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what is a grand trine
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What is a Grand Trine? Equilateral triangles formed in a natal chart when three planets form 120 degree alignment aspects with each other. When three different planets align exactly to draw a perfect equilateral triangle with them as the points, it’s a Grand Trine.

What is a Grand Trine in relation to birth? To answer this question, it helps to understand how birth is important in reading your future or personality. People born under certain stars or planets are more likely to possess specific qualities or personalities. They help to determine these.

In reading Natal Charts, what is a Grand Trine doing to help? These trines help to determine the elements of the planets you were born under. By doing so, regular ones or true Grand Trines can emerge. These allow astrologists to more accurately predict your personality and future.

Finally, what is a Grand Trine to those under regular Trines or true Trines? Regular Grand Trines are more common because any three planets on your birth form a Grand Trine with differing elements. However, true Grand Trines are much rarer because that requires all planets in the Trine to be the same element.

What is a Grand Trine in astrology? 

In astrology, what is a Grand Trine? Simply put, they are planetary alignments. Astrologists use them to determine a person’s future or personality based on their birth planets. Any three planets will do; they just have to form a perfect 120 degree alignment with each other.

Natal charts work on the planets or stars that are aligned on the date of your birth. Each planet has a specific element: air, earth, water, or fire. Ancient people used to think that these equilateral triangles were evil because they thought that these promoted laziness.

What does a Grand Trine mean for the horoscope signs? There are three signs for each of these four elements. The horoscope signs each have an element and correspond to a specific kind of personality. Let’s tackle each of them and show what each holds for personality!

What is the Grand Water Trine? Those born under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces are highly intuitive in using their feelings. People of this Trine often meditate or spend time alone with their thoughts. Their feelings don’t lead them astray; if they think a person is suspicious of a feeling, they might be right!

What is a Grand Fire Trine? Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius signs often act adventurously and orient themselves with action. Failing to take an action-oriented stance can lead to a misplacement of energy.

What is a Grand Earth Trine? Highly grounded and methodical signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are realistic in their approaches to life. Trust any of these signs to keep themselves and those around them grounded in reality.

What is a Grand Trine in Air? Signs like Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are often highly psychic and chase ideas with visions and symbols. Free as air, they often see things that others cannot.

How do you make a Grand Trine work?

Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a Grand Trine. For those who are, what is a Grand Trine meant to do for you? Well, you have to work at it and put action into it once you know what it is.

grand fire trine

Drive your energy into the chart and learn what your trine means for you. You drive your actions and guide them with the Trine from then on. Like the case with the Grand Fire Trine, people born under this Trine will have a lot of energy.

If they don’t take an action-oriented stance, that energy doesn’t go away. Misplacement is a common thing that happens in such cases. Fire Trine people become more aggressive or violent in personality when they have energy they aren’t directing.

For people like this, it is a possible solution to set some goals for themselves. Creative goals or those that lead to them supporting other people helps redirect their energy. Ideally, their energy is working towards positive outcomes for everyone including themselves.

What is a Grand Trine supposed to do for those without goals in life? Well, not much, really. In order for these to do their magic, you have to do your work too. Set goals for yourself and work towards reaching them.

Each of the four elements of the Trines have their own way of trying to achieve their goals. Regardless of your sign, the common thing between them all is that they need goals to make their Trines work. Goals you set don’t have to be huge and life-changing; start small.

Don’t think that setting goals means deciding that you’ll become a doctor the next day. Small steps have power! After all, the rungs of a ladder aren’t hugely spaced apart.

What if I don’t have a Grand Trine at all?

Don’t despair if you don’t have a Grand Trine! It doesn’t mean you can’t be intuitive or psychic. Being active or methodical isn’t off the table for you either. Ease in being these things just comes easier for those with Grand Trines.

Many who have the gift aren’t even aware they have it. Even those who do know can fumble and fail to use the gift to do the most good. Having the Grand Trine at all just means that they can grasp the gifts of their natal chart easier.

Other aspects of the natal chart can also bring out the above characteristics or gifts in a person. Not having a Grand Trine isn’t the end of your astrological world. Grand Trine patterns represent significant ease in one’s life.

However, that ease can be sabotaging to those who realize they have a Grand Trine. Lucky people like those frequently become lethargic and let life come at them instead of taking the initiative. A worse waste of fortune you are not likely to see.

In any case, it’s a waste of your energy to envy those with Grand Trines. Astrological luck is a good thing to have but it isn’t the be-all end-all. Only goal-setting and hard work will push you forward in your life to do more good.

Remember that it doesn’t matter if someone has a true Grand Trine if they let the Trine do the work. Grand Trines work best when the one who has them sets goals and works towards them as hard as they can. Anything less is a waste of the strength of the Grand Trine’s pattern.

What is the best way to use the Grand Trine’s pattern?

True and regular Grand Trines offer great strength and ease to those lucky enough to have them. However, they don’t do anything on their own. Using its pattern and the ease it offers requires hard work and goal-setting.

Most people who have Grand Trines aren’t aware that they have them. Even the ones that are aware tend to coast along and think that it’s enough to have the Trine. Nothing sabotages their life more than that lack of initiative.


On that note, taking the initiative is easily the best way to use the Grand Trine’s pattern. Set goals for yourself and work towards achieving them! Don’t give up when you don’t reach them; dust yourself off and try again.

Grand Trines offer ease in accessing your talents and achieving harmony. Take advantage of this by understanding what signs and elements your Grand Trine represents and what that means for you. After you know this, set some realistic goals for yourself.

Don’t sabotage yourself by saying that the goal is too small or beneath you! The mightiest oak was always once a tiny sapling. Setting a big goal for yourself like becoming a doctor is possible if you break it down into little tasks. 

Plan ahead and see what steps are necessary to direct your energy and make your goal happen. Once you know what you need to do, see how you can break it down into smaller and more manageable tasks. Then, get started! After that, it’s only a matter of time and endurance. 

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