, celebrate their success, don’t downplay it. When people make mistakes, be there for them. Cheer them up, as a good leader should.


zodiac signs

Hopefully by now, we’ve answered the burning question: Why are Leos so hated? We’ve gone over their character flaws as a zodiac sign. But now that we’ve gone over the reasons Leos are hated, what’s next? We’ve given tips on how to manage their negative behaviors. Now, we’ll talk about which zodiac signs are naturally inclined to both loving and hating Leo.

Why? Well, sometimes, no matter who you are or what you do, people won’t like you. Their zodiac alignment might be a reason, so we’re listing it below. Or, if you’d like to practice being a more likable person, maybe you should try it with zodiac signs more attuned to positively receive you. However you want to use this list, here are the zodiac signs compatibility with Leo:

Zodiac Signs that Hate Leo

At the onset of most relationships, Leo seems unconditionally beloved. Their charisma and energy supercharge everyone around them. In due time, however, their nature as a fire sign clashes with the water zodiac signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Water signs are softer, more emotional and sympathetic people.

This nature of their clashes with Leo’s drive for success, ambition and logic. Leo often shrugs aside emotion and soft-spokenness. They want cold, hard numbers instead, and strive for success at the cost of all else.

Earth signs also clash with Leo. Namely:  Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Their grounded, conventional and consistent nature clashes with Leo’s dramatic, impulsive and spontaneous one. Leos often move too fast and too recklessly for Earth signs to appreciate.

Zodiac Signs that Love Leo

The opposite is true for fellow fire signs! Aries and Sagittarius share in Leo’s adventurous and aggressive nature. They appreciate a fellow strong-minded individual. Humor is like magic in these relationships, that cuts through the tension that tends to build between two fire signs.

Leos need to be careful however. Fire is a two-edged sign. As compatible as fellow fire signs are, fire consumes fire. In order to get along with another fire sign, Leos need to respect them and follow the tips laid down earlier in this article.

Air signs also love Leo. Leo’s spontaneous nature gets along just fine with Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Both natures enjoy social interactions and wit, of which Leo is rightfully called a ‘king’ in. Just as air naturally fans flame, air signs can support a Leo towards success. Leo only needs to be careful not to burn up their airy friends along the way.

In Conclusion

So why are Leos so hated? Is it destiny? From birth, doomed by their zodiac sign to unlikability from the day they were born under an unlucky star? Thankfully, no. The stars guide us, but do not control us.

Leo is born under a powerful star, the Sun. They are natural leaders, and aggressive, compassionate and magnetic personalities. Every zodiac sign has strengths and weaknesses. Leo only needs to manage theirs to become their best selves.

The reason Leo seems so widely hated is a combination of factors. Their strong, social personalities that make them more visible along with their tendency to clash with others. In truth, they are no lesser or greater than any other sign. They’re simply among the loudest.

At the end of the day, we promise Leo, along with anyone greatly disliked. Be it the stars or your heart, you are in control of your destiny, and you can carve your own path. Becoming a better person is up to you. Don’t worry, you have the power to change yourself as much as the stars move in the sky.

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