What To Expect From Venus Retrograde Based On Your Zodiac

venus retrograde

Whenever Venus retrograde comes up, people go a little bit nuts. And it’s quite understandable. This cosmic climate can wreak havoc in your life if you’re not careful. Be it your intimate connections, your career and finances, even your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

So instead of freaking out, wouldn’t it be a better idea to prepare? First by actually knowing the Venus retrograde meaning. Second, know how it can affect various aspects of your life, how you think, how you feel. And the protective barriers you can create for yourself so you will not just survive, you will even thrive!

In this post, we dig deep into the question, what does Venus in Retrograde mean? As well as other topics that might cross your mind, such as:

  • What Venus retrograde dates should one take note of?
  • How obvious are the crude nuances during a Venus retrograde motion?
  • When is Venus in retrograde most evident during your cosmic struggle?
  • Why is Venus retrograde in birth chart important to understand?
  • How can you safeguard your heart if you have Venus in retrograde in natal chart?

Let us begin!

Venus Retrograde Meaning: An Overview

So the first thing you need to know about Venus retrograde meaning is that it represents segments by inward motions. Venus’s energy in this instance is being internalized. With that out of the way, what is this suggesting about you? It may be that you’re finding it hard to express your love outwardly.

Even if you are feeling strongly about love. There is this nagging feeling that you don’t really deserve it. That no one on this earth could possibly desire or love you the way you want them to.

You yourself find it hard to see yourself as attractive or desirable. There is always self-doubt eating you up whenever you’re standing in front of that mirror. While checking that amazing get-up for the day, you are your worst critic.

Venus Retrograde: Dissatisfaction Will Eat You Up

You are never satisfied with what you see. So it’s no wonder you find it difficult to feel beautiful. Because you find it impossible to accept your natural beauty for what it really is.

It is a feeling, something that is rooted internally. So it is not to say that you are not attractive, beautiful, or fashionable. Rather, it is something you hold against yourself. Towards your own self.

For these reasons therefore you will start to feel deeply insecure about your self-worth. Then you begin to compare yourself with others. Begin to measure yourself against other people which is absolutely crazy. Because of some of these standards, only supermodels can comply with!

Venus Retrograde: Beware Of Social Media

Imagine yourself scrolling through Tik-Tok or Instagram. The social media platforms are insanely popular. You look through them and you will assess these models that you see. Together with other dancers and famous celebrities.

You see the most popular boys and girls. Comparing yourself against them, looking for some crazy validation. Even worse, you don’t realize so many of these images are cropped, filtered, altered, and photoshopped.

What you fail to figure out is that you are trying to achieve the unattainable. Developing deep feelings of envy and jealousy towards these influencers and content creators.

The same sad thing goes for the films and shows that you watch. Even the books you read. You begin to long to be in their shoes. Living their life, living the dream.

Venus Retrograde: Fear Is Your Biggest Enemy


Not only will you be struggling to accept your beauty along with everything else that makes you valuable as a human being. You begin where these feelings are coming from. Could it be you were shamed before because of how you look? Your taste in fashion? Or your sense of style?

Could it be that you have been turned down by somebody you really liked in the past? Somebody you were close with. Either way, you had to endure painful rejection from your potential love interest.

Being laughed at can be quite traumatic as well. It’s not just how you look, dress, or carry yourself. More painfully, your talents and skills could have been easy targets. When they were ruthlessly scrutinized. Then saying your artwork, singing, or playing an instrument was no good. Not impressive at all.

Venus Retrograde: Self Sabotage

So whatever skills or talents you had that you attempted to share with others are always met with ridicule or sarcasm. Those gifts you desperately wanted to hone so you could one day collaborate with others. Suddenly those dreams are gone. All because you did not get the reaction you were hoping for.

So you decide your talents must stay hidden. Since other people saw them as worthless, you’re beginning to think the same.

The same goes for your relationships. Perhaps you come from a very painful, very messy breakup. Something that left your heart shattered into pieces. The whole experience left you feeling broken.

You ask yourself if there’s anyone else who will love you again. Doubting if you will find someone you truly deserve. You continue to dwell in self-pity. Sulking, and putting yourself down. Convincing yourself that you are not worthy of true love.

Venus Retrograde: Personal Tragedies

But not all heartaches need to come from a romantic affair that came to an abrupt end. The pain could also be there after losing a parent or cutting ties with a dear friend. Even the death of your fur babies that you loved with all your heart.

Also, you may have a painful experience of your parents getting divorced during your childhood. This is how your doubt in “and they lived happily ever after” began.

Deep down you want meaningful relationships instead of the superficial fluff you pretend to enjoy. What you really desire are genuine connections with people. People who say what they mean and mean what they say.

You just want to feel valued. That you truly matter in the relationship that you are in. But how do you expect to receive that when you are such a people-pleasure? You are not fully aware of the importance of the balance of the give-and-take aspect. Something that is extremely necessary for any kind of relationship.

Trapped In Toxic Relationships

Then your insecurities start to work against you. You begin to involve yourself with lovers who treat you badly. Whom all your pleas fall on deaf ears. Those who do nothing but put you down, always bossing you around and telling you what to do.

Your feeling of insecurity and inadequacy intensifies. All these factors create paranoia and a lack of trust in your relationship. Like, always wondering who your partner is talking to? Doubting every move they make, every person they meet.

Another dangerous situation could be your finding it difficult to get out of an abusive relationship. Or on the flipside deciding someone is too good for you. They’re way out of your league. So even if you know they may like you to, you refuse to make the first move for fear of rejection. You lose even before you begin.

Eventually, things will take a toll on you. You will regret all the missed opportunities you created for yourself. It will not stop unless you finally accept who you are. The good, the bad, and needless to say, the ugly.

Self Love Is The Key


Show yourself more love and kindness. Don’t expect it from other people. You need to do it first, then others will follow. And we’re not just talking about the superficial stuff. Like treating yourself by getting a whole new wardrobe. Or going to the salon to get your hair and nails done.

Obviously, these things are pleasurable and give one enormous comfort. Knowing that you truly deserve it. But more than this, you need to evaluate how you really value yourself.

Assessing and reflecting during planet retrogrades may lead you to talk down on yourself. Or bring up memories of guilt. Of things that happened many years ago.

Or again, putting yourself up against impossible to comply with standards in our society. Resulting in you putting yourself down- again!

So it’s all about honing how you feel about yourself. Dig deep and think really hard about where your real value comes from. Know that you are enough, just as you are.

Uncertainty Will Drive You Crazy

Be honest for once. Allow yourself to tell somebody you like them. And you’re also allowed to tell them you are not interested. The thing is, be honest about it! These things prove that you value yourself enough to express what you truly think and feel. Or initiate something that will make you happy.

The material and physical side of Venus also comes in. You may attempt to take hold of your finances, grow your wealth, depending on your zodiac sign. But you might also use your money and material possessions to gain acceptance or approval from other people. Be careful with that!

Pleasing Others Is Destroying You

This may stem from the fact that you are not certain about what you could offer. For instance, this could be as simple as paying for a co-worker’s lunch even if you’re also living from paycheck to paycheck. Or getting your partner a really expensive gift which you cannot afford. Risking getting buried in debt just to please them.

It could also be putting up a front. Keeping up appearances. Put your kids through private schools even if you don’t know where you will get the money for next month’s tuition fee.

In the end, you will be keeping your financial status a secret from everyone. For fear of others judging or humiliating you.

Worse, it may be declining a great job offer because you doubt if you are up to the task. Thinking nobody in their right mind is really interested in the products or services that you are providing.

Heal From The Past To Face Your Future, Whole

It is possible that you learned to handle and manage finances from your monetary provides. Or maybe growing up your family was really struggling in various shapes or forms.

But overall when it comes to the material or financial aspects of life you may feel discouraged. Feel small by how little you have compared to others.

This is the reason why it is very important to know your priorities and finally come to your senses. You cannot expect to successfully navigate through the financial landscape. So quit having this kind of mentality.

Also, helping is good but not if it means sacrificing your own needs and responsibilities. You cannot continue allowing your survival needs to affect your desire for acceptance and approval. Take time to build trust and confidence, in yourself and with other people.

Be Kind To Yourself

Treat yourself better. Please be kind to yourself. Appreciate your innate beauty, no matter what other people say.

It’s pointless to seek affirmation from others constantly. So you will know you are truly worth it. To feel you are good enough. You are enough, just because you are you!

It is so much you can offer and the whole world is waiting for you. So much is skill and talent are there deep within. It’s time to let them out. Do this not only for yourself, but to serve as an inspiration who is also in your shoes.

What To Do

overcoming resistance to change

Please don’t think your transformation will be easy. It is human nature to be resistant to change. And in anything you do, there is always a learning curve you must surpass.

Don’t resist the awkwardness, weirdness, or discomfort. As a matter of fact, embrace it. Accept the reality it may be difficult, but also make a commitment not to give up, no matter what.

Eventually, you will notice the difference. You can do this!

Retrograde Venus: How You Will Find Love According to Your Zodiac

Aries (March 21- April 19)

Aries could meet someone in a spiritual atmosphere. This could be in your church, temple, or synagogue. Anywhere you can find healing and solace via one’s spiritual beliefs. Thus, try spending more time here.

It’s important to fully open your heart, then see what happens. Slowly you will be more inclined to understand your own truth spiritually. And ultimately, a place where you can find true love.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Gemini might have the luckiest aspects for relationships at this time. However, if you have Taurus ascendant, you may possess some deeply rooted passion and sexual energy to look forward to. This is as Venus goes through the Eighth House.

Beware though since the Eighth House can still have repercussions. You need to be healthy psychologically if you wish to maintain a healthy relationship. Work hard in improving yourself. Join groups and meetings which would help you evolve and make you a better person.

This could also be where you could meet someone. Either through some profound metaphysical studies or a serene place where you both can go. Learn and love at the same time.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

This is the sign that is really bound to fall in love. Since Venus is in the Seventh House of serious relationships. Meaning you could truly meet someone.

It can be someone from your past with whom you have some unfinished business. Maybe they’d want to pick up where you both left off and see where it goes.

Cancer (June 21- July 22)


If you have Cancer as your ascendant, you may have noticed last December opened up some doors for you. It will happen again this March.

Work out more, focus on your health and fitness goals. It could be as going on morning walks or working those walking trails. Or really hitting the gym. There’s a big possibility that’s how you’ll meet your special someone.

Leo (July 23- August 22)

For those who have Leo rising you have Venus in your Fifth House. The House of love, passion, and romance! So feel free to date, go out, and experiment! You will find someone you really love. But first, you must put in the work to find that person!

Lots of dating, lots of dinners. Don’t be too uptight, just relax and enjoy the moment. Enjoy their company. This is your time to open up your heart. Eventually, you will discover true love when you’re finally ready for that relationship!

Virgo (August 23- September 22)

It’s time you find security. You’ve always dreamed about a relationship where you feel safe and secure. Now is the time to make it happen. Love is not enough. Sexual, emotional, and mental compatibility is great. But make sure your partner is also financially stable.

Make sure it’s not someone that would bury you in debt in the long run. You cannot afford to have all the financial pressure on you, it should be a combined effort. So consider if you have the same outlook, and share the same values at the start of your relationship.

Libra (September 23- October 22)

If you have Libra as your ascendant, you need to communicate your feelings to find love. Be more open and express your emotions so you could meet somebody. Online dating could be up in your checklist. That’s where Venus will be for you. And this deals with various online dating sites.

Social media is another great avenue. But don’t rely on them too much. Nothing beats in-person interaction so you can express your feelings properly.

Scorpio (October 23- November 21)


When you are a Scorpio Venus will be in your Second House. This means money, lots of money coming in from old ventures. These will come together. You’ll be raking in lots of money with ease.

It’s a prosperous time but when it comes to the romantic aspect, you may need to work a bit harder. Don’t be afraid to give and receive in a relationship. It’s your time to go all out. Gifts, flowers, and quality time. Put some real effort into it if you want a solid and meaningful relationship to last.                                  

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

For those who have Sagittarius rising you have Venus in your First House. You are looking really stunning, and other people can’t help but get attracted to you. It’s that charm, that magnetism, that oozing of charisma. People want to be with you, so take advantage of that!

You may have noticed lots of opportunities coming your way from December 30th up to February 26th. But some things are still unresolved. You need to take time to heal your relationships. Be kind, be good, be sweet. Use all those Venus qualities. You’ll be right on track in love before you know it!

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Capricorn rising people are in for a big surprise. Because somebody from your past will suddenly pop back into your life. Be aware of the things you dream about because you’ll start dreaming about them too. They’re going to come to life and it will be phenomenal!

So work on all your relationships. Figure out what really went wrong in the past so you won’t commit the same mistakes in the future.

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)


Aquarians, try not to miss out on parties at this time. Because you will meet your true love via social gatherings such as these. If a friend tells you they want to hook you up with somebody, go for it!

Take the chance, be open to possibilities. It’s time to finally bring those walls down so people can see and love the real you!

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

For people having Pisces as their ascendant, your special someone could come from your workplace, your career. Yes, this is all going to happen for you. So be ready to meet this person, or see the people you work with in a different light.

If you find you’re really connecting with the people at work, just let it be. Don’t be intimidated if they happen to be one of your superiors. Just make sure company policy about in-house dating will not come in the way!


You may ask, Venus retrograde has been over for a month? From December 19th to January 29. What’s the point of knowing all these things now? Realize that this phenomenon happens annually. And the more you know about it, the more you can prepare for it. Remember that self-care will play a crucial role in this cosmic climate. Best of luck!

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