Venus Return: What it is and how to embrace this astrological transit

venus return

A Venus return is an astrological phenomenon that astrologers look forward to. It simply is an exciting and highly personal time to live in! What’s more, it happens at least once a year. This means that people can look forward to it happening on a relatively regular basis. There is just so much to do whenever it happens! But to an astrology newbie it may be a very confusing concept. With all things considered, what then is this event? And what does Venus return mean?

What is a Venus return?

First, we must have context. Every human being has their own personal birth chart. It does not matter if they are aware of it or not. This chart shows the placement of all the astrologically notable stars and planets the moment a person is born. Among these great celestial bodies is the planet Venus. This planet is believed to symbolize love, beauty, and passion, just as its namesake goddess was. As you might have guessed, she also has a place in everyone’s birth charts.

This is where Venus return comes into play. As said, it happens at least once a year. However, when exactly it happens varies from person to person. After all, Venus (and all other heavenly bodies) had a distinct placement in a person’s birth chart. Therefore, this return occurs when it goes back to the exact position that it had during a person’s birth. The time and date that it happens in a certain year doesn’t exactly happen on a person’s birthday, though. It is affected by factors such as the occurrence of retrogrades, and other astronomical phenomena. This does not mean that it isn’t measurable, though. There are numerous online resources that offer to calculate when your very own Venus return is going to occur. Or if you really want the full experience, you can ask a professional astrologer to make a Venus return chart for you.

But wait, you might say. Didn’t you say “at least once a year”? Well, if a Venus retrograde happens around the time of your return, then there is a chance that you can have three returns! Yes, it may sound exciting, but hold your horses. Not everything about the return of Venus is as magical as it might seem. And now this brings us to

What is behind the Venus return meaning?

A Venus return in astrology is generally seen to be a good transit. It is believed to herald in a new chapter in a person’s love life, personal relationships, as well as enjoyments. Once your return happens, you are encouraged to embrace these new developments. Old, stagnating relationships must be let go of. There still are more people for you to meet, and there are those more deserving of your love! The things that give you a sense of joy and pleasure will be enhanced from this point on.

But there can also be times when the return of Venus might result in negative events. This is not its fault, though. It largely stems from the planets that it will be interacting with during this time. But you should not despair. The probability of this ever happening to you is so low that it may not even happen!

What happens during this transit is largely dependent on the cosmic movements. But you can be assured that the universe is telling you something through this event. All you have to do is to listen closely and pay attention to everything that is going on. With this, you can be assured that you will be making the most out of this auspicious period.

What are the Venus return interpretations out there?

As said, a Venus return occurs at exactly the same place where it emerged during a person’s birth. It only follows that it will happen in the same astrological house where it first appeared. Venus will then change that house in ways that one could not have expected. For this, you must be aware which house that Venus will return to for you. This way, you will not be left surprised of what may possibly happen. You may even brace yourself if ever something bad will occur.

First House

all eyes are on you

A Venus return in this house means that all eyes are on you. People will look at you even closer than before! However, there is no need for you to be self-conscious. Rather, this is your time to shine and be confident! It will be a great time for you to go out of the world and be your true self. You may even seek out ways that you will be able to enhance yourself physically. No longer will you feel insecure of what others say or think; this is your chance to embrace yourself inside and out.

Another thing for you to keep in mind is that it will be a time of indulgence. Now that you feel self-assured, you’d of course want to treat yourself! You will be going around buying yourself pretty things, as well as eating good food. While nothing is wrong about you going ham, you must at least exercise some restraint. Too much of one thing can be harmful, and you must keep in mind your own well-being.

Second House

When the transit happens here, it means that you are given the opportunity to undergo material growth. This won’t just be any kind of material, though. Remember how we said it’s going to be a time of focusing on pleasure? Yes, the things that will be growing and expanding during this time are those that give you personal enjoyment. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and expensive, though. These can come through simple things such as small trinkets and books. Whatever these can be, though, they are guaranteed to bring you a bit more happiness.

It can also be a time for introspection for you, too. As you allow yourself to enjoy your possessions, you will also come to realize what they actually mean to you. Yes they bring you joy, but how do they affect you in a deeper level? This can then bring you more appreciation of the things around you. Whether or not you acquired them through money, gifts, or coincidence, you will then see how they changed you profoundly. It may even bring you the realization of what other things you should be truly valuing, too.

Third House

A return of Venus in this house indicates enhanced communication. There is so much for you to say and learn about certain people and things! Not only that, you will find yourself enjoying discussions of these borderline controversial topics. But rest assured that these won’t just be mere gossip. It will be a way for you to relate even better to the people around you! The sense of enjoyment that you will be getting will be so immense it may even affect you in the long run. It may even help you get to know strangers whom you will have lasting relationships with. Not only will you get new people to talk to, you will also find yourself lifelong companions as well.

Although unexpected, this can be of great help to your career, too. Indeed, being able to forge connections with other people is essential for you to get ahead. Using your enhanced communication skills, you can go around connecting yourself to titans in your industry. As you build a reputation for yourself, your speaking skills will come in handy. More opportunities will then come for you! As you find yourself in increasingly favorable positions, you will realize how good of a communicator you actually are.

Fourth House

home is where the heart is

Having the transit in this house will draw your attention to domestic affairs. In particular, you will be thinking about how to make your home an even wonderful place to live in. After all, as many people has said, a house reflects who its residents are. Additionally, there is the saying “home is where the heart is.” Naturally, you would want to make it as beautiful as it can be! There are no rules that you should be following, though. All these are up to you. It is your home, your refuge from the world. Make it your personal kingdom that will keep you feeling happy to be alive!

Consequently, you can use this time to improve your familial bonds. These are the people whom you share your home with, and it only makes sense that you go along well. Use this time to understand them better, and to know them for who they are. As you realize what it truly means to be a family, you will see them in a much better light. You will then be able to build stronger bonds with the people you hold close to your heart.

Fifth House

If the return of Venus happens in this house, you are in luck. Your creativity will be going wild during this period! Inspiration will be everywhere for you. This can then prompt you to create something that is unexpected, yet at the same time wonderful. The possibilities are quite endless, and you will be enjoying this period of unprecedented wonder. 

There will also be instances in which things you find mildly interesting will be a source of intense curiosity. There is so much for you to discover, and opportunities for you to explore! Your sources of enjoyment can be literally anything you will come across with! This will also bring you a better and deeper understanding of what it means to enjoy oneself. Appreciating what comes your way will be easier for you to do. Most of all, you will see how pleasure truly means in a deeper, more profound way.

Sixth House

Feeling good about your body is what a Venus return in this house will bring you. You will be more in tune with the inner workings of your physiology. Additionally, you will also be feeling eager to live a healthier, happier existence. Embrace this time, especially that it can have long-term positive consequences in your life! As you feel good about yourself, you will also be feeling good about your own physical activities. 

Along with this sense of renewed physical strength will be a renewed vision on how to see the “small things.” You will gradually see the innate value in them, and how they affect you inside and out. As a result, you will come to develop a more intimate understanding of what it means to experience fulfillment. Through a series of realizations, you will see that it is not just about prestige or wealth. It is all about seeing happiness from within, and appreciating what you have at present.

Seventh House

The return of Venus in this house will prompt you to create new relationships. These wouldn’t just be any relationships, though. They are deeply rooted in your personal values, and views on whom you should associate with. As you go along meeting new people, you will also come to know more about yourself. What do you truly consider to be an important consideration when building bonds with others? Is it their character? Their appearance? Do you consider their wealth an important factor?

As you come to realize the intricacies behind these partnerships, you will also realize which relationships are worth keeping. Although it can be an agonizing decision, you will also feel like you are doing yourself a favor. You know that you deserve to be with better people. Those who share the same values as you are the ones who can make your existence even better.

Eighth House

sensual pleasure

Sexual things will be the focus of a Venus return in this house. Not only will it become more frequent, it will also become more intense. Talk about enjoying the sensual pleasures! There will be so much for you to do, and many more to enjoy with. With the right people, you might even be able to make good memories about it!

However, this will also bring about a profound realization about your relationships. Not everything is as deep as they seem. Thus, you will find yourself seeking out those who make you feel things more acutely. Not all deep and meaningful bonds are sexual though. There are those that will be more intellectual, and others more emotional. Remember that these are worth seeking and cultivating as well as you do with the intimate ones, too.

Ninth House

As the transit occurs in this house, you will find yourself becoming better connected to the universe. Ideas that are considered deep and far reaching will be easier for you to understand. Take this time to engage in conversation with those who can help cultivate your mind! Take your curiosity to another level, too. There is so much for you to explore, and you just might stumble into something that can change you forever.

You will also be feeling more open and accepting of new ideas and possibilities. The vastness of the world may be incomprehensible, but it will allow you to see the world differently. This paradigm shift will then help you change your value system into one that is more inclusive and accepting. After all, this world is a wonderful tapestry, not tailor-fitted for just one way of thinking.

Tenth House

With the transit occurring here, you will see almost everything in your life becoming public. For some, this can be quite challenging. However, you will see this differently. It will be nothing short of exciting! People will be talking about how innately great you are. As you enjoy public attention, you will be filled with ideas on how to make your notoriety even greater.

It also means that you will be getting recognition for all the things that you do. What would otherwise have been a thankless work will be even more rewarding. With people giving you the commendation that you want, you will feel fulfilled. At the same time, people will become more curious about the things that you do. They will want to be updated about your life, no matter how trivial your activities are.

Eleventh House


The return of Venus in this house is a bringer of socialization. So many people will want to be around you! You will be increasingly seen as a person worth hanging out with. No matter how complicated things can be, you will always be everyone’s friend. Enjoy this time, and don’t forget to be a great companion to everyone you’ll come across!

But as you enjoy yourself, it will also bring in realizations for your part. Who do you want to be associated with? Do you share the same values? Are social circles really your sources of fun, or just sources of social clout? As you come to realize things, you will also see people who are worth your time and attention as life companions.

Twelfth House

A Venus return in this house can be quite a roller coaster ride. This is because the change that will occur will not be visible from the outside. However, it does not diminish the fact that this is a time of transformation for you. In fact, it will help you realize what “spiritual” truly means, as well as how you can practice self-love. In fact, you may even find yourself confronting whatever hidden feelings you have for someone.

Additionally, you will also find that withdrawing from the public eye can help enhance your experience. Realizations will come in easier. You will even find yourself reflecting about the conundrum of the hustle and bustle of human existence.

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